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Well over 200,000 people visit IncomeDiary every month. We launched IncomeDiary back in March 2009 and thanks to the help of over a dozen writers, have been able to publish hundreds of articles! If you are an expert at anything to do with: Creating awesome websites, driving traffic, social media or making money online, we would love you to write for us. Some of our most successful guest posts include:

If you can write articles anywhere near as good as these, then you must write for us!


Every article you write will be published under your name. Each writer has a authors box which shows your name and bio. It will be sent to 10,000’s of people via our mailing list and social media accounts.

Our goal is to always deliver useful articles of the highest standards for our readership – focused on creating awesome websites, driving traffic, social media or making money online.

Do We Pay?

Most of our contributors are successful entrepreneurs and not full-time writers. Their goal is to get more exposure for their business, build their brand, increase reach and build community. (Oh and some networking as well). In this case we always include an authors box which shows their name and short bio.

If you are a professional writer and would like to be paid please let us know in comments below – including your usual fee. We do occasionally pay for worthy articles of the highest standard – but we emphasize that your article needs to be of the highest standard and genuinely of interest to our audience.

Other Notes:

You agree you will not publish the content anywhere else (i.e. on your own blog or as a guest post on other blogs).

Your post must be original — NO SPUN CONTENT.

When you submit a post or article you give copyright ownership of the post.

What To Write About

Our most well received articles are about:

  • Creating great content
  • Interviews with experts
  • Buying/Selling websites
  • Driving traffic to websites
  • Search engine optimization
  • Creating awesome websites
  • Blog design features and functionality
  • Creating information & digital products
  • Making money from websites, blogs & forums
  • Affiliate marketing and selling things through websites as an affiliate
  • Social media, anything to do with Facebook & Pinterest goes down well

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