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Making Money with Email Marketing and an Autoresponder Series

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Making money online isn’t always easy and nothing is for certain in business; however when you have a good email list, it can be like printing money!

Today I want to share with you how you can create your own email list and teach you how to earn money from it.

The great thing about having a list is you can always be making money, all you need is an offer that you can sell to your mailing list and then send it to them.

For example, last month when I was in Cyprus I emailed my list a promotion and was able to pay for my entire two week trip, all it took me was 5 minutes.

The thing with blogging is that your traffic can drop and advertisers come and go; but if you look after your ‘list’ it’s yours forever.

If you were to lose your blog today you’d have nothing to show for it, your advertisers won’t continue paying and readers will quickly realize you no longer exist. However if you had an email list you would carry on making money. Personally 80% of my income comes from sales generated from email marketing and my eCourse. This is by far the best approach to making money blogging I have come across.

Right now I am using pretty much any means possible to grow my list because I understand how important it is.

The main ways I grow my list are through my popup opt-in box and also my squeeze page.

Below is my step by step guide to email marketing:

The only decision you need to make is how much money you really want!

How To Make Money From Email Marketing and an Autoresponder Series

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Step 1) Create a “hook” so people sign up for your list

When I created my WebDesignDev website back in 2006, I had my programmer create a custom newsletter tool which worked to the extent I thought that newsletter software should work (send emails and that’s it).

There were many issues with this, but to keep a long story short, when it comes to email marketing, there is a lot more to it then sending an email.

When I started my next site ( in late 2006, I made sure to get this right and paid for a well known email marketing tool called Aweber. All the biggest Internet marketers where using it, so I decided to invest the $19 to get started.

Frankly working with Aweber is probably one of my best business investments I have ever made.

When I first started I simply said, “Sign up For Retireat21’s Newsletter”.

I think I got around 4 or 5 weekly sign ups doing this, it wasn’t very good.

A couple months later I decided to offer a FREE eBook about making money online and opt-ins went up straight away to around 4 or 5 per day and it grew from there.

I realized that to get more people on my list I had to almost “bribe” them to sign up.

A few examples of good incentives would be, FREE reports, eBooks, eCourses, tools, tips, etc.

A lot of people aren’t keen to give away something too good, but remember, the better it is, the more sign ups you will get and the more money you will make.

A few things to remember when creating a hook:

  • Make it stand out with a good title – copy is incredibly important because if people can’t see the benefits of signing up, they simply won’t!
  • Add an eBook design – this helped a lot to make it stand out and make it look like there was real value to the FREE eBook.
  • Social Proof – if you have thousands of subscribers or more, include it in your copy. If your readers see you have a lot of sign ups, they will think they should too because everyone else has.

An inexpensive product that makes that makes eBook production easy is SQRIBBLE

  • Choose from 50 eye—grabbing designs across 15 profitable niche categories!
  • Each template comes with a table of contents and professional page layouts that convert readers into buyers!
  • Sqribble claims to be the only eBook creator you will ever need. [I am inclined to agree]

Step 2) Setting Up Your Email List

Once you have decided what you will offer people to signup for your email list, you have to go and set it up.

Like I mentioned above, we use and recommend Aweber. It’s by far the best and has some great features for you to work with. Once you have ordered Aweber, login and we can start.

If you have done that, here’s what to do next:

At the top of the page, you should see a link called Manage Lists, click this and then in the top right corner, click Create A List. Fill out the form and click Save List Settings.

Next, we need to create a opt-in form so people can sign up for your mailing list on your website, in the header, click Web Forms followed by Create Web Form. Fill out the form and click Next, an example of one of my forms is below:


You will notice that I have added a custom thank you page URL, I recommend you all do this.

An easy way to set one up is to go into your WordPress Admin and click Pages, followed by Add New, now add a page to thank your new subscribers.

Now you will see a preview of what your opt-in box will look like. This section isn’t very important as the best tools for growing your list just need you to connect your Aweber account with their software. More about this further down.

Step 3) Setting Up Your Autoresponder Series

The next thing you want to do and straight away is set up your first autoresponder email for when people sign up.

To set up your first autoresponder, go back to Aweber and put your cursor over messages and a drop down box will appear, click Legacy Follow Up Series. Now click Create a Message – you will now be able to set up your first autoresponder email.

It’s all quite self explanatory, you can choose to customize it in a few ways such as use code like {!name_fix} to input the name of the person on your list who will be receiving it.

A good thing to do on your first email if it’s not a eCourse is to just simply introduce yourself and mention all your important pages on your website.

The most profitable follow up series I ever wrote was a guide about how to start making money blogging. It was a 7 day eCourse, where the subscriber would receive a new email every day automatically for a week.

Why do I think it was so successful? Three reasons:

  1. It was good enough to sell
  2. They had time in-between each day to implement advice
  3. To implement, they had to buy products through my affiliate link


There is a big difference between offering a FREE report or eBook and giving away a eCourse.

You see with a eCourse, the reader knows that you will email them regularly and so they won’t get annoyed when you email them daily. So often once someone signs up for your mailing list they will unsubscribe because they have got what they want and don’t want to be spammed.

Even if you don’t intend to create an autoresponder series, you MUST set up at least one autoresponder email to welcome them when people first sign up. This is the time when they are most interested and have showed that they want something from you.

Autoresponders can be used in lots of different ways, myself I use it to provide my FREE eCourse to teach everyone how to create a blog. Some people set up a year worth of emails to be sent out, some daily, some weekly but each time it refers them back to their website to have another chance at making them money.

I have one friend who uses his list quite often to promote affiliate promotions, every time he gets a good response from an email, he will add it to his autoresponder as he knows it performs and will likely make more sales when new people sign up for his email list.

Step 4) How To Get People To Subscribe To Your Email List

Like I mentioned at the beginner of this article, I started by getting 4 or 5 subscribers a week. Then I offered a free eBook and started getting 4 or 5 subscribers a day.

After this, I started offering a great free eCourse and because I was getting more traffic, I was able to get around 25 new subscribers daily.

One day, while talking to a guy who was getting millions of website visitors a month to his site, he mentioned that he gets the most email subscribers from a popup.

The following week, I looked round for some software to do this and I couldn’t find what I was looking for. So my designer created me a custom popup.

The first day we had it on IncomeDiary, we got around 125 new subscribers. It increased our opt-in rate by over 500%!

Today, it’s a lot easier to create a great looking, high converting popup. Simply use OptiMonk!

Step 5) Making Money From Your Email List

With my eCourse, before I even get them to sign up, I make them know they need to spend money on Domains, Hosting and a Blog Design. Some people even buy before they sign up, because I make it feel like the course is conditional on them buying the products.

Once they buy and they sign up, they will then be taken to a thank you page. This is where a lot of people go wrong, your thank you page is probably the most important page because they have already taken action and are interested right now!

This is where I make sure they know to confirm their email address but also I let them know again to buy a domain and hosting. On this page I always cut out the navigation which is on the main site so they have to scroll through the page first to see what I have to say before there is a link to go back to the main site.

Sending Out Affiliate Promotions

Here is where you can make more money in a single day then your blog makes in a month (actually 2 minutes is all it takes to send).

I recently sent out a couple promotions for product launches related to my site. Both had upsells and both had recurring revenue built in. Two things I recommend you  look for when choosing something to promote as that can bump up your earnings a lot.

I made around $2000 from the two emails and both had recurring payments so since then I have earned several thousand dollars.

It’s super easy and your list doesn’t have to be big, mine was a 4 month old list I built from a new blog.

Another great thing about participating in product launches are the affiliate contests where you can win prizes if you perform well as an affiliate.


Rules to Follow When Finding and Send Out Affiliate Promotions

  • Always look for the best offer, for example you can sell a eBook were you will get a commission, but you would be best to find a offer that has a recurring revenue program built in so you don’t just earn today, you earn for months and years to come. For example the promotion I talked about that I did in Cyprus just over a month ago, I have since earned around $1000 in follow up payments from the recurring revenue program. Another great thing to look out for is up sells, on some promotions I make more money from just the up sells then the course itself.
  • Don’t send to many promotions out, typically you can get away with around 3 a week and no one gets to cross but I try to limit to once if it’s a direct promotion but most of the time I don’t send out ones at all because I know my eCourse performs well.
  • Make sure you send promotions for target products, if you can’t send many emails because you are worried people will drop out then you want to get the best results possible. Wait for a promotion that fits 100% with your business.
  • Send out emails before the launching offering the affiliates FREE reports, this is huge! Basically they give you an affiliate link which you can promote to your list and when they sign up for it and get a FREE report or eBook they are now signed up through your affiliate link so when they email the there list about the launch of the product and anyone you send for the FREE eBook buys, then you make a commission, this way you don’t look like your pushing the sale yourself.
  • Be the first to promote, so often dozens of affiliate will email a new promotion on the same day, the first person is more likely to get the most sales. This is because a lot of lists have the same people on them so you want to be the first one to let your mailing list know.

No Leakage Means More Money

This is something I picked up from James Schramko who was one of our first interviewees on this blog.

We sat down on the last day at Yanik Silvers underground seminar and we compared blogs. I had double the amount of traffic as him so naturally he thought I would be making more money then him, surprisingly he told me he made around 20x more than me!

After I went through his website I didn’t quite understand how, he had no text links, no paid reviews and no advertisers. He later shared with me that it’s all in the list. He explained if your list is so much more profitable than selling adverts on your blog, then why bother selling adverts?

You see he worked out that instead of sending people to other peoples websites through adverts and reviews and instead getting people on his list, he would make more money. This is where “No Leakage” comes in, if there is a way for your reader to leave your website, then there is less chance they will sign up for your mailing list.

A great example of this is IncomeDiary, the only way you will leave is if you go through an affiliate link or if you get bored and press the X in the top corner.

Another great benefit of using the no leakage rule is, you don’t devalue your content. Readers typically don’t like adverts, do you?

Best Practices For Email Marketing

You now have all the information you need to set up and start earning money from your mailing list. I thought I would finish by offering a few rules I run my list by, to make sure I make the most out of my list and get the best results.

Rule 1: DON’T SPAM!

Rule 2: Try not to share your list, often for new product launches they will get you to send pre launch emails to get them to opt-in for a FREE report, this is a bad idea because then they basically get a copy of your list although it’s a great way to convert more sales.

OK, not everyone will agree with that one and there are times when I will share the list, but the above point is well worth remembering — at least some of the time 😉

Rule 3: Be personal, your a human being (I hope) so come across like one and not a spam bot.

Rule 4: Be consistent in what you offer your readers, if you are offering great blogging tips then don’t just “wack” up a post about blogging just because you have to, make sure everything to provide has true value.

Rule 5: Be consistent in how often you email your readers – I get some readers who actually email me asking me why they haven’t got an email today. I try to update them Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Rule 6: It’s not all about the money, don’t promote something just because you want to make money but because your readers actually need it – and because you would personally buy it!

I hope today’s post has helped!

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  1. Shane - Inspiring Your Success says:

    Really impressive post! Once I have saved up for college trael and a wacom then I shall be investing in Aweber.

    I am sure many people will learn a lot from this post.

  2. What timing!! I just spent the last 4 days trying to set up autoresponders and an ecourse! I could have used all this help then…but now I can go back and tweak what I’ve done to get even better results and more opt ins.

    You really give away the house, Michael. You provide so much value in your posts like this. You could have easily made this an ecourse and sold it. THANK YOU so much for all your help and guidance!!! 🙂


  3. onelifenofear says:

    Hi Michael,

    Cool tips as usual. I have just recently set up the email section on my site… let me know what you think…


    • Hello David,

      Not a fan of your email section, you need to make things simple and easy. I would just have a title that explains the benefits, the eCover and the opt-in box. You want to have it as high up as possible, because of all the text, you have to scroll down below the fold to even opt-in.

      Let me know how you do,


  4. Nice stuff Michael.. autoresponders are always great n can do wonders.. keep it up 🙂

  5. You just spiced up my desire for Aweber the more.

    Are they accepting new accounts now?

  6. Great and clear tutorial Michael.
    I hope to use aweber soon.

  7. Michael…I have a doubt.When do you think we should send affiliate promotions?Is it ok to do that right from the start?Like can i place the URL at the end of every e-mail?How do you do it?

    • Hello Adam,

      Great question, you can send at any point but from experience you get the best results emailing at 4PM East Coast Time on Tuesday. I don’t ever send at the same time, I just send when my readers need to hear about something.

      Hope that helps,


  8. Leslie Nicole says:

    Michael, you really have a nice style of presenting. You share it all in a frank, unpretentious way and you present your ideas in an easy to understand format. Very smart, too!

    • Hello Leslie,

      Not often do I get compliments like that, means a lot 🙂

      Hope it has helped you!


  9. An internet mentor told me about Aweber but I doubt if he knows as much as you do. And you are only 20! The internet has really leveled the playing field. And us in Asia, we now too have a fighting chance. I look forward to learning more, and to make use of the tips you so generously give out in your blog. More power and I hope you can visit me too.

  10. onelifenofear says:

    Thanks Michael…. better now?

    • Hey David,

      Lay it out so its like what I have on Retireat21 –


      • onelifenofear says:

        Cheers Michael

        I changed the sign up to above the fold and reduced the copy to basics and sign ups are up 50%…… Nice one.

        Also, I used the email you suggested on the post on John Chow’s site to get an interview with John Chow! As you can see… it worked…. Great resources thanks buddy, maybe I can interview you some time?


  11. Daniel Matthews says:

    Great post here, some really valuable tips. And with perfect timing as I’m working on my own eCourse now!

    Thanks Michael.

  12. Hi Mike,

    Regarding Rule 2 : list sharing.

    Honestly I would advise to NEVER, and I mean never share an email list with 3rd parties.

    This is a very disputed theme in email marketing and all the big marketers stand against it.

    Good post, covered just about all aspects for starters.

    P.S.: you should add the “best time to send – Tuesdays” in the actual post, this is a very important factor too. Oh, and you could also mention that personalized greetings perform much better than just “Dear reader” – just as you do with you newsletters.

    Thanks and keep up,

    • Hello Cosmin,

      Thanks for your comments, I do agree with Rule 2 however, it is a great way to convert more sales and if you already have done it a bunch of times, its likely everyone has the same lists already so you might as well. I don’t often do it, I think I did it once.

      Will be updating the post, its funny how so many things come up once you write it, I guess thats why we get feedback, to perfect it! 😀


      • I did a test a couple years ago. I signed up for an email list using a fake name, so all the messages related to that list would be to the same name. The list owner shared his list with 1 other person. Then I opted out of the list.

        So any time I got a message sent to “Kent” (the name I used), I knew it had something to do with the list being shared. To this day, I get 15 to 30 messages per day, sent to Kent. I also know the address is on at least 1 buy-in list.

        I have no idea who sold my address, or how many times anyone shared it. But I do know what listed I signed up for in the first place, If I hadn’t been doing this as a test, I would be extremely annoyed with the list owner that I signed up for in the first place.

        • Ms. Freeman says:

          Great point, that is one of the main reasons I only use my business email for these types of things. If I used my personal email and got all the emails I get daily I too would be highly ticked off.

          I think just like everything, the email listing will get a bad name and sign up rates will take a dramatic drop.

  13. Great tips man!

  14. Thanks Mike, it’s always a pleasure to share thoughts 🙂

    Email marketing is, indeed, a very strong tool for internet businesses – and there’s just sooo much to it that you never get bored 😉
    I’ve been working as an email marketer for 3 years now and I’m still as excited as I was in the beginning.

    One more thing – I know you love Aweber (and I agree it’s wonderful), but what’s your take on using hosted software?
    I ask because I’ve seen some that are quite advanced (getting into behavioral email marketing), and that really impressed me

    P.S.: your newsletter header image never shows up in my Gmail (images turned on, of course) – you might want to check that 😉


  15. Michael, this is a really nice introduction to email marketing, I have some experience (already went as far as buying a one year subscription to aweber competitor) but one needs to focus on this. I was and still am earning money with adsense, I think you don’t like it, do you? I don’t see it being used here or on retireat21..


    • Hello James,

      I don’t like Google Adsense for a couple reasons, the biggest is just the fact that it doesn’t earn me much. I run webmaster websites and typically webmasters know what Google Adsense is so they don’t click the adverts. The other reason is on one of my sites Google Adsense was earning me a lot of money and then it banned me, I don’t like how they have the such power over your earnings so I decided I wanted to be incharge of what results I get and not some company hense why I do it privately.



      • I understand your position since it is not uncommon at all within the internet marketers community. They like promoting products via several ways, article writing, PPC ads, email list building, etc, etc. But with adsense all the work there is to do is have a good ad placement, some content within adsense’s guidelines and then bring in lots of traffic to your content.
        It is not as easy as it sounds, so cannot be called monkey job, but nearly.
        Internet marketing is more difficult as I’ve tried and I can attest it’s not easy to learn the ropes. But because I use adsense since 2003 and haven’t been banned yet, I spent about 95% of my time learning skills for adsense, not affiliates marketing, that’s why it reflects in my earnings, most of it is adsense and then second is affiliates products in the adult industry (sextoys, not videos or membership sites) because it is the n°1 affiliates products, it’s easier to sell. But I’ve had little results with other niches such as fitness ebooks and adsense/money earnings products.

        Thanks for your answer.

        • Hello Again James,

          Google Adsense may provide a passive income, but it doesn’t mean its the right choice. Google Adsense nearly never earns you as much as other things. It just depends on how much time you want to put into making money, if you set your site up properly, monetization doesn’t have to be hard work and take up much time.


          • I think it also depends on which sites you’re doing. But what sites you’re doing also depends on which monetization solutions you want to use. So for instance I have two good earners at the moment with adsense, one is a digg-like site in french, and the other one a dictionnary about file extensions.
            In the case of digg-like site, it attracts an audience so diverse because of the variety of topics, that I have a hard time even thinking about which kind of affiliate program to try to push to this audience.
            In the case of the file extensions site, I’ve tried with to offer software related to extensions, never worked even once in over a year! And in french I don’t have much choices in affiliate programs in computing/software, but none worked.

            So the two, adsense and affiliates marketing are different sets of skills, with adsense I choose ways to get traffic, even if loosely targeted and even if the content is not great it simply has to be popular, I make sure ads are well visible to visitors and that’s it, but with affiliate programs you have to find the programs, get targeted audience, pre-sell them the products. Also build a list so that it’s easier afterwards to have that targeted audience, but you still have to pre-sell them and that involves creating good quality content.

  16. James Cunningham says:

    Hmm… very interesting as usual. I usually write Email Marketing as Spam for the usual things, but It seems much more can be done.

    Very Good Michael

  17. Great post and I have to agree that an ecourse gets better results than giving away a free report in most niches (test it yourself). Introduce the report within the autoresponder series and as always, make sure the report has no leakage. 😉

  18. Gerrid Smith says:

    Michael, as always, excellent post!

    The whole point on “No Leakage” was really eye opening. Totally makes sense, though. Why would I want to sell advertising for pennies when I can build my list which is far more valuable and sustainable.

    Be well,

  19. Hey Michael,

    Great post, this has inspired me to build my own mini eCourse about Twitter and make money from it. Thanks for writing this email as it has helped me realize how to build a better mailing list.



  20. Thanks Michael your post was awesome.Mailing list is not easy to build your advise highly appreciated.

    Thanks again


  21. Sereyboth | 1953 Tech says:

    Great Post I have ever read! Thank Mecheal!

  22. hi micheal, hope you were great today as always.
    i already setup my mailing list. its about Photoshop design and graphic source. i collect their email with giving my free preview before buying the dvd.

    how can i make more revenue and money with this niche?

  23. Great article!
    I was just wondering how you’ve made money with clickbank by referring to BABDOTCOM as showed in the screenshot. As far as I can see on the site, he is just offering an ebook for free when you signup? Shouldn’t the ‘customer’ you reffered buy something from that vendor through clickbank in order to receive a commission?

    • Hello Dirk,

      Every 6 months they open up a premium membership which is $47 monthly and when they opened it up I sent out an email about it.


  24. LifePath Unlimited says:

    Great Advice! I now realize I have been my AR system the wrong way…thanks to your tips I am building a list…finally.

  25. Christopher says:

    Great article! Also make sure that it’s easy to unsubscribe from the mailing list! There’s nothing worse than keeping your subscribers hostage by making it hard to remove themselves.

    • And it’s actually required by the law in some countries, like the US. Google for “email marketing best practices” 🙂

  26. Signing up for Aweber was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my Blog! Great Post, I am going to to have to try that auto series out.

  27. I want to know “Can we promote our website (that has Google Ads on it ) through Email Marketing?”

    I have my list of thousand users, if i send them the email with link of my website along with a short detail about the site and the website contains the google ads, does google allow this or not and will google block my account ?
    please advice

  28. Tom - says:

    I think you have one of the best hooks in your sidebar ad where it says: ‘Michaels Earnings Are Up 1263% since September 2008 – Learn How He Does It. FREE’

    You hit another great point which I have been thinking about recently. Advertising and leakage. The less was that you give for a visitor to leave your website the more likely they will leave through the way you want them too.

    • Hello Tom,

      Thanks buddy, I do like the earnings image, however my earnings have gone up and I should update it 😉

      Exactly, I hope leakage is something you look into, definitly helps you to earn more money from your website.

      Speak Soon,


  29. I do new blog says:

    Hi Michael . I want to ask is google feed burned might be proper to be as a free mailing list when email notification activated in feed burner and how can I get free mailing list because my budget not allow to pay $19/month .

    • Hello,

      Feedburner is just to sent updates from your blog via email, this isn’t a mailing list you have control over and hasn’t got any of the features above. As far as I know, there isn’t any FREE options that you should try.


  30. Rolan Bag-ao says:

    very educational

  31. I’m a newbie from INDIA who needs a free Autoresponder for the first 3 months and I can move to a paid account later on when I start earning money.

    How can I pay aweber if I don’t have a credit card? [I have PayPal account]

    Is there any other ways to get traffic?

    I got your blogging series and am waiting to get more


  32. Shama Kern says:

    thanks for all this great and free information. I will definitely use your e-course suggestion. It makes total sense to get people used to regular emails.

  33. Niel Sumter says:

    Thanks so much for this post, Michael. Much of this is very useful info, while there are some really practical tips that should just make sense to most people who have been on the internet. I’ve been learning a great deal from you and I’m sure it will be of valuable help to me in the months to come.

  34. Hey there!

    I’ve been watching you for sometime now with the spare time I’ve had available. But I want to know, I’ve gotten my website started up and all, but the problem is, which I’m curious of, how do you get in contact with the people and how do you find “useful” people to enlist on your blogroll? I have had my site up for a month now and it has only gotten 500 page impressions so far (which is roughly 15 views a day…).

    I thought of submitting my tutorials on forums and tutorial enlisting site, but they didn’t help me much at all, which is where most of my views primarily come from. Anything I’m doing wrong??

  35. Dan Tredo says:

    Hey Michael, really just began following you. My partner Glen Wayne and I are fairly new to internet marketing, but got a great start by enrolling in Alex Jeffreys 2.0 in 2009, and even met him in Las Vegas in Jan 2010. We completed our first new ebook together, and we are diligently working on list building. Looking forward to all your great content and words of wisdom.

    Dan Tredo

  36. inspirationfeed says:

    Good stuff, this is really helpful.

  37. acmepeoplesearchguide says:


    This is a great stuff you have put on our hands. Keep going,


  38. Paul Kamphuis says:

    Once again excellent information Michael.

    I have been building a list for over a year without actually using it. Mainly because of unconvincing mailing list software. Contemplated about aweber but settled for other mailing list software.
    Turned out to work really well for me. You provided some new ideas for me to try as well.



  39. Hey Michael,
    Just wanted to check, obviously you say the list is the most important (which i agree with), and someone else said why sell ad space for pennies when you can take care of the list, can you not still have the list and everything you are already done, but also charge for ad space? Sounds logical to me 🙂 Anyway, ive came across tonnes of these sites and signed upto everything under the son to grasp every part of making my website (been researching for almost a year). From the how to set up list, what way to word my email, what to sell etc etc, you have pretty much answered a hell of alot which took me a year to learn by signing upto about 50 different website. You clearly know your stuff, only discovered your website about a week ago, But i genuinely think its the best of this type around. All the other get you to opt in and give you a video and thats it, you actually have info, and your list of top 30’s and interviews are good. Ive been following Adam Horowitz for about a year, and loved the interview with him, gave a good insight. Anyway, keep it up, and youv got a fan for life.

  40. Abhishek says:

    Good tips for sharing

  41. Amber Keinath says:

    Thank you so much for all the information you shared in this post! It is definitely what I needed to hear at this point in my marketing efforts for my health and wellness blog. I am going to work on my autoresponder emails right now! Its time to start getting somewhere with my blog! Thanks!

  42. Hi Michael,

    Absolutely blown away by your knowledge and way of explaining things at only age 20.

    Can I ask a quick question? What in your experience has proven to be better for responsiveness and keeping the unsubscribes down? Short and sweet content or content that is a little longer…I used to offer an ecourse that had quite long content and it didn’t do very well.

    Do people want quick emails to skim over? What do you suggest?

    Thanks a lot 🙂


  43. I wanna try this one.

  44. boladale says:

    Hello Micheal, thanks for the training. I have gone through the 7 day ecourse and i have developed a blog through your teachings. i am using a free theme for now though still looking for a great theme for video since my strategy is to put video and transcribe to pdf. my challenge is the site domination pop up. I will like to buy the site domination pop-up but it is on clickbank and my country cannot access clickbank. can you please put it on commission junction or any other affiliate site that accepts a lot of countries especially Nigeria. thanks. Please check my website and let me know your comments. Thanks

  45. Emerson Almeida says:

    I am Brazil, Muito bom Parabéns.

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