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20 Top Blog Sales – Sell Your Blog For Millions

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Top Blog Sites That Have Been Sold

The whole point of this post is to make you think of your end goal, where you want to go with your online business. Every day your working on your business, don’t just think about how much you made that day but how much your going to make for investing an additional day into your business when you go to sell your website. Some of these guys were earning $30,000 a day – now that’s what gets me excited about blogging.


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In my head, I have already decided I’m going to sell my blog network for millions of dollars. Here’s the clever thing about what I’m doing:

Here in the UK, if I make over £150,000 a year, I have to pay 50% (actually 51%) of anything over that to the government which makes it quite an easy decision to not take the money out of the company but instead to invest it in it. So my whole game plan is not take a big salary, live within my means and invest every penny into my business so that I can grow it to the point where it gets millions of visitors every month and ideally make me 7 figures a month also. If I keep reinvesting, growing my business for a few short years I will then be in position to sell the company for lets say a cool £10,000,000. On the first £2 million I have to pay 10% tax and then 18% after that. For me, the best part of this isn’t so much the financial side, it’s the fact that I would of built something amazing, something to be proud of, the money is just a bonus! This reminds me of this saying:

Entrepreneurship is about living a few years of your life like most won’t, so that you can live the rest of your life like most can’t!

Now think big and get inspired!

#1 – Sold For: $100 million

Founded: 1997

Year of Sale: 2007

Approximate Daily Worth:  $27,397

The website Ugo was founded in 1997 as Unified Gamers Online  (UGO) by Chris Sherman.Action World Inc. bought them very early on and decided to rename the business. They changed the name to  UGO Networks, however the name didn’t stick for long as it was once again changed to Online Underground. Eventually it was sold on to the Hearst Corporation approximately $100 million.

#2 Fotolog – Sold For: $90 million

Founded: 2002

Year of Sale: 2007

Approximate Daily Worth:  $49,315

Fotolog was founded by Scott Heiferman, in 2002, and unfortunately the site began to have problems just 3yrs later in 2005 when the amount of visitors and members started to become too much for the websites servers. The website itself currently receives over 20 million unique visitors each month and was sold to Hi-Media Group for the tidy sum of $90 Million.

#3 Consumersearch – Sold for: $33 million

Founded: 1999

Year of Sale: 2007

Approximate Daily Worth:  $11,301

Consumersearch was founded by co-founders Derek grew and Carl Harmaan in 1999, the pair also owned a privately held corporation at the time. The website sold for a huge $33 million and the news was first released by the New York Times Co. The buyers, are also owned by the New York Times Co. In 2009 the website was honored in the 13th annual webby awards competition.



#4 TechCrunch – Sold for: $30 million

Founded: 2005

Year of Sale: 2010

Daily Worth: $16,438

TechCrunch is a very well-known website publication, which is well grounded within the technology and gadget niche’s. The blog was first founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington, and the first time it was published live online was on June 11, 2005. It’s astonishing that in just five years Michael had created such a unique website which was full of valuable  content and managed to sell the website for a total of $30 million to AOL.



#5 PaidContent – Sold for: $30 million

Founded: 2002

Year of Sale: 2008

Daily Worth: $13698

Paidcontent was founded by Rafat Ali, in 2002, and was basically an online resource for; information, analysis and news. Rafat Ali the founder of the website, was a journalist and so the website itself was a natural progression for him. In the end the website was eventually brought out by Guardian Media Group $30 Million (2008) Ali Rafat however is still part of the website, and is currently working for the company as an editor.


#6 Tatter and Company – Sold for: $30 million

Founded: 2002

Year of Sale: 2008

Approximate Daily Worth: $13698

Tatter and Company or TNC as it is also known, was founded by Chang-Won Kim and Chester Roh, they formed the company in 2002. Tatter and Company itself was and still is a blogging platform for the Korean nation. I’m sure it is not a major surprise that the company was purchased by  Google for the sum of $30 Million, in 2008.


#7 Ars Technica – Sold for: $25 million

Founded: 1998

Year of Sale: 2008

Approximate Daily Worth: $6849

Ars Technica was founded by Ken Fisher, in 1998 and quickly became one of the top and most authoritative blogs with the technology industry. The site provided a great amount of news and sometimes reviews on their chosen niche. The website was purchased by Conde Nast Publications for $25 Million in 2008,  a decade since the year it was founded.


#8 – Sold for: $25 million

Founded: 2003

Year of Sale: 2005

Approximate Daily Worth: $34,722

Weblogs Inc was created by Brian Alvey and Jason Calcanis in 2003, with the help of an investment from Mark Cuban. In the early days the business was initially set up for professional readership, they also had a number of other websites running alongside Weblogs, in fact there were approximately a dozen websites in total. Weblogs was purchased in 2005 by AOL to the tidy sum of $25 Million.


#9 – Sold for: $25 million

Founded: 1999

Year of Sale: 2007

Approximate Daily Worth: $8561

LiveJournal just as the name suggests was a virtual community where users could keep a blog or an online digital diary, through their free open source server technology. They didn’t stop there though, they had the software allowing users to easily create blogs and diaries online they even allowed for calendars, polls, and even have guest writers. The website sold for approximately $ 25 million to Six Apart  in 2007.


#10 – Sold for: $15 million

Founded: 2006

Year of Sale: 2008

Approximate Daily Worth: $20547

Bankaholic is the creation of founder John Wu who also created CB Land Investments. The website itself was an online banking marketplace which basically provided its customers with credit card offers as well as interest rates and personal financial advice. The website eventually sold for $15 Million to BankRate and now has a hefty team of banking and financial professionals behind it so who knows where it could go? maybe it will be worth double the amount in a year or so.


#11 Deadline Hollywood – Sold for: $14 million

Founded: 2006

Year of Sale: 2009

Approximate Daily Worth: $5479

Deadline Hollywood started off  as a column in the LA weekly, in 2002 by Nikki Finke. The column itself was basically an informative entertainment column based around the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Nikki decided to take her now well-known columnto the online world, and the site first went live in 2006 as a blog. She decided upon calling it the ‘Deadline Hollywood Daily’. It was so popular that in 2009 the Mail Media Corporation bought it from her in a lucrative deal with $14 million. The website has since been changed to


#12 Wonkette – Sold for: $12 million

Founded: 2004

Year of Sale: 2006

Approximate Daily Worth: $16438

Wonkette is a website that was established in January 2004, it was part of the Gawker Media Network, and it’s founding editor was Ana Marie Cox, who has also been the editor of the well known website Gawker Media thought a downturn in the internet boom was on the horizon, and not wanting to lose all the money they had poured into the website they sold it. The buyers were Ken Layne and his business partners, paying  $12 Million in 2006. It’s also worth mentioning that Ken Layne was also the editor of the site at the time he and his partners bought it.

#13 Celebrity baby blog -Sold for: $10 million

Founded: 2004

Year of Sale: 2008

Approximate Daily Worth: $6849

Celebrity Baby blog was created by Danielle Friedland in 2004, and as you can see from the name of the blog,  the topic is pretty obvious. Yes that’s right it’s another blog about famous babies. With celebrities a current trend at the time (when are they not, right?) and her website gaining a very steady stream of visitors,  She managed to sell the blog to Times Inc in a deal worth $10 Million. Not bad for a blog based on babies, the blog has also changed names since to


#14 Tree Hugger – Sold for: $10 million

Founded: 2005

Year of Sale: 2007

Approximate Daily Worth: $6849

Tree Hugger was the brainchild of Graham Hill, an environmentalist entrepreneur who knew how to use technology to his advantage. He managed to sell the blog to the Discovery Communication for a neat and tidy sum of $10 Million in 2007. You got to admit there’s probably not that many tree huggers out their worst $10 million!


#15 Freakanomics -Sold for: $8 million

Founded: 2005

Year of Sale: 2007

Approximate Daily Worth: $10958

Freakanomics, was founded by Stephen J. Dubner, in the year 2005  and was sold just two years after it was first created. Stephen was a professional journalist for the New York Times, when he started the blog, which was actually created after the huge success of Dubner’s book, which was also called ‘Freakanomics’ . The website was eventually bought out by the New York Times the sum of $8 million.


#16 The Consumerist – Sold for: $7 million

Founded: 2005

Year of Sale: 2008

Approximate Daily Worth: $7305

The Consumerist, is yet another website which was developed by the Gawker Media Group, there doing quite well aren’t they? Anyway, Joel Johnson was the editor-in-chief although the site was originally the idea of Nick Denton and Lockhart Steele both of whom are highly ranked within the Gawker Media Group. They decided to sell the consumerist to Consumer Media LLC when they were offered around $7 Million. I think I may have sold for that price too!


#17 World Hum – Sold for: $6 million

Founded: 2001

Year of Sale: 2007

Approximate Daily Worth: $2739

World Hum is a very highly regarded and award-winning magazine-style blog which was created by Jim Benning and Michael Yessis. The pair were obsessed with travel and decided to create the blog as an outlet for their passion. Within the blog they had all sorts of various categories; how-to sections, question-and-answer sections and where the best places to travel were, as well as how to get there and where to stay once you arrive. Eventually the Travel Channel decided to make them an offer in 2007  to the tune of $6 Million, which they just couldn’t turn down. I can’t say I blame them.


#18 Arseblog – Sold for: $5 million

Founded: 2006

Year of Sale: 2007

Approximate Daily Worth: $13698

Arseblog, yes I know you’re properly all sniggering, well at least those of you in the UK as it is a bit of a naughty word but anyway,  the website was created by Andrew Managan in 2006,m due to his undying loyalty to the football team Arsenal FC (Soccer to all of you reading this in the US). In 2007 Andrew was made an offer god-father style, one he definitely could not refuse $5 million by the company Ole Ole. The site has since changed it’s name to Ole Ole.


#19 GardenRant – Sold for: $1.3 million

Founded: 1996

Year of Sale: 2007

Approximate Daily Worth: $395.73

GardenRant was formed in 1996 by gardening enthusiast Susan Harris, mainly as a way to share her thoughts, tips and advice as well as sharing event details and special promotions. Though you may think that there wouldn’t be much value in a gardening blog it actually did amazingly well and was eventually bought out by the company GardenWeb for a rough figure of around $1.3 Million, not bad for a blog talked mostly about flowers. Never underestimate the power of any niche community, big or small!


#20 Politicshome – Sold for: $1.3 million

Founded: 2008

Year of Sale: 2009

Approximate Daily Worth: $3561

Politicshome was founded just two years ago in 2008 by Stephan Shakespeare, who is also the founder and CEO of YouGov, which is basically an Internet-based market research company. After just one year of the blog being online, Stephan managed to sell the business in a very successful deal with Conservative politician Michael Ashcroft. The deal was worth an approximate $1.3 million.

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  1. Timothy Sykes says:

    Nice, I wonder how much my blog would fetch? One man show earns approximately $ 1million/year, hmmmm 🙂

    • Zac Johnson says:

      The problem with our sites/blogs is that they are our actual names… so we could never sell!

      • Azad @ Geeks Blog says:

        I knew this thus I named my blog/portal “Internet Geeks”. But I am in no hurry to sell it for millions as I enjoy working as an Internet Geeks 😀

      • Jonathan Volk says:

        True! Those of us who have it as our name… we can never sell. But to be honest, I wouldn’t ever sell.

        Really cool list though Michael!

      • Nick Throlson says:

        I agree I could never sell my personal blog.

  2. Anass Farah says:

    The numbers are really freaking ! But I think you can’t sold a blog for those amounts of money in any niche you want 😀

    By the way great list Aarron 😀

    • Hello Anass,

      Your right, some niches wouldn’t work for selling a business, those niches wouldn’t work for making money from either.

      In all the main industry’s, people have bought and sold company’s/websites/blogs.

      It’s about building a site in the right way so that someone wants to buy it.


      • Anass Farah says:

        Thank you for the reply Michael, to build a blog in the right way that’s why we’re reading your *amazing* blog michael ( by the way i think you’re a very inspirational person). Oh in fact, do you write the article or it’s Aarron ?



  3. Michael Holmes says:

    I wonder why you didn’t They sold to Intuit for $170 million…

  4. Great Motivation, Michael. Thanks!

  5. Marion Ryan says:

    Very interesting post, Michael, and love your goal. One challenge I’d have would be selling my ‘baby’. By the time you’ve made your site such a success will you be able to let it go?

    Not sure I could…

    Marion x

  6. Hi Michael,

    Nice post – I read Arseblog every day (as I’m a massive fan of Arsenal) and am absolutely staggered to see it sold for $5 mil… Not because it isn’t a great blog, simply because it seems to only generate revenue through banner ads… What is it about it that makes it so valuable?… The readership?

    I notice there is also nothing here in the health and fitness niche… Do you think there is a reason for this?


  7. WOW so much money with just a blog… very nice thanks 🙂

  8. Another great post Michael ! I love this style of post …

  9. Sean Alexander says:

    I really need to look to building a blog with this aim! Umm, let the creative juices flow! Great read Michael.

  10. This is truly inspirational. To know that you can start from nothing with an idea and turn it into millions. I noticed that the longest period from start to sale was only 10 years, that in itself is amazing. Great post Michael.

  11. Mike Olaski says:

    I would love to see a list of 50 websites that sold for $1 million and what their net income was when they sold.

    That is my target for the sale point of my first blog.

    GardenRant #19 is the closest example of this.

    I assume daily worth is the daily net income.

    This is an achievable goal for most of us. The $30,000,000 sales can happen too of course, and Michael, I am certain you will get your 10,000,000 :)…

  12. Hey Michael

    Great list and I also believe that having a blog that is not your name is important. You can still be an authority site with have to brand yourself with your site. It does make it easier to sell. Building a network of blogs to sell is one of the coolest was to make money. The cool thing about your post was the amount of time these companies flipped their blogs for millions. Some only two to 5 years….now that is what I’m talkin about.

  13. Chris Guthrie says:

    One thing I’d point out (if it isn’t already obvious) is that none of these blogs that sold for a lot were blogs that talk about making money online.

    As much as people think that talking money about making money online is profitable (which it can be) there is much more money to be made as an authority in niches that are much larger.

    That’s where I make more of my money as well. It wasn’t until I ventured outside the small world of MMO that I found a new world with a ton more opportunity in it.

    • Chris Guthrie says:

      I forgot to add – ummm… why do you live in the UK if your tax rate is 51%? That’s like socialism tax rates right there lol…

      Come us in the US. Here’s a link to our tax rates:

      Pay attention to these ones in your case.

      28% Rate – Single 82,400
      33% Rate – Single 171,850

      Less taxes FTW

      • Hey Chris…

        Hope you enjoyed blog world.

        I use to ask that question to millionaires in the UK, the thing is, it’s a great country to live in, home is home I guess. I’m working towards sending a company so it’s not so much of an issue for me.

        Great point about niche’s… make money online niche is a terrible place to start if you want to build a business to sell. Focus on a profitable passion, something that you know a lot about but also at the same time has people paying to advertise. I love the following niches: Health, Fitness, Travel & Betting.



        • Andy Beard says:

          You should be able to just pay yourself dividends every few months to keep the taxes lower.

        • Very interesting read Michael. Some great motivation for me to keep pushing the blog I run with several friends. Hits just seem to consistently going up!!

          Well done UK Buddy!!

  14. patricia miranda says:


  15. Great post – very informative

  16. Leon Aldrich says:


    When are you moving to a tax friendly country? I heard New Zealand is tops!

  17. Joshu Thomas ( OC webmaster Blog) says:

    Man Lot of inspiration every single day !! thank you !!


  18. Lisa Miller says:

    What an awesome list. I didn’t know TechCrunch was sold to AOL. Those are pretty big numbers in there.

  19. Open Cobra says:

    Are you going for the record – $101,000,000.00?

  20. Impressive research you’ve done here Michael. I would argue that any of those that started before 1999, didn’t start as “blogs” per say, but just news sites. They may have then evolved into blogs, since the term wasn’t in existence until 1998 or 1999. I would argue that LiveJournal definitely was one of the first (if not THE), blog networks. Nonetheless, awesome information and inspirational as always.

    I enjoyed your interview yesterday with Lewis Howes. Him and I meet in Austin at the annual SXSW Interactive.

  21. You said it Joshu,

    Can’t believe how much money some of those blogs are making a day.

    Defiently gives you inpiration to create a high profile, money making blog.

  22. Wow,

    Some of those blogs are making insane money. Gives you motivation to build a high profile blog.

  23. Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    This is awesome Michael,

    Reading the amount these blogs were sold makes me want to create and sell a blog (I’m not going to sell YoungPrePro 😉 ).

    I witnessesd the sale of Techcrunch and it is really great.

    I love your call to action above the post and I pray this post gets over 200 comments – I want to read that post of yours.

    Thanks so much,

    BTW: What I will like you to write about is How to successfully write top posts that get traffic.

  24. Billy Surf Martin says:

    Brilliant post! Thanks for all the details (year founded, sold etc).

  25. I know you don’t go into Online Gaming much, but the popular WoW blog, MMO-Champion; sold for millions… TWICE. I mean anything can sell if you work at it.

  26. Juho Tunkelo says:

    That’s a great list, a few blogs I hadn’t heard of before. Arseblog for five mil, hahah that’s the best laugh AND head scratcher of the day… 😉

  27. @ Simon : The big sellers are those -as Neil mentioned- news sites.They are HUGE! The daily revenues of these sites aren’t as important as the internet market share they represent. These are domains that are regularly found for any search query in the top 10 google results. And that’s invaluable…

  28. Thanks for the post, Michael. I have been reading your blog posts for some time now and always find them very inspirational. You are a huge help to young entrepreneurs like me and I think it is very important to share your story and the story of other young tech moguls. I must recommend a blog that hasn’t been sold, Mashable, which was started by Pete Cashmore in Scotland when he was just 19 (now 25). It is a very valuable website and a good model for success!

  29. “You are such a BRILLIANT LAD!”

    Looking forward for your posts Michael 😉

  30. inspirational … lesson here is,if you plan to sell your blog latter,you need to have a domain without that is not your name..

  31. John Corcoran says:

    Michael: Great list! I’m curious how you found out all of these sale prices? I’m surprised the sale prices were public knowledge.

    It was interesting that some of these blogs are really well known for one particular blogger (i.e. Techcrunch is known as Michael Arrington’s baby; Wonkette is very well known for the personality of its editor Ana Marie Cox, etc.). You would think that the fact that the blog is so closely associated with one person, it would decrease the blog’s value. But that does not appear to be the case. The buyers probably had an agreement as part of the purchase contract that the founder would remain on board working for the new owner for at least a period of time, like 6 months or a year.

    I also wonder why people would sell out if they’re generating so much income each day? But I guess a big payday is worth it.

  32. Trevor Turnbull says:

    Hey Michael,

    Very inspiring post! Loved the quote “Entrepreneurship is about living a few years of your life like most won’t, so that you can live the rest of your life like most can’t!”. I will definitely be using that one when people ask why I do what I do 🙂

    I’m curious to know how the valuation was calculated on the sale of these blogs. One would think that the daily earning would have something to do with it…..but these numbers don’t seem to match up.

    For example, the Arseblog had an approximate daily worth of $13697 (= $4.9M +/- annually)…….and it sold for 5 million. And, WorldHum has an approximate daily worth of $2739 (=$986,000 +/-)…..and it sold for 6 million.

    I’m assuming there must be some intangible factors in the approximate daily worth calculation (ie. list size, target audience, engagement, etc)… opposed to this being a daily cash earnings.

  33. Prajwal Shinde says:

    Great post Michael. Looking forward for your post “how you built and sold a blog in 6 months”

  34. That’s really inspirational list Michael. I am really wondering that why people are selling these valuable blogs when they can make thousands of dollars per day.

  35. Robert Samuel says:

    This is a heck of a list Michael. Maybe one day one of my blogs will make your list. 🙂

  36. How do you go after buyers? If you have a revenue generating blog, do they some looking for you?

  37. Great list. Thanks for sharing. Just shows you don’t NEED a one word generic domain name to build a great site. Value of undeveloped?

  38. Salman Ahsan says:

    If this doesnt motivate you, i dont know what will :), great list as usual Michael.

  39. Love the quote “Entrepreneurship is about living a few years of your life like most won’t, so that you can live the rest of your life like most can’t!” Also love that even with the money you make you manage to have a good head on your shoulders and live within your means and re-invest back into the company. You’re one smart cookie. Thanks for your blog!

  40. Great Post!

  41. I still can’t believe that AOL pulled off the TechCrunch deal. I was shocked when this went through.

    The only deal that could have been bigger is if Microsoft could have landed Yahoo a while back.

  42. wizardgran says:

    I am astouded at the figures. I grew up with the radio and then the radiogram so computers blow me away. There is so much information out there. I might even have enjoyed school with this technology. Anyway you have really got me fired up, I love writing and have gathered a lot of knowledge over the years. I’m definitely going to look into this blogging business. I don’t understand how money is made from blogs. Would someone please explain this to me?
    Looking forward to your report.

  43. Awesome post!! Just started blogging. Dont know if i’ll ever make a million, but i enjoyed reading this article and going through the list. Anything is possible.

  44. Sigh…And here I am 2 weeks away from going live with a blog and info product…

  45. Great post, Michael,
    I love the idea of building a business with the exit strategy in mind. I saw your comment around not using your name in your url. But what I find difficult is how do you build the relationship and trust with your audience without having your name (and picture) on display? People want to see a person behind the site, especially in the beginning, don’t they?

  46. This was a very interesting post. This is the first time I check out your blog
    and I found it to be very worthwhile.

  47. Hey Michael,

    Would you consider EvanCarmichael . com a blog?

  48. great post michail.very inspiring…

  49. Amazing list of money making blogs. It shows everyone can do it if you put an effort to it.

    Please keep the good job Michael!

  50. All of these people had specialised information or they knew they had a ready audience, plus they obviously delivered what they promised.
    None of these blogs would have existed on 30 minutes dabbling per week (or maybe even per day!). Food for thought indeed.

  51. Marko Pyhajarvi says:

    Interesting list. I understand $10 million deals, but $100 million for a blog sounds pretty amazing. Btw, I didn’t know Tim Sykes is making already one million a year, and that’s great. Congrats, Tim!

  52. Maria Spiering says:

    That is very inspiring as I am just starting to learn about blogging and the possibilities! I love the bigger picture!

  53. planetMitch says:

    I plan to sell my blog in a couple of years for millions – can’t wait to be on this list.

    Have already been approached to sell and turned down the offer. I want MORE 🙂

  54. I can’t see myself!!! lol awesome list. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Hey Michael,

    Fantastic blog ideas – gets the creative juices flowing just thinking about the success these blogs have – and many with relatively simple ideas. I have those niche sites, which are easy and provide, but am working towards a blog of passion.

    I do love your lists.

  56. Women's Memoirs says:

    Many of us aspire to sell a blog that we have worked hard to build up. These numbers are impressive, but my selling price wouldn’t have to be even near these astronomical numbers to make me feel successful. Looking forward to what you have to say on this subject. Thanks.

  57. As expected. Nice review from Michael. Ever wondered if asian people could earn as much as on the list. Those are really inspirations. Keep ’em coming.

  58. Thanks Michael:

    This inspires me to dust off an idea I have for a blog and start building it.

    When you write that post, please tell us how you decided on a topic or angle for the bog. It also goes without saying that knowing how much you sold the blog for would be helpful to us.

    Looking forward to the next post,

  59. corey johnson says:

    This was a great post michael, building blogs in demand and on top of values can well put your blog on the path to being sold for millions.

  60. @Dreb, that is an interesting point you made about Asian people. Over here in the UK as Michael may know is that Asians’ [referred to as Indian sub-continent] are doing well for themselves in all industries. They have been mainly hands on and good at communicating face-to-face.

    I am however seeing and meeting more and more Asian people coming online in the UK. Adnan built and it is Google news with 70,000 pagviews per month. Alborz [persian] has the blog which has been valued at $5m and he does have the intent to sell and does have his exit strategy.

    The age of the blogs are interesting since they started at a period in internet history when there was not as much noise, therefore scaling was easier, now every niche has its competition. However there is a smart and strategic method that you can filter that noise to allow your site to scale.

    In this period of internet history it would be called ‘networking’ and to some extent even connecting to your competitors. Smaller blogs need to connect and want to connect, so we should be taking up that opportunity and allow that connection to be a platform for growth at the same time using social media which is nothing more then connecting.

    Michael is connecting a lot offline in the industry and not everyone can afford to do that initially but definitely go out and connect in your industry via social media, press releases, etc.

    I helped the BBC once and they owe me a favour and I have called them on that favour and hope that it will come into fruition.

    If you look at the Diaspora [facebook alternative] who put up for crowdsourcing in kickstarters could have only got that momentum by being seen in New York times, BBC, etc. those publications gave them that needed push.

    Conclusion: Go out there and make some noise.

  61. I would be happy to sell any of my site for 100K, i don’t need Million 🙂

  62. Interesting list, and £’s per day is a really interesting way of measuring it!

  63. lol. i commented back since i saw an announcement above about reaching 150 comments. But i know this won’t be counted. Hope there’s more to come, i mean the comments. Keep em coming.

  64. That’s interesting to see how long it took some of these sites to develop to the point of achieving that kind of price point for the sale. Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing how you did it in six months! 🙂

  65. Great list! I’m surprised at how much you can sell for the blogs that you devleloped in such a short amount of time.

  66. Wade McMaster says:

    Man thats a massive aount of money being shifted around there, $30,000 is a hell of an accomplishment….

  67. Nice list Michael, this can be a huge motivation for people to see what they could be achieving if they put enough work and dedication in it…

    Btw, do you happen to know where the saying about entrepreneurship comes from?

  68. I think if you start a blog just for the sake of selling it you will have a much harder time being successful at it.

    Successful sites come from passionate people who love their niche/site. I think selling your site comes only when #1 You get an offer you can’t refuse #2 Your Personal life or other business ventures require it.

  69. A very motivating article, and I’m glad that I didn’t take my name as the name for my blog.

  70. Jarod @ Vibe Tutorials says:

    I don’t think Stephan Shakespeare should of ever sold his blog, he pretty much just jumped the box of the year. He would of made more money than the 1.3M he earned (because his revenue was steadily increasing). The only profit he made was $100K more, that’s why I said that though, you get it? It was dumb.

  71. Jamie Northrup says:

    Those are some pretty impressive numbers, I run 9 blogs, and I think I’d have no problem selling 7 of them, 2 others are really important to me, I can’t say that I wouldn’t, but it would be harder.

  72. Talk about the net worth of blogs. I’m not selling my blog yet, but before I do that I hope to achieve similar success like you first and slowly make my way up.

  73. Another great post. Am looking forward to building value onto my blog. 🙂 I agree with most though that when you have done so much for a blog, its hard to part with it. Looking forward to your sharing your experience too. 🙂

  74. harvestwages says:

    Hey Michael,
    Hope my blog features on the list when next you write on such

  75. Great post. It’s like virtual real estate! I absolutely love TechCrunch. It’s amazing to think that the guy started it in his basement and sold it for $30 mil in just a few years. Very inspiring.

  76. I love this post, very actionable. I need to personally work on the networking aspect.

  77. 75Day Journey says:

    Craziness! I just started my blog that follows my life over the next 75 days as I start my own Internet Business. This is a really inspirational article. I hope we get to 150 – I’d love to hear how you did it. I also like your approach to get 150 comments. Very Brilliant !!

  78. These amounts seem to be unbelievable. How could businesses pay so huge sums for blogs?
    At the same time, it gives us all an encouragement, that our blog could also be a part of this list someday, provided our idea is unique and is worthy of a price as high as this.

  79. great list, great blog idea.. I though techcrunch was the highest price..

  80. CaeerOutlook says:

    this is a very inspiring list for me, wow blogging has too much money 🙂

  81. ei Michael, interesting post!
    i wonder who’s on the list of blogs to sell millions this coming 2011… 😛


  82. Siraj @Apparel Makers' says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the great list. Hope one day my blog “Apparel Makers'” would sell for millions :).

    Leant a lot from this post, would track those sites too to learn more.


  83. Quite remarkable amount for all these blogs and specially the daily worth..

  84. OK call me dumb but how does one make so much money with blogging and why isn’t everyone doing this?

  85. Wow..this list encourage me to write more on my blog. One day this will be the worth…Millions of dollars baby 🙂 Yeah..!

  86. I just have to add one more with my comments regarding my site are not working when you click the link. Please, Michael delete one of my comments or just leave it that way..thanks…my blog will be worth millions in 5 years…that is my goal 🙂

  87. Its stunning.. 🙂 one day i will sell my blog in millions. 🙂 every blogger will have that hope and step forward after reading this article 🙂 great compilation as always.


  88. Waooo this is really impressive the blogs sold for this millions..I m not inspired by this post 🙂

  89. Very inspiring post on make money online. I hope someday I could make my own. But, who knows that because of sites like this anybody can learn how to make it right. Very informative and useful site. Thanks to this.

  90. Benjamin M. Jacques says:

    Hey Michael,

    Great post. It’s always nice to see the end result when starting a business and it seems like you have everything planned out. I’m not sure if I’ll ever sell Melting Waves when it gets extremely popular but perhaps when I’m old and ancient I could sell it and just sit on the money. Anyway, great collection of information.

    -Benjamin M. Jacques

  91. TJ McDowell says:

    So I’m trying to figure out how you would pay less on taxes for making more. I wonder if it’s the same over here in the US.

  92. Rory Mullen says:

    To be on this page will be my goal to aspire to. Keep the good work up

  93. Wow, some impressive numbers and many of these places seem to hold different market shares such as Bankaholic having much less traffic than TechCrunch but selling for nearly half of that. It is also something to note that AOL cited TechCrunch’s conferences as one of the main reasons for purchasing them.

  94. Fazal Mayar says:

    Hey Micheal, got a question for you. Does the lenght of the domain really matters? I know short is better but can i still sell my blog for big cash if it contains 18 characters lets say?

  95. I sold one of my blogspot blog in Rs. 35,000 and was getting ideas. Never imagined this. Great.

  96. Sampath Kumar Dindi says:

    Hope Micheal sells IncomeDiary for $100 Million

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