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  • Een Rockstar

    As I start my biz from zero(everything was zero) so my 1st place is in my bedroom..

  • Lillea Woodlyns

    This is a fun read!

    I started my online business in a tiny (maybe 350 sq foot) 3-room suite beside the laundry area for the building. Noisy! lol

    I don’t have the numbers that these guys do yet, but give me a bit more time and who knows 🙂

  • kayt romeo

    Thats interesting. nice post.

  • Scott

    Ebay looks kinda like it had a bit of backing from the start, just going by the decor and what not, still, I guess none of it really matters once the business gets as popular as some of them have.

  • Thanks Michael,

    That was an awesome post!

    It really puts things into perspective seeing where some of these amazing companies were founded. If someone has vision it doesn’t matter how small they start out.

    Many reading this will realize that their office doesn’t look much different than the ones in your post and it will inspire them to do great things!

    • Michael

      Hey Robert,

      Exactly, most people start just like all these big sites, from a computer in a bedroom, garage or even dorm room. Its the fact that we take action. Just do it people!


  • Brittany

    Cool, that’s inspiring

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  • I love reading stories like this! Right now I’m in my lounge with a laptop on my lap (no space for a study!). hope to have a story like this in the future 🙂 (dreaming big!)

  • peter mcgrath

    hi michael

    say a great post but how did you manage to get all the
    pictures of the various founders bedrooms kitchens it goes to show if we are creative thers hope for us all


  • I am going have to get me one of those “bedroom” dealys they seem to bring a lot of inspiration to a business.

  • Cynthia

    I hope to be on this list one day! Started from my living room home office. Great Post, just the inspiration I need to keep going!

  • jeff

    It seems as though the worst websites are built in the nicest homes.

  • Muzi Mohale

    Ah, welcome back mate, I missed your daily dose of motivation. That’s the beauty with internet business, it’s flexible to start with a pc you’re on the go, no fancy office park address with unnecessary monthly bills, while you still try to find your feet.

    • Michael

      Hey Muzi,

      Thanks very much, hopefully will start providing daily inspiration again….

      You can start from anywhere, a laptop in starbucks if needs be!


  • Mine started in my living area but can’t make a great story yet and don’t have a pic to show.
    So it’s true – just do it (don’t give too many excuses to start s’thing)

  • Patrenia

    Thanks Michael…this is truly inspirational. I am currently working on lauching my product and I hope to have a story as successful as the one’s you have presented to us.

  • Raja

    Once again you have done a great Job.

    This post was really awesome and inspirational.

    Today i have lot of facilities, still cant able to step up.

    So i have to work harder.

    Thanks Pal.

  • Ben

    cool & inspiring post. Thanks.

  • Harry Lewis

    I love to hear these success stories. they are very inspiring. All of these people had one thing in common. A knowledge of programming & ‘Computerese’. Unfortunately, although I have the desire, I do not have the ability to set up web sites, do programming, etc. If anyone is interested, I have the desire, the time, but not the technical ability. I would love to start off by delving into Affiliate Marketing. I believe there is an enormous potential for making money there. I am great at follow-up and running things once set up. Anyone interested in going for a ‘ride’ with me, with the knowledge I lack? I can be reached at: Thanks for reading. Harry

  • Alexi

    This is great inspiration for me, thank you.

    I just started my website a couple of weeks ago out of my bedroom.

    Hopefully I can soon replace the desktop with a laptop and advance to the living room. =D

  • David Stillwagon

    Great post, I guess it shows that you can start an online business anywhere.

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  • Celes | The Personal Excellence Blog

    Hey Michael, great reminder that every business starts from somewhere 🙂 Thanks for putting this together!

  • Sam

    Gotta love this post.

    The Digg photo looks all too familiar !

    Best one gotta be the YouTube photo though, looks like the guys set up the site on someone else’s time…

    Take a bow all of you gents. Take a bow.

  • Lily

    It’s great to see that your 1st “office” does not have to be the perfect office. I will keep pushing forward. Thanks!

  • Sharon/The Baby Boomer Queen

    I started my business when I wasn’t able to work regular hours any more (I have Lupus) and I was forced to close my antique clothing and milliner shop.

    Now, I work from my home and my computer is right next to my bed. I wish I had a computer in every room of the house.

    Great post…one that should give everyone incentive and inspiration. I am glad that a friend sent this to me. I can’t wait to post it on my blog.

    Southern smiles and world peace,
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  • WOW! Very inspirational! I love the fact that these guys and gals started these big companies from their bedroom or from their garage. Pretty amazing. That shows fact that if they can do, you can also 🙂

  • Chef Tony

    Great post, but remember too, we don’t all have to be striving to be ebay…niche marketing does very well too…keep it up everyone!!

  • Great post – really gives you inspiration.

    I have started many a business from such places but am still waiting to code the next Facebook 🙂

  • baloot

    mostly, successful IM are born from their bedroom. 🙂

  • Erik

    I started my start-up in my bedroom too.

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  • Greg Ellison

    That is awesome that they created something huge in their homes or garages. Most of the creation were with friends so that is cool. We have the power create anything we want we just need to do it. Greg Ellison

  • nicotec

    what does it say that some of the great tech entrepreneurs have no taste for interior design..?

  • Very inspirational post …it doesn’t matter where you start – just start.

    Jason R. Ayers

  • Raul Pellerano

    My partners and I started our start up – – with two of us in our dorm rooms and one working from home (after a full day at work). We’re now all living together and are working out of our apartment. We’ll hopefully make Michael’s list. Thank you for the post, I posted it on our Facebook fan page and twitter blog along with my personal facebook page.

  • franjh

    You just never know where you might end up, when you work hard on an idea! Facinating story’s and inspiring for everybody to never give up.

  • Salvador Stabler

    Great point my friend. It doesn’t matter where you get started as long as you get going.

    So many people are afraid of failure and at the same time don’t know how to focus.

    thanks mike

  • Toko Kaos Online

    great post.. just start and move to the top.. they are amazing..

  • Hi Michael, Glad to hear your back from your trip would love to hear about that too. This was a great post of yours, I started in my living room and then the phone rang telling me I had been picked to buy my blog…actually I was sitting in my chair . So now I know just from the pictures and stories behind the pics. that I’m on my way to greatness. I think any and all of us can achieve greatness all it takes is perseverance and dedication doing something that we love, there in lies the trick… loving what one does. Thanks again Michael for a great post. JJ p.s. sending u an email re: Twitter.

  • Good to see this ….

  • Luis Lopez

    This article is awesome, that gives me courage to keep working on my design company, even if I work from home in a little studio, maybe one day I’ll get a good office like those guys.

  • Well, very nice post, interesting!

    I started my first business in classroom.

    Thank so much for your nice post.


  • Ayush

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful inspirational story.

  • Khristal

    Very Inspirational! Keep the great post coming : )

  • Martin

    Hey Michael!
    Very inspirational and interesting post.

    Thank you!

  • fred mwabamba

    hey mike! the article is very inspiring, i luv it

  • tworzenie zaplecza

    I can mention This was also started in garage. Unfortunatelly it was also maintained in garage. Finally it also ended in garage (admin didn’t make backup, mirror or smth like this)

  • Lucas Tadeu

    Really nice article.It’s nice to know that most of these giants of the today internet started just like us,. Thanks for posting, really liked it.

  • Gary A. Parenti

    Hey Michael,

    Welcome home.I wondered why I hadn`t received
    any mail from you lately.As always another great post
    from one of the best..

    I also started in my home , and I am still in my home..
    Of course I just started 2 months ago..So I guess I will be doing this right here for some time to come…

    Looking forward to your next post…
    One of your followers,
    G.A.P. / Pyradom

  • Nice historical ideas

  • Bijay Rungta (@rungss)


    All of them were Garage Bands/Startups

    I read in The Google Story that Page and Brin used to stay at their place that they took after taking a leave from the University for almost 24 Hours….

    I was doing just that (though in a considerably mature Organization) but Some People just don’t seem to understand and point out the general Rules/Processes that the Organization has already Adopted and resist any exception being made…

    Rules are there to Protect an Organization as a wise Friend of mine once pointed out…

    This came after a lot of Thoughts, and Learning Process including this Blog Archive by me though…

    Where I Observed that There was one rule that most People just got to follow even if most others ignored by some of the Other..

    What do you guys have to say???
    Reply me @rungss on Twitter, besides Commenting here..
    Bijay Rungta
    Software Architect

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  • Stuart Wooster

    That’s my room!! Hahaha!

    Nice post….but I really do worry about people who just take pics of their rooms like that.

  • Stanley Chong

    all things started from scratch. well, if you got a ideas, you can start from everywhere, even the kitchen,

    good jobs.

    Stanley Chong

  • Very inspiring indeed.

  • I received this in an email from our CEO. We started our company in my living room, then it moved to a basement, then a larger living room, and we’re moving in to our office a the end of the month. No seed money, just hard work, and big ideas.

    Thanks for the post. It’s great inspiration for us.

  • Umer Hayat

    that was a great read Micheal!
    I started my business only 1 year ago from my bedroom and I’m still in my bedroom…:)

    Actually I like work from bedrooms…:))

  • Invaders Troop

    Interesting yo… Very nice to see where those top sites born…

  • Todd Perlee

    Inspiring. These people also have great marketing instincts. There’s nothing like having a great name and logo to go along with your business plan initially. Brand legitimizes. Check out if you need to move quickly on marketing with an affordable, experienced agency.

  • Riley Fox

    Thanks for taking the time to research this post of fourteen of the top Internet Businesses. Not only fun to read, but makes someone just starting an Internet business get motivated.

  • Julio Cosmo

    Great post Michael!!!

  • GoBusiness101

    Soon I will be featured here where I also started. LOL. Tanx

  • Yoav Shalev

    this is truly inspirational! really keeps you motivated to continue and make your dream come true!

    thanks for sharing with us.

  • Yael Rozencwajg

    It’s quite funny to read all the comments bellow!
    Everyone’s here seems to have stated like these major websites, but none achieve them…they surely had something more than (us) people ….

  • Andrew Gower rarely gives interviews. However he has just done one for Bruceongames that gives rare insight into his early days and advice for anyone wanting to emulate him:

    • Michael

      Wow Bruce thats really cool that you got a interview with Andrew, I have never seen anyone get a interview with him, very cool!

  • Great post .. thanks for putting this together!

  • Damn GOOD !

  • Thanks for this inspirational post!

  • caeser

    wow. have taken long without seeing mic blogs this is very good and motivational. thanks michael

    you should post your own pic mic

  • Nice. This was fascinating to me. I love the power of the Internet to allow business to start from virtually nothing. Maybe I should take a snapshot of my office now! 🙂

  • Robert Rawlins

    Gives you hope! One of these days I’m going to have myself a billion dollar idea! haha

    Great article.

  • Nardyello

    It seems crazy, but it all just started in a room with a brilliant mind thinking of something to do that didn’t exist before.

    Really great post. Thank you for sharing.

  • Dave DaCoda

    European founders will to that, too.
    Our german website started in 2004 in my house.
    My first web-projekt, worlds first internet-dog, started in 2000 in my living room with a pc, webcam, flat (at that time very expensive) and a shepherd dog ( 🙂
    I sold that company but the new owner closed that a year later.

  • qatar world

    awesome post !! ..

    wow bedroom and dorms??

    my bedroom bigger than all of them and i have all opportunities to start but !! i dont know whats stops me ?? im 20 as u

  • Iblackdude

    Thanks for the story. Now my turn ( . ) ( . )

  • Ben

    Nice to see how some startups I use frequently was founded and started, it’s so awesome!

  • This is good stuff, Inspiring!

  • This post shows that t succeed you need to have vision!So you can start an internet business from anywhere as long as you have goals to pursue.

  • Colin Jeffrey

    Fantastic, great how you got all the photo’s and Info.
    a very good learning point too. Just goe’s to show that you can live out your dreams from anywhere, the Google set up tells you it all.

  • Ben Jacob

    Thats a great post Michael.. We all use those services or dreams big.. and never tries to know how they built it.. or where it has started from.. 🙂

  • mindxstudio

    Thanks Michael, for such good stuff. 🙂

  • What a fantastic article, awesome to see that all of us web junkies started in our little rooms 😉

  • Inner

    I started my first business in a backpacker bar on a fateful Tuesday evening. Who new where it would go…

    Thanks for the list. Interesting read

  • In a bedroom and run it on the move. In colleagues offices, even overseas at times.

  • Dee

    This was a great read. It gives me inspiration to keep trying.

  • Habtamu

    i m going to be one of them even if i do not have a bed room.

  • my buddy Chris started our company in his home office. He is in Florida, I am in California & our other partner is in Philly. The company is now built on the road primarily with an iPhone. Facebook, YouTube etc.. are our best friends!! we would not be where we are today without them 🙂

  • That’s funny and yet inspiring. Kind of puts things in perspective when you see the humble beginnings of some massive companies.

  • alohafitness

    Very inspiring, if these guys can do it and get started in their basement, I know I can.

  • Loved it, Michael. Truly.

    I cannot get enough of inspirational stories. The big change is when you decide to participate in internet marketing and blogging. I’ve read a googol of stories on the web before starting my blog.

    Since that day, my learning curve has shot through the roof. With your permission, I’ll share this link with some of my students.

    I also liked the stories about how the domain names for ebay and digg were already taken. Great info.


  • Anphicle

    Great and Inspiring post but some of these I have never heard of. Thanks for the read though.

  • opa

    i’m still in my tiny room 🙁

  • trashit

    in my college bedroom

  • harvestwages

    Yes Micheal,
    one can start anywhere. All we need is just to make the first step. we must dare to make that step, for it’s the decision we make today that determines our position tomorrow.
    I knew very little about how facebook came to place. I think offering $ means yahoo saw a lot of success in the venture.
    We just need to belief in what we do, just as you believe in incomediary. you are a great inspiration to me

  • Martyna Bizdra


    You have forgotten to add my business to the list!

    anyway, have a nice day:)

    Martyna Bizdra

  • vishnu soman

    I really got inspired by this…,but now i am working at the development stage of a new internet business model…..looking for technical cofounders

  • Tony

    Thanks for the great post! I’ve been looking for ideas and inspiration for my home-based Biz… This gets me in a “glass is half full” mood, which is great. I needed to inject some positivity!

    Also, if I might add, and I know these are not all Amercan businesses, but they are all born of living in a free society. It is the American Drem, where anyone can be successful, I think we can all have our American Dream come true! We can comete and make ech other better nd mre successful. We ont have o run eachother out of business. I believe hee is plenty to go aroud, and When it does, The problems in our contry, and tge world, wont seem so daunting. Sorry to speechify, but i just love seeing success stories! Best of luck to everyone!

    PS – sorry for any misspellings. The iPad sometimes changes what I write and I miss it. 🙂

  • You can start anywhere that your comfortable working. It doesn’t matter where you start, you just need a creative mind and a business strategy.