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What 40 Successful Entrepreneurs Can Teach You about Hiring a Virtual Assistant!

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Hiring a virtual assistant may be one of your best business decisions ever.

Would you like to reduce your daily workload by 50% or more while doubling your productivity?

Work less while earning more?

It’s common to think that the easiest way to get out of the 9 to 5 work week is to start your own business and carry the title, “entrepreneur”. A more accurate description is perhaps: You go from 9-5 to 24/7!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

As an entrepreneur or blogger, your business success… or failure (as the case may be) entirely depends on you. It also depends on a factor that many seem to be slaves to.

Your time!

And the best way to manage your time is to do more with less.

Do more productive work with less time. Make more money with less effort.


Outsource…..delegate…..share your work load.

To whom?

Well, let the following 40 successful entrepreneurs and bloggers teach you how they are able to work less and earn more by delegating time consuming tasks in their businesses to their virtual assistants.

What 40 Successful Entrepreneurs Can Teach You about Hiring a Virtual Assistant!

#1 Timothy Ferriss

Why Tim Ferriss Made the List.

Listed as one of the Most Innovative Business People in 2007 by Fast Company, Tim is the proud author of, “The Four Hour Work Week”- a book that has transformed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs.

What Tim Ferriss Has to Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to free you up from the clutches of your Email Inbox.

As he stated on his blog, Tim got rid of one task he dreaded- checking his email. Why? He found it unproductive and time consuming. How did he do it? Simple; by delegating it to his Virtual assistant with proven email templates that work!

Take action: Don’t get your time drained by your email, get a VA to manage your inbox and provide detailed instructions (using Tim’s templates).


#2 Pat Flynn

Why Pat Flynn Made the List.

From getting laid off from his 9 to 5 to becoming a successful online entrepreneur, Pat Flynn reveals his success secrets and strategies on his blog called the “Smart Passive Income Blog”.

In a short period of time, Pat went from 5 figures a year to 5 figures per month and now much more! You can too!

What Pat Flynn Has to Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to earn passive income.

Pat is one entrepreneur that believes in keeping his efforts as passive as possible. As he states on his tutorial on delegation, “I know just how valuable my time is and where my time should be invested to give me the most return”.

Take action: Let go of some of those things that you just love to do. Concentrate only on those that give you the most return and hand over the lower earning tasks to your VA.

#3 Michael Hyatt

Why Michael Hyatt made the list.

Michael hyattMichael is the author of the New York Times Bestseller, “Platform: How To Get Heard in A Noisy World”. He has led various word publishing companies and is a successful blogger and speaker who concentrates on three main subjects- passion, focus and influential leadership.

What Michael Hyatt Has To Say about a Hiring Virtual Assistant to Reduce Expenses.

After time spent on writing to improve his blog authority, Michael got more attention and the inevitable happened- he became overwhelmed. After weighing his costs on hiring a physical versus a virtual assistant, Michael realized virtual was the way to go. He had more time to focus on what he loved- writing.

Take action: You may think that hiring a VA would drain your purse but it’ll make it fatter instead. By getting a cost effective VA to handle your daunting blog tasks, you’ll have a lot to gain.

#4 Tyrone Shum

Why Tyrone Shum Made the List.

This online consultant focuses on task delegation and has been interviewed and referenced on some of the biggest entrepreneurship blogs, including Income Diary. This video blogger sure knows (and shows) the ins and outs of delegating anything related to video creation and marketing.

What Tyrone Shum Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Handle All Your Video Blogging tasks.

From experience, Tyrone definitely knows the good from the bad. In this blog post about finding VAs, he shows you where to go to get all your tasks outsourced.

Take action: Low quality blog videos shouldn’t be your thing, so stop managing them. You don’t have to learn video editing to make your videos like Tyrone’s, a VA who specializes in video editing can do that for you….easily!


#5 David Risley

Why David Risley Made the List.

From janitor to successful online entrepreneur, David can definitely show you how to move from rags to riches… with just a computer and an idea.

His most recent blog, “” is his reason for being on this list.

What David Risley Can Teach You about Hiring a Virtual Assistant from Twitter.

Hiring a virtual assistant for the first time can sometimes end in ill luck and this was David’s first experience. In his post about delegation, David shows you just how powerful Twitter can be in finding VAs…even if it’s your first time.

Take action: Social media is powerful if you know how to use it. Let David show you how to use Twitter to get started with a virtual assistant.

#6 Ryan Lee

Why Ryan Lee Made the List.

This entrepreneur and best selling author has been featured in various media companies including Forbes, Fast Company and entrepreneur magazine. As a full time employee and part time online entrepreneur, Ryan grew his very first business (a website on fitness) into a multi-million dollar empire.

What Ryan Lee Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Increase Your Long Term Revenue.

Ryan had his heart in his mouth when he set out to hire his first VA. When he finally did it, he realized that there was a big difference between being an employee and an employer.

Take action: Taking the plunge to become an entrepreneur can be daunting. When you start looking at long term benefits (like passive income) instead of short term loses (initial investment), hiring a new VA would be your next action.

#7 Ramit Sethi

Why Ramit Sethi Made the List.

authorRamit sethi is the author of the New York Times bestseller, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”. Apart from being an author, Ramit is an entrepreneur and teaches on how to manage your personal finances…..that’s because he’s the guru.

What Ramit Sethi Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Effectively Save Your Time for Personal Interests.

Ramit made lots of mistakes when dealing with his first assistant. Well, that doesn’t happen anymore as he now has his own blueprint to train and make the most out of his virtual assistants and time. He’s even willing to help you out.

Take action: Stop hiring and underutilizing your virtual assistants. Let Ramit show you exactly how to train them so you have time to do what you love. By using his templates, your VAs will be fully up to the task, everytime.

#8 Cody Mckibben

Why Cody Mckibben Made the List.

Cody is one entrepreneur that knows how to “live outside the box”. He is an influential speaker and shows people how to live an internet lifestyle.

What Cody Mckibben Has To Say About Hiring Virtual Assistants To Build A Company

As a co-founder of the Digital Normal Academy, Cody used the services of virtual assistants from the very beginning. And the purpose of his academy is to show you how to be an entrepreneur…the virtual way.

Take action: A VA can be a part of the core areas in your business. If you are just starting out, get a VA to handle tasks like customer support or even consultation sessions, like Cody. Just don’t get a VA with a bad temper because sometimes, customers can be annoying.


#9 Matt Wolfe

Why Matt Wolfe Made the List.

Matt quit his day job to become a full time internet marketer. After making thousands of dollars online through blogging, Matt’s goal is to teach you how he did it.

What Matt Wolfe Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Achieve Your Goals Faster!

Matt set three goals for himself with deadlines. He realized that in order to achieve these goals, he needed a VA to deal with his SEO and research. Now, these goals are history because he achieved all of them.

Take action: Getting an extra hand to achieve your business goals won’t hurt. Let a VA handle your customer support and research while you focus on other more important stuff like marketing and promoting your business.


#10 James Schramko

Why James Schramko Made the List.

This Sydney based entrepreneur left his full time job since 2008 to launch into internet marketing. Now, his blog ranks on page one on the number two spot for the highly coveted keyword, “internet marketer”.

What James Schramko Has To Say about Hiring Virtual Assistants to run your business in Autopilot.

James realized that hiring virtual assistants helped him delegate tasks that he didn’t want to do himself. This helped him create a team that could handle his business, even when he was absent.

Take action: Don’t just get one VA. Get more than one and tell them all there is to know about your business. This way, you put your system on autopilot.


#11 Brendon Burchard

Why Brendon Burchard Made the List.

From being a bankrupt entrepreneur to a millionaire, Brendon sure does have experience. His Experts Academy brings in gurus to actually show you how business is done. Brendon doesn’t just teach you how to make money, he shows you how to do it based on your own expertise.

What Brendon Burchard Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Move from Zero to Seven Figures.

Brendon started his online business with just one VA and moved from zero to seven figures in less than two years. Now he uses his academy to reveal his marketing secrets and branding strategies to those willing to learn.

Take action: Sometimes getting a VA even with no money in your pocket can be a good deal. With what you have, get a VA to manage less productive tasks. Then focus on tasks that can make you seven figures in due time.


#12 Noah Kagan

Why Noah Kagan Made the List.

This entrepreneur has been in and out of the big technology companies, including Microsoft, Facebook and Intel. What was he doing? Well, making them big bucks through innovative ideas and implementations. Now he is the founder of AppSumo which offers you the coolest apps out there at exclusive price deals.

What Noah Kagan Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Reduce Your Time Spent On Research.

Noah was fascinated by his first VA and decided to hire more. After doing some research and deciding on what he wanted done, he got his next VA to help out.

Take action: Determine the exact tasks you need done (like data entry or research) and delegate them. Also provide detailed instructions using Noah’s advice.


#13 Dustin Maher

Why Dustin Maher Made the List.

This featured fitness professional runs one of the largest fitness bootcamps for moms in the country, “Fit Fun Bootcamp”. He’s a personal trainer, writer, speaker and teacher helping you get the shape you deserve. By just helping moms get fit, he has built a huge online following.

What Dustin Maher Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Help You Concentrate On Your Core Business Functions.

When it comes to fitness, things like data entry and billing waste time. Dustin got virtual assistants to help him with everything else while he concentrated on fitness.

Take action: Determine the core functions of your business and delegate those tasks that are less productive; the need to feel busy should not be an excuse for you to do the work yourself!


#14 Adam Toren

Why Adam Toren Made the List.

This Serial Entrepreneur is the Co-founder of He is a Mentor, Investor and award winning Co-Author of Kidpreneurs (Basic Principles of Entrepreneurship for Kids). He also Co-authored Small Business, BIG Vision which shows you just how to dominate your market by learning from those who have.

What Adam Toren Has To Say About Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Reduce Time and Cost of Managing Employees.

In this interview with Adam Toren, he states the benefits of having a virtual assistant and just how effective they can be, especially for your small business. Adam cut his expenditure in half and was still productive with a VA.

Take action: If the big entrepreneurs use VAs, then what are you doing with office employees? Save your cash and leverage your time by getting a virtual assistant to handle tasks in your business that do not require your personal attention.


#15 Michael Dunlop

Why Michael Dunlop Made the List.

For a young entrepreneur, Michael sure has a lot of things going for him. As the proud owner of the Income Diary Blog, he has been approached by some of the world’s largest companies including MTV, Ralph Lauren and DELL all because of his experience and authority. He believes in giving back and that’s exactly what his blog is for- to show you everything he knows about making money online and blogging.

What Michael Dunlop Has To Say About Hiring Virtual Assistants To Earn You Income On Autopilot.

What happens when you lose interest in your business? Does it continue to work or come to a standstill? Michael sure didn’t want the later part, especially if he was going to sell it. By putting his entire blog on autopilot, it’s turned out to be more profitable (passively) than ever.

Take action:You can earn from your business even when you’re absent. Get a Virtual Assistant to help with your blogging (from content creation to the actual act of publishing the content on your blog) and you’ll reap the passive rewards in the end.


#16 Leo Babauta

Why Leo Babauta Made the List.

This veteran blogger happens to be among the top 25 bloggers in the world with thousands of readers. His blog, “Zen habits” focuses on simplicity and health.

What Leo Babauta Has To Say About Hiring Virtual Assistants To Simplify Your Efforts And Increase Effectiveness.

Leo believes hiring VAs require you as the entrepreneur to think about and analyse the tasks you’d be delegating. He provides tips to guide you through the process of being effective with a virtual assistant.

Take action: Sometimes planning can be drudging, especially when it’s related to booking your trip or an event. Hire a VA to assist in tasks like organizing your travel plans or planning your events and presentations. This simplifies your efforts, giving you more time to concentrate on effective tasks.


#17 Mark Shead

Why Mark Shead Made the List.

This guy blogs about what many people (entrepreneurs and employees alike) crave for- productivity. Professionally, he is a business management consultant and focuses on streamlining businesses using technology.

What Mark Shead Has To Say About Hiring Virtual Assistants To Reduce Your Workload.

Mark has had his ups and downs with his VAs. In his ultimate guide, Mark shows you his best ways for finding and using the right virtual assistants.

Take action: Avoid giving your VA physical tasks to do, concentrate on delegating tasks that can be done virtually on your behalf. For instance, do you have to get your bookkeeping done? Let your VA handle it.


#18 Natalie Sisson

Why Natalie Sisson Made the List.

This creative entrepreneur shows you just how to run your business, regardless of your location. To achieve this, she shows you how she does it, using social media, online tools and delegation.

What Natalie Sisson Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to free up time for you to create epic content for your blog.

Natalie points out that her VA helps her to format, edit, tag, SEO optimize her blog posts and then publishes them on her behalf. This way she has more time to focus on creating epic content for her blog.

Take action: It’s no doubt that blogging helps you to build your brand and community online. Instead of trying to handle the entire blogging process yourself, focus only on content creation, delegate the rest to a Virtual Assistant.


#19 Tsh Oxenreider

Why Tsh Oxenreider Made the List.

This entrepreneur blogs with moms in mind and her Simple Mom blog focuses on making mothers more productive, even when diapers get dirty every five hours. And she didn’t just decide to start blogging for the fun of it but to provide what she didn’t find on many blogs- parenting and productivity.

What Tsh Oxenreider Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Help get you “Unswamped” by too much work.

Tsh found her VA in an organic way and she has never regretted having the relationship ever since. Tsh advices that you get an assistant who is interested in you and what you do. Tsh’s entire blogging activities are managed by her VA and she’s cool with that.

Take action: Don’t treat your VA as an outsider. Disclose important information and let your VA be capable of handling your core and non-core business operations. The more you delegate, the more you get “unswamped”.


#20 Erica Douglass

Why Erica Douglass Made the List.

This entrepreneur doesn’t blog about success from knowledge but from experience. At a young age, she sold her first company for seven figures and intends to show you just how you too can have a successful life.

What Erica Douglass Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Help You Concentrate On Building Your Brand.

As a blogger, Erica doesn’t delegate content creation because that’s what gives her a brand. In her post, she shows you how to get started delegating and advices you to only delegate routine tasks, not major ones.

Take action: Delegate tasks like bookkeeping, video editing, transcription and research while you focus on tasks that make you who you are. If you video blog, let your face be in the video, not that of your VA.


#21 Marie Forleo

Why Marie Forleo Made the List.

This entrepreneur helps you back up your big dreams with results by simply showing you what to do. She’s been labelled as one of the top 12 online marketing and lifestyle experts globally and shows you how to be rich, from the inside out.

What Marie Forleo Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Grow Your Business.

According to Marie, the inability to delegate is one reason why small businesses stay small. By letting go of some tasks and handing them over to someone else, you’ll be doing your business a huge favour.

Take action: Concentrate on the creative parts of your business. Figure out what to delegate and find a VA with the right skill and attitude to get the job done.


#22 Anita Campbell

Why Anita Campbell Made the List.

Anita Campbell is the CEO and publisher of one of the biggest business blogs, “Small Business Trends”. SBT is an award winning online publication and provides information, news and advice on small Business issues.

What Anita Campbell Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Social Media Marketing.

According to her research, Anita realized that certain virtual assistants are gradually evolving to become social media marketing assistants. She also advices that tasks should be delegated to VAs based on their functional expertise. Virtual assistants with SEO skills should only do SEO-related jobs.

Take action: If you don’t know how to get started with marketing and promoting your business on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on, get a VA who has prior experience with Social Media Marketing to help you out.


#23 Danielle LaPorte

Why Danielle LaPorte Made the List.

Danielle LaPorte is the jovial blogger at, where she concentrates on making you rich…..spiritually. proud author of The Fire Starter Sessions, Danielle works with entrepreneurs that have one goal in mind- making a difference.  She’s an author, motivational speaker and has been featured in Body + Soul, Better Homes & Gardens, Vogue Australia, etc.

What Danielle Laporte Has To Say About Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Promote Your Business Online.

Danielle knows all there is to blog promotion and provides 49 ways you can go about this. By getting a VA to rock your social media (as she put it), you can build buzz for your business which if done correctly, can turn into leads and also sales.

Take action: Get a VA that’ll concentrate on social media promotion for your business. Especially in areas like networking and ad placements.


#24 Thursday Bram

Why Thursday Bram Made the List.

This born and bred entrepreneur didn’t think twice before building a business. Starting out with freelancing, she became an blogger focusing on business, personal finance and productivity.

What Thursday Bram Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Increase Your Time For Creativity.

Thursday is not a fan of repetitive tasks  and so hands them over to her VA. She prefers to work on creative tasks which she gets paid for.

Take action: Concentrate on tasks that you are actually being paid for. Delegate the important but repetitive tasks like emailing or scheduling of appointments to your VA.


#25 Carrie Wilkerson

Why Carrie Wilkerson Made the List.

From corporate life to coaching, Carrie has really grown personally and professionally. After building several profitable businesses, she now coaches others to do the same. This Barefoot Executive has been a source of inspiration to many because of her passion in helping others.

What Carrie Wilkerson Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Handle Tasks You Are Not Good At.

Yes, we learn everyday and as an entrepreneur, you need to know everything about your business. But, Carrie believes that the best way to get rid of tasks you’re not good at (is to delegate.

Take action: Delegate tasks you’re not good at to your VA. Your best bet would be to get one with specific knowledge of such tasks (like web design or writing).


#26 Sarah Shaw

Why Sarah Shaw Made the List.

This entrepreneur has ‘been there and done that’. She is a product launching expert and shows you just how to transform your ideas into a profitable product. Sarah comfortably handles five businesses and still has those innovative ideas pouring out. From her vast experience, Sarah now coaches women on how build several businesses like her.

What Sarah Shaw Has To Say About Hiring Virtual Assistants To Help You Build Profitable Businesses.

Having debt in a small business is enough headache not to talk of building five big businesses. Sarah especially loves the idea of hiring VAs. However, she advises that you only delegate the tasks you can’t do.

Take action: Analyse the tasks you have weak skills in and get a VA with strong skill sets in such tasks.


#27 Holly Reisem Hanna 

Why Holly Reisem Hanna Made the List.

This Work At Home Woman entrepreneur knows what it takes to build a business from home and still spend time with family. As her way of giving back, she shows other women and mothers the way to go in becoming self employed.

What Holly Reisem Hanna Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Free Up Your Time For Valuable Relationships.

Business tasks tend to reduce the time we spend with family and clients. We end up missing appointments or forgetting dinner time (if that’s possible). Holly advices that at this point, your best option is plan B- Delegate.

Take action: Don’t take your valuable relationships for granted. Get a VA and delegate the tasks that take up that extra time so you can create and maintain your relationships.


#28 Darren Rowse

Why Darren Rowse Made the List.

Darren Rowse is a veteran blogger, speaker and consultant who founded several blogs and blog networks, including the very popular; which has become so popular that it the number one destination for most up and coming blogger to contribute their guest posts.

What Darren Rowse Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Help You Spend Less Time moderating your Blog comments.

Darren has what it takes to handle comments on this blog…completely. But sometimes, it can become too time consuming; especially since he commands a large following of readers. His VA simply helps him with comment moderation and admin tasks, while he still continues to do run his blog.

Take action: You don’t need to have your heart in your mouth when you’re about to delegate. You’re the boss of your authority blog, but why not focus on creating great content for your readers while your VA moderates your many comments.


#29 Gina Trapani

Why Gina Trapani Made the List.

This techie entrepreneur founded the Lifehacker blog and has several apps to her name. As a writer from high school, Gina has authored four books aimed at making life easier using technology. She’s a web-show host and has been named by Fast Company as one of the Most Influential Women in Technology in 2009 and 2010.

What Gina Trapani Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Remind you about important business meetings.

How would you like to wake up to a merry day with the schedule of all your important meetings emailed to you? Well, according to Gina, you can only make this happen when you get your VA.

Take action: Never keep a new client waiting ever again? Delegate the scheduling of new business meetings to a VA. Also, make sure you’re reminded when you’re running late.


#30 Liz Strauss

Why Liz Strauss Made The List

This influential blogger has been recognized as one of the top 10 influencers of 2011. Her blog- Liz Strauss at Successful Blog commands authority as she has tens of thousands of comments. She even has a comment plugin created for her- Liz Comment Counter- just because she responds to comments.

What Liz Strauss Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Maximize your revenue.

You can get a virtual assistant to take over your income producing activities while you do stuff you love- like going on a vacation! Liz suggests that instead of wasting valuable time on mundane tasks (that you can’t let go off) and sacrificing your money, let your VA earn you money during that time.

Take action: Perhaps you are a perfectionist and love doing things to your taste. Make more money by getting a VA with specific professional skills that can handle the jobs your clients’ need- during the time you play.


#31 Tara Gentile

Why Tara Gentile Made the List.

This thought leader is a respected blogger, business coach and motivator. She focuses on helping people build businesses around their passion while they smile to the bank, effortlessly.

What Tara Gentile Has To Say About Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Help You Focus On Your Creativity.

Assuming you are a very creative person, Tara suggests that in order to balance your business with your creativity, get a skilled VA to manage your business completely. This way, you get to focus on what you do best. Who knows, it could be sculpting!

Take action: If you’ve put your creativity on hold, now is the time to resume. Hand over all business tasks to your VA (you’re still the boss) while you get your creative juices flowing again like Michael Angelo.


#32 Michelle Shaeffer

Why Michelle Shaeffer Made the List.

This entrepreneur focuses on women and helps them make the most out of their work at home businesses. She provides insights on just how to make things easier by using technology and automated business systems.

What Michelle Shaeffer Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Maintain Effectiveness in Your Business.

Don’t expect your VA to be a know-it-all, even when you don’t say jack about your business. Michelle believes that by communicating effectively with your VA– stating all your specifications and requirements, effectiveness finds its way to your business, without you even trying!

Take action: Get a VA and be detailed as to the how, when, why and where of your business. This way, you get effective delivery which will make you look good to your clients.


#33 Tai Goodwin

Why Tai Goodwin Made the List.

This entrepreneur doesn’t just teach proven strategies, she shows you how she used them. Tai is a marketer, writer and social media coach and focuses on bringing out the best- in her clients and non-professional relationships.

What Tai Goodwin Has To Say About Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Make Posting Content To Your Blog Easier.

Perhaps you’re a blogger and find it hard writing your posts. Tai suggests that instead of doing what you sometimes dread, go high tech and record your post instead. This way, your VA who transcribes will do it for you…in words.

Take action: If you are a blogger (by writing) but sometimes find it hard getting the words out, say it instead. Get a VA to transcribe it for you, format the transcript and post to your blog.


#34 Maren Kate

Why Maren Kate Made the List.

This entrepreneur never planned on keeping a full time job all her life. Her blog- is her personal diary that’s gone public is the hope of many people who want to live their dreams and build life changing businesses.

What Maren Kate Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Increase Your Productivity Online.

Perhaps you are an online entrepreneur and manage several online businesses. Maren gives you several ways you can handle your online business by delegating several tasks, such as setting up your website(s) or email list(s).

Take action: Put some of your online tasks on autopilot by letting your VA handle tasks like customer support or just getting email subscribers.


#35 Nora Dunn

Why Nora Dunn Made the List.

Nora has been in the financial services for over a decade and so knows the nuts and bolts of planning your finances. By using her knowledge on herself, she not only lives a financially sustainable life, but shows you how to do it too.

What Nora Dunn Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant so that you can have More Time for Your Family.

Perhaps you are the workaholic entrepreneur who unknowingly engages in unproductive tasks. Nora advices that you delegate those tasks that take the bulk of your time to VAs. This way, you free up more time to attend your son’s next game.

Take action: Time with your family is just as important as making money. Delegate most of your business tasks to your VA while you spend more time with your family is (if you have one).


#36 Karyn Greenstreet

Why Karyn Greenstreet Made the List.

Karyn is an internationally recognised entrepreneur and has spoken to over 260,000 people on business and personal development. Her passion to help the employed create their dream life and business earned her the award of the Most Inspiring Business Woman in 2011.

What Karyn Greestreet Has To Say About Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Save On Employee Expenses.

You don’t need to hire employees and have them working for you from within an office, you can simply avoid the cost altogether. In this post, Karyn shows you just how getting a VA can help you save extra expenses on location and salary costs.

Take action: It’s time for you to become a Virtual CEO and keep more of the revenue you generate. Get a VA and you’ll realize how cost effective it is!


#37 David Siteman Garland

Why David Siteman Garland Made the List.

He is the founder of The Rise To The Top, The #1 Non-Boring Resource For Building Your Business Smarter, Faster, Cheaper, a site to go get inspired by the many video interviews he has done with other successful entrepreneurs.

What David Siteman Garland Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Save Your Business from you!

According to David, he became a control freak and this was a huge problem he had to solve or risk not being able to grow his business to new heights. He was able to hire two Virtual Assistants who ended up saving him tons of hours per week by handling the details of his business that was bogging him down.

Take action: Doing everything yourself is not a good way to take your business to the next level, you need to get past your fear of delegating work to someone else and hire a Virtual Assistant so that you have more time each day to focus on what matters most in your business.


#38 Heather Allard

Why Heather Allard Made the List.

This Mogul Mom of three children has started three successful businesses one of which was sold for six figures in 2008. From freelance writer to inventor, Allard is a sought after expert and has been featured in The New York Times, Fox Business News, Working Mother, ProBlogger, American Express OPEN Forum and Entrepreneur.

What Heather Allard Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Get Your Business Back On Track.

You just know when your business us about to crash- no work-life balance, you become unproductive and then reject new paid jobs. To Heather, this is when your business needs massive help.

Take action: Don’t learn the hard way. Restructure your business with a VA, even when it’s on the verge of a “meltdown”.


#39 Sarah Wilson

Why Sarah Wilson Made the List.

This Australian blogger is an active personality in media and is a host and co-host of different shows, including Lifestyle YOU, Channel 7’s Sunday Night, etc. Apart from her professional side and ambassadorial duties, she is a speaker and focuses on wellness, media and ways to make life better.

What Sarah Wilson Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Handle Your Boring Blogging Tasks.

Just because you’re a blogger doesn’t mean that you’re interested in everything about blogging, right? Sarah found a way around this and has had a happy experience with her VA handling her boring tasks like research and SEO.

Take action: How’s been you blogging activity lately? Perhaps you could check all tasks associated with your blog and delegate those that bore the life out of you.


#40 James Wedmore

Why James Wedmore Made the List.

This entrepreneur is an author, speaker and video marketing strategist. He uses what he is good at to help businesses get what they want. He is the author of the, “YouTube Marketing Book” and focuses on traffic generation and brand marketing through videos.

What James Wedmore Has To Say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Get Massive Results From Little Effort.

According to James, it’s not about having the ideas but how fast you implement them. He suggests that for you to produce more with less effort, you need a system of obtaining results. No matter your business, hire a VA and applying him/her to your business systems is a great way to do more with less!

Take action: Automate your content creation, SEO and customer support by using VAs. Create systems that can run while you focus on ideas and massive profits would be yours to keep.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant – a Final Note:

Your business success depend on, the actions that you take today will determine the outcome of your business tomorrow. You can only move so fast on your own. Why not get all the help you can get now and skyrocket your chances of achieving your personal and business goals faster, better, easier and happier. You’re an entrepreneur, so don’t work like an employee!

This post is by Owen McGab Enaohwo the founder of H.Y.V.A.™; a company that provides Entrepreneurs with reliable Virtual Assistants. He is also the creator of the Virtual Assistant Blueprint ™; a FREE Video course for time-strapped Entrepreneurs! Get instant access now and Discover the 5 Most Costly Mistakes to Avoid Before you Hire a Virtual Assistant and the 5 Ways To Guarantee that You Get Your Desired Results from a Virtual Assistant.


  1. Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

    I am looking forward to reading all the comments from IncomeDiary readers. Cheers!

  2. Hi Owen,
    Sincerely, sometimes I feel like just forgetting about all my business responsibilities and just live my life with no worries. I’ll probably go bankrupt, broke or jobless if I try that :-).

    I was particularly impressed by Tim Ferriss” book, “The Four Hour Work Week”. Although I haven’t bought it yet, the review was enough to tell me that delegating business tasks is something entrepreneurs must consider. This post only confirms it.

    I particularly don’t like looking for new or potential clients. I prefer to focus on the ones I already have and deliver the quality they deserve. Perhaps delegating that task to a VA would really make a difference. Besides, time is money, right?

    I’ll still need to separate my productive tasks from the others before even getting a VA. At least that way, I’ll be more specific as to what he/she would help me do.

    This is an impressive list and I like the fact that hiring virtual assistants is the way to go for entrepreneurs today. Will definitely give it a try.

    Nice post….keep ’em coming.

    • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

      Lanre, thanks for your comments, I like the fact that you want to focus on delivering more value to your current clients. I will also suggest you make time to get new clients as well so that you can grow your business. I am glad that you are now taking the initiative to separate your most productive tasks from the others, this way you know exactly what to delegate to a VA once you hire one.

  3. Holly Hanna says:

    Thanks for including me on this list! I’m honored to be mentioned alongside such a great group of entrepreneurs!

    • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

      Holly I am inspired by what you do for your blog community and when I saw your blog post on hiring Virtual Assistant I knew I had to include you in this list. Cheers!

  4. Heather Allard says:

    Hey Owen!

    Thanks so much for including me in this post! There are SO many people that I know and love on here! 🙂


    • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

      Heather I am glad you like it! You deserve to be on this list because you continuously inspire Mompreneurs via your empowering posts.

  5. Nick Loper says:

    Hey Owen, great post.

    I think the biggest takeaway is you can’t do it all all by yourself. I can definitely relate to David Siteman Garland’s “control freak” — delegating for the first time is stressful!

    But it gets easier over time and really is the only way to break through to the next level.

    Excellent collection of inspiring people too!


    • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

      Nick thanks for your comment, one of the biggest issue most Entrepreneurs have to deal with is the fear of letting go, it’s a gradual process. You just have to take the first step to delegate tasks to a Virtual Assistant, and when you start seeing results, you will be motivated to delegate even more tasks. Nick, you are doing a great job of reviewing Virtual Assistant Companies and Providers on your site. This way Entrepreneurs can get unbiased reviews and make the right choice when looking to hire a Virtual Assistant. Cheers!

  6. Terra Bohlmann says:

    I can’t recommend getting a VA or two for your business! Changed my life forever!

    • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

      Thanks Terra for leaving a comment. I am curious how exactly did your VA change your life? I am sure we can all learn from your story. Please share.

  7. Malla Haridat says:

    Thanks for this very informative article about using VAs! I have heard the message loud and clear – use VAs for the time consuming tasks that are keeping you from maximizing the ones that let your creativity flow.

    Personally I could use help in three areas:

    PRing my content through a list I have created after I write a blog post. It’s time consuming and takes me away from writing more!

    SEO for my content and website – I have a very few basic ideas down pat but would help on a regular basis to maintain all of the updates I make

    Editing both my writing and video blog posts – I can easily come up with content. But to make it look good – that takes someone else trained and with a good eye.

    Thanks again and hoping I can get entered in the contest!

    • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

      Thanks Malla answering the questions and yes you have been entered into the Sweepstakes. Cheers!

  8. Amit Shaw says:

    Nice to see all Internet Guru’s in one Place. Nice Job and Nice Share.
    Thanks Owen.

    • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

      Thanks Amit for your comment. Did I miss out anyone from the list? Just curious.


    What a wonderful list, my of my favorite are there on the list and that was awesome post. thanks for sharing

    • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

      Igbalaye, thanks for your comment and compliment. I appreciate it. Feel free to share the blog post with your own online community as well!

  10. Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon says:

    Would definitely add Chris Ducker to this list – he definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to outsourcing and VAs.


    • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

      You are right, Chris Ducker is a worthy mention!

      • Chris C. Ducker says:


        Any reason why I wasn’t on your list…?

        Just curious, as we’ve been in touch many times in the past and you even had me on your podcast to discuss working with VA’s, too.


    • Nica Mandigma | Virtual Assistant says:

      Totally agree! Chris Ducker should have been included.

      I don’t know if I’m qualified for the draw since I’m a virtual assistant but I’d like to share that some prospects I talk to hesitate to hire a virtual assistant because of three factors : (1) They don’t think they have enough tasks to delegate; (2) They worry about the cost and (3) They find it hard to let go of tasks.

      I tell them that they don’t need to hire a VA full-time. You can start small. Hire a VA for a project or on a part-time basis and try to delegate one thing a day. Delegating is a habit that can be learned as long as you keep at it.

      • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

        Thanks Nica for your comment. The 3 points you mentioned are right on! Encouraging Entrepreneurs to start small is a great way to go! Remember when we were babies we crawled first, then walked before we ran, same thing Entrepreneurs should do when learning how to let go of tasks and getting into the act of delegating them to Virtual Assistants.

    • Chris C. Ducker says:

      Thanks, Thomas. Appreciate your comment.

      As long as he (and others) continue to write about the benefits of working with VA’s, and the entrepreneurial growth it brings, thats the most important thing.


  11. Great list.

    You hear of Billy Murphy from Forever Jobless? Think he might be a good one for the list… built a 20+ store e-commerce empire solely through outsourcing.

    Might be worth looking into.

  12. Hi, I only want to say that you have a really informative site here, your articles are good, they make a good read and they make a lot of sense, I write articles for blogs as well and I go through loads of websites in search of information and i must say that yours stood out, thx!!!

  13. Great…. ! thanks for it..

  14. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

  15. This may be one of the best write -ups I have seen on the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant. Thank you for the research that you put into this. I’m very impressed.

    • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

      I am glad you like it. It took quite some time to put this together and it was well worth it!

  16. Hey Owen, what a wonderful list! It’s inspiring to know that some of the top internet moguls that I “follow” are using VAs to get their business to the next level. Personally, I dread administrative work and reading your post has made me seriously consider outsourcing some of my most “boring” tasks in the future. Thanks again, and thanks for sharing.

    • Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

      Thanks Patrick for your comment. I am glad I have inspired you to consider delegating time consuming tasks to a Virtual Assistant. Cheers!

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  19. Andreajozie says:

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