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Went Bankrupt, Now Worth Millions!

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In recessions, thousands of people go bankrupt everyday and are at the lowest point ever!

In this Entrepreneurs List I show you people that have been through tough times and who eventually came out on top again. I consider them inspirational and I hope you do too. Tough times never last but tough people do.

I was once told that you aren’t a true entrepreneur if you haven’t gone bankrupt at least once!

Well Walt Disney shows us how its done, he was fired by a newspaper editor because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” He went bankrupt several times before he built Disneyland. In fact, the proposed park was rejected by the city of Anaheim on the grounds that it would only attract riffraff.

It is also notable that I have included the founder of Penthouse and the blogger Perez Hilton both web entrepreneurs! The difference between them and the others on the list is that their money is new money, made in the last 10 years! If you would like to follow in their foot steps then check out my FREE 7 day eCourse to making money online!

30 Entrepreneurs Who Went Bankrupt

Name Birthdate Profession Bankruptcy Date Eventual Net Worth
Henry Ford
July 30, 1863 Founder of Ford Motor 1903 $188,000,000,000

Donald Trump

June 14, 1946 Real Estate Developer 1990 $3,000,000,000

Walt Disney

December 5, 1901 Founder of Disney 1921 $1,100,000,000

Anna Nicole Smith

November 28, 1967 Model, Actress 1996 $450,000,000

H.J. Heinz

October 11, 1844 Founder of Heinz 1875 $400,000,000

George Foreman

January 5, 1949 Boxer/Grill Spokesman 1983 $300,000,000

Bob Guccione

December 17, 1930 Founder of Penthouse 2003 $400,000,000

Kim Basinger

December 8, 1953 Actress 1993 $250,000,000

Clarence Saunders

August 9, 1881 Founder of Piggly Wigglies (Now Safeway) 1922 $180,000,000

Milton Hershey

September 13, 1857 Founder of Hershey 1880 $150,000,000

Larry King

November 19, 1933 News Anchor 1978 $144,000,000

William C. Durant

December 8, 1861 Founder of General Motors and Chevrolet 1936 $120,000,000

Ulysses S. Grant

April 27, 1822 President 1881 $95,100,000

Francis Ford Coppola

April 7, 1939 Film Director 1990 $67,400,000

Isaac Hayes

August 20, 1942 Singer, Actor 1976 $50,000,000

MC Hammer

March 30, 1962 Rapper 1996 $33,000,000

Wayne Newton

April 3, 1942 Singer, Actor 1992 $30,000,000

Burt Reynolds

February 11, 1936 Actor 1996 $30,000,000

P.T. Barnum

July 5, 1810 Showman

Mick Fleetwood

June 24, 1947 Musician, Activist

Randy Quaid

October 1, 1950 Actor

Stan Lee

December 28, 1922 Founder of Marvel

Abraham Lincoln

February 12, 1809 President

John Connally

February 27, 1917 Govenor of Texas

Heidi Fleiss

December 30, 1965 Hollywood Madame

Perez Hilton

March 23, 1978 Blogger

Buffalo Bill

February 26, 1846 Showman

William McKinley

January 29, 1843 President

Jerry Lee Lewis

September 29, 1935 Singer, Songwriter, Pianist

Benedict Arnold

January 14, 1741 Major General

To our success,

Michael Dunlop

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  1. Online marketing says:

    Learning from mistakes and growing from them is the best thing you can do. You cant be successful with out failing at least once.

  2. Sumit Shah says:

    What an inspiring blog! Loved it. Though i dont wish to be bankrupt but yes i definitely want to reach the top.
    Good Great Work Micheal

  3. Nikolai says:

    Very interesting to see some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, such as Henry Ford, on this list. It proves that you can become rich no matter what, just like these people did.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this Michael! 🙂

  4. Stuart Wooster says:

    Divorces are a sucker for the money aren’t they Burt… He went on to get a Golden Globe Award after though, bet the ex weren’t chuffed Hahaha!

  5. Taimur Asad says:

    wooo.. nice list you got there!

  6. Tom Ross says:

    Awesome list! It’s great to see the determination of these inspiring entrepreneurs.

  7. Charlie Deann says:

    Wow great list Mike!

  8. GirlieGeek3152 says:

    Nice List! And Scary too. You should show this list again on Halloween!

  9. Scott :: says:

    Another great list, keep it up!

  10. Eric D. Greene says:

    Interesting list. Some names here I had no idea they were bankrupt at one time! Good post.

    • Michael says:

      I didn’t know some of them went bankrupt either! When I mentioned to my mum that Walt Disney went bankrupt, she said I know, like 6 times!

  11. Timely!!! Just what I needed to get me motivated again. “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall its how many times you get up that counts.” Thanx Guys I am starting to believe again!

  12. All your lists are Awesome Michael. I am really experiencing the fame the ford company has bought to itself. It has grown a lot in India.

  13. Amulekone says:

    Wow, pretty long list. But thanks for that surely it gives hope to many who has been greatly affected by the economic crisis. it would be nice to know how they made it through the rut.
    Great post as ever. Thanks

  14. Great List and quite motivating. I guess I will file for bankruptcy right away, so I can begin making millions.

  15. Shane - Inspiring your Success says:

    Wow. That is impressive! Some of them managed to get that much money in very little time.

  16. Wow, awesome post.

  17. Gimme A Dream says:

    Awesome energy in this post. Gives us little guys some hope.

  18. awesome list and makes you realize that no matter what if you are determined you will succeed at the end 🙂

  19. says:

    Great list! Very inspiring to know that so many fell before they made it.

  20. Yannick says:

    Very cool haha. I think Perez Hilton is just the coolest “thing” on this list. 10 Millions since 2005 .. nice one! 🙂

  21. Teresa Caldwell says:

    Excellent information, and another lesson, failure is a learning experience, but we should never quit reaching for our dreams.

  22. Agent 001 says:

    Walt Disney and Ford. Really interesting. How do you get these data and how the idea comes to your mind.

    • Michael says:

      A lot of research… actually both of them have something in common with me, both college drop outs, dyslexic and left handed… crazy isn’t it!

  23. Enjoy your articles as always! There’s nothing wrong with being bankrupt as long as we have the gut to rise and fight again.

  24. Mohammad Afaq says:

    I really enjoyed this post and I want to read more from you. I had some question for you though but I will email you that. Great Blog.

    Mohammad Afaq
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  25. siraset says:

    good! post

  26. RossStokes says:

    Great list and a indication that great results come from the ability to deal with “failure” and the gifts that we get from those experiences.

    You tabulated 30 celebrity, high profile examples. They are the tip of a massive iceberg of failure to success stories that are inspiring stories of passion and persistence.

  27. I have no any experiences with both yet, going bankrupty or being a millionaire

  28. DeaElmi says:

    Great post, and useful information. thank you 🙂 Dea

  29. jj-momscashblog says:

    Hey Michael, Great post. It only goes to show me that no matter what happens if you are doing what you really believe in and have a passion for it… and if you fail once, twice, get up and keep on trucking. Thanks for the list also. JJ

    • Michael says:

      Always great to here from you JJ, I hope the momscashblog is going great!

      Definitly keep getting up, whats the worst that can happen? We end up back being where we are, happy and motivated!

  30. Polymer Business says:

    very inspiring post, love it !

  31. Bob Lawrence says:

    Wow. Where are these net worth facts from? You have got to be kidding me. Not even close.

  32. It is a great story. I had no idea Perez Hilton was old enough to go broke lol.

    There are many folks who went from nothing to something. I love the story of JK Rowling (Harry Potter) she was on welfare, single mom …now…WOW.

    Never give up on your dreams folks.

  33. bestpaidsurveyportal says:

    even donald trump bankrupt in 1990..huhu.. wow a billionare always a billionare

  34. wohh! awesome post.

  35. This is very inspiring considering im a student clocking up my student loan debt lol

    Thanks again

  36. I found your great post just when I needed it! We’re filing for bankruptcy next week…one of the main reasons is that we can’t build any future if we’re drowning in debt and trying to live on pennies all the time.
    Thank you! Morgan, at The Debt

  37. PerezHilton is also in the list.
    I don’t know that he’s been bankrupt before become millionaires..

    Cheers to PerezHilton! and Micheal too… 😀

  38. Tal Fighel says:


    Great list of people. It is amazing to know that even when you hit rock bottom in life and in business, you can always bounce back and do very very well.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing list with us.

    Tal Fighel

  39. Vince Golangco says:

    Love the list…. but not sure if Anna Nicole Smith should be in there….

    But I guess “Gold Digging” can be considered an entrepreneurial venture nowadays… haha

  40. YingHang says:

    Donald Trump is my idol!

  41. hoping wud become millionaire one day like stan lee.lover of spider man

  42. I was motivated completely by this list. Thanks

  43. wow, some real surprises on that list, goes to show there is always hope.

  44. Great post Michael – here’s an interesting fact: the average entrepreneurial millionaire has been broke or nearly broke 3.2 times!!!!!

  45. McKenzie says:

    Going through it right now as an entrepreneur… this blog has been so meaningful to me in so many ways! Hopefully one day I will be added to this list.

  46. Manuel | Income Scene says:

    Going bankrupt is part of the whole success picture.

    Thanks for this Michael.

  47. Going to bankrupt is make you success? its up for the person how to recover when they experience bankrupt, if they work hard to recover thier failure then im sure that person will be successful someday.

  48. Bankruptcy Gold Coast says:

    Facing up to your financial problems is difficult. If you’ve reached the point where you think bankruptcy is your only option, you will probably already have experienced everything from denial to praying that you win the lottery.

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