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Underground Seminar 2013 – FREE Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

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I have to keep this short. I’m on business/holiday in San Francisco and the past few days I’ve done all the touristy things, like visit Alcatraz and go to Napa Valley.

Yesterday after wine tasting I decided to shoot you guys a quick video about the Young Entrepreneur Scholarship that Yanik Silver offers for his Underground Seminar. This event has changed my life! The video is below!

Underground is a three day long event where Yanik invites unknown big time online entrepreneurs from around the world to talk about how they created and run their business.

I have been to a total of 8 Underground Seminars and each time I go, I come up with killer ideas for new businesses. Such as Retireat21, IncomeDiary and Popup Domination. That’s right! If I didn’t go to Underground, I probably wouldn’t of created the very website you are on right now!

At Underground UK (the first and only UK event Yanik did), I was having a conversation with a rock climber from Australia and he asked me what help was out there for young entrepreneurs wanting to create a business. I realized there wasn’t anything and from there I started brainstorming ideas for a website dedicated to helping young people like myself start an online business. I wasn’t experienced enough at the time so over 100 of my first articles were interviews with young entrepreneurs who were already successful online.

My next big site, IncomeDiary, was founded after a conversation with a scholarship winner at a break while I was at Underground. I was helping him set up a blog. To create a blog, he had to purchase a domain, hosting, a blog theme and so on. I gave him my affiliate link for each item he bought and within 10 minutes, I made $200! I couldn’t’ believe it, it was the easiest money I had ever made. So days after arriving home in the UK, I decided to build a website dedicated to helping people create a blog, fast forward a few years and it has received millions of visitors and earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.

My largest business to date was next. Popup Domination! I was having a conversation with the founder of SitePoint – I had noticed he used a popup on his website for email marketing and asked him how well it did. After hearing how promising his results were, I decided to add one to my site. Days go by and I realize this was a big deal. 11 days later I launched it as a software and have sold over 20,000 copies to date.

Underground Seminar is important. You learn, you network and you make friends! Check out the video below for a quick message I shot yesterday explaining what’s on offer.

If you are aged 13 – 23 and want to make it big online. This event is for you! Tickets retail anywhere between $2000 and $3500 depending on how close to the event you purchase them.

The most successful attendee was Brian Moran, founder of Get10kFans. The year later after attending Underground, he came back and spoke at the event about how he ran his million dollar info product business.

If you are a young entrepreneur and want to step up your game in 2013, you have to apply for a ticket! For more information, please visit the Scholarship page here!



PS. I hope you enjoy the picture of my brother and I messing around at the Golden Gate Bridge!

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  • This is cool.

    You know the truth is kids these days going to college are wasting a ton of money. Imagine taking blogging seriously for 4 years?

  • Nick Tart

    I’m glad you and Yanik are doing this again, Michael! …To others, if you’re wondering whether or not you should apply, definitely do. I applied and went on a whim three years ago and my life is very different as a result of the people I met there.

  • Jason Baudendistel

    It sucks that age keeps me from being able to do this. I am 27 but I wish everyone who enters all the best. I hope they build great things and will be rooting for them.

  • Ram Shengale

    Hey I’m 22 and this Free Young Entrepreneur thing sound exciting. But unfortunately I’ll not be able to attend this event. 🙁


  • Nick

    This is a great opportunity, Michael. Don’t get into too much trouble in San Fran!

  • Mark Savard

    Does applying twice double my chances of winning the scholarship?

  • changetheworld12

    I got a question all the tips and etc can they be learned in your products to buy like the michael dunlop blue print and the others?