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Twitter Tips and Tricks To Drive Traffic To Your Sites

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When I first launched IncomeDiary, 90% of the traffic came from Twitter which resulted in earning over $5000 in my first month! That’s the great thing about Twitter, you can drive traffic almost instantly allowing you to make a quick income.

Every month I receive around 100,000 visitors to my websites just from Twitter alone and so can every single one of you! I know a lot of you enjoyed the tips I shared in my FREE eCourse about making money online blogging and driving traffic to your blog from Twitter so today I decided to do an updated twitter guide so you can benefit more from Twitter like myself.

The great thing with Twitter is the people using it are so diverse, whatever your business is about, you can find people related to your business. I remember a friend was talking to me just before we went for dinner about how he thought Twitter was just for Internet Entrepreneurs and he wouldn’t be able to get people related to his business to follow him on Twitter.

He runs a clothing company online offering some of the top brands for great prices. I quickly started a fashion focused Twitter account and before we went for dinner I started adding some followers. When we returned from dinner he had already had sales from being on Twitter for 1 hour. I was happy because he let me pick some shirts from his warehouse for showing him how to do it.

Over the last year, driving traffic from Twitter has changed a lot, you use to have to fit their doing everything manual which would take up a good part of your day. Now you can follow people, unfollow, pre schedule tweets and so much more with simple applications that do everything for you which is the true secret to driving insane traffic from Twitter on almost autopilot.

Quick Tip: I actually get my assistant to do all of my Twitter stuff using the two applications below.


Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder is exactly what you need if you want to drive crazy traffic for FREE from Twitter just like me, in past months I have been able to send over 100,000 visitors from Twitter to my blog. To Download Twitter Adder, Please Click Here!

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Driving Traffic From Twitter To Your Blog

When I use Twitter, I use it so I can update my readers about what’s new on my websites and what I’m doing, just like everyone else seems to do. The different, everyone else has around 100 followers and so it doesn’t really make much of a difference to the traffic that goes to their website. I have around 80,000 followers now and I will share how you can quickly catch up.

Now before I go too far, I think it is important to say that while I am a huge fan of Twitter (being able to search real time about current happenings or events is awesome) – I should say that of late, Twitter has also been the subject of spammers or automated accounts set up to drive traffic to less than good websites.

What I am about to reveal is not about being a spammer, it is about legitimate business people getting the best out of twitter and also about legitimate business people being fully up to speed on the techniques other Twitter users are using.

Lets get Started:

The first thing you need to do to get more followers is add more people, but adding 80,000 people must take for ever… Luckily there are tools that will allow you to automatically do most of your Twitter marketing, from adding people, deleting, tweeting and much more.

I personally recommend two great pieces of software, Market Me Tweet or Tweet Adder, they both allow you to add more people, but Market Me Tweet also gives you a bunch of extra branding options.

This is the way I add people, it doesn’t mean it’s right, it’s just how I do it. Firstly find some big names in your industry that will have people following them that will also be interested in following yourself.

For example if you have a Celebrity blog, you may want to go Perez Hilton’s twitter profile, then click on followers, now in the top left will be a button saying “Add All Followers”. It will automatically start adding one of his followers every 2 seconds till its added 1000.

Then after 1000 people it will stop adding, this is because Twitter has a limit to only being able to add 1000 friends a day. Now you do this every day, usually at the same time, I recommend between 4 – 6pm (that is UK time) as this usually is the most active time on Twitter and you’re more likely to get people follow you back if they are online at the time you add them.

Usually from adding 1000 people, I will get around 400 view my profile and click my website URL which means I get 400 highly targeted visitors in 24 hours. Bare in mind this is just the first point of contact, they will also revisit when I tweet and more people will visit when my followers retweet my tweets to their followers.


Perez Hiltons Twitter Followers

Finding Twitter profiles related to your niche can begin to get hard, when I struggle to find people related to my niche’s I use a website called WeFollow which basically lists top Twitter users in different groups, for example in Social Media category Mashable is the top profile, he runs the top blog about social media which means if you also have a blog about social media, you would do good to follow his followers.

Deleting People On Twitter Can Be Important

A lot of the stuff I’m about to share with you is stuff I don’t use myself because its not necessary for me but it is definitely something you should know about, even if you don’t use it all. The first thing about adding 1000 people a day is that you will be following 600 people more every day then will be following you back so your account will have a lot less people following it then your following which will not make you look very popular.

With Twitter, you want to make yourself look as popular as possible so people will be more likely to follow you, think about it this way, would you follow someone who is following 500 people and only has 200 people following him back? Probably not.

But if the person is following 500 people and has 50,000 following him back then he will look like he has something good to say so you will be a lot more likely to follow him, so social proof is really important! Below are some tips and tricks you can use to cut down the amount of people you follow on Twitter.

Automatically un-follow everyone who doesn’t follow you back is the first step to getting down the amount of people you follow. Now I don’t recommend you do this every day as it won’t give your new followers enough time to follow you and check your profile out so you should do it perhaps twice a week. The script you should use for this is Twitter Mutuality, you can unfollow everyone not following you or choose to unfollow everyone.

The next thing I do and do recommend you all do is use a site called UnTweeps which will allow you to automatically un-follow anyone you are following who hasn’t updated their profile in a few days, you may choose any amount of days you like but I think a fair amount of days would be 7 because for some reason they could just not of been able to get online.

This is a great tool because if they haven’t updated then they won’t be seeing your Tweets, a lot of them will be following you back so it will make you look even popular because they won’t un-follow you because they don’t use anymore.

If you do get to the point where your following 40,000 people and you realize you really don’t want to be following all these people, then to delete everyone is really simple. Its something I don’t 100% agree with but I do see this happen a lot and then people will think your super popular. If you want to do this, the tool to use is Twollow which will allow you to delete 2000 people at a time.

Using Twitter and Blogging Together

As I mentioned above, using Twitter to drive traffic to your blog is super important and is one of the reasons for my success. To get more out of Twitter, you want to promote Twitter on your blog in a few different ways.

One of the most well known ways is to add a TweetMeMe button which includes a counter of how many times people have retweeted your blog post and it allows other people to automatically retweet it themselves. To use this counter and others TweetMeMe have, click here.

For those lazy people or for those who like everything automated this next resource is really good. If you pre-publish your blog posts like me when you go away on vacation or when you have guest posters and won’t be around then you can automatically tweet when new posts are published on your WordPress blog.

Twitter Poster will take the title of a new post and will submit it to the Twitter account specified in the options. It will also add the link back to the post, allowing your twitter followers to access the post details

Other Twitter Tools I Use

Managing 80,000 Twitter followers is impossible, you can’t see what your real friends are doing and the updates that are important. For me its important to see what Young Entrepreneurs, Gurus and Web Designers are saying so I set up a group for each and added the necesary people to each group so I don’t miss a tweet – you can do this using TweetDeck.

As a lot of you know, I went away for a couple weeks and didn’t really update my sites for a month, over that time I still wanted to boost my traffic so I asked my VA to pre publish 100 tweets, a new tweet had to be sent every 2 hours and once the 100 tweets have been published, just repeat.

To do this I used pre-publishing software, TweetLater. You can also use TweetLater to send automatic messages when someone new follows you, welcoming them and recommending your website. Although this is great to do, it isn’t really effective anymore as it seems everyone does it (I have over 10,000 messages, I guess 9,950 are automatic).

To Our Success,

Michael Dunlop

PS. What are your honest thoughts about Twitter because everyone has different opinions I would like to invite you to voice them so everyone gets the full picture and perhaps I could prove you wrong πŸ˜‰

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    Actively searching for new people to follow/followers in my niche myself is so glaringly obvious yet had thus far escaped me!

    Thanks for all the advice.

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    From my experience, I’ve found that building followers through an automated process leads to a lot of junk following one, without any value to your website/blog, irrespective that you selected to follow a crowd/group from a closely related niche blog/website since that doesn’t guarantee that the list itself is 100% perfect.

    To me this has led to a growing list of automated direct messages which have no value to me at all that I receive daily and which is a serious pain.

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    Scroll all the way down on your home page in your Twitter account..Then you come to a little narrow tool bar or task bar. Then you click on the API Link. when you are directed to the next page or as I call it,

    Twitters back office.,you then look on the left side of this page until you see Twitter fan wiki.Then you click the twitter fan wiki link… When directed to the next page or further into the back office, you look for APPS.

    This APPS Link should be the first link on the left side of the page. Click the APPS Link and from there you will see so much information that is related to Twitter and what Twitter is up to.Everyone interested in Twitter should look
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      Hello Joni,

      Great to hear your feedback, I know that trouble with people not giving credit where credit is due πŸ˜‰

      With your online store, look for one related to yours and then find there followers. For example Zappos and ASOS, two huge online stores have a great following on twitter.


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    I can recommend, with this free tool you can add a RSS Feed to be published on your Twitter accounts. I have one feed from my weblog connected to Twitter and for our website and online shop we do the same with product updates that we automatically publish in a feed and this links through to the Twitter accounts that belong to these websites.
    The Twitterfeed dashboard shows how many times a feed was clicked.

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      Thanks for the great share, will use that resource myself for a couple blogs of mine.


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    Thanks for your help.
    – Bill

    • Michael

      Hello Bill,

      The plug-in doesn’t get round this, once you get close to 2000 followers it will start to let you go past 1999 following. Just take it easy and slowly at the start.


      • Bill


        I can’t seem to get more than 800 followers, it’s kinda up and down hovering around 800. I feel like I will never get to 2,000 at this piont. I am currently following 1,997 people.

        Do you have any advice, I’d greatly appreciate it!


        • Michael

          Hello Bill,

          You need to unfollow those who don’t follow you back using the tools above and then start following more, that is how you get over this problem.


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    Try out

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    • Michael

      Hello Leslie,

      Important question, what I do is have two accounts, use on for personal who I follow people I want to follow. The other account I use to follow everyone related to my niche and website.


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    Did anyone else experienced this issue before? Is my account being under spam suspicion maybe? Or has Twitter kind of discovered the automatic patterns of the script and is now penalizing everyone who has been using it?

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    I used to hate twitter but now I actually enjoy it because I actually interact with people on there. Its all about providing value in every tweet.

    Also be :


    This really helps build a good following

  • Ming Jong Tey – Inbox Cash Techniques

    Hi Michael,

    Great post! I have stumbled across your blog today and think this is one of the best blog with great content! Well done!

    Just wonder for the twitter traffic, do you only attract traffic when you first follow people? Do you use it to blast an instant direct message to all your follower (instead of tweet since there will be only a few people see your tweets at that time)?

    Appreciate if you can shed some light on this!

    Ming Jong

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  • Paul

    Great post, Michael.

    Are you generating traffic to multiple website using one twitter account or do you use multiple accounts for that?

    My main problem is the mixing between my software and photography related business. It targets two different audiences.


  • sonny chatrath

    Thanks for the tips. I just used Untweeps to unfollow 650 users. I have saved your blog to my favorites. Twitters is a very strong tool for businesses.

  • Yeh man, twitter is awesome. We do get so much traffic. Great post to help out other blogs!

  • martin

    Great tips. It’s nice to see such and as a blogger, I have to agree with the flow. I really got it a lot. Appreciated!

  • Amanda

    Thank you so much for such an excellent guide on twitter. You really rock. Btw, I noticed that you link to – which is now social oomph. Social Oomph has an affiliate program now. You can read about it here

  • Vivek Krishnan

    Hi Michael, thanks for your recommendation. Will try it out soon.

  • Kennedy

    Awesome tips man. I think social media like blogging, twitter and event our friendly foe Facebook are more important than ever. Last year I booked some significant speaking gigs as a result of using Twitter, in fact when I launched the global rebrand of Yahoo I asked the European Executive why he chose me and he said it was because I was a real person who he felt he knew, liked and trusted to do the job right.
    So, before this I was doubting the power, now I push it to it’s max and have a strategy in place that delivers awesome leads!
    Loving the blog man!

  • Kamran Aziz

    Nice post.. i’ll be back on this blog soon…

  • Good resource, untweeps was new to me, and really helpful as twitter karma doesnt bulk unfollow anymore and I am in desperate need of that tool.

  • Jeremiah

    Hi Michael,

    Is this the only tool that we really need ? (Market Me Tweet) to follow your strategy or do we need many of the tools you mentioned?

    I am hoping that one tool will do everything πŸ™‚



  • Thanks for sharing! I’m not yet using twitter to drive some traffic to my blog but now i’m considering it.

  • Rosemary

    Hi Michael

    Thank you for the course. Have enjoyed doing it.

    I would like ideas from you or others on how to use my free ebook to drive customers to my blog. In particular, Id be interested in ideas involving Twitter.

    Suggestions anyone?



    • Tony

      First things first. I checked out your site. This site is excellent for learning how to promote your blog. But I also recommend you check out David Risley’s site about turning your blog into a business. I’m hoping Michael doesn’t mind me dropping that here (but David and Michael seem to be friends anyway). In particular look for a post or video about promoting your free e-book.

      Now, to answer your question. One cool thing you can do is add a re-tweet script at the end of your e-book. Ask people to click a button on your e-book (script) and re-tweet the book if they liked it. (I’ve done it, it works.) Check out a site called Social Media Examiner to learn how to do this. It’s easy.

  • Darren Hoehne

    Hey Michael, do you have a video tutorial on how to use tweetadder? Hey love what your doing!!! keep up the great work.

  • Andre

    Great stuff
    I cannot execute the early step of adding niche
    Followers. Please help

  • Dwight

    I really like the power of Twitter and you’ve shared some great tweet resources here.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot com


  • Twitter has been great for helping drive traffic to my site, as well as working phenomenal for getting input directly from my niche through surveys.

    I’ve been using it more and more for the offline businesses I’ve been working with and they have been noticing a minor boost in sales because people saw offers on Twitter and came into the store.

    I’m curious to see where it will be going next…any ideas on future Twitter trends for offline businesses?

  • wijaya valentino

    Great post, very very fantastic i like it

  • Hi Michael

    Read your post about a week ago and been playing with twitter for a while.

    I still really don’t get it ?


    I need traffic so I thought I would give it another go since your post.

    I really do think Twitter like legal spam.

    Should be spammers not followers?

    Well I thought hold on if I wanted something I would click it so I will give it a go even though it really didn’t work in the niche I was just working in.

    Anyway been following a few tips and starting to work so I will buy your software you suggested and see what happens.

    I do like your simple traffic strategy I think so many people make it so difficult.

    Nice one


  • Mike

    I would be happy to buy through your referral link if you could tell me if both have an auto add feature and which one has the option to add all friends. Market me suite looks better but I’ll ultimately go with the one that has the better auto add features.

  • it’s easy to rank on that because there are only 159,000 links to beat, unlike ranking on the make money online keyword where there million links index.

  • Hersha V

    Hey Michael,
    I found your blog and read how to use Twitter to drive traffic…and set to work on it immediately…I thought it would be useful to mention that when following people in your niche you should pay attention to whose followers your following…

    For example to get a following for my golf blog, I figured I’d start following people who followed the PGA Tour. My follow back rate was around 10-15%. I created another Twitter account with similar tweets and started following the followers of an expert in the niche…my follow back rate was 30-40%.

    So far in my experience following the followers of a expert (or small niche company) in the niche seems to work better than following the followers of a larger organization.

    Once again, great post…
    Hersha V

  • Is there any benefit in trying to find people who look like they may be new? If I add 1000 of people like you and problogger, are they going to be inclined to go to my site when I send out links? Or does it look good just to be following people in the industry.

    I have wondered this as I have been building my twitter followers.

    Also I heard following any more than 75 people a day can get you flagged, is that number right? Tweet adder defaults to 250 so it seems really low.

  • Hi Great post but using # tag can drive more and more traffic use best ways keep sharing great tips to improve page rank and much more.

  • gghumayun

    Great Great post dear friend i like it and surely will implement all the tips,rules and tricks.