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The Ultimate Video Guide to TweetAdder

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A few months ago, I wrote a guide on how to use TweetAdder, which proved to be a really popular post. Inspired by the success of our previous article, we thought it would be a good idea to put it into a video format, for those of you who, like me, don’t like to read from a screen.

TweetAdder is one of the most powerful pieces of software available when it comes to Twitter marketing, because it can be used to fully automate the way you promote your website. Automation isn’t allowed by Twitter because they want to stop mindless spamming, but the video I’m about to show you isn’t about spamming, it’s about promoting your website, and providing your followers with something they want, which is content.

I talk at the end of the video about how I am hosting my TweetAdder on a virtual computer, and that’s because for it to work it has to be running at all times. I don’t want to keep my computer on, so I used a company called 3Essentials to run a virtual computer, with TweetAdder preinstalled, which I can leave to run 24/7 and I check on it about once a week or so. I searched around for a bit before I used them, but they’re really the best option, just so long as you’re not trying to run 10 things at once.

TweetAdder, as always, can be downloaded and installed by clicking on the links above, or by clicking here. Both come with a money back guarantee. Ok then, here’s the video…

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  • Awesome. I will definitely be looking into this.

  • Muhammad Jahid Hasan

    I read the post. I have no idea tweetadder really work or not. but i am interested to use this. Anyone confirm me how this tools work and It is 100% Secured ? I am very much interested to use tweetadder. Please give me the instruction.

  • Hey Josh,

    Thanks for the video. I had TA up and running great for the trial, then updated to the 5 users. Now I have 3 users and everything in working perfectly in the TA environment. The only problem is – only my first profile is actually translating to the web – the other two, despite showing great progress on the TA dashboard, aren’t reflecting on the live accounts.

    Any ideas? I tried contacting their support a few times with no luck. Any help would be great.



    • All I can suggest is keep nagging support. I’ve contacted them a couple of times and they’ve always fixed the problem.

    • The reason is because the 2 accounts probably have https turned on inside the profile settings. Happy Tweeting!