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Google Overtaken By Amazon?

Back in March 2009 one of my earliest posts here on was a list of the the top 30 earning websites in the world

Back then the Top Earning website was not surprisingly, but I have just done a new Top Earning Websites In The World list based on stats that are now available for 2009 and surprise, surprise, has overtaken!

Can this really be the case?

Let me be clear – this is a list of some of the Top Earning Websites in the world and as such I don’t claim to have covered every possible website. (but what I wanted to do was give us a comparison of some of the best known websites revenues based on the PER SECOND model)

I don’t know why but there is something amazing about comparing earnings on a per second basis – it almost gives me a shiver up my back (in a good way)

I remember not that long ago being excited about earning just $10 a day, then $50 a day and then the day I first earned $1000 in one day! ($1000 in a day is ONLY 1.157 cents per second by the way)

Imagine what it must be like to be Jeff Bezos, Larry Page or Sergey Brin.

Mind you — one thing I am excited about – my profit margins (net profit) as a percentage is significantly higher than either Amazon or Google

My Father and indeed many other entrepreneurs I know are always telling me:

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, but CASH is king

That is something to always be remembered in any business comparison

I look forward to your comments – what names on this list surprised you? Who should be on this list that isn’t?

There is 31536000 seconds in a Year — make all of them count — like 😉

To all our successes


PS: Quote For Today:

Business without profit is not business any more than a pickle is a candy ~ Charles F Abbott

Rank Website Founders Annual Revenue Per Second
1 Jeff Bezos $24,509,000,000 $776.66
2 Larry Page and Sergey Brin $23,650,560,000 $749.46
3 Ralph Roberts $9,600,000,000 $304.21
4 Pierre Omidyar $8,727,360,000 $276.56
5 Jerry Yang and David Filo $6,460,000,000 $204.71
6 Marshal Wace $3,400,000,000 $107.74
7 Erik Prince $3,137,100,000 $99.41
8 Added Mark Schroeder $2,937,010,000 $93.07
9 Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Luke Nosek, $2,900,000,000 $91.90
10 Jeff Robbin $1,900,000,000 $60.21
Jesse Fink $1,866,950,000 $59.16
12 Reed Hastings $1,670,000,000 $52.92
Terry Jones $1,100,000,000 $34.85
14 David Litman $1,000,000,000 $31,69
15 Nick Swinmurn $1,000,000,000 $31.69
16 Mark Zuckerberg $1,000,000,000 $31.69
17 Mark Getty $900,000,000 $28.52
Jeff Katz $870,000,000 $27.59
19 Patrick Byrne $834,000,000 $26.45
20 Niklas Zennstrom $740,000,000 $23.45
Tom Anderson $520,000,000 $16.48
22 Zhang Chaoyang $515,240,000 $16.33
23 Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, $500,000,000 $15.85
24 Jack Ma $439,000,000 $13.91
25 Eric Baker $400,000,000 $12.67
26 Mark Vadon $266,230,000 $8.44
27 Stephen Kaufer $260,000,000 $8.24
28 Reid Hoffman $150,000,000 $4.75
Michael Birch $125,000,000 $3.96
30 Craig Newmark $125,000,000 $3.96


  1. Timothy Sykes says:

    As always great lists Michael…you should update the top earning blogs list…my little blog is closing in on $200,000 this month 🙂

    • Hello Timothy,

      I do plan to do so soon with a competly new post. Nice work by the way, you keep going from strength to strength.


    • You work hard Timothy,
      I remember the first time when your blog beat John chows by 10k making 50k a month. Sweet stuff. Good luck

    • That’s super awesome Tim! It’s $1 mil dollar a month next =)

      Not sure where to go when I got to your site, but I’ve bookmarked it for future reference (getting late here).

  2. Great job Michael,

    I’m amazed of how much money their blogs worth. Can I repost this in my blog and credit to you?

    By the way I’m your follower, you can see your name at the footer of my site.


    • Hey Robert,

      I never mind people reposting as long as they give credit 🙂

      Sharing is Caring 😀


  3. Simple: Wow!

    Just being able to talk about earning per second is crazy, but talking about hundreds of dollars each second is insane!

    But I still don’t get how most companies get so much income with their free services.

  4. Clive at Blog Briefing says:

    Very interesting to see all those heavy hitters but, I’m assuming, they have office pace/wages/bandwidth/storage/ and other costs to pay for before the bottom line of net income?

    I’d love to see a similar list for one man/woman operations with no expenses other than their internet connection fee!

    • Great idea Clive, will look into doing something like that but to be honest, most of the guys like me, have at least someone such as designers, programmers, accountants, assistants and the list goes on.


  5. John Paul Aguiar says:

    No earnings then you have a hobby.

    Depressing to see that as I procrastinate for an hour, another business just made 100,00$ lol

  6. Timothy Sykes says:

    Nothing better than passive income…the web is a battlefield to show off your good and knowledge, may the most useful and determined internet entrepreneurs win…the key is creating something that is huuuugely useful and/or unique, so much junk out there, no big $ in ripping people off

    • Well said Timothy, I know so many people in internet marketing doing the whole “fake it, till they make it” thing and I see them struggle to make any serious money from it.

      At the end of the day, people want to learn from people with results.


  7. King Sidharth says:

    Wicked! Loved it!
    It’s really thrilling to know that people earn $700 a second! What’s the secret? LOL!

    Looks like we need to plan somehting for world domination, eh Michael?

  8. it is really amazing how a site like Amazon is over taking google, since google is almost automated business (other than the 20000 employees)!

    thank you Michael for the list, posting lists is the most exciting thing in this site….

  9. Thanks for the update, very interestin to know. Google are not far behind Amazon though.

    >>>>I’d love to see a similar list for one man/woman operations with no expenses other than their internet connection fee!

    I would love to see this too, as I’m sure all the websites listed have spent a lot of money getting there!!

  10. Ruth Anne Wood, Thriving Artist Press says:

    Michael, you got me thinkn’!
    With a published books on Amazon my head spins at all the multiple profit sources from one transaction!
    1. Amazon gets more than half of the retail sales price of new books sold new.
    2. Amazon’s P.O.D. Create Space – vanity press
    2. Monthly product storage fees for their other publishers
    3. Shipping- they collect it multiple directions
    4. Credit Card transactions in some cases using Amazon card
    5. Buyers reselling the same book weeks later
    6. Money compounding interest during the month payment cycle before the publisher payout check
    (And that’s just some of the profits from books.) 🙂

  11. Quite an interesting point from Timothy. The net is flooded with dudes teaching people how to make money using ridiculous methods they will never use, but of course, they will make money scamming their students.

    Ever wondered why an internet whiz kid would want to share a million-dollar secret with you? If I was the whiz kid, I would keep quiet and rack in millions of dollars with my secret, and I wouldn’t want to scam poor folks into buying my secret either. Even if I were to sell the secret, I wouldn’t sell you the real secret. I would sell you some bullshit because the last thing I want is competition.

    It is interesting to note that these 30 Top Earning Websites do not teach people how to make money. They have secrets which make them obscene amounts of money, and this makes sense.

    Where you spend most of your time, energy and passion is where you will find your success. Our journeys are unique. Hard work, perseverance, timing, determination, and learning come into play.

  12. Blake Kuhn says:

    Nice stats, but you’re missing a website that should be placed between 4 and 5…

    Amway Global posted aprox. 8.12 billion last year. pretty impressive for the affiliate marketing business market.

    Great blog though. Looking forward to more posts.


  13. Lara Jane | Ultimate Lifestyle Project says:

    Great list Michael – you’re not too far off with your 1.157 cps! 😉

    Peace and much love

  14. Kim - The WordPress Chick says:

    Great list again- thanks Michael! Nice to see that even with the economy in the condition it’s in people are still traveling.

    I’d have to agree with Timothy too- I’d love to see a post with some independent bloggers. Having followed a lot of marketers for the past few years I’ve found the bloggers who are also marketers seem to provide the most consistent value AND products.

    Found your site a few months ago….love it!

  15. It’s cool to see that the 849th most popular website (Zappos) in the world makes just as much as the 2nd most popular (Facebook). That’s proof that if you want to make money on the internet, you’re going to be a lot more successful selling a product. (The same with Amazon over Google)

    Thanks for the info, Michael!

  16. Is Facebook really getting profit? Hmmmm, I have serious doubts about that.

    • Hey Carlos,

      Facebook is killing it with there Ad network, they are one of the only social networks to become profitable.


      • Hi Michael. Thanks for your answer and forgive my bad english.
        I read an article recently where someone mentioned the Facebook revenues and the number of its employees. If both values were accurate, doing a calculation with an average salary, they couldn’t pay even their employees only.

        • Jason P McGee says:

          I could be wrong about this because I haven’t researched it but I believe in terms of profit Facebook is just beginning to actually make money. The figure here reflects revenue. But after taking away their expenses I believe they only have a small amount of profit to spread around. Most of their money comes from capital investments based on their user base.

  17. thanks Michael

    Great list!

    Nice to see that in spite of the economy downturn.

    I hope to find you in the next tlist


  18. Great Michael can’t wait for another blog


  19. Tom | Build That List says:

    Wow Amazon and Google are definitely well ahead of the pack!

  20. Lee | Money4Invest says:

    Great list, Michael. That’s really amazing these people can earn so much money per second. I was wondering why Baidu.Com not in top 30? I thought they are the biggest search engine company in China. May be they are not earning so much compare to Sohu and Alibaba. Right? By the way, I’m so eager to watch what’s the top earning blog in the world.

  21. Jan Torsvik says:

    Love your stuff Michael, and the perspective you deliver. Great from a guy your age…


    In your opinion, What is the best way for serious, real-deal, honest people, who wants to provide value to others, to differentiate themselves and position themselves to for their prospect/reader?

    – Jan

  22. great post michael, your post always keep me motivated, thanks

  23. Awesome post Michael! BTW congrats on getting your own flat! Hopefully we all can get such success from our own blogs soon enough.

    And from this table compared to last years’ . Google automated business has increased itself by almost 10% while Amazon’s “manual” business increased 22% approx.

    I know the difference is evident but like many have said once you cut away salarys, variable and marginal costs and sum up their actual profits I know Google has the upper hand by one too many billions (wow just saying it makes me want to work harder…bi-lli-ons) and they’re basically doing it in auto-pilot.

    2 different ways of business but that definitely show the potential of their strenghts when applied to their fullest.

    Great job!

  24. Finally, Google beaten by Amazon. But I still love them both LOL!

    Earning $780 bucks a second is totally mind blowing, but it just shows us that it can be done. Of course there’ll be hard work, because there’s no quick fix – and get rich quick schemes are useless, don’t buy them, don’t make them, period.

    Thanks for another great list Michael!

  25. YES Michael! Couldn’t agree more. CASH is KING!

  26. Hi,

    This information is just amazing.


  27. IS that an issue or a fact?

  28. superb post man.its really superb

  29. Thank You Michel. This is really gr8 list. I appreciate your hard work for doing all these research on this topic. We must not forget that these websites have been online for many years. Thank You once more. Please publish latest top earning blogs lsit. Am waiting for this.

  30. This is a great list! I thought Google would be way out in front of everybody in annual revenue.

  31. Agent Deepak says:

    Yo Amazon.

  32. Michael,

    This is an impressive list and one unique way of looking at it. This is what I would call a “sales person’s view” and is an EXCELLENT way of looking at it.

    As a VP of finance w/ a B.S. of Acct and and MBA in finance I cringe when I hear folks say “earnings” when they are really talking about sales. A few commenters have brought this up but, unfortunately, earnings for these companies wouldn’t be available. Many are private like (Facebook / LinkedIn) or part of a much bigger entity (myspace / Itunes)

    Tons of companies go belly up because they focus on sales without understanding their costs and leverage the few critical points that maximize EARNINGS and not sales (product mix, bandwidth costs, content creation costs, etc are a few things that folks must think about.)

    Timothy nailed it with his comment about VALUE. It is about providing ENORMOUS value to others. You do it here and so does Tim on his website.

    FYI, Tim’s recent interview with Rise to the Top is at:

    I think they recorded it within the last 2 weeks 🙂

    Keep up the great work

    Dan Ross

  33. Jogos Gratis says:

    Great post Michael,

    The only thing is that I don’t see Shoemoney and John chow any where in your list. I believe they make more than $200K a year from their blogs.

  34. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Great post Michael.Keep it up.

  35. Tanya Chadwick says:

    I am a first visitor and was referred by a link from my twitter following.
    Great posting on the list you put together of top earning sites.
    Everybody loves stats and it is cool to note that Google is not the ominous power at this time.
    Altho, for me personally, can not stand Amazon, too busy to focus on what I was searching for to begin with 😉
    Would love to connect with you one day in the near future, and talk …
    Very impressive blog dear sir!

  36. Daniel Meade says:

    It’s surprising to think that the likes of Myspace and Bebo are pulling in Annual figures of half a billion dollars! And yet their bosses are practically crying because that’s a fraction of what they once made…

    Daniel Meade

  37. Make Money Online With Michael Erik says:

    Wow – Amazon is #1? They beat Google?

  38. Thats a great list.

    Surprised Amazon over googlr but then its all about sales and profit.


  39. I think it’s no surprise that amazon beats google in revenue. But for sure google has a lot bigger profit than amazon. Amazon is dealing with material stuff and therefore only has a small profit margin but a high revenue. Google only needs money for their server parks and employees. That’s all 😉 So, if there is a table that only lists the net income, maybe amazon isn’t in the top 10!

  40. harvestwages says:

    Hey Micheal,
    Great list. i didn’t know Amazon earns more that Google. i’m surprised to see facebook amongst the top 30s

  41. that’s great google overtake by amazon

  42. I think it’s no surprise that amazon beats google in revenue. But for sure google has a lot bigger profit than amazon. Amazon is dealing with material stuff and therefore only has a small profit margin but a high revenue. Google only needs money for their server parks and employees. That’s all 😉 So, if there is a table that only lists the net income, maybe amazon isn’t in the top 10!

  43. The Dame says:

    Not one of those top 30 founded by women. Where are the women?

  44. thats really great keen to be #1

  45. Wonder how different this list will look 10 years from now…

  46. Only $777 per second? I got that beat…

  47. Is this the most up to date list?

  48. Bollywood Talk says:

    These figures are real?

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