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Superstar Bloggers Making Fortunes Online

Today I decided to research how much my favorite blog’s are earning every month and I wasn’t surprised to see some of them make over $100,000 per month.

These are blogs and success stories that have inspired me to become a blogger. These Superstar bloggers continue to inspire me to this day – and they have kept me motivated to not give up whenever it got tough, especially in the early days.

I hope this inspires you. If you think it’s time to start your own successful blog, then you absolutely must check out my post on how I create websites.

Special Notes:

1) To give you some idea of the potential available – top blogging network, Weblogs, Inc. is believed to earn about $30 million a month revenue from 13 million unique visitors.

2) And it is not just about making money monthly it is also about building a BUSINESS that can be sold, such as 22 year old Johns Wu did when he sold his blog for $15 Million.


Some of the website’s featured in this top list are only estimates and are not all 100% correct just a indication of how well they are doing regarding making money from their blog. If you would like to be featured in this list or know of any blogger’s that should, please comment below!

Check out the TOP EARNING BLOGS list below. I have already interviewed a number of these Superstar bloggers but hope to interview a lot more of them over the coming months – so watch out for that.

30 Blog’s That Make A Lot Of Money Online

RankWebsiteOwnerMonthly EarningsMain Income
1The Huffington PostArianna Huffington$2,330,000Pay Per Click
2TechcrunchMichael Arrington$800,000Advertising Banners
3MashablePete Cashmore$600,000Advertising Banners
4Perez HiltonMario Lavandeira$450,000Advertising Banners
5NoupeThe Blonde Salad$200,000Private Advertising
6Smashing MagazineVitaly Friedman$190,000Advertising Banners
7SmartPassiveIncomePat Flynn$153,000Affiliate Commissions
8Timothy SykesTimothy Sykes$150,000 Affiliate Sales
9Tuts PlusCollis Ta'eed$120,000Membership Area
10Life HackerGina Trapani$110,000Advertising Banners
11GothamistJake Dobkin$110,000Pay Per Click
12Tuts PlusCollis Taeed$110,000Membership Area
13Venture BeatMatt Marshall$100,000Pay Per Click
14Slash GearEwdison Then$80,000Pay Per Click
15Car AdviceAlborz Fallah$70,000Advertising Banners
16Life HackerNick Denton$60,000Advertising Banners
17DooceHeather B. Armstrong$50,000Pay Per Click
18Steve PavlinaSteve Pavlina$45,000Pay Per Click
19Talking Point MemoJoshua Micah Marshall$45,000Advertising Banners
20ProbloggerDarren Rowse$40,000Advertising Banners
21KotakuNick Denton$32,000Advertising Banners
22Expert PhotographyJoshua Dunlop$30,000Product Sales
23ShoemoneyJeremy Schoemaker$30,000Private Advertising
24Coolest GadgetsAllan Carlton$30,000Advertising Banners
251stWebDesignerDainis Gr?veris$20,000Product Sales
26JoystiqAOL$18,000CPM Advertising
27PC MechDavid Risley$16,000Affiliate Sales
28AbduzeedoFabio Sasso$12,000Advertising Banners
29SizlopediaSaad Hamid$11,000Pay Per Click
30Overhead in New YorkMichael Malice$9,000Advertising Banners

++++++++++++++++++ Blogging Success +++++++++++++++++++

Be Your Own Success Story – Become An Authority Blogger


Every wondered how websites like this make money? Do you want to create a lucrative side income that grows into a substantial full time income? This PDF Report explains how. A step by step guide to creating an authority blog or website. Essential reading for anyone who is serious about becoming an authority blogger.

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++++++++++++++++++ Blogging Success +++++++++++++++++++

How They Make Money From Blogging

There are over a dozen methods these top blogger’s are using to monetize their blog, different techniques for each niche. Some niche’s are easier to promote products to, some have high paying keywords and some are easy to drive millions of visitors every month! Below is a run down on some of the techniques used.

Advertising Banners

Make Money Blogging Selling Advertising Banners

By far the most popular advertising method so far in 2017. Website owners love this because they know they are guaranteed the money, other techniques such as affiliate marketing can go up and down a lot depending on what you promote.

CPM Advertising

Make Money Blogging Selling Advertising

This method is really popular for the website’s that receive a huge amount of traffic, advertisers pay you for impressions rather than sales or clicks! As long as you can predict your impressions which is usually east to do, you know how much you will earn.

Affiliate Sales

Make Money Blogging Selling Affiliate Products

Selling on commission depending on your niche can be a huge earner and is by far my biggest earner. You promote great products and then get great commissions.

Pay Per Click

Make Money Blogging With Google Adsense

By far the easiest way to earn money online from a website or blog is from Google Adsense and being paid per click. Can be very lucrative if done right!


How We Make Money Blogging

We have spoken a lot about how we monetize our blogs and make money online.

On IncomeDiary, we don’t sell any advertising or have any advertising banners. I feel like it limits how much you can make.

Say you sold an advert for $1000. You now know you are guaranteed to make $1000 this month, but, you also know you are going to only make $1000 from this advertising space.

When it comes to making money from blogging, we focus on two techniques.

Technique 1: Affiliate Marketing

Selling other peoples products and get a commission every time we make a sale.

Technique 2: Selling Our Own Products

Creating and selling our own eBooks and software. For example, we sell an eBook on getting more traffic and we have a software product that lets you create high converting popups.

We go into a lot more detail about these two monetization methods in this post about monetizing your blog.

The Longer You’re Not Taking Action, The More Money You’re Losing

The biggest difference between people who create successful websites and people who fail, is those who make it, didn’t give up.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, click here!

To Your Blogging Success,

Michael Dunlop


  1. Indo Contest says:

    Wow… Thats a lot of money.
    How about and 🙂

    • Jonathan earns most of his income from Affiliate Marketing not from blogging and Zac Johnson hasn’t published any recent income. Will update if I hear from them though.


      • What about people who make money from selling ebooks and other digital goods and use their blog for promotion that way?


      • 1kadayblogspot says:

        Feeling good that you earn by affiliate marketing. Even I am planning to take up affiliate marketing as we have been popular with home business and make money online concepts.thanks.

    • Really!! Its an awesome money

  2. 200,000 a month that aint bad at all is it.

    • However techcrunch has a lot of overhead. They have salaried staff. Not sure $200K goes too far with that group

  3. Daniel Richard says:

    I see that there’s a huge trend in the advertising banners being in the top half of the list there. 🙂

    • With services such as BuySellAd’s it lets the website owner spend less time with advertisers and monetizing and on more important things such as content! 😉

  4. great post! Gives me great insight!!(and hope!)

  5. Is this a “top 30” list? That would be interesting to know. What about

    • I did check but I didn’t want to just make a educated guess, wanted some proof to each number and couldn’t find it for her website.

  6. I can’t believe that Perez Hilton is on that list. He is obssess with celebirties. Wow that is impressive. Some of the celebrities will plea to him ot to blog about them because he tend to be factual with his information.

  7. Steve SEO UK says:

    Need to get my finger out and get my Blog up and running.
    Thanks once again for great info.
    Have RT’d tweet.

  8. Wow thats looking very exciting and helpful. Will have to get my husband to read it too!!

  9. David Miller says:

    I wonder if that can work for me. I have a blog through
    But I have a difficult time get others on the blog already. Any Ideas to get traffic to my blog?

  10. Josiah Jost | Siah Design says:

    WOW, I didn’t know advertising could be so lucrative. Definitely worth considering…

  11. Great list. Thanks

  12. Hey Michael, nice and impressive list .. 200k per month, wow! That’s crazy 🙂

  13. garrett goldsmith says:

    this is one of the most inspirering lists i have read in a long time. i did not know how much money was in the blogging business.

  14. James Cunningham says:

    Very Interesting, id like to have seen them take off from the beginning instead of only hearing about them once their big.

  15. Charlie Dean says:

    Wow thats a lot of money! Very interesting Mike.

  16. Stephen Holt says:

    HI, Michael –
    I appreciate the list (inspiring, as several others stated), but several of my friends in the fitness industry – Alwyn Cosgrove and Craig Ballantyne, just for starters – should be on your list, too, based upon the numbers you posted.

    Even my own would squeeze in – near the bottom ;-). – Stephen

    • Hello Stephen,

      From what I understand, Craig earns his living from his training and not directly from blog monetization. I also know their is 1000s of other sites making a lot of money online but couldn’t find any revenue numbers on the Internet. This list is just to show of those that do 😉

      Thanks again,


      • ChinnyBini says:

        You do know the difference between ‘their’, they’re and there right?
        and 1000s = plural= are a lot of sites
        I hope that was a typo, coz up until no you sounded really smart ;P

        – feel free to call me a biotch

  17. Stuart Wooster says:

    Another list nicely done and I like the way you added a description of each way to monetize your blog.

  18. These numbers are in American Dollars? 😮

  19. Peter Njenga says:

    Quite interesting.
    Banner advertising seem to be more lucrative.

    These web sites are also high traffic and useful content web sites…

    This gives more hope too, that one can make money online.

  20. Great list Mike.. Really like the style of how you write.. very clear cut.. I am someone who gets very frustrated with clutter and even more frustrated with what you have previously referred to as ‘information overload’. Every time I research something there always seems to be something else to read on it from another source etc. I am beginning to use your site as my ‘core’ site that answers alot of my questions particularly on blogging as I trust your information.

    Incidentally these incomes are impressive.. What I would love to know next out of curiosity is whether this money is akin to an actual salary. i.e Does Michael Arrington actually earn 200k per month? I guess thats a difficult question to find the answer to..its like when you hear that Frank Lampard gets 100k a week playing for Chelsea.. I always want to know how much ACTUALLYgoes into his bank account! I love exact numbers!

    • Thanks Alex, glad you enjoy my websites, I was in the same spot you were, I hate over load!

      Not so sure regarding what goes into their bank but I know Michael does other things to earn a lot more from his website such as events.

  21. Matt G / The Sales Corner says:

    These are just awesome to look at. I always have people ask me what the definitive way is to make money online, and really there isn’t one. If you can provide a good service or product, or a way to solve a problem, that’s where the goodness comes from! There’s hundreds of thousands of people just like this that we don’t know about who are all very successful people marketing and doing “online stuff!”

    Matt G.

    • Great point Matt and glad you enjoyed it! I agree, I always make sure I blog about my passion and the money just seems to come.

      A quote for you 😉 Work with the end in mind and every day make sure you are working towards it!

  22. Media and personally told by the bloggers, some may be doing more or less because every month is different but its more or less right 😉

  23. oscommerce says:

    interesting article…the best to make money is advertising can control it

  24. Jenny Wilmshurst says:

    Michael, you might want to check out these 2 for stats & income:

    ReadWriteWeb – Richard MacManus whose publication competes with Techcrunch – Maricio Freitas (or similar spelling) who is another pioneer

    Both live in NZ but have very strong international presence

  25. Bud Hennekes says:

    Why is Zen Habits not on the list?

  26. Farrhad A says:

    Blogging is a good side source of income!
    Great list, Michael!

  27. I would have thought Carl Ocab would have been on this list, or Grizzly

  28. @alex Those are gross figures, so their expenses have to come off the figures. For some that will just be their hosting costs. But for many of the big bloggers expenses will include staff wages, office charges etc. Pete Cashmore’s Mashable is generating great revenue, but look at how many staff are employed there – so no, Pete isn’t pocketing over $2M a year!

  29. Jack Humphrey says:

    Dooce reported around $40,000/month last year on TV interviews –

    Several of the above are actually low estimates – makes much more than $25k, for instance, if you count his job board, book, and related income resulting directly from the success of his blog.

  30. Cool list.. count me in after 6 months I’ll be there.. joking! i think carl ocab pretty does well too and might rank there

  31. Albert Ng says:

    Hi. I was just interested as to how you obtain these values. Most sites do not share their earnings openly. I can see they are estimates but how did you obtain them? Thanks. And you should have a subscribe to comments feature because I never revisit a site to check out my comments, only if I get an email telling me 😀

  32. Om Shaadi Om says:

    I started my blog to spread awareness about my website Om Shaadi Om, but I started generating more revenue with my blog. 😉

  33. $200k? I don’t even mind 500 bucks per month right now. This list really motivates me.

  34. Paul Morales says:

    Great list. That’s crazy. I hope to somehow reach that level. I know there are many more people who don’t display incomes who are making much more then that. I prefer to make a lot of money and not be very popular personally ;).

  35. david mukonda says:

    Advertising seems to be something to consider in 2009. Great list by the way, very motivational.

  36. Kurt Avish says:

    Here is another blog which I am starting to love. Great work Michael. These tips are wonderful and very motivating.

  37. I’ve noticed a huge gap between number 1 and number 30. What does that mean exactly? It means that there’s lots of room for new bloggers to make money. Just give it time and the gap will be minimal.

    • Albert Ng says:

      He couldn’t get enough data. That’s just a couple of sites he managed to get some data on.

      Michael can you please answer my comment above =)

      • Hmm I see. Yeah that would make sense because the gap was way too huge and I know many people making a living off their blog which aren’t mentioned here. Good point. And Michael should answer your question above–I’d like to know where he gets his stats too.

  38. Great website and a very informative listing.
    Amazing to think people can earn so much money each month.
    Well there’s hope for me yet with my blog (ooops, I just need to monetise it,…….lucky I have some time, I am only 7 yrs old):

  39. Hi there,

    I was amazed by how much these guys are earning online. By the way, thanks for the advice that goes with your articles on how much they earn.
    What an inspiration… good work!!!

  40. Hi. I just interested as to how you obtain these values. Most websites do not share their earnings. I can see they are estimates but how did you obtain them? Thanks you

  41. So, whose gonna get me up there at TechCrunch place?
    – Its ok in the middle too, I can manage ! 😀

  42. FinancialServicesRenoNV says:

    Greetings all members,

    I would just like to say hello and let you know that I’m happy to be a member – been a lurker long enough 🙂

    Hope to contribute some and gain some knowledge along the way….

  43. says:

    This is good, I truly appreciate your efforts of finding this out and publishing it here, even though you say its not 100% accurate, but atleast we’ll get an idea of what other are doing … this is ture that if you do regular blogging and if you are dedicated towards your goal, you can be listed in the list above 🙂 …

    thanks for findings,

  44. death romeo says:

    wow, this is really great information, it courage me to not giving up in this field,

    Thanks so much dude!

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    Hello ! It’s been a crazy week but we got back to classes today and all went well with our return , yupiii.

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    i’m very eager to earn lots of money, but i have no idea about online earnings.there is so many way like ppc, adsense,yahoo publishers etc. i also want to earn like 30 blogs which i see in this page. is there any one who help me to achieve my goal.

  50. John Cena says:

    Great Post.!! I was also thinking of making money through some or the other technique through my blog and guess I got the GREEN SIGNAL after reading your post. 🙂 Keep up the good work and keep updating nice info..!

  51. john russo says:

    Look at Mashable and their advertising plans. they charge up to $3000.00 per week per ad. You have to see what’s bringing the big bucks on a blog site. Don’t let numbers excite you until you do some background research on the site. There is usually a lot more behind those numbers than you are seeing.

  52. Chris Jacobson says:

    You left me out… $5,400/month – affiliate sales/advertising.

  53. You are so far off when it comes to Techcrunch and Mashable it’s not even funny.

    Techcrunch made $200k a month 2 years ago..

  54. Wow..the Top 30’s List make me impressive..Keep Blogging!

  55. Ewdison Then says:

    My blog should land in between #7 & #8 also # 570 on technorati 🙂

  56. Wow, a really great list, it amazes me (if these figures are even close to correct) how much money can be made by the sharing of information on a specific topic (blogging) and not really even selling a product. I’m trying my best and I’ve been getting the traffic, it just seems that I don’t get many of my readers clicking on my ads, they seems to go off onto one of the many links I have to other sites. That’s what I’m working on now, trying to get my visitors to (kiss) if you will.. my sponsor ads..


  57. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the interesting article.

    I didn’t find google adsense as main income. Is that Pay Per Click? but I didn’t find Google Ads on the webs which have PPC as main income.
    or can i assume that no Adsense blogs earn lot of money ? 🙂

  58. HOho. i have many my friends earn more than that. Just they not tell anyone their top earning. 5k-10k its normal to them. But all of blogger really can make money from their blog. 🙂

  59. Nice article mate, i like the way you discribe different earnigs ways in blogging.

  60. thank you for this great item…I will make my blog now

  61. Millionaire Acts says:

    I think there a lot of bloggers that should be in this list: For one, our very own Carl Ocab should be in this list. he makes money thru paid advertising.

    For adsense earners, I do think that there are a lot of silent type big adsense earners out there.

    Why is it that Plentyoffish is not included? Or probably

  62. Seven Figure Marketing School says:

    wow. those blogs took a years to achieve that range of earning., pretty tough.

  63. Windows Boy says:

    Great list. But, many top blogs are missing like

  64. Madhu Kumar says:

    Great Good work……

    u changed my view towards blogging …….
    nice keep it up
    But is it works in indian markets

  65. Caden Grant - Make Money Online says:

    Great list, Michael. All your lists that show all the people out there who make a living from their blog really inspire me. Great blog keep up the good work! 🙂

  66. says:

    Hi Michael, thank you for this list. Huge amounts ONLY from ads, and count revenue for speeches, small jobs, publications and and and…
    I am one of the bigger blogger in Germany and far away from these amounts, mostly because I am still asked “What is a blog?” So there is still hope for me, for us bloggers.



    P.S.: I like Perez Hilton, he is successful and he just did it right. he is a fighter for human rights also, he does more then just publicity stunts.

  67. That’s a lot of money! Very interesting btw. =)

  68. The Richest Man In The World says:

    Nice list , but according to your list i’d be right around #15………………Better include me next time 😀

  69. Wow…top site is earning huge amount money with blog..i didn’t know before that its possible to earn so much…

  70. make money online says:

    Great post, Michael! 🙂 I loved the way you added the details about each one there. ;] Keep it up then 🙂

  71. venkatesh says:

    plz help me out how can i earn money online.
    i am going to create a blog but ia m confused where to create a blog so that i can earn money……..

  72. And oh, i passed again ;-D Great list. I hope to have that level soon 😀 Yea, cheers then 😀


    cool blog you have here! Keep posting 🙂

  74. Work At Home says:

    I mean really study how it’s done and ask a lot of questions, there is no reason in the world you cannot make money on the internet as well.

  75. valentina says:

    Those are very impressive figures!

    Have launched a blog earlier this year. Read your post on how to monetize. Jumped on over to Buy and Sell Ads, opened an account and then proceeded to add my site!!! OK………I continued to submit but am waaaaaaaay away from 100K impressions a month! lol…

    But then that gives me a number to aspire to.

    Not sure how I found you … oh I remember, a referral from a friend. Your blog is now on blog reading list!

    Wishing you continued success!

  76. Name (required) says:

    i don’t understand i can earn in blog

  77. moon saud says:

    Can anyone please tell me what is the easiest opportunity for earn money from blog.

  78. Isaac Yassar says:

    Very Impressive!! I’ll spread the words for sure!

  79. Looks like Advertising Banners is the most earning money in blog. Ideas… here i come..

    Thanks Micheal for this listing.. This is really helpful for newbie blogger like me.

    • You have to realize though, you need MASSIVE, MASSIVE traffic to make good money from advertising on your blog. I’m NOT saying you can’t do it. But many experienced marketers are saying affiliate marketing and creating your own product is much more lucrative.

  80. google money system says:

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    That infomation would teach me something.

  84. Crazy, so much money from blogging. 🙁

  85. abrablog says:

    cool. I will visit all that website and learn something.

  86. The question of how to best monitize internet resources has been an open one for all for a select few.Thanks to your insightful article, its coming one notch closer for eveyone! Looking forward to your future entries…

  87. I run the blog and it’s crazy to see that ever at the top these blogs don’t make that much money. Don’t get me wrong it’s a lot, but thinking of blogging as a business that’s going to replace newspapers it’s not a whole lot.

  88. Mario Loredo says:

    How do you use Buy Sell I signed up already and How do i begin to sell ads.. ? I click on Sell Ads and it takes me back to the home page when i click register! Do i have to Purchase Ads before I can sell them? I can’t find any tutorials anywhere and rest asure that i will keep looking! Thanks for everything Michael, you’ve opened my eyes and now I begun blogging and am New At it!

  89. Stock Market Club says:

    Great list, very encouraging. But it can’t be the top 30, I “personally” know of blogs making a lot more than $2,200 per month.

    And is the Huffington Post no longer considered a blog. Do bloggers now look at Arianna’s site as an online newspaper?

    Great post, great site Michael!

  90. carla | green and chic says:

    At first glance I was impressed at the earnings until I took a second look and saw that it was MONTHLY. Wow. I had no idea a blogger could uld theoretically earn that much from PPC.

  91. Suprissing, one of them on the list is indonesian blog. Im indonesian, congrats congrats

  92. John Ramey says:

    Great to see TechCrunch as #1 on the list! I run, a commission-free ad platform. TechCrunch moved their ad sales exclusively onto our service last month, leaving behind their old network, Federated Media.

    We’re currently in private Beta testing, with more of the top 20 sites on this list getting started with our service. If you’re interested, be sure to sign up on our homepage at and follow us on twitter @isocket!

  93. Bryan Hee says:

    Blog monetization with targeted traffic is important to make money online from blog. Without targeted traffic, you won’t make any money from blog. Fresh content is important to attract SEO and human traffic.

    To your success,
    Bryan Hee

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    Great blog and nice insight. I am amazed looking at the numbers and how blogs can be profitable

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    what about Grizz he makes thousands of dollars

    if you read his blog here

    He has been making money in PPC his niche is Make money online, a high paying niche.

  97. Wow earning really shocking me. Superb post buddy and after read it i make my mind to try some hand on it. I will soon make my new blog and try for it to earn money..

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    Your list not to completed…. – more than 2million page views and above $10,000 adsense income.

    Also list and

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  101. Mike Edwards says:

    What I’d be more interested in is the profit for each site, not just the income, as others have touched on above. After all, I think it’s our colonial cousins who say “turnover is vanity, profit is sanity”. If it costs $199,950 to get that $200,000 per month, it’s not quite so impressive.

  102. Wow that is a lot of money! I am now hopeful to earn that too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  103. Nick Young says:

    Fantastic post. I have been using affiliate links, advertising slots through BSA and Google Adsense for a while and am lucky if I make $5 in a month. Nice to know someone is making money, would be nice to figure out what I am doing wrong!

  104. Wish If I could just change my name to Michael Arrington and had all that fortune . 🙂

  105. Heryrhey says:

    Thx 4 U info I hope is true because this suggestion many bloggers in the word 🙂

  106. I am new at blogging. I’ve started a very niche blog on pasteurization, which is one of the things in life I consider myself an expert at, as it aligns with what I do for a living.

    Every week new material comes across my desk. I have a rolodex of contacts that I would love to launch an e-mail campaign to over 1000 individuals in the industry, but just don’t feel the site is “right” yet… and my only current form of income is adsense.

    If anyone has any feedback for me on the site – layout, monetization opportunities, etc, I’d appreciate it.



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  108. Guy-Jacques says:

    Thanks Michael! Great post!
    I now need some traffic to my site 😉

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    Really its nice site ..i always come here and see the list but still i am confuse what i should do and how i should start. I also want to do work like that ..but i am not getting clear picture in myself. God bless me ..and give me good path ..

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    I’ll never understand how this perez hilton guy got so rich… amazing.

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    This is really an inspiring list! I realize it’s not easy to make all the money that these people have, but it really does get you motivated to get out there on the Internet and start some blogging!

    Keep up all the inspiring work!

  113. Hey guys, having just started blogging to make some cash, i`d be more than happy to be anywhere on that list.

  114. Will Platin says:

    Wow, I can only aspire to earn the amount of money that these top guys make!

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    That’s a really cool post. It’s nice to see how much some of the top bloggers are making online.

    It just proves that anyone can make it to the top.

    I also like the theme of this blog, really nice feel and spacing.

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    That all said, i am definitely not complaining about a few extra bones here and there.

    Kudos to everybody on the list and everybody close!


    Now tell me what i am missing!

  137. One more quick note that leaves me some hope that this list is not fully loaded.

    The mommy blogger at @ was estimated to pull in ~40k per month on her blog.

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    So why isnt she listed? Is it because she doesnt directly state her income? orrrrrr….

    Another example of someone who i would imagine to pull in more than $2200 / month on his blog would be Seth Godin; He’s not listed. Maybe I am a fool to assume…you know what they say about assuming.

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    If these guys are just spooks and not worthy of being on your list, why are you even bothering to recommend their work under the heading ‘ Ready to take Blogging Seriously’?

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