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Top 30 Website Sales Of All Time

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One day I want to sell my website network for millions and so today I did some research to see whats possible and I was happily surprised when I came across so many high prices paid for websites. Ryan Allis said “You have to work with the end in mind and every day make sure your working towards it” and thats what I am doing. Every website I create is a asset I can sell one day, it doesn’t just earn me money every day, it will be my retirement fund πŸ˜‰ !

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30 Websites That Sold For A Lot Of Money

Rank Website Acquired By Price Acquisition Date
1 Aquantive Microsoft $6,333,000,000 13-Aug-2007
2 Broadcast Yahoo! $5,700,000,000 1-Apr-1999
3 Geocities Yahoo! $3,600,000,000 28-May-1999
4 Youtube Google $1,650,000,000 9-Oct-2006
5 Marketing Yahoo! Yahoo! $1,630,000,000 14-Jun-2003
6 Bebo AOL $850,000,000 13-Mar-2008
7 Tell Me Microsoft $800,000,000 14-Mar-2007
8 Club Penguin Disney $700,000,000 1-Aug-2007
9 Right Media Yahoo! $680,000,000 29-Apr-2007
10 Real Media 24/7 WPP $649,000,000 17-May-2007
11 Postini Google $625,000,000 16-Nov-2006
12 MySpace News Corp $580,000,000 18-Jul-2005
13 Adult Friend Finder Penthouse Media Group $500,000,000 11-Dec-2007
14 Mezi Media ValueClick $352,000,000 16-Jul-2007
15 Zimbra Yahoo! $350,000,000 17-Sep-2007
16 Business R.H. Donnelley $345,000,000 26-Jul-2007
17 Blue Lithium Yahoo! $300,000,000 4-Sep-2007
18 Audible Amazon $300,000,000 31-Jan-2008
19 Last FM CBS $280,000,000 30-May-2007
20 Tacoda AOL $275,000,000 24-Jul-2007
21 How Stuff Works Discovery $250,000,000 15-Oct-2007
22 Photo Bucket Fox Interactive $250,000,000 30-May-2007
23 Hitwise Experian $240,000,000 19-Apr-2007
24 Sidestep Kayak $200,000,000 20-Dec-2007
25 Fandango Comcast $200,000,000 11-Apr-2007
26 Web Dialogs IBM $161,000,000 22-Aug-2007
27 Havok Intel $110,000,000 14-Sep-2007
28 Ugo Hearst $100,000,000 24-Jul-2007
29 Feedburner Google $100,000,000 23-May-2007
30 iStock Photo Getty Images, Inc. $50,000,000 9-Feb-2006

To your success.

Michael Dunlop

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  1. Farrhad A says:

    WOW! Those are some big sales πŸ™‚
    Great list Michael!

    • Well my gain to fame here is i sold a web site a long time ago for a cool 20000 pounds site was making on avarage of 500 a day. i sold due no time to fill the orders i belive the buyers redirect the traffic to there traffic sites. now sometimes i wish i had not sold it but was long hours for small amount of cash in my eyes.

    • Mosul blog 4 all from iraq says:

      Micheal this is really excellent prices
      I wonder if anyone sold a blog (worthy one) on Blogger if you could know and make few reports because this will give us an idea about where blogging market going on.

  2. what is your overall analysis about the prices and popularity of these sites? i could not find any single stable factor ?

  3. Scott :: says:

    A MS transaction at the top of this list surprise anyone? πŸ˜›

    Good list, goes to show that if it’s good, the hard work pays off… πŸ˜€

  4. Now this is an awesome list with all the biggies compiled at once place πŸ™‚

  5. Indo Contest says:

    Nice list, Michael

  6. Stuart Wooster says:

    A lot of companies there bought out by Yahoo.
    I wonder how many they have bought recently compared to Google and how they are looking now that Google’s growth has expanded so much more.

    Is that meant to be a comma on the last set of zeros? One hundred million for Feedburner back in 2007 Phew!!

    Another top list Michael!

    “How much do you plan to sell your website one day?”

    I don’t know if I would want to sell unless I could no longer contribute to any of them for some reason or I knew that for the subscribers/viewers benefit that I had took it as far as I could and selling it would take it to the next level.
    As long as it is profitable, managable and still enjoyable/of interest I’d like to think I would see it till the end of my days.

    Question is, would that be a wise move?

    • Thanks Stuart πŸ™‚ Usually when you sell your still work for the website for a while, so you would still be able to help your readers.

      Best to sell when your at the top of your game!

  7. Great list Michael!

  8. Thanks for this inspiring list Mike.

  9. Dave Starr says:

    Good list Michael, and a very good point about keeping the end in mind. Many times we become obsessed with the pitiful few first pennies we earn here and there … but the end product is what we need to focus on.

    Notice that most of those valuable properties are not blogs, also, and many are “social sites”, so in the flagship blog versus social traffic arguments that often beark out in the blogosphere, keep that in mind. You could make the next Youtuibe … after all, what could be simpler than a site that just let’s people upload videos and let’s others view them?

  10. Not sure if I would sell mine, unless I sold me whole company, which I have no plans to do. Might go public, still keeping shares or just get some great managers….

    I can understand why some people would sell though, but not sure this is a move for me… guess we’ll have to see what the funture holds

  11. Charlie Dean says:

    Wow thats a great list and amazing amounts of money!

  12. Great list. Any chance you could share your sources for this kind of info? – & don’t just say Google πŸ˜‰

  13. Josiah Jost | Siah Design says:

    Wow, another amazing list. Fascinating to see the value of online real estate

  14. Scott Weaver says:

    Never knew myspace was bought out, Guess I’m behind the times.

  15. So Yahoo spent 12.26 Billion since 1999 on companies and now they are in very tough times. I’m not saying spending a lot is necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes you can’t put a square peg in a round hole….no matter how many pegs you buy.

    • Spending is a good thing, it just shows they didn’t always invest in the right things.

      It will be interesting to see how Yahoo! do in the next year or so.

  16. James Cunningham says:

    I thought I’d see Hotmail up there, sold to Microsoft for $400,000,000 in 1997.

    • Sorry James, missed that site, sure their are a few that should be up their that I must of forgot.

      A lot of the big money was spent right at the beginning when people didn’t quite understand what and where the Internet was going.

  17. Affiliate Failure says:

    It’s amazing how much big companies are willing to pay for a solid demographic user base! Sure it’s about the content and technology too, but it’s really all about having thousands of users that are highly engaged with your web property.

    • Exactly! I had a offer from someone to build a large website for entrepreneurs and he said he would aim to sell it for $70 a user which is crazy money but based on past sales, not impossible!

  18. Don’t mislead yourself. These are business aquisition of eComerce and site related company assets. The valuation for a property includes web relate assets, but ALWAYS takes into account the customer base and potential as well.

  19. Gud list Michael!!

  20. Those are prices paid for acquisitions of actual companies, not “sales of websites.”

    Build your website up as much as you like, but it means nothing unless there is a corporation behind it.

    • Over 90% of these companys all just started as a website idea and I think your not looking at the bigger picture here. This is where it all starts guys…. a couple friends working after they get back from their job and crashing on their sofa πŸ˜‰

  21. Hey Michael, Great List.
    I would love to sell my website when I have the highest bidder.

  22. Hmmmm, not all of these are websites – Aquantive, Blue Lithium, 24/7 real media and Tacoda are all ad networks that come with huge technology and advertiser/publisher clients and Htiwise is a web metrics service. Good list though, and interesting about how much Yahoo! have spent (add Kelkoo to their list as well and it gets even bigger).
    Tip is if you want to really make big money develop some cool technology to help sell ads better than anyone else, build up a big publisher and advertiser client base and then you’ll have all of the large ad agency networks plus the online tech & portal companies queuing up to buy you.

  23. Dolphin Promotions says:

    Sweet jesus I wish that was one of my sites on their.

    Interesting how there was a lot of acquisitions in 2007 but very few in 2008. Even before the economy hit hard times.

  24. Sweet list. Thanks!

  25. Very inspired

  26. Student Athlete says:

    Wow! A site for 6 Million!? Incredible!

  27. Ricardo @ NurtureYourWealth says:

    Makes you wonder how much those site creators got…. (goes to by every 2 word domain possible)

  28. Petites annonces says:

    Niiice post thanks so much for this useful info

  29. says:

    Really never ceases to amaze me at the number of $ sales some websites go for. Great list, great motivator too, thanks.

  30. Nikolai says:

    $6,333,000,000???? Didn’t know a website was ever sold for that amount…

  31. Polymer Business says:

    this list is insane and such an inspiration !

  32. Jo Jordan says:

    Trademe in New Zealand sold for around NZD 700 m which was about USD350m at the time. Mid 2006 I think.

  33. JohnKhoo says:

    I trade a website before, a very simple website in forum and make me $200. I can see the potential here selling a website. Now, i will be putting effort on some of my websites and plan to sell them off one day in the future. Of course i am not aiming for such a big acquired price, something lies between $20k to $50k would be good enough at the moment.

  34. Microsoft software says:

    Wow this is shocking amounts, i cant even think this large numbers !

  35. Lady Maksima says:

    It seems to me, that if you like your blog and earn on it – you don`t want to sell it any time. More older blog, more much love πŸ™‚

  36. markdomingo says:

    I just knew that Aquantive is the most high priced internet purchase. wow! what a figure. πŸ™‚

  37. Now I’m working to sell my Photoblog,
    Very new and has not more than 100 membership yet.
    This Photoblog has collection of American Celebrity Wallpaper. Mostly earn money from Google Adsense.


  38. Jake Rocheleau says:

    Wow I had no idea YouTube sold for $1.6 billion, that’s insane!

  39. and How much is If I want to buy it ? πŸ˜‰

  40. Michael @ says:

    Nice list ! I hope one day my website will be on a list like this. πŸ™‚

  41. A quarter of a billion for Photobucket. Wow.

    Now there’s a smart buy!

  42. Well, now you need to include the Zappos Amazon deal, for $928 Mil

  43. How much is ONE user worth and HOW OFTEN can you sell the same user? Seems the internet is a place where human has worth.

  44. Cell Phone Vash Master says:


    I knew the insane amounts for some of these virtual estates was mind boggling but when you list them , one suddenly realizes what these companies are basing their values.

    Its the lifetime value their looking and and future earnings from all the eyeballs .

    These figures are not just for domains but also the site infrastructure.

    Mind you – just look at Twitter – Some figures banying around say they are worth $10 B

    Thanks for that list.

  45. I would love to sell websites. I think it is one of the best business models. I am seriously looking at it. You can buy a website from someone tweak it and then sell it for some good money. This can be big. It is really one my goals. I know some people who are doing it.

  46. Very nicely done. All it takes is a dream and motivation. So many have started from their basement with an idea and never gave up. One that comes to mind is Started with two guys and a vision that has gained rapid growth of 100,000 members in their first year. There are so many others as well that have gone from unemployed and broke to millionaire status in a very short time. Anything is possible with the right mindset. Best Wishes and good luck in reaching your goals.

  47. Reg Gupton says:

    Thanks for the summary of the sales. Also, please note that there are not any in the last couple of years.

    What does that say? Nothing? Lots?

    Keep up the great work.

  48. tiffanys says:

    Thanks for the summary of the sales. Also, please note that there are not any in the last couple of years.

    What does that say? Nothing? Lots?

    Keep up the great work.

  49. Tiffany says:

    Love this post, Keep doing.

  50. What about the comparison shopping sites?

    eBay bought in 2005 for $620 million.

  51. Nikon D7000 Price says:

    I hope my blog would sell for at least half the price of #1 site πŸ˜€