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Top 10 Motivational YouTube Videos for Entrepreneurs

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Whether you’re a young kid who dreams of doing something incredible or a veteran with an extensive entrepreneurial résumé, we all need motivation. Skipping past the cat videos, one of the greatest sources of motivation is YouTube.

Here are our Top 10 motivational YouTube videos for entrepreneurs.

Motivational YouTube Videos for Entrepreneurs

[An 11th Extraordinary Entrepreneur Video Added May 2020]

#1 Richard Branson: Advice for Entrepreneurs | Big Think

1,988,663 views | 4:03

Message: Richard Branson provides advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“You shouldn’t blindly accept a leader’s advice. You’ve got to question leaders on occasion.”

#2 Where Good Ideas Come From

5,220,136 views · 4:07

Message: Ideas don’t just happen. They start as slow hunches. And your hunches need to collide with other people’s hunches to be fully formed. The internet makes it easier than ever to connect with other people’s hunches which encourages great ideas.

#3 The Best Motivation Video

4,315,092 views · 1:17

Message: Nobody has an obstacle-free path to success. Failure is part of that path. And those who fail the hardest seem to experience the most success simply because they attempted the most things. If you’re not failing, you’re not trying.

#4 The Rocky Story by Anthony Robbins

52,443 views · 9:22

Message: One of the world’s most interesting entrepreneurial struggles told by one of the most motivational people in the world. It’s the true story behind the Rocky franchise. Just listen to it.

#5 Everything Started as Nothing

20,255 views · 4:21

Message: The world’s largest companies, most successful people, and most incredible stories all have one thing in common. They start as nothing. This is a video Nick Scheidies and I made out of the audio interviews our book. Michael pops in at 1:01.

#6 Will Smith’s Life Advice Will Change You – One of the Greatest Speeches Ever

2,064,017 views · 3:48

Message: “Do This Every Single Day and…” One of the best speeches ever by Will Smith. Here are other things to learn from Will Smith.

#7 Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

34,274,733 views · 15:05

Message: This video took off in the wake of Steve Jobs’ death because it embodies the principles that he leaned on to build Apple and live his life. He tells three stories that shaped the man he became. One, about how he was adopted as a kid and why dropping out of college was one of the best decisions he ever made. Two, about how getting fired from Apple was one of the best things that ever happened to him. Three, a quote about death that he first read when he was 17 and how it shaped his entire life. Check out IncomeDiary’s tribute to Steve Jobs.

#8 Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

17,609,253 views · 10:48

Message: Study after study after study has found that higher monetary rewards don’t lead to better performance when it involves conceptual, creative thinking. Pay people enough so they only think about the work. Then provide autonomy, mastery, and purpose if you want to create a remarkable team.

#9 Powerful inspirational true story…Don’t give up!

20,424,448 views · 3:15

Message: If Derek Redmond had won the race like everyone expected, we never would’ve known his name. Sometimes things will go terribly wrong. You have two choices. Give up or push forward. How you deal with failure will determine how much you matter.

#10 Cameron Herold: Let’s Raise Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

212,681 views · 22:08

Message: The point of Cameron Herold’s TED talk is to show us how we can teach our kids to be entrepreneurs. But there are a number of entrepreneurial lessons if you read between the lines. He talks about his experience as a kid entrepreneur and how the little businesses he ran prepared him for the huge companies he’s running today.

#11 Bonus Video: He sells potato peelers and became a millionaire

2,156,720 views 4.10

Message: It is the inspiring story of perhaps the best salesman in the world!
It features Joseph “Joe” Ades (18 December 1934 – 1 February 2009) – the “Gentleman Peeler”. This remarkable entrepreneur spent his days selling potato peelers on a New York sidewalk but spent his nights living in a posh Park Avenue apartment.
An inspiring video!
One of our favorite YouTube videos.

Now it’s Time to Get to Work

I hope you’re more motivated to get things done today and during the rest of your entrepreneurial journey.

Remember this quote from Ryan Allis:

“Not a single person whose name is worth remembering lived a life of ease.”

Wishing you GREATNESS!


  1. Eric D. Greene says:

    Good list. Love the Rocky story. Also gotta love Will Smith.

    Only one thing missing though – ET the Hip Hop Preacher, Secrets to Success!!


    • Man! that is the message I just need to hear. He knew my weakness – sleep! Man I am always so tired, but he said it right – How can one be successful if they love sleep more than they want success?

      I also love the line where he says something like, “success is when you realise you don’t need the money” – how true! Thanks for sharing this Eric

    • Nicholas Tart says:

      Hey Eric! I’m glad you mentioned it. That video made the original list of 12 but we cut it to get to 10. The other one we decided to cut was this:

  2. Great post Nick! really a start up motivator to me. Everytime I watched the videos it gave me far more inspiration and motivation

  3. Fantastic compilation. It’s a lot better than feeding your brain “Dancing With Stars” on a nightly basis!


    • Nicholas Tart says:

      Haha… (actually lol’ed) I couldn’t agree more, Patrick. I don’t even have a TV anymore. Stumble Videos is another great way to be entertained while you learn.

  4. Kelvin Igbinigie of Entrepreneurs Discuss says:

    I really enjoyed the Steve Job’s video. It’s an inspired me. Thanks for sharing these videos with us.

  5. Mark Alan Effinger says:

    Awesome collection, Nick.
    As a serial entrepreneur, I know and have lived those struggles more times than I can count.
    And every victory is a lesson. A breakthrough. A realization that we can always do more than we believe. That last piece of the puzzle comes together and we look back in humble recognition of all of the people, forces, events and literally miracles that conspired to get us to that next goal.

    Awesome stuff, brother. This is the magic.
    Keep sharing your awesomeness.

  6. Terrific post. I was just about to compile a similar list as well for my blog.

    I consider Nick Vujicic’s video to be one of the most inspirational and motivational videos of all time.

    Was surprised that wasn’t included.

    Wonderful compilation

    • Nicholas Tart says:

      Yeah, I thought about including Nick Vujicic’s story. Not sure why I didn’t. Maybe it made me cry too much ;).

  7. Amin Ullah Khan says:

    Good to see Cameron Herold being covered. This guys made me a true entrepreneur. Thanks Nicholas for sharing this amazing article.

    • Nicholas Tart says:

      Yeah, his talk is amazing. I’m neither a kid nor a parent but it still resonated with me. I think I originally saw that video on Michael’s other site, Retire@21.

  8. Derek Redmond’s story tear breaks. ..

  9. Michelle Fradella-Barfuss says:

    Great compilation of videos! Very inspiring! Thank you!!

  10. Great post Nick! I’ve seen most of them but they are all empowering. I needed that again since I’m dealing with a few recent failures. Check out Nick Vujicic, his story is interesting as well.

    I’ll have to learn more about your businesses, looks like a cool blog you have here. I’ll be hanging around.

    • Nicholas Tart says:

      Hey Devin! Another commenter mentioned Nick Vujicic. Thanks for checking out the blog. See you around :).

  11. This is a great compilation of motivational videos. Motivation is what keeps us going! Thank you! 🙂

    • Nicholas Tart says:

      You’re welcome, Lisha! This was one of the easier posts to write because I was in a state of perpetual motivation.

  12. Fay Easton says:

    Thanks for the time its taken to produce this fabulous entrepreneurs’ library. Love the title of your own book and hope it just sells and sells and sells.

    • Nicholas Tart says:

      Thank you, Fay! The first time I emailed Michael was to be included in that book and now we’re good friends.

  13. Motivation ismust for growth and success and thanks for providing excellent videos on the topic.

  14. I love any list that includes motivational video clips! As someone who is just getting started I have a lot to absorb so this is perfect!

  15. Raphael Mavi says:

    This was absolutely awesome!

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