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*Provided you’re willing to work your ass off to create something people truly need.

If that’s not you, leave now, this article has nothing for you.

However, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, by the end of this article you will learn exactly what it is that separates the successful from everyone else.

The First Thing Nearly Every Entrepreneur Does Wrong.

Before we start on doing things right, let’s first look at what nearly everyone in business does wrong. Focuses too much on Technology.

You see it all the time, “I need to get on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Blogging/etc

They think the technology will be the cure to the problem, when really focusing too heavily on technology can cause more headaches than it’s worth.

Without fail, when nothing comes from simply being represented on the platform, they either:

  1. Claim their customers aren’t there.
  2. Seek refuge on another platform, only to find the same outcome.
  3. Give up entirely and curse the technology as a whole.

Here’s the thing about technology…

It’s just a device to communicate a message.

Blaming Facebook for failing to generate leads is like blaming a piece of paper for failing to make more sales.

I can almost guarantee you that at some point in history, there was someone who said “We need to make this telephone thing work for our business.” which of course is silly when you think about it. The telephone is only a device, and has very little to do with the actual income generating part of your business.

In short, technology is the least important aspect of your money making efforts. It’s important, just not as important as most people make it out to be.

The Second Thing Nearly Every Entrepreneur Does Wrong.

Next, nearly every entrepreneur thinks if they just have stellar marketing, they’ll sell a ton more product, and everything will be right in the world.

Don’t make this mistake.

Marketing by itself doesn’t make you money.

I recently had a guest post for go viral netting 38k visitors in the first 2 days of being live, and eventually it got picked up by Google, and still, despite excellent marketing and exposure for myself and my business, it did not make me a single cent.

Now, it is true that a killer marketing campaign can lead to a ton of sales of a shitty product.

But the big money that’s made on the front end is usually lost on product returns, customer service issues, and in some cases, law suits.

In short, if you’re marketing a bad product and you make a ton of money, at some point karma’s going to come around and bite you in the ass.

The Most Important Thing Very Few Entrepreneurs Actually Get Right.

The most important thing that very few entrepreneurs actually get right is the product itself.

Sure, you put a product out, but how good is it really?

How above and beyond does it go?

It’s not about whether or not you’re able to set your personal best either,it’s about whether or not you’re delivering something that is of massive value to the market place.

Think about the iPhone for a second. Whether or not you’re a user is irrelevant, because when the iPhone came out, it was undeniably one of the coolest, and most useful devices on the market.

It allowed you to watch full length movies, surf the internet, listen to music, search for directions and more.

“Marketing” for the iPhone didn’t really have to do much beyond just show you what it did.

Really, that’s what makes a superior product. If you can simply put it in front of a person and they get excited about everything it does, that’s when you know you’ve created a superior product.

What separates the truly great from everyone else is that they’re putting the time in to understand their customers wants and needs, then delivering a product that far exceeds their expectations.

This is why Facebook killed Myspace, Twitter killed FriendFeed, and why Youtube still remains the Number 1 video sharing platform online in spite of countless imitators.

Want to make more money GUARANTEED?

Spend every hour of every day learning exactly what it is that keeps your customers up at night. Explore every aspect of their problem and understand it so intimately that it becomes a part of you.

You need to understand their fears, their frustrations, and their limitations, then deliver something that exceeds anything they ever thought possible.

When you want to create a superior product, spend your time listening. Not just to what’s being said on the surface, but read between the lines as well.

You also need to know what specific outcome customers will achieve by using your product, and how it can improve their life.

Only then can you truly understand how to create something that will be almost magical to the customer. Only then will they not be able to live without you. Only then will you make more money guaranteed.

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  • Tommy,

    Thank you for making it “PLAIN” and CLEAR!

    It’s funny how you can hear something several times, but it doesn’t register until you need it the most.

    This post is right on time for my business! Keep it coming!

    Nikki Curry

  • Neil

    Great point, especially about the technology. I got upset when I started because I couldn’t get traffic from Reddit. It was only when I worked out that I wasn’t pushing what they wanted that I realised my mistake!

  • Matthew Newnham

    Hmmm, fine, but you should acknowledge that this is a very direct lift from Frank Kern’s State of the Internet Address a couple of weeks ago.

    Otherwise, you’re just representing this as your original thinking.

    (If you had thought of this independently, without or before seeing Frank’s video, then you could point out the coincidence, saying how you and Frank – and others – are all trying to help focus on this essential truth…)

    Sound fair? 🙂

    • Tommy walker

      While I did not see the state of the Internet address, I will say that I have been one of Frank’s students, and the raw form of this was something that we covered well over a year ago. So if I processed it similarly to the way it was presented it this year, that wouldn’t be too surprising. Fair enough?

    • Jason

      Just watched Kern’s State of the Internet.. “gimmick”
      Good gimmick, though! 🙂

      If only I hadn’t heard all this stuff hundreds of times from every other marketer before.

      I was bored to tears with Frank, although it is a message worth hearing over again ..sigh

      I really just wanted it to end. At least, with this post, I skimmed it in less than 30 seconds.

  • Did you really not make a cent from 38K visitors to your guest-post?? I would think that the value of that would be new readers that continue to come back again, and although not immediately trackable, these readers for sure will make you some money in the future. Anyhow, I am a new reader and I liked your post.

    • Tommy walker

      Not directly no. But I have gotten to develop excellent relationships with people as a result, and build a pretty strong network.

      The experience has been invaluable and I am forever greatful for the opportunity.

  • Sam

    Hi, Michael ….

    Sorry to say but the post is not so impressive.. unlike your other posts .. written by other writers..

    Sorry Tommy … i had to write this as I am a very regular reader of income diary for 6 months now.. and I am not really liking this post.. (in fact.. you, yourself have shown the example of what you have written here.. i.e Your title is so attractive and catchy however, the content (Product) is not as good.)


    • Sam, thank you for the feedback, I’m still very new to income diary so what do you think I could do to make it better?

  • Cheptiony Mutai

    I like the point of listening to what people say…it has resulted a huge impact in my business. People like to be listened to. As a result, I have been able to get several referalls from the of word of mouth. Even listening to what you think is relevant may lead to a big burst in the market or the industry you are targeting.

    • I’ve also found that it is a great way to get into product development, when you’re listening and reading between the lines of a market, you can find the major experience gaps and fill them.

  • awsome point about technology .must and sholdd ever blogger shold read this post .thanks for god for make it happen for me to read

  • David

    Yea, you are right. This is online business success simplified, a potent internet millionaire capsule! David.

  • Robinsh

    Hi Tommy, thanks for delivering such a topic that can really make me more money in long term and yeah please let me see that article you guest posted at Chris’s Blog.

    One other thing is that in this article link on is not working.

    • Chris is supporting Anti-SOPA day, so he’s taken his entire site offline, you should be able to see the article tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Yulia

    I disagree about iphone history, when the first iphone came out in 2007, and had lots of cool features, Nokia had all those features 2 years earlier, but Iphone had killer marketing campaigne, and best cell phone design on market (which was also part of the marketing).

    • being able to communicate that is something that nokia was not effectively able to do. You said it best too, while nokia may have had the features, the design was what really made it a superior product. That nokia had the features first is almost irrelevant.

  • Owen

    Great Post. I will have to Book mark it and share it on my blog with a link to you. Thanks

  • Alex

    Fantastic post and a great read!! The visitors this blog sees is incredible! I look forward to the day I can see this kind of traffic!!

  • Terrick

    Hi Tommy. Great post. I am a regular reader of the blog and enjoyed the new style of writing you bring. You are spot on with your last points about understanding your customer. I liked the image of the sliced bread, because most people don’t realize that sliced bread was a total product disaster when it was first released-they did not understand their customers needs and wants at the time it came to market and it only became a success many years later when the patent ran out and was taken on by a new company. Thanks again for a great article.

  • Darwin Hedges

    TY for posting, it was very handy and told a lot. Am i allowed to reference a few of this in my page only include a mention of this web site?

  • Bryan Carlton

    Great Post!

    Found a few things that I am going to have to change. Also, got a few ideas for what I can do to help improve a product that I am thinking about launching.

    Thanks Again