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Popup Domination – How One Simple App Quadrupled My Email List

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How To Increase Your Email Opt-in Rate

I’m really excited to share this with you guys, it’s my very first WordPress Plugin which has done wonders for 100’s of people already and it can do the same for you. I have heard from users that they have had increases in conversions from anywhere between 150% and 1100%! It’s called Popup Domination and in today’s post, I will be showing you around the Plugin and you will be able to see for yourself just how easy it is and the results you can get.

Most of you will know that email marketing is a big part of my income, without it I wouldn’t be where I am today. This is how it works: You get people to opt-in > Promote Something On ThankYou Page > Sell Affiliate Products in Autoresponder > Email List at Any Time Promotions and Updates! I personally believe that anyone who has a mailing list should be giving something away to entice people into signing up, in my case I created a 7 day free eCourse to creating your first profitable blog. I then set up an autoresponder in Aweber so that every day for 7 days they get lessons, then after that I switch to weekly and in between weeks I send out promotions.

Having a mailing list can be quite simply and it really is the biggest game changer you can have for your business, ask any guru or big internet entrepreneur and they will say the power is in the list and this is because they can keep sending back visitors time after time to their sites promoting new offers and content. Take a look at this post for example, over 75% of the people who will read this article will of read it because they are on my list. Now it’s time to not just create a list, but to super charge it so that you can play catch up and get a lot of subscribers from DAY 1!

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Building Your Mailing List and Making Money From It

In case after that you are still not convinced, check this screenshot out, literally 2 months ago I had more traffic and was only getting around 15 opt-ins a day, now I’m in the 100’s!

If you are a regular reader of IncomeDiary, you would know that we spend a lot of time working on our email marketing. Why? Because, it brings us so much traffic and makes us a lot of money.

When we first started trying to build our mailing list, we would get only a few opt-ins a day. Over time, it went up to around 25 new subscribers a day.

One day, we heard about how one of the biggest sites in our industry were using a popup and that it was by far the best technique they use to get subscribers.

So, we decided to add a popup to our site.

We started by looking for a WordPress plugin to do this for us, but quickly we found that there was no such plugin that would do what we wanted.

So we designed our own popup and got our developer to code it for us. That first day, we got over 100 new subscribers. Our conversion rate went up by over 500%!

So we went back to our developer and asked him to make it into a WordPress plugin that everyone could use. We called it PopUp Domination.

The week we launched, we sold over 500 copies.

That was back in 2010.

In 2016, after 6 years of being in business, we finally finished working on version 4, which is a web app.

Below, I share 20 of my favourite features:

20 Reasons Why PopUp Domination Is The Best In Industry


Email Themes

Collect email subscribers by using one of their many email popup designs. With dozens of different themes and every colour available, you can find a theme not only to convert well, but to perfectly match your current site design.


Redirect Themes

You can use these themes to redirect users to different pages on your site, or perhaps even an affiliate page. Consider this, you are reading this post and then as you go to leave, a popup appears, promoting this tool. From experience, this converts well!


Countdown Themes

Create a scarcity by showing countdowns. When a visitor knows they only have a set amount of time to decide, conversions go up. 


Exit PopUps

Show the popup when visitors are going to leave your website. This works well because it gives you one more chance to convert them.

On Click PopUps

Show a popup when somebody clicks on an object, text, image or another website area. Great if you want to offer a free eBook or a coupon code in a blog post, in exchange for their email address.

PopUp Triggers

Trigger popups based on total time spent on the website, object mouse over, page scroll, on idle, page views or use query strings to target specific audiences.


A/B Testing

Split test your popups against each other, find the best converting popup for your page and boost your subscriber list.



It’s important to see how well your popups are converting, so that you can see how you can improve. Stats include, highest converting pages, conversion rate, impressions and much more.

Super Fast

PopUp Domination host everything so your website won’t be slowed down and you can integrate it easily. This is one of the main reasons it’s not a WordPress plugin, because the service provided can be a lot better.

Responsive Themes

All designs are fully responsive, which means they will change in size depending on the device they are viewed on. You can display your popups on all devices or target, for example, only smartphone users.

Customizable Designs

You can change the colour and size of all our themes. You can even use custom HTML, CSS and JS!

Blank Theme HTML/CSS/JS

Good new for developers and designers, you can build custom designs and insert scripts.


Geographical Targeting

Show popups only to the countries you want to target. Make sure your popups appears only for the visitors you want to see it.


Page Specific PopUps

Show popups only on the URLs or pages you want to show them. Use wildcards if you want to show on specific pages or use the popup, for example, only on a landing page.

Referral Sites

Show popups based on the sites your traffic is coming from. Great if you want to run a promotion to one traffic source. Or perhaps you notice some traffic doesn’t buy your products, so you are best focusing on promoting your Facebook page instead.

Notification Popups

You can position them wherever you like on the screen and the user can still interact with the website without closing the popup.

Show on object mouse over

Show popups when a visitor hovers the object, text, image or another website area, get your visitors attention.

Show on idle/total time spent on website

Show popups when there is no interactions or user has spent some time on website browsing different pages.

Mobile / Desktop only popups

For users who are concerned about Google popups policy. We have mobile themes only for mobile devices.

Edit CSS  in existing templates

Also, you can edit CSS code in existing templates.


In case after that, you are still not convinced you should try yourself using the 14 DAY FREE TRIAL.  Literally 2 months ago I had more traffic and was only getting around 15 opt-ins a day, now I’m in the 1000’s!

Popup Domination Results!

Just looking at forums, reviews, Twitter, Facebook and personal emails from buyers excites me so much because the results are incredible, this really will make a big difference to everyone who buys it, they will see a big difference in their bottom line. Make sure to visit Popup Domination and buy it today!


  1. Luke Etheridge says:


    Loving this post bud! Really hits home just how effective a lightbox popup can be!

    The turnaround for this product has been ultra fast and I think the outcome has been great, well done mate!

    I’m currently using Action PopUp and have been lucky enough to have the ability to customize the look of my popup – but only because I put in some hard hours to learn how to use design software. When I started this would have been a god send!

    I strongly recommend this to EVERYONE wanting a lightbox popup because no matter what ability it can save you heaps of time! – Much more time that Action PopUp IMO.

    Cheers Michael and the best of luck bud!


    • Michael says:

      Hey Luke,

      Design is something it seems all the other lightbox options leave out – this just makes it easy for everyone to have high converting lightbox opt-ins.

      Thanks for the kind words mate,


  2. James Dyson says:

    Great to see this product finally live, I know you and your designer have worked hard on it.

    Also nice to see you liked the way I have used Popup Domination, with your screenshots of my lightbox above!


  3. iYingHang says:

    Bought it before the launch but I haven’t really try it out as I am currently revamping my theme.

  4. Jackie Lee says:

    Michael ~ I held off for a long time putting a lightbox on my site. I find them so annoying ~ but the thing is THEY WORK. Once I put one up my opt in rate just sky rocketed. I was bummed that I didn’t have an attractive option from Get Response and have been looking around for a solution. I found your PopUp Domination and added it immediately to my blog.

    My opt in rate has more than doubled!

    I didn’t really think it would go up all that much since I had just added the lightbox a month or so ago ~ DANG! I’m really impressed and excited to see all the sign up notices coming through!

    Thanks for this amazing, and super easy to use plugin!

    • Michael says:

      Hello Jackie,

      So happy to hear you had great results 🙂 Keep up the good work and keep us updated on how well it goes for you.


  5. Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    Really great plugin,

    I will be trying it out soon to see how it works.

    Thanks a lot,

  6. Hi Michael,

    Awesome Plugin and I’m already seeing higher numbers with my e-mail list. One of the best IM resources of 2010 if you ask me. Also, if we took advantage of the discount yesterday do we still get the video since the sales page didn’t say anything about not getting the video yesterday if we got it at a discounted price.


  7. Brandon Winters says:

    Hey Michael, great job with the plugin and launch! I wrote up a review for you. People are loving it! Keep up the great work man, I have no problem promoting it for you.

  8. babajide says:

    nice plugin mike…..wish to get it but i am having problems because i am a nigerian and clickbank can’t make me pay is there any other way i can get it?
    you’ve done a great job buddy

  9. Steve Watson says:

    This plug in is definately “A Game Changer” to coin a phrase!

    It was a breeze to install and it looks awesome, i’m really excited to see how it performs over the coming weeks.

    The affilite page is also superb with loads of great banners and content to use.

    The after sales service was spot on too. James was really on the ball when I emailed him. That was amazing to me as you guys must of been so busy!

    Very impressive!

  10. Prajwal Shinde says:

    Hi Michael,

    Great work. You have always been an inspiration to me. I have just started a blog after taking your ecourse on blogging. Pop up domination is a great stratergy. Will implement it very soon Michael.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. Azad Shaikh says:

    Hi Michael,

    Great plugin to have. I am your affiliate and promoting your plugin actively for next 15 days. I had a post Best Popup WordPress Plugin at my blog plus banner ads. I am already getting some traffic for keywords like “download popup domination”,”popup domination download ” and some other good keywords.

    Hope to have good success with this one.

    To our success!

  12. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for sharing the great tutorial. I had some doubts regarding popup opt-in boxes, but your stats clearly show that they are worth it.


  13. Aaron Darko says:

    Yo Dunlop, Thanks mate. I have tripled my opt-in rate because of you!

    Nice work buddy 🙂

  14. Dan Wheeler says:

    Yeah, pop ups can make a huge impact on the ammount of people you get to sign up to your mailing list. I did a test once where I doing some AB split testing. The pop up gave me roughly 50% more sign ups than the one without. Since then I have been using them for all of my projects.

  15. David Edwards says:

    Top post!… It can feel like throwing money away when you have a good day with 1,000 visitors but only 5% opt ins :[

    Going to have to get sorted with the opt in boxes…

    Got a few creative tricks up my sleeve ;]


  16. Salvador Stabler says:

    Awesome! I’ve been wondering how you create such nice attractive sign up forms. Thank you, keep up the good work my friend, cheers!

  17. Chase Brumfield says:

    Considering I’m not in the “make money online” niche I wasn’t sure if my readers would take to this.

    However, I was completely wrong. Subscriber count has definitely jumped and I have yet to receive any complaints about it feeling spammy.

    It’s nice to pay money for a product that actually does what it reports… extremely happy with my purchase.

    Thanks Michael!

    Give. Get. Give.
    Chase Brumfield

    • Michael says:

      Hey Chase,

      Great to know it’s going well for you as well, I love your lightbox “Join the Movement” – brilliant!


      PS. Also loving the blog design.

      • Chase Brumfield says:

        Thanks Mike,

        I’ll do my best to take the compliment humbly considering it’s coming from someone with one of the best blog designs I’ve seen…

        Give. Get. Give.
        Chase Brumfield

  18. Kim Doyal - The WordPress Chick says:

    Hey Michael,

    I LOVE this plugin!!!
    This was SUPER easy to install & configure. I did a video review of it on my site too. I’ve had great results with it in just a couple of days.
    Will keep spreading the word too. Nice job!

    Here’s the review:

  19. Michael, I have just bought the plugin now, and it’s really cool, I setup everything now and I am ready to rock! I even played a little and created my own look theme that match my site kind of 100% 🙂

    Thank for the nice gift! I can imagine now that there is a lot of ways to use this plugin in an affective way!

    • Michael says:

      Hello Hesham,

      Great to hear and I love the customization you have made to the popup – hope it converts for you!


      • I put the Popup yesterday night, well… very very late like 4 AM actually! and I just wake up now, it’s 12 Pm here and I got 10 subscribes already!

        That makes me happy with the results that your plugin have done just in a few hours!

        Anyways, I knew it!

  20. Hey Michael,

    I just purchased PopupDomination and must say it ROCKS!

    Well done.

    Have just one question…. is there a way for me to prevent PopupDomination
    from showing up in certain WordPress pages e.g. the Thank You page?

    If so, how can I achieve this?


    Fabian Lim

  21. Hey Michael – great product, am using it on our travel site.

    Just one question: I would love to customize popup domination with my very own background picture etc. (which I have already designed – similar to what you have done on this site.

    Maybe this is something which is easy to do, but I was wondering if you could share a tutorial about how I can do this or link me somewhere so I can learn more.

    thanks in advance.


  22. Michael,

    I purchased your 3d ecover creator and Popup Domination yesterday. These two products work so well together! I created a really nice looking sidebar optin with a 3d cover and then I included it in the lightbox popup. It looks great! I’m sure it will all help to build my list. Thanks so much!
    By the way, I think the prices are very reasonable for these two products.

  23. Sean Matthews says:

    Where do you sign up to be an affiliate. I signed up to the optin on the affiliate page and nothing happened?

  24. Create A Profitable Business In Less Than 24 Hours - Free E-Course says:

    Great wordpress plug-in!

    I actually enjoy landing on websites that have this plug-in installed because it’s nice to see an attractive looking pop-over box, which actually provides good information!

    Most of the other popups that people have aren’t effective and are very un-attractive! Very well done on making this a good one!

  25. Hey Michael,

    is that a new popup domination theme you’re using here on income diary?

    It looks fresh!

    When are we all getting more new themes?

  26. Hobart Personal Trainer says:

    Thanks Michael,

    This works straight out of the box so to speak.

    Let’s see how the list building goes now.


  27. OrangeCopper Webmasters Blog says:


    Nice launch – You seem to know how to do some startup !! Congrats to you. Have a quick question.. is this similar to aweber or mailchimp ? i would like to know more.


  28. TradeProfits says:

    Hi Michael,

    Awesome plugin! I bought a copy and it has been working great. Easy to use, and works perfect! Keep up the good work!

  29. Mathias F. says:

    Hello Michael. I am using Tumblr for my blog.. Can i use PopUp Domination on tumblr? and how? I am really interested in your great product 🙂

    – Mathias.

  30. Prajwal Shinde says:

    Hey Michael,

    Popupdomination is a great plugin. But I have been facing issues that the pop up overlaps with the youtube video that I have embedded on to my blog. Is there a solution for this?

  31. Joshu Thomas says:

    Hey Michale..

    I loved your product and i want others to do so too..
    Ive written a detailed product review and am promoting it on my blog too..

    Joshu Thomas

  32. Larry Clark says:

    I bought this the other day and decided to test it on a site I get maybe, *MAYBE* 2-3 sign ups per MONTH. I installed Pop up Domination and in the last 3 days I have at least 12 new sign ups. I am totally sold on it and plan to use it on some of my other sites too. thanks much!

  33. Hi,

    I would buy it, please tell me is it working in polish “lang” and with polish mail marketing software ( or

    Best wishes,
    Adam Mrowiec

    P.S. Sorry for my english…

  34. Can this pop up be used as more than just an opt-in? For example, can it be used to redirect someone to another page if they click on the button?

    Also, do you have plugins that popup on exit? or the one that pops up from the bottom of the page instead of overlaying the page? If not, can you recommend something else that will handle those?

  35. Hi Michael,

    I would just like to ask, do I still need popup domination if I purchase Optimzepress. Hoping for your feedback, thanks in advance!

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