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OptimizePress – How To Build A List, Launch A Product & Create Membership Sites With Ease

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UPDATE August 2013: OptimizePress 2.0 has now launched.

Today I want to share with you a very exciting new WordPress Theme and sales suite software I’ve been testing out over the past few weeks. This software has been specially designed to help you create amazing squeeze pages, sales letters, launch pages and even membership sites, all from inside WordPress with a very simple point and click interface. It’s called OptimizePress and in today’s post I’m going to discuss the unique features of this system in more detail and show you why I think it’s an essential for your business arsenal.

Many of you will know I recently launched my first digital product, Popup Domination. The product was a great success, but there was a lot of work involved in getting that product to market. One of the most important steps was creating the sales page and sales process for the product. I spent hundreds of dollars paying a designer to create all the pages I needed to get my product online.

Now if I had been using OptimizePress, all I would have had to do is get a simple header or logo made for my product (and even that isn’t critical) and the system would have done the rest. It literally makes it point and click simple to create all of the essential sales funnel pages needed, and makes creating great looking sales pages an absolute breeze.

Michael’s Video Review!

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I’m now going to cover some the powerful features of OptimizePress so you can see all the amazing things you can use it for in your business…


Create Squeeze Pages To Build A List & Capture Leads

Although it’s a great idea to build a list from your existing sites and blogs with a popup like Popup Domination creates, often you might want to create a page which is focused on only capturing the name and email of your prospect. These “squeeze pages” are perfect if you’re launching a new product and want to capture the names of prospects in return for a free gift, or if you are driving traffic from other sites to your sales funnel, a squeeze page is a great place to send your traffic first.

With OptimizePress, you have the choice of 10 great looking squeeze page templates. Most of these templates have support for video, but you can also just use bullets or graphics. There are also a range of really cool templates that have a cool “fake video” effect which is designed to boost your optins and allows you to keep your video content for after your prospect has joined your list.

With the point and click interface, you can modify the pre-headline, headline (including choosing from a range of fonts), add a video (just enter your video URL or embed code) and much more with the really easy to use system. I had my first squeeze page online in less than 5 minutes after installing the theme, it really was that simple!

Build Awesome Sales Pages

The sales page is where it all happens. Your sales page needs to look great and make the most of your sales copy to ensure you maximise your conversions and convert as many visitors into buyers.

OptimizePress really steps things up a gear with the sales page building system. You can choose from a wide range of template styles including full width headers, headers with logo and plain templates, as well as designs with or without sidebars for your convenience. The next step is using the really powerful shortcodes system to completely customize the sales copy of your pages.

This is where you can add testimonial boxes, content boxes, order boxes and buttons and much more, all from the simple point-and-click menu. These elements not only make your sales pages look great, they really boost response rates. Adding these if you were doing this yourself or having a designer do it would cost you a lot more time or money.

The sales page system also makes it super easy for you to add your own video to your pages, again choosing from your own video (hosted on Amazon S3 or similar), or use a video from an external site like Youtube (there’s a box to just drop in the embed code). If you are using EZS3 or Easy Video Player, there’s also a box especially for codes from these systems.

There are also really cool extra features like the delayed order buttons to add extra power to the system for those people who are doing more advanced stuff with their sales funnels (delaying your order button to show at the end of your sales video can help boost response).

Create Landing Pages & Launch Funnel Pages

Doing a “product launch” is one of the most powerful ways to generate huge response to your product in a short period of time. Usually product launches consist of a number of videos in a “pre-launch” sequence, before the main sales video goes live. This type of event marketing can really boost your conversions.

With OptimizePress, you can create these product launch funnels, including essential features like facebook comments, social sharing icons and high impact video embedding, all from the simple admin interface.

At the moment you can do one-off launches but the creator of Optimizepress – James Dyson has told me that they are now also working on a perpetual launch feature that will have system that tracks your visitors through the funnel so that once they optin to your sales process on a squeeze page, they wont see that page again and will go straight to your launch content – meaning a better experience for your customers and meaning you can run evergreen launches when combining with your autoresponder service – very clever stuff!

Create Stunning Membership Pages

The latest addition to the ever-expanding feature set of OptimizePress is the memership templates module. This is probably the module I am most excited about – as it allows me to create the kind of membership pages I’ve been wanting to create for a long time.

With the membership templates, you can easily create awesome looking membership content delivery areas where you can deliver your video training, downloads and more, all from the same WordPress theme installation. All you need to do is plug-in your preferred membership script such as Digital Access Pass or Wishlist, and use that to secure the awesome membership pages you have created with the system.

OptimizePress also allows you to create and customize menus for your membership pages, and automatically creates cool looking module pages complete with content listings for the pages within each section – so your membership site looks awesome and makes it super easy for your members to view your content.

Why Im Choosing this Over other Products Out There

Some of you might have heard of some similar products on the market which have some similar features to OptimizePress. There are a few solutions out there, but here’s why I chose OptimizePress:

– It has an awesome feature set – including all the squeeze page templates, sales and launch templates, and now the awesome membership templates system.

– The support is first class. Everywhere you look people are talking about how good the support for OptimizePress is, and although James is a friend of mine, he has been fast to answer all the questions I’ve had.

– The product is still growing. James has even more awesome features planned for OptimizePress (like the perpetual launch feature) , so you’re getting really amazing value for money as this platform is likely to grow and open the possibilities for your business even more.

I love how easy it is to add all the features using this WordPress theme, check this screen shot of the WordPress area, choose colours, options, insert text etc.. I LOVE THIS!

Why You Should Purchase OptimizePress Today…

– Creating pages like this system can build will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Trust me I’ve paid many designers to do just that in the past

– The combination of designs and styles means you can split test your pages easily and without paying for another design (just try a different template)

– James has created the templates in OptimizePress based on years of testing and designing for high-end marketing clients so these designs are proven to convert (and make you more money)

– By delaying putting up your own squeeze pages, sales letters and membership sites, you are costing yourself money – this system makes it easy so you can stop delaying and start making money.

I give OptimizePress my strongest recommendation. If you’re looking to create any kind of sales funnel for your business, want to build a list, or create a membership site, OptimizePress has you covered. The only downside is that it doesn’t include a blog system at the moment, but you really don’t need this as you should really look at building your blog on a separate site to your sales pages anyway.

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  1. looks like an awesome product dude, thanks for sharing – gonna check it out now!

  2. Anass Farah says:

    Great Michael, this product will help many people out there improving their online business. As you say in your post, creating sales pages costs a lot of money, so hopefully this is a solution for the beginners in the internet marketing world 😀

    Great Review Michael, thank you 😀


    • Stuart Wooster says:

      It is not just new people to internet marketing who will benefit from such an easy system, but everyone.

      The time and money saved will allow marketers to spend these valuable commodities into other ventures or start living the dream 🙂

  3. Freddy Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for sharing this man. I had seen someone using OptimizePress a couple days ago, but this review of it was great.

  4. Guts n Glam says:

    seems like it is really cool! will check it out, thanks for sharing, michael!

  5. Thanks for the great review. I am just about to launch my very first product – my Ultimate Fertility Diet Program- this may be just the product that I need.
    Sarah Leather

  6. Adesoji Adegbulu@MakeMoneyOnlineNg says:

    Awesome Theme. Great Review. I’LL TRY IT OUT.

  7. Thanks for sharing this man, i will try it out

  8. That’s a really fascinating product Michael – thanks for sharing and reviewing it. I am always teaching my members who want to sell their knowledge and expertise online that a squeeze page is the perfect lead generator.

    I can direct them here now.


  9. Really good review Michael, I don’t have a need for this right now but can see how it would benefit me in the near future. Putting this on the wish list for when I’m ready.

    P.S. What type of plugin are you using for comments? It’s very clean.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

    • Stuart Wooster says:

      I maybe wrong but I believe the comments are just as is with Woo Themes. Very nice themes and great quality.

  10. Wow !!!! nice article i already long time find squeeze page like this..
    i want to check out now!

    Thanks Michel

  11. Thanks for this nice review.

    I agree that OptimizePress is one seriuously good looking product — I remember thinking about the time and money that this product can save me down the line.

    It’s on my festive season shopping list for sure.

  12. Prajwal Shinde says:

    Nice Post Michael,

    I feel this theme is real value for money. The Squeeze Theme which is only focussed on creating squeeze pages is priced $97. And Affiliate theme which is focussed only on creating landing pages is priced $97.

    This theme not only focuses on creating high quality squeeze pages but also has lots of great features like Sales pages, landing pages, sales funnel, membership sites etc..

    That’s all in one package for a great price. It saves lots money, effort and time to create the most important processes of an online business.

    A must have for every blogger.

    Prajwal Shinde

  13. I’ve been looking for this stuff now for about a month…I really want it!

  14. Elon Bomani says:

    This is right up my alley. I am looking to launch a membership site etc…and some guys are out there pitching their membership sites programs but you have to host with them etc…yada, yada…major turn off…..

    Thank you for the information….I will check it out even further…..i’m pretty much sold on it.


  15. Stuart Wooster says:

    Excellent review Michael. I had heard about this product but not had the chance to read anything else where that told me what I needed to know.

    I’m so glad to not see you jump on the product bandwagon as so many others have done concerning a certain hosted solution.

    As I said to Lewis Howes on the webinar, it sounds like Kajabi has more bugs than the Amazon rainforest 😉 Whereas this particular solution works straight out of the box from all that I keep hearing.

  16. You are amazing as always. The abundance of value you consistently deliver over the years is incredible. Thank you.

  17. I’m on the tail end of a product launch and I can’t even believe how much time it took me to set everything up. My day job is working with WordPress, so I thought it wouldn’t be so bad setting everything up myself. Wrong, haha. Never again. I had considered shelling out for Kajabi…but Optimize press looks like a go.

  18. awesome. Really excited about this. In fact, I will be returning my jvpress theme I bought just yesterday because optimize really does much more for what I need.

    But can’t wait for the perpetual launch option to be added.


  19. I’ve been meaning to check this wordpress theme out for a while. Thanks for doing it for me and thanks for the great review.

    Looking forward to putting lots of info products out there with this theme.

    thanks buddy

  20. This is an exposure to the unknown way of making it big on the internet business.Thanks very much.

  21. Great review Michael!
    Are you starting a membership site? 🙂

  22. harvestwages says:

    Hey Michael,
    wish i had this earlier….

  23. Wow!

    This software sounds amazing, It is so versatile, and can help you build a blog in so many ways.

    Bryan C @ Turbo Fitness Secrets

  24. Hello Michael,

    This is amazing. The market really needs something like this.

    There are a few over priced, over hyped products out there and then here come OptimizePress, a great solution at a great price!

    I’ve have pieced together custom pages and membership plugins to do some of what optimize press does, but not nearly as clean or good! 🙂

    I plan to buy OptimizePress very soon!

    Thanks again,


  25. You say OptimizePress integrates with DigitalAccessPass? Did you use OptimizePress’s new Membership templates with DAP or Wishlist? I really want to give OptimizePress a try, but I really am not a fan of Wishlist Member either. If I can integrate OP with DAP confidently (isn’t confidence always the key) then I would jump aboard with both quickly. I have no fewer than three membership projects I could launch in the next several weeks… and I think that OptimizePress could help me to get each of them off to a pretty good start… assuming, of course, that it is compatible with my membership script/plugin.

    • James Dyson says:

      OptimizePress works great with DAP. We also have now added a training video on our members training site showing how to integrate, so once you’ve got the hang of DAP you can just create your site in WordPress with OptimizePress and be up and running fast

  26. Jeffrey Morgan says:

    Hi Michael, how goes it?
    It’s really interesting to Blog hop and read all of the different philosophies that Bloggers write about. I take it all in, enjoying the different people thinking differently. However, have you noticed, hardly anyone talks tools. I love tools.
    I talk about tools on my Blog! I thought everyone loved toys. Thanks for the information Michael.

  27. Sarah Leather says:

    Great presentation Michael. I am just getting ready to launch my new fertility program and this looks like an excellent product to help. The membership aspect also appeals to me- there is huge potential there.
    Sarah Leather

  28. Hey Michael ,

    Thank you for the nice gift, I’ve just got my copy now and I try to play around, really exciting!

  29. James Dyson says:

    Hey guys – James Dyson here the creator of OptimizePress. Firstly, thanks for the awesome review Michael.

    Also thanks for all the awesome comments, you guys rock!

    If anyone has any questions about the theme you can always post them here I will keep an eye on the thread and try and reply as soon as I can 🙂

  30. This product is top notch!
    I had a Kajabi trial and was extremely disappointed with all the bugs it had (at first) and the hefty price tag.
    I’ve now been using Optimizepress for a few weeks and love it!
    I put this sales page up in 2 hours!

    And when I had an issue, James himself took the time to answer my questions the same day!
    Best product this year!

  31. Freddy Rodriguez says:

    Thanks Michael for sharing this review of OptimizePress. I just purchased it based on your recommendation. I look forward to using it.

  32. Which do you like best… WishList or DAP

  33. Mathias Frederiksen says:

    Hey Michael. I love your site, and it inspired me a lot to do my own blog. Just wondering how you made that box in the bottom of each post with the STOP badge and the text “Ready to take make money online serious”. I could really use one similar on my own site.

  34. I have purchased this and it is rock solid awesome and does all it claims and more so buy with confidence 🙂

  35. nice! 🙂

  36. Stocks on Wall Street says:

    Launching a new product takes lots of time & commitment. Good work!!!

  37. Stocks on Wall Street says:

    Thanks very informative as I am trying to do the same thing myself.

  38. Thanks Micheal.
    This is really helpful to me. I have being thinking of kicking off my membership site. But i can start as soon as possible now.

  39. This is one thing I am looking for. I am new to the business and I have been looking for this type. I will use this one and I encourage others out there to try using optimise press as well. Thanks!

  40. Hi Michael,

    Can you add sitemaps with pages into the footer using this theme? Not sure if you know of Chris McCombs, but he has a great strategy for fitness professionals to get leads from a website that involves a sitemap in the footer – – just wondering if Optimise Press can do this?

  41. Steve@Trout Fishing Information says:

    Just asking if anyone has used flexsqueeze theme and compared it to OP

    Also if OP is good enough to replace themes such as thesis and affiliate themes as we can only have one activated in our blog to run the site, and many people are trying to keep their existing theme otherwise lose their design when making OP active – which it needs to be to use it’s functions

    Alternatively I see people saying to run OP on a second domain or sub-domain and make links to pages from the existing blog, but isn’t that rather messy and the layouts etc would differ

    What have you guys done to work around this?

    Many thanks

  42. Hi Michael,
    Great review.
    I’m in the midst of setting up a membership site right now.

    I’ll be using OptimizePress, your Popup Domination product, and I expect, Digital Access Pass for the membership script.

    To me, this threesome look like they’ll all be compatible, and also seem to be BEST OF BREED products in their own right. Congratulations to you, James and Ravi.

    Does this seem like a sane combination to you? Is there anything special I should expect?

    Kindest Regards,

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