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LOVING MONEY – Why You Should Love Money

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Loving Money to Attract More of It

The most provocative and controversial aspect of my two million copy bestselling book, Moneylove, is its title. When I first wrote it, in 1978, most people thought money and love were polar opposites. I was a pioneer in suggesting that loving your money was the path to getting a lot more of it.

Loving Money to Attract More of It

My concept of Moneylove is not about accumulating huge hoards of cash, or obsessing over money. It’s about loving yourself enough to produce the money you deserve, loving your work so you can more easily and happily produce wealth, and being a more loving person so that other people will be attracted to you and to whatever ideas, products, or services you offer.

Love is the most powerful emotion human beings feel, and emotion has a lot to do with the results you get in life. There are probably a lot of millionaires who don’t love money, but the ones who seem to be happiest and most fulfilled–creatively, personally, in business, and in terms of making a difference in the world, exude their love and passion for what they do and the success they achieve. When I say they love money, I don’t mean they lust after it, or are even motivated by it…they do what they do because they love doing it, and other people–who are after all, the source of all our money, are attracted to that positive energy, and therefore are happy to give them lots of money. Super Wealthy people like the late Steve Jobs, or Richard Branson, or Oprah, or Jeff Bezos of Amazon, or new billionaire Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx….are driven by their love for what they do. They don’t hate money or think it’s an evil force–they enjoy the fruits of their labors, and they love everything about what they do in the world, include creating great wealth.


Here are seven great reasons why you should love money.

Money Love Reason #1

You should love money because it is the way the world lets you know you are on the right path.

Money Love Reason #2

You should love money because all the world loves a lover, and people will be
attracted to you and what you are offering when you exude that love energy. The message you want to send the world is:

“I am filled with love for my work, my life, and my constantly increasing prosperity, and everyone likes to be near me and buy what I am offering.”

Money Love Reason #3

You should love money because the alternative sucks. Hating or even mildly disliking money leads to poverty and unhappy frustration.

Money Love Reason #4

You should love money because it buys you the freedom and time to love
everything and everyone else in your life. This means saying to yourself (try it):
“I have a great life because I can afford to own my time and have the freedom to do what I want when I want and with whom I want to do it.”

Money Love Reason #5

You should love money because it allows you to amplify and multiply your
positive impact on the world. Your personal prosperity proclamation for this one:
“I love the difference I can make because of my financial success.”

Money Love Reason #6

You should love money because is it is the only inanimate object capable of
loving you back.

“I love money and money loves me.”

Money Love Reason #7

You should love money for the sheer fun and joy of playing with it, spending it,
and sharing it.

As Sara Blakely, the youngest self-made female billionaire in history, puts it:

”Money is fun to make, fun to spend and fun to give away!”

At this point in my treatise, are you convinced that money and love belong together in our lexicon of essential aspects of life?

These two vital parts of any happy and fulfilled life share incalculable common traits.

Here are just ten of them for you to ponder.

1. Energy. Perhaps the most important thing money and love have in common is that they both involve energy, in many instances, the same energy. An energy we create inside our deepest selves and then project out to others. When you’re in the presence of someone actually emanating this energy, you can feel it, and it is very hard to resist. Why would you even want to try?

2. Communication. Equally important in having a successful, happy and fulfilling relationship, and in having lots of money flow into your life. Warren Buffet has said that communication is the key to his being one of the richest people in the world:

“You can get an MBA, but if you improve your communication skills, I will guarantee you that you will earn 50% more over your lifetime.”

3. Other People. We get our love and our money from other people. These are often ignored when so called prosperity teachers talk about The Law of Attraction. And one of the highest manifestations of success is to have other people love to give you money.

This is one of my favorite personal affirmations: “People love to give me money.”

There are no limits to what you can accomplish in life when other people give you what you want in terms of love, money, acknowledgement, advice, opportunity and support–and those are exactly the people you will attract when you project a loving energy, a loving personality, a love of what you do.

4. Painful Loss. Losing a major loved one, or having a big loss in business
can be devastating, And your reaction to that loss can be the direct result of how easily you believe you can replace either that loved one, or that money in your life.

In both love and money, your capacity for resilience–the ability to bounce back from a loss or setback–determines your level of fulfillment, joy and positive results.

5. Showing Off. Both money and love often lead to this. We are proud to have others know we have someone wonderful, attractive, sexy, and charming who loves us or proud that we have achieved lots of financial success. In both areas we sometimes go overboard in showing off to others. And this can lead to resentment.

Here’s a prosperity secret: the more people who enjoy and applaud your success rather than resent it, the more likely you are to keep increasing that success.

6. Addiction. You can become addicted to love, and you can become addicted to money, to the point where you obsess about either day and night.

As my late friend and mentor, Ken Keyes Jr., said in his bestselling book, The Handbook to Higher Consciousness,” an addiction is any desire so strong that not achieving it makes you upset, angry, or depressed. Here’s something to ponder. Ken Keyes Jr. also said, “You are receiving a signal or a warning to get rid of some addiction in your life every time you feel emotionally uncomfortable or out-of-sorts.” Ken was not saying you had to get rid of something you strongly desire, but suggested instead that you upgrade it from an addiction or compulsive attachment to a preference for that certain something.

I am not obsessed with making lots of money and getting a lot richer, but I definitely prefer it to the alternative.

7. Old Stuff. In both money and love, we have old history, old beliefs, even old myths that get in the way of our achieving greater success right now.

In love, we may be holding onto a fantasy about what the perfect partner will look and act like. Often these fantasy beliefs came from our parents or other significant people in our early years. In terms of earning money, many people are still holding onto the old belief that you will achieve your highest potential in terms of earnings if you find a company to work for, are a loyal and hardworking employee for forty years, and retire with your gold watch and a generous pension to begin a life of leisure. This construct or concept is filled with an amazing number of stereotypical myths. I’m not sure this fantasy was ever true for most people, but certainly in today’s totally transformed economy, the best response one can offer up for that idea is FC or Fat Chance.

Having a sense of lack about love or money in your life might be a message telling you to look at the path you have chosen. When you do this, you might find it resembles an obstacle course, littered with large bags of old stuff.

8. Forgiveness. The degree to which you are holding on to anger or sadness about
something that happened in your love life or your work life is the degree to which you may be living a limited and constrained life. Here’s a secret about forgiveness: It’s not about being a nice person or making the other person feel good. It’s about freeing yourself from those energy-draining limitations and constraints.

9. Stinginess. You can be a tightwad with your money or your love.
What you hold onto tightly gets crushed, diminished, or eliminated entirely. What you freely use and share with others gets enhanced and expanded.

10. Feelings. Money and love share emotional amplitude. We all have strong emotions
that can be triggered in these two areas of our existence. In both money and love,
it’s not about achieving a specific goal–earning a certain amount in a certain way, or
finding a person to love who meets very detailed criteria. No, it’s about how the results
you do achieve make you feel. What we are all really looking for is the feeling we imagine we will have if that special someone shows up–or the feeling we will have when unlimited cash windfalls arrive.

One of my favorite affirmations that covers both desires is:

“I Am Rich and Lovable.”

warm and prosperous regards,


Special Note:

Jerry Gillies passed away late 2015.

Jerry Gillies was a mentor to millions of people around the world. Although Jerry is no longer here in body, he will always remain in the hearts & souls of the people whose lives he’s touched over his 75 years on this earth.


  1. Wow this article has really moved me in a very positive way.I loved the affirmations and how you explained things..I personally love money and I’m so grateful i’ve read this post..i will write a post on my blog about what have learned from reading this and I will link to this post so that everybody can get inspired like I was……This articles is awesome or should I say badass…..Thank you, thank you,thank you.

  2. Shafee Maraikar says:

    Very good post yes i love money

  3. Babs @ says:

    The way you put up this post show that you are really a man of your words. Great workdone. And Still viewing it in a biblical way. I like money but not love. Nay… I’m not preaching here. Far from it and I really say liking it is my limit of it. Nice post, bro.

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