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Billy Murphy Interview – Make Money Online Playing Poker

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Could you describe what you do and how you earn your living Billy?

I’m currently the CEO of What I do changes quite a bit from one day to the next since we just launched; we have a lot of new projects I’m working on each day, but I’d say my main focus is on marketing and business development.

It’s just 2 months since you launched Bluefirepoker, which was created to help people make money online by playing poker.  Could you share with us how this site is going?

It’s been phenomenal so far.  We’re exceeding our expectations, and are still growing at a rapid rate.  We’ve already been featured on Fox News, and have quickly become the place to be for people looking to make money from poker.  I couldn’t be happier with how it’s going.


Making money online with poker is something new to me. Is there a risk involved?  What is your top tip for making money online with poker?

There’s a risk with it, much like with everything else, but making money playing poker isn’t “risky” nor gambling as people assume.  Once you know how to play, it’s not really gambling anymore.  Same as if you’re an entrepreneur and do business ventures.  If you didn’t learn how to make money in business and research your market it’d be very risky if you were just investing money into it without first learning how to do it.  If you learn how to play poker and practice before you invest money into it, there’s a good chance you will profit tremendously from it.  Playing poker is how I built my capital to be able to start investing in real estate, and starting companies.  Most people assume it’s luck.  There is short term luck involved in poker, but in the long run the good players get the money.  It’s tough to give a quick answer on how to make money playing poker.  If I had to explain in one sentence the best advice I’d have would be,  ‘Play well within your bankroll at levels you know you can beat, and learn how to play correctly before you start trying to earn income from it.’  So many people who could potentially make a lot of money from poker will play over their heads and lose their bankroll before they have a chance to grow it.  Same with people who don’t learn the game well enough before they dive in. They lose and blame it on being “unlucky.”  If you play at levels you’re bankrolled for and put in the required work you will make money.  There is no question.

You are known as one of the authority websites in the, ‘making money with poker’ niche. What advice would you give a new entrepreneur to dominating their niche?

Be the authority on the subject.  Don’t put out “pretty good” content.  Put out the best content.  We brought on the top talent in poker.  Our lead pro, Phil Galfond has made millions and millions of dollars playing poker online.  He’s arguably the best poker player online, but even better than that he does a great job at explaining very difficult concepts in a way that people trying to learn can understand.  People have been waiting to learn from someone like that.  Do the same with whatever your niche is.  Whatever you are selling, it should be the best there is.  It can still be successful if it’s not the best, but it sure will make the rest of your job a lot easier if you can offer something that’s better than anything out there.

More important than that, you should try to provide immense value to your customer.  Don’t think so much about “what will they buy if I sell it.”  Think, “what do they need, and how can I help provide that for them.”  With our business people want to learn to make money from poker.  We provide a way for them to learn from top players, without them having to spend a crazy amount of money for it.  Personal 1 on 1 coaching from our pros would not be something most people could afford.  However, we create training videos of our pros and offer new videos on new concepts all the time.  We make them available to our customer base which enables us to offer something of great value for a price far under what it’s worth.  Make the deal so good customers won’t be able to pass it up.

Since launching earlier this year, you have managed to already attract well over 1,000 paying members.  How did you manage to achieve this?

This kind of ties in with the question before, so I’ll keep it short, but people see the value in what we have.  It’s a great testament to our team of pros, and shows how much people are learning from them.  People want to make money from poker, and word spread unbelievably fast in poker communities when they found out the team we had assembled to help them make money playing.  They knew the value from being able to learn from our team, and our system is set up to drastically speed up the learning process, so that players make money much faster than if they tried to learn without us.  It’s very fulfilling to have people so happy with the service we’re providing, and that they’re benefiting so much from it.

What advice would you give to people just starting out with an online business?

Know your niche.  Work harder than everyone else, but more importantly work smarter.  That often involves being creative and thinking outside the box, but it’s way more fun out there anyways.

You are currently living the “Internet Lifestyle”, what does the internet lifestyle mean to you?

To me it means doing whatever you want, whenever you want, and being wherever you want.  If your friend tells you about something going on across the country tomorrow and tells you to hop on a flight, you can.  It’s nice not being locked down by anything.  It also means if you do things correctly you can set your businesses up so that they’re pretty well automated.  Right now with Bluefirepoker we’re a new company so I’m working crazy hours to get us where we want to be, but it’s the type of business that if I wanted to work less it could be automated so I could work very little, yet there would be no change in how the business functioned from day to day.

If you could go back in a time machine to the time when you were just getting started, what advice would you give yourself regarding making money online?

I would tell myself not to try to make money at something just because other people are.  I used to meet someone making a ton of money each month from one online business and I’d try to learn everything about that business so I could make that too.  I’d see someone with a bunch of rental properties, and I saw the type of money they were making so I’d look into doing that.  I would try to pick their brains and learn from them, and then after a while the enthusiasm I had would die out since I wasn’t really into it.  I was only into the money I could potentially make from it.  I was kind of hoping I would just get shown the road to wealth by people already doing it, but I realized the road to wealth is much easier if I’m doing something I enjoy, because I’ll be excited everyday to grow businesses I’m into, whereas if I’m trying a business because of the money that’s in it, my enthusiasm will die off sooner or later.  My thought process shouldn’t be, “this person is successful, how can I make money like them,” it should be “here’s what I like doing, how can I find a way to turn this idea/passion of mine into a successful business like these other people have done with theirs.”

Thanks very much for the interview, Have you any plans (personal or business) that you can share with us about your future plans / goals / lifetime goals?

Thanks for having me.  For right now my main business goal is to continue growing Bluefirepoker.  I have a few other business ventures I’ll be starting in the near future, but I don’t want to lose focus, so I’ll work on most of them once we get a little further along with where we want Bluefire to be.  There’s a good chance I’ll start a consulting business at some time in the future, but right now there’s too many projects I want to work on myself first.  People come to me quite a bit to get business ideas, creative ways to make money on certain ventures they’re involved in or would like to start, and I enjoy it a lot.  So once I’ve built some successful companies I think it’d be a blast to help other people do the same.

My goals really change from day to day.  Once I accomplish one thing, I go on to another thing pretty fast.  I guess I’d like to be in a position to never worry about money again in the next 5 years or so.  I don’t say “retire” because I enjoy working on things, so I don’t envision myself ever really retiring, since I’m already doing what I want to do each day.  At some point I’ll probably settle down in a big house with a cool girl, get a few dogs, and maybe a tiger.  For now I’ll probably continue traveling, working on business ventures and just having fun.

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  1. Shane Hudson says:

    Amazing… you are able to make gambling sound safe! Congratulations on being so successful already. Great interview.

  2. Scott :: says:

    Make money gambling…? I like it!

    Congratulations and Good Luck to you sir!

  3. Good luck buddy…good article

  4. The question that was posed to him was defintely a lesson learnt. ” If you could go back in a time machine to the time when you were just getting started, what advice would you give yourself regarding making money online?” He stated “I would tell myself not to try to make money at something just because other people are. I used to meet someone making a ton of money each month from one online business and I’d try to learn everything about that business so I could make that too” I agree with that comment. A times, we tend to lose the small steps trying to get big fast. Awesome piece Michael!

    • I totally agree Renelda, I know I could probably jump into loads of different online ventures but I would miss out on so much and so many lessons. Sometimes its best to go after your passion and take it slowly and don’t cut the corners.

  5. I have never known that we can make money online by playing poker. Any way great interview Michael

  6. marshall says:

    Very cool interview Michael. I like the wide range of topics you’re covering, including poker 🙂

  7. Stuart Wooster says:

    Liking the same question as Renelda.

    When younger I always looked up to what everyone else was doing and thinking “Yeah cool I’d like a bit of that!”, when in fact all you need to do is look at yourself and ask “What do I really enjoy and what can I do?” and really capitalise on the ‘i’ there people 🙂

  8. Agent 001 says:

    Inspirational interview. Now I know more about poker or gambling. Many misconceptions has been clarified.

  9. James Cunningham says:

    Its really interesting seeing an old trate in a new age world and it does almost make it seem fool-proof 😀

  10. this is by far the best interview yet. the poker part is really interesting, but all of the advice was really good….great article overall

  11. Brilliant interview. .Aside from the actual business model i.e Poker which I cant play, I really like Billy’s thoughts on motivation for starting a business. I am exactly like him and I bet there are many others too who read this blog and also.. I spend so much time looking at home others are making money and then try to think of a spin off idea or re-mixing something thats already being done but with different features.. But I think Billy is right.. Its alot easier to do something you are actually interested in..

    By the way heres a question for all readers? Does anyone get the feeling that everything has already been done and your only chance is to do something similar and hope it will be better?

    Look at Facebook.. in my opinion its so basic.. Ultimately its a messaging and photo upload portal.. All the other crap is pretty irrelevant.. I think its like any fad and I think people are experiencing what I call ‘Facebook Fatigue’. So why cant it be competed with? Are people afraid of taking it on? I have great ideas for the next generation of social networking where people really benefit from being on it. i.e Save time, money, etc

  12. It’s great to see someone educating players, that’s fantastic.

    I just stopped by BFP and have to say that you’ve got a new fan.

    Thanks for the introduction MIchael.