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Author: Michael Dunlop

Top Quotes To Inspire Entrepreneurs

One of the biggest motivations in my entrepreneur career has been quotes and wise words from other entrepreneurs. Today I…
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Barry Dunlop, Maverick Entrepreneur and Master Salesman

Today's interview is with Barry Dunlop (my father) and business partner of Dean Hunt. Barry has been a lifelong entrepreneur…
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Top Earning Companies in the World

When I compare the top earning company and the top earning website, the difference is clear! Wal-Mart are on course…
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David Soskin Interview – Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

David Soskin co-founded a small fund called Howzat Media which invests in early stage internet companies. His portfolio includes stakes…
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Timothy Sykes Interview – Earning Big With Blogging

Today's interview is with Timothy Sykes who made his million at age 18 when he took $12,415 Bar Mitzvah Gift…
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30 Richest Dyslexic Entrepreneurs

I am sure some of you have realised I'm dyslexic. When I was younger I really struggled to read and…
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Went Bankrupt, Now Worth Millions!

I was one told that you arn't a true entrepreneur if you haven't got bankrupt at least once! Well Walt…
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30 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs

How many of you recon its possible to create a website and then less than 10 years later be worth…
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