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Andy Miller Interview – Lifes Bucket List, Making Life Your Adventure

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Make Life Your Adventure

Today it is my great honor to introduce one of my personal mentors – Mr Andy Miller, discussing something that Andy and I are equally passionate about – Making Your Life An Adventure.

Andy is also one of the most modest, highly successful people I have ever met – he doesn’t beat a drum about being a Guru or anything but I promise you he is. Andy is at the very top of his Niche and today is one of the top 15 sales management consultants in the world.

Mind you, as you will soon discover, this Interview is not about Corporate America or Sales Management — rather it is about something much more important: Making Life An Adventure.

I first met Andy way back in 2006 at a Yanik Silver Mastermind group meeting. I was only aged 17 and frankly, I was well out of my depth when it came to business but Andy in particular always made time for me, encouraged me and was always happy to share his considerable knowledge.

Maybe I should also mention I was only 17 at the time and having difficulty holding on to my newly acquired Driving License. (Driving cars too fast and one or two unfortunate meeting with Traffic Cops). Turns out Andy had similar issues as a young man (actually said he was worse — but I doubt it) so many times we ‘bonded’ over that.

Andy quotes one of my favorite quotes in this interview:

Will the boy of yesterday respect the man of tomorrow?

But as you will see, Andy thought about this a little differently. You see when you were a kid, you have a hero but the amazing fact is that can actually grow up and become that hero, yet so many people don’t get that. I hope that with this interview, no matter what your age, you feel inspired to make life the Great Adventure it should be.

Enjoy this podcast – a Transcript is also available below.

I look forward to your comments and your inspiration.

Make Life An Adventure!


PS: This interview is a little less structured than some – in part because Andy and I are such good friends and also because it just flowed better that way. I would really love for people to share some of the things on their Bucket List – come on, let us inspire each other.


Andy Miller Interview


Michael Dunlop: Hello everybody this is Michael Dunlop from, and today I am with a really good friend of mine – Mr Andy Miller.  Andy has always been a really good guy and I have really enjoyed all the things he has been doing.  But I was particularly impressed by something he was talking to me about back last month.

Andy was talking about doing the things you really want to do – about making life an adventure, about having a bucket list. Welcome Andy.

Andy Miller: Thanks Michael, welcome to everybody.

Michael Dunlop: OK, I will jump straight to the point Andy –  we want to talk to everyone today about creating a bucket list and doing the things they want to do before they die. As I put it, about making life your adventure. Can you explain the Bucket List and share your thoughts please.

Andy Miller: Okay. First Michael does everybody even know what a bucket list is?  Bucket is probably an American slang term of “kick the bucket” before you die.  There was a movie that came out with Morgan Freeman and it was called Bucket List and Jack Nicholson was in it.  So anyhow, it’s a great movie worth watching but the more important part is the theme of the movie and the theme is, what do you want to do before you die. I prefer to view this a little differently, which is make your life an adventure and adventure doesn’t necessarily mean, you know, elephant tracking in Thailand, its whatever you define as an adventure.  Life is too short, and you can speak from this from experience.  I have always been somewhat of an adventurer ever since I was, I don’t know somewhere between twelve, thirteen or fourteen and somehow, somewhere I don’t know where I learned it from. Wish I did because I would call that person back and thank them, but I learned you know, make a list of dreams that you want to have happen in your life and then pursue them.

Now you know some of that may have been my mother, she was a very dynamic person and made a lot of things happen and she died at an early age of thirty-six but people referred to her as somebody who ran through life. And ran through life meaning getting a lot things accomplished and that made an impression on me.  So I made a list of things that I want to do at a very young age and started making them happen. So you know for example, when I was a kid I was a big bicycler and I rode at fourteen from Chicago, Illinois to Washington, DC on a bicycle with a couple of friends and no adult supervision.  There was just six of us and then when I was sixteen I rode coast to coast from Washington DC to Fresno California, wasn’t quite the pacific ocean but it was pretty close, but you know, make things happen and do things that fire you up and life is to short. What you don’t know is, How much life do you have? Right? You don’t know if you going to live till 80 or a 104 or 30. and I will talk about that in a second but one of the things on my list was I was going to hike the continental divide in the U. S. that’s the Rocky Mountains with two friends, we were going to hike from Mexico to Canada.  Through New Mexico, through the Rocky Mountains it was going to be nine months trip about five months of that was going to be in snow.  And we had written all these companies for sponsorship and gotten sponsors and equipment and at the same time, so that was on my list.  And at the same time I had an opportunity to move to Europe and start a software company and I ended up moving to Europe and starting the software company instead of doing the trip my friends went and they still did the trip but it is because I had my list and I kind of prioritized what was important to me, that I went to Europe and you know what I am glad I did.  I spent three years there, had the time of my life and grew a company and sold it, so I hope people are starting to get excited about what is possible. Lets talk about that. You have any questions Michael before I keep going?

Michael Dunlop: No its perfect I would just love to know, and I’m sure everyone would love to know, which is – how do they work out what they really want to do?

Andy Miller: Well that’s a great question and so lets talk about that.  So its funny as we get older we forget how to dream and you can notice this in little kids.  If you take a little kid and you give him a balloon and everybody knows what a balloon is right? So you give him a balloon, what happens, their eyes get all big and bright and they get all excited over something as simple as a balloon and yet as we get older we forget about that simple passion, simple excitement, you know you give an adult a balloon and they look at you and go what the heck is this why are you giving me a balloon and its like dude there is nothing behind its just a balloon get excited about it right?  So somehow we suppress our passion at least that’s my opinion and its like, I don’t care how old you are, I still think you should have the excitement and joy of a child.  And I really think what life is about I think its about excitement, I think its about joy, I think its about passion and if that’s not what you have in your life, then you definitely need to make a bucket list.  Lets talk about how to do that and by the way I don’t mean to be polyanish and say that you should be joyful and passionate and excited every minute of the day.  If you are trying to get some big internet project done sometimes its just a grind and you gotta  grind it out right and its not always fun.  But thats temporarily, I am talking about what’s more your constant state of being seven days a week, twelve months a year. Overall, I would expect that you would more passion, excitement and joy.  More than you would have dreadedness and feeling laborious, painful, hating life kind of thing.  So lets talk about how you make a bucket list.  So the first thing I would encourage you to do is just keep a little journal and what I did was I just grabbed a couple of pieces of paper and a pen and I kept in my pocket and for a weekend I just went around and I wrote down every dream, every fantasy I ever had, no matter what those were and I did not edit it.  So I didn’t say I would like to be a brain surgeon, no no thats too many years of school.  Forget about whether it is possible or not.  I just want you to write it down. So it could be simple things.  Some of the things on my list were that I wanted to make wine, I don’t know, I have been curious, what does it really take to make wine?  So that went down on my list. I did make it and it turned out horribly and I will never make it again but you gave it a shot right. Nobody says its got to turn out great, you just have to try it.  Another thing I had down is, I like to own a florist, I like flowers. I’m color blind so I can’t do arrangements but that went down on my list and you know what I will probably never turn that into a reality. But I just want you to take things and put it down and take a weekend and just write down on a piece of paper everything you ever dreamed about. That could be scuba-diving, it could be, making your own cheese, it could be spending the weekend taking your parents somewhere you know they would never go on their own.  It could be volunteering in a school with helping children who have a problem reading read better. It could be writing a book, I mean it could be going to some country you want to go to, It could be having a personal trainer.  It could be going to medical school.  I’m just trying to things of all the things I had on my list.  I wanted to own a cheesecake bakery cause I am a good baker but I don’t like getting up early in the morning so that will never happen.  But I had made a whole list, I had marshal arts on there, I had to see the great wall of China, I had go to Machu Picchu.  I had to, you know, tell my parents I love them more often.  I had to write a book, I failed English in sixth grade, so writing a book would be a major feat for me or accomplishment.  You know what, for a kid who couldn’t pass English in the sixth grade, hey look at me, I wrote a book, right.  So you know, all kinds of things, anything that really get you excited but its about dreaming.

So how do you build that list?

One of things that I did was, that I looked at the books or magazines that I used to keep around as a kid.  There is an expression that says, “Will the boy of yesterday respect the man of tomorrow?”.  I always thought it a little differently. When you were a kid, you had a hero and the fact is you can actually grow up and become your hero and why wouldn’t you?  You know, a hero was somebody who excited you and inspired you and why don’t you grow up and become your own hero.  If that makes any sense at all.

Michael Dunlop: That sounds great.

Andy Miller: Hey, its like why not?  So I don’t know Michael, who’s the hero that you had? Maybe I shouldn’t ask you this and put you on the spot but who was the hero that you had?

Michael Dunlop: Oh like a proper person?

Andy Miller: Oh no a cartoon person or whatever. Who was somebody that was a hero to you?

Michael Dunlop: I liked just about all the super-heros when I was a kid. I liked to dream I could be him, I could be anyone.

Andy Miller: Yeah and what was it that attracted you to them or the qualities?

Michael Dunlop: That they could do things no one else would go out and do themselves. They were just they were their own person.

Andy Miller: Okay, so you are kind of doing that now.

Michael Dunlop: Yeah I am aren’t I?

Andy Miller: Think about it or you know. One guy that I really admire is Richard Branson.
Here’s a guy who has done it his own way, making his dreams reality and yet doing a lot of charity and having an impact on the world but also having lots of adventure. And he is kind of a modern day superhero or if you ever saw the movie Indiana Jones.

Michael Dunlop: Oh Yeah. Thats on my bucket list.

Andy Miller: Okay so there is a real life Indiana Jones and I found his book and I Iooked him up and I actually called him on the phone and John Gottered is his name and he invited me to come out and he’s like, hey I’m having my 65thbirthday party, its next week, why don’t you come on out and see me? So you its amazing what is  possible when you decide, hey lets make some of these dreams come true. So other things you could have on your list, scuba diving, it could be long.  So here is how I made it, as I started off to say, yeah look at the books and things I admired as a kid.  We had a TV show when I was a kid called Kung Fu. David Carradine, he’s like this martial arts guy and I respected his ability as a martial artist but I also respected how even keel his mentality was.  He didn’t really like to get into fights, it was always the last resort, he was always kind of a peaceful warrior kind of thing and almost like a zen. Well he was a monk. So I looked at things I admired when I was a kid, TV  shows, cartoons, superheroes, I looked at books. One of the things I wanted to do as a kid, I read books about how to build log cabins.  So that went down on my list. Hey, build a log cabin, now as I said, you don’t have to make this come true right now.  Lets just get your fantasies and your dreams down on paper. The other thing I did, I went to the bookstore, where they had all the books and all the magazines and I just walked through different sections.  Hey look at all the magazines they have got there.  Okay they had car and driver or a hot rod and I’m like, I always wanted to own a race car or so I wrote that down. And you know, that’s one thing that was on my list and I went out and bought a race car. So yeah, look at the magazines and let the magazines inspire you and help you remember of what you used to dream about.  So thats one way I did it.  Magazines, books, I also went through the yellow pages at the time ‘cause we did’nt have the internet.  Now you could go through the internet and you could just type in all kinds of things and see what comes up.  Adventure travel comes up, charity causes come up, anything you want, but allow yourself two to three days of doing nothing but dreaming and you know what, ask your friends. I’ve some friends and one of their fantasies, they want to learn how the play guitar. Yeah, you know what, thats very doable.  But like I said, right now just make a list of things that you would like to have, of dreams and fantasies. Make the list don’t filter it.  Once you do that, then I want you to take it to the next level. The next level is I want you to look at different categories.

Now, there is a lot of goal setting programs out there and I don’t know I have always felt like that was kind of a futile exercise  because somebody is telling you to set some goals and I have always felt like it was missing a little extra kick behind it.

This changes goal setting.  When you can take a dream and turn it into a reality your goal setting becomes totally different.  Now am not here to necessarily talk about goal setting cause this was something you and I talked about over dinner you know just between two buddies.  So I just wanting to share with everybody what fires me up. The way to take it to the next level is, I broke it down into categories and zig ziglar did a program on goal setting that I thought was really good and I kind of copied his categories.  And its, once you have done your dream list, now I want you to put the next section on it which is, how about some financial dreams?  I’m going to actually give you some structure now.  How about some financial dreams, social dreams in terms of contributions to society or maybe friends are under that.  Then I have a section on family.  Things you might want to do for your parents or your spouse or your kids or your siblings.  Another one I had was spiritual, you know if you have any spiritual goals, some people that matters to, some people it doesn’t. Another one I had was health.  Just health overall you know you mentioned getting a personal trainer.  Or if you are overweight you know maybe pick a goal of losing ten pounds. I put different categories because in my dreaming you know, there is certain categories that were void in my dreams and I realized I needed to add some dreams to that, so that’s what I did. And once that’s done, once you have gone through all those categories.  Then this is real simple.  I pick one to three dreams that I want to turn into reality every year and I make them come true. So you got this bit long list, my list is eight pages long literally single spaced. Eight pages long of things that I want to do.  One thing on there was, I want to build a helicopter. You can buy these kits where you can build a helicopter and its big enough for you and another person and luggage to fly in. And at time it was forty thousand dollars and quite frankly, if I made it a longer term goal and say hey I want to save eight thousands of dollars a year for five years. You know what I would have the forty-thousand set aside to buy the helicopter and then you need to take  a year to build it.  But that was then am sure now its more expensive now. But you know what that was on my dream list, I’d probably never make that a reality, but thats okay.  So take your list and look at one to three thing that you want to become a reality and make it happen.   I don’ t know Michael I have just been talking nonstop.  I have certainly got more to say but I want to take a breadth for a sec and see if you have any questions.

Michael Dunlop: One thing I hear from a lot of people who want to create a businesses or make money online, is I cant do it.

Andy Miller: Right

Michael Dunlop: You know and even when I wrote my list and you know you look at your list and you are like, why haven’t I done this already?  I have been wanting to do this for ages.  It is just as simple as going out and doing it and what would you say to those people who say I cant do this right now or I can’t do it full stop?

Andy Miller:  You know there may be some things that you cant do right now but then pick something you can. Do you guys have the storybook when you were a kid about the little engine that couldn’t.  Do you know that story?

Michael Dunlop: No I have never heard of that sorry.

Andy Miller: That’s okay, so its probably an American storybook.  But its about a train that has to go up a hill and has a lot of cars on the back of it and the big engine is saying, that’s too many cars I can’t do it and the little engine am sorry its the little engine that could, that’s the name of the book, so the little engine goes up to the big engine and says hey I think I can do that so step aside let me give it a shot and its really interesting right because it is a metaphor for people in life. A lot of people are like I can’t, I can’t, I can’t if that’s what you tell yourself thats absolutely true you can’t.  And if you can or you think you can, you will at least try and most of the time you can get a whole lot more done or you can make it happen when you didn’t.  So I liked to be the little engine that can versus the little engine that cannot.  So I think part of is to develop I can do it attitude.  That’s one thing and the other thing is how do you want to live your life.  I mean you must have zombie movies in the UK right?

Michael Dunlop: Oh Yeah!

Andy Miller: Okay so what’s interesting is I think thats a lot of society.  I think a lot of society are zombies.  I think they died when they were somewhere around 21 to 25. They just happen to be living in the shell of a body why. Because I think they got into a routine, they get up in the morning, they go to work, they do their thing, they come home, they open up a beer, they turn on a soccer game, they scratch themselves, and thats what they do seven days a week for the rest of their lives.  I am being a little sarcastic here so please forgive me.  I hope that’s not too off color but in essence thats what they do, they go down to the pub but they just fall into a routine and you know hey how are you doing? What going on in life? Same old Same old. Well, yeah, it is same old, same old for another fifty years. I am sorry I don’t want to live that way.  They are walking zombies and its like don’t let yourself live that life. So in answering your question of what do you say to the folks who are like I can’t do this right now. Well that’s your choice but I will tell you what, you may think you’ve got a nice long life and you don’t know that.  You don’t know how long you are going to live. You don’t know when you going die. I mean I was, when I was living in Amsterdam and I just sold the software company and I wasn’t feeling very well and I went to doctor because I said hey doc am not feeling well something’s wrong and they did some tests and I was terminally ill and he’s like go home make up out your will, if you have people you have done wrong in your life, which is wise advise, make a list of all the people you have done wrong and call them and clean it all up. and I went home and made out my will and i made up my list of people and I called them and tried to clean up all I could possible could but I was also not saying hey I am dead. I am like, na I am going to beat this thing and it took me a year and I beat it.  But you know, thats at 30 years old and you don’t know how long you got to live.  Now three four years later, I moved back to the US and was in an elevator or lift depending on what you call it and it fell six floors and fell to the bottom with me in it and I was paralyzed on my right side for a couple of months and they said you will never walk again, you will never run and I was a marathon runner at the time,  and again that was the doctors saying this is the way its going to be and you know what Michael, you met me four years ago, do I look like a guy who was an invalid?

Michael Dunlop: No

Andy Miller: I’m an avid runner, am an avid weight lifter and I built my body back about 99.5% , but my point is that is twice now that I probably should have dead and that was two times before the age of 35.   So you don’t know how much time you have and I am going  to encourage you to know what, go out and make some things happen. but hey things that are important to you because if something happens and you are in a lift that falls or a car accident, you know wouldn’t it be nice to be sitting there going, hey there’s some things I have always wanted to do in my life and I did them?

Michael Dunlop: Yeah

Andy Miller: The funny thing is at least for me I can’t speak for everybody, the funny thing is most of those things are experiences for me so I doubt if I will look back and say hey am really glad I bought that couch for my house or and I will probably look back and say am really glad I bought that Porsche, but its not the possession of the Porsche its the driving experience that I get when I am in it.  But to me its the experiences that I would look back at and in another one of my ways that I make decisions is if I have an opportunity to do something and I am debating whether I should do it or not, I sit there and I go you know five years from now if I don’t do this will I look back and say I wish I had. Because If I am going to look back and regret that I didn’t do it and wish I had, it tells me I should just go do it and if I look back and go and you know, five years from now I am looking back and go no, not a big deal, then I got my answer,  but that’s kinda some of my philosophy but its make that dream list and pick one thing, two things three things on it that you can turn into reality for this year.

Michael Dunlop: Brilliant idea

Andy Miller: That’s what I do and some of the thing on that list Michael are easy like you said going hey gosh I have always wanted to do that look at this its so simple. Why haven’t I done it.  Mean it could be as simple as have you ever been to bath? Have you ever seen the Roman ruins there?

Michael Dunlop: Yeah, I have yeah.

Andy Miller: Okay so, for some folks who aren’t that far away from it, it could be as simple as jumping in a car and going up and spending the weekend there right or you know have you been to Lake District, have you been to Hadrian’s wall or you know, there are so many simple things that we could do that its been on our list of going you know I’d like to do that some day, I’d like to do that some day and then ten years later its like I’d like to do that some day and its real simple. Put it on your list and go freaking do it. But don’t let time pass you by cause you just don’t know how much time you have. I mean that’s really it.

Michael Dunlop: Now, one last sort of thing I would like to touch on the whole thing is sort of the financial sides to those things.  Cause a lot of people you know, its not just I can’t do because you know I am scared or because I don’t have the time, and sometimes its the whole fact that some people don’t want to spend the money to do the things they really want and lot of the times like I have things on my list and I am thinking to myself I have the money to do this why I am saving for something I have no idea why  I need the money for?  Why don’t I just go and do it? What would you say to those people who are sort of thinking why,  said that ?

Andy Miller: Well, elaborate on your question a little bit more cause I am not sure what you are asking. I think I know, but give me a little more.

Michael Dunlop:  Well like, people are scared to spend money a lot of the time and you know they save money and they don’t want to spend it. They don’t know exactly what they are saving for but they are saving it because they know they are going to need it someday and some people, somethings don’t cost that much money like one of my things on my list is, I used to play drums and I wasn’t too bad at it and this was when I was probably about thirteen or fourteen and I sort of made school in the way and I gave up but I was recently in America when I visited you I went to a Best Buy and they had this audio section and I have never seen this sort of thing before because none of that we have PC World over here and we don’t have a whole musical area and they had this musical drum kit area and everything and I played it and I was like wow I really miss this and I put it on my list and I am thinking to myself its like if I get a good one, it wouldn’t be anything more than a thousand pounds and that’s something I can afford to do but so many people you know, they can afford to do it but they just don’t want to spend the money and so thats something a lot of people have to come over. Its just saying, this will give me a much better return than the money I have spent on it.

Andy Miller: Gotcha

Michael Dunlop: So that’s the thing I wanted to touch upon, only because a lot of people don’t let it click that what they going to get in return is so much better.

Andy Miller: Yeah got it. Okay so I think there’s multiple answers to your question. I mean there’s striking a balance and I don’t know what the balance is. But there is striking a balance between what you spend today and saving for the future, and so thats part of why that section on your dream list. I mean do the dreams first but then start to categorize it and lets face it, you want to save for tomorrow, you don’t want to get to retirement age which I will never retire.  If you get to retirement age and you want the option to retire, it would be nice if you had enough money to do that and you need to plan for that.  And some of the statistics I have seen which I don’t remember the exact statistics now but I was stunned at least in the U. S. of how many people are going to reach retirement age and not have enough money that they are going to have more life then they are money.  You know what happens then.  Thats happened with my parents and I am taking care of them from now financially. So I think the statistic I saw was something like that’s going to happen to 40%  of Americans.  You can’t quote me on that number but it was a huge number and I was stunned and appalled by that number. So part of it is you do need to do some financial planning on what kind of lifestyle you want to live when you get to retirement age. So you do have to save for that but you know what the flip side of that is, I think about my grandparents who were farmers and they saved their whole life to be able to go on trips, they wanted to travel. But as a farmer you know you never get a sick day, you never get a holiday. Cause the animals still have to be fed.  The cows still have to be milked, the crops still have to be taken care of.  So there is no time off and yet when they got to the age where they could retire and they sold the animals, so that then they could have a relative check on the crops,  physically they weren’t able to travel.  So there is a balance between living for today and making sure they plan for tomorrow.  But then again you don’t know how much tomorrow you have. So am not saying purely live for today, what I don’t have the answer to is. What’s the proper balance. So that’s one part of the answer to your question.  The other part of the question is, you know we don’t spend money as you were talking about drums its like you know I think there’s a piece of there’s something we really love to do when we were younger and we got away from it.  And you know, the question is why did we get away from it, well here are lots of reasons why.   But when you saw that electronic drum set. It sparked some passion back in you correct?

Michael Dunlop: Oh yeah. I got excited.

Andy Miller: Exactly, it’s like what are the things. I think thats what its about, its about doing things that excite you and things that you used to do and we got away from. Me as a kid I used to a lot of camping.  I haven’t been camping in years and I am dying to go.  It’s like wait I just need to put it on my calendar and go camping cause I love camping.  Or same with the bicycling you know I mentioned earlier I was a big bicycler and every time I get on a bike, its like man I love this. How come I’m not out doing this every weekend.  So I mean there is taking care of your business and there is taking care of your family and sometimes other things get in the way but generally speaking, are you doing things you are passionate about. Now me, I love weight lifting and I like weight lifting more than I like bicycling at this point and so its easy.  I go to the gym like probably six days a week.  You know what, thats something that I really enjoy. So maybe you are replacing one passion with another thats kind of a higher passion.  So I don’t know is this answering your question?

Michael Dunlop: No this is great. This is what I need to hear.

Andy Miller: Yeah, so you know its, I think the theme overall really of our conversation is make your life an adventure. Whatever that adventure is. For some people their dream is they want to get married have kids and they want to stay home and become a housewife and you know what, there is nothing wrong with that.  Quite frankly, that’s an adventure. Having kids, taking care of kids, raising kids thats an adventure and you know kids are just funny as heck as far as I am concerned. So you know, you decide what the adventure is. The adventure is not trekking in Nepal necessarily.  Its whatever is the adventure for you and I am probably defining adventure a little different than most. But its your life, you get to live it according to your rules and maybe thats the other thing I need to talk about. That there is lots of what society says you should do or should not do and I think thats a bunch of BS.  You know, its your life, I think you make the rules, quite frankly if Richard Branson lived by societies rules none of us would ever have even heard of him.

Michael Dunlop: No

Andy Miller: Right? If Donald Trump lived by society’s rules none of us would have ever heard of Donald Trump.  So I think its you decide the rules, you decide how you want to live your life. Hey lets take Hugh Hefner, founder of playboy.  Here’s the guy who broke the rules, everyone knows him for playboy.  Here’s something they don’t know him for.  He’s the first guy who did interracial television.  So at the time he wanted to do this TV show called playboy after dark and I remember as a kid.  I remember seeing this on late night and he wanted to have a black singer, a very good singer, named Sammy Davis Junior on the show and the producers were like, no we can’t have any blacks on the show and he said well, then forget it you can’t have my show. But they wanted his show badly enough.  It was a television show that where they just had famous people on it and Sammy Davis would play the piano and he was kind of like the cohost and they wanted the show badly enough, that they said okay you can have Sammy Davis Junior on the show. He was the first guy in America to have a interracial television show.  So he is breaking the race barrier and again the point of my story is, you decide how you want to live your life, you decide your rules, you decide what excites you.  You decide what is your adventure and what is your passion and then go live it and we know you can do everything right.  So just pick. Listen if you do one or two things a year ten years from know you have done ten or twenty things.  My big thing is I like adventure travel to other countries and I like to do one trip of a lifetime every year.  So this year my trip of a lifetime was to Morocco.  That was good.  I did another trip a couple of months ago to Cuba and I want to do one trip of a l lifetime a year because I don’t know how much lifetime I have and I can go wow that was an incredible trip and I had a great time and I have got two other friends that I do this with. I’ve been doing this for sixteen years now, every September October we take three weeks and we go somewhere in the world. We have been to Thailand, we have been to Cambodia, we have been to Brazil. The list goes on and on and this is something that we love to do.  Its three weeks with really close friends going to exotic places that we have always wanted to go to and we go make it happen and you know what, if I am on my Harley tomorrow and I get hit by a truck and I am dead.  You know what, I know I lived my life to about the fullest I possibly could have and I will have no regrets. I’ll have no regrets.  So maybe thats the last thing, I mentioned this earlier about what the doctor said.  Make out your will and make up your clean up list. I would encourage you to make a list of people you need to clean it up with and you know, go have a clean up conversation and life is too short to… Lots of people get into fights with their best friends or they lost touch or they are pissed of with their sister or brother, they haven’t talked to for ten or twenty years and its like you know what, thats a shame.  Am not saying that they are wrong for doing that but you know if you are on your death bed and you are awake and you’ve got a week to sit there and contemplate.  You’re gonna to look back and say man I really wish I had cleaned that up.  Then I would say, you know what, put that on your list and go clean it up because life again is just too short. Just too short.  So Michael what else?

Michael Dunlop: That’s just a great night to probably to end this recording on our thing you’ve, you know, hit the nail and I think that’s just perfect.  Is there anything you really want to add, any last advice? Or anywhere people can find out more about you or contact you?

Andy Miller:  Well if they want to they can go to if they want to contact me.  I mean you know me really as a sales consultant and sales trainer. But I will tell you what, its a real interesting exercise to do when you make your dream come list and I have done this with groups before and you had people share their dream list.  Now there are some things on my dream list that are a little x-rated so I really wouldn’t want to share that part of my list but if you want to do a group call sometime where people share their list or what would be interesting is to have people share a partial list on your website. I don’t know if that’s even possible.

Michael Dunlop: Yeah, though we have a comment section for the whole. The interview will be transcribed and we will able to read it and everyone can comment and share their list.  I’m sure a lot of people will over latent and a lot of people will have the same goals.

Andy Miller: Well, thats what I found when I have had a group.  If I am doing sales training and trying to help them set some goals,  I have them take an hour and do a dream list and then we go around the room and I just have them share two or three things on that list that they are comfortable sharing with the group and you would be surprised. Someone will go, yeah I want to learn how to play guitar and somebody goes oh I forgot about that, I have always wanted to learn how to do that.  You know what, put it down on your list.  So if people are willing to share their list on your site, that would be a great place to go for other people to take a look at it and get ideas for them because you know there are a lot things we’ve wanted to do.  That we have even forgotten about.  I mean thats how.  You know I mention earlier about people being zombies.  I think a lot of people have numbed out in life.  Do you guys use that term? No. You’ve kinda of gone numb.

Michael  Dunlop: Yeah definitely.

Andy Miller: So a lot people have just gone numb in life and they are getting through the day and they are not getting from the day.   I mean you are supposed to get something out of each day not just get through it and survive.  So you know what, quit being numb make your dream list and start living with some passion.  Living by your rules that’s what it is about.

Michael Dunlop
:  Alright thanks very much Andy that was a great interview and a great insight into the bucket list and getting the adventure out of life you really should have.

More About Andy Miller:

Andy Miller is recognized as one of the top 15 sales management consultants in the world. He has worked with over 2000 CEO’s – Sales VP’s, 14,000 sales people and 16 of the Fortune 500. His clients include high tech companies, manufacturers, financial services, entrepreneurs and venture capitalist throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. He has been featured on CNN and in Newsweek, Sales and Marketing Management, Selling Power, Success, Your Company and Human Resource Executive Magazines. He has been on stage with speaking greats Jay Abraham, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Robbins, Robert Allen, Zig Zigler and Chet Holmes.

And online at:


  1. Fantastic Interview! Very in depth!

    • Just went through it thoroughly; and I just want to update my previous comment.

      That was an absolutely excellent read!

  2. Great Interview mike! The new player design looks great!

    Also, thanks for the tips Andy!

  3. Jonathan Crabtree says:

    Wow that’s a great inteview.

    I agree that rules can constrain others. Perhaps obey the road rules guys, yet avoid the ‘safety barriers’ in life.

    One way I look at life is to start at your own death.

    What would people say at YOUR funeral? “He/she was a good parent and partner, had a big house and lots of nice things and worked hard to build a career.”

    What if you wrote your eulogy now! And then lived your life making it come true…

    It’s often said everyone has a book inside them. Yet too often it might be just like everybody else’s script… And so nobody ‘reads your life story’ and before too long your life is summed up by a headstone and a family tree.

    So make your life a novel! Make each chapter a tale of courage, creativity, love and compassion.

    You can’t take it (money) with you, so make your moments matter and leave family and community based achievements and memories that will echo for eternity.

    Maybe THAT’S the best life adventure you could embark upon…

    Enjoy the journey
    P.S. My bucket list? To have Australian Numerals replace Arabic Numerals one day (mine are simply easier for kids) and to help end preventable starvation.
    P.P.S. FACT If just 12 more people a day get clean water and quality calories, starvation will be zero by 2015. Subtract calories from obese countries, add them to starving countries and both survive.

  4. I think it’s awesome to be able to live an adventurous life. It’s what i desperately want for my own life. I’ve often said, I’d like my life to look like a romantic swash buckling adventure-like zorro or bond. But it takes a lot of courage to actually do it and to break out of the zombie state. Great interview Michael. Thanks

  5. Great interview michael 🙂

  6. Michael, this is probably one of the best interviews I’ve listened to on your site, even though it’s not directly related to making money online. Andy is such an inspirational person that his advices are so true and motivating.

    Instead of treating tomorrow is your last day, making your life an adventure is definitely a better way to look at life even though the idea is similar. To keep myself more positive, I sometimes think it’s useful to look at tomorrow as if it’s your first birthday and it’s up to you to decide how you gonna live for the rest of your life.

    Making a dream list has been the talks for ages but not many people have really done it (I know I haven’t written my complete dream list down yet). To put this into the context of Income Diary, I think it’s very important to know what our dreams are and what we are trying to achieve by making money online.

    Some of us are just trying to replace our day jobs with the freedom of being to make a living online, some of us want to live a luxurious lifestyle, some of us are just here to get some additional income because we still love our current jobs. Whatever it is, we should begin with the end in mind and have a purpose and vision we strive for. Otherwise, as you know, money is never enough unless you set a target beforehand, I certainly do not want to be the slaves of money.

    Brilliant! As you always say, Michael. Thanks to both of you!

  7. Michael,
    This is a great post. Life must be enjoyable and one shall do everything he puts his mind into. I appreciate the way you are interviewing these people it gives up hope. Thank you

  8. Nothing short of amazing what really striked me most was when Andy said “its amazing what possible when you decide” I think I should make a t-shirt with that quote
    Thank you Michael

  9. Very cool motivational interview, definitely a bit different trend than most of the interviews you feature on here Michael but still very cool.

    I’ve already done something very similar to this in writing down things I’d like to have in life. Writing down dream objects I’d like to own or achievements I’d like to reach. And I will certainly be expanding that to include things I’d like to do as talked about in this interview. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

    1. Go on a month long excursion through the Pacific Islands on a fancy yacht.

    2. Visit Europe, India and Australia

    3. Become fluent in Hindi and Spanish

    4. Master one of the many martial arts

    5. Achieve a social status where my ideas and experiences can influence thousands of people (You already have achieved this one yourself Michael, congrats)

    Very inspirational, looking forward to future interviews.

  10. Bill Coton says:

    Thanks for a another great interview, my list would be

    1 Self Employed
    2 Be able to work as I travel round the world
    3 Sky Dive
    4 See the earth from space
    5 Be the oldest man alive

  11. great interview. but i prefer watching an interview. Do you also have this on video?


  12. OneLifeNoFear says:

    Great interview and a fabulous message. I am lucky enough to earn my money working online so being able to seek adventure has been great. My wife, son and I were living in Switzerland and then decided to spend some time in Australia for the adventure.. we swapped skiing in Chamonix, St Cerge etc to water skiing down the Coomara river (actually I haven’t done that yet…apparently there is the occassional shark… but its all about the adventure ..right! 😉

  13. Alenchik2003 says:

    This is an amazing post. There is so much motivation and life in this interview! I have tried a couple of times to sit down and write my bucket list, but like you mentioned Michael there were always things that came in the way – either time, money or just other distractions! Its like the saying “Live today, not tomorrow” and I agree that a lot of people tend not to follow this little simple phrase, we keep thinking that tomorrow will be better or something will change, but if you don’t do anything for that change to happen then how will it. Another saying I love is : If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. So you have to keep trying to make that change and live life.

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