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7 Tips To Creating a High Converting Facebook Fan Page

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If you’re going to jump into the Facebook game with your business, chances are you will get a few things wrong. Below are the top 7 strategies you need to implement in order to create a profitable fan page on Facebook that attracts new visitors and creates raving fans that turn into loyal customers.

1 and 2. A Custom Landing Page for All New Visitors

Most fan page owners don’t even realize you can actually create a custom landing page that all new visitors will see before diving into the rest of your page. This lets you have the opportunity to create a “home page” on Facebook for your business, instead of funneling all your new visitors right to your wall, where not much action can be taken anyway.

There are 2 options for creating custom pages or “tabs” on Facebook fan pages. First, is FBML. FBML stands for “Facebook Mark-Up Language” and is actually created with the Static FBML application after you add it to your page. After adding the app, use basic HTML and FBML tags to create any kind of page you’d like. Second, is the all-new iFrames application. Although this is a little more complicated, it’s well worth the effort to learn or the investment if you’re going to pay someone else to create it for you.

3. A “Reveal” Tab

Chances are you’ve seen this somewhere. A reveal tab lets you restrict new visitors from seeing certain content until they click like and become a fan of your page. Reveal tabs are a fantastic way to provide an inventive for visitors to become a part of your fan page in exchange for some great free content. You can create a reveal tab with FBML or iFrame custom tabs.

4. A Commanding Profile Image

This is another tip that usually slips through the cracks. Only the best marketers on Facebook have figured out how to use even their profile image to draw attention to certain pieces of their fan page. You can point users to specific custom tabs that you have created that may have special offers or use a pretty arrow to ask non-fans to “like” your page by pointing to the like button. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure to use your profile image to tell your fans what you’d like them to do next.

5. Strategically Placed Page Thumbnails

Facebook has recently given page owners the ability to have image thumbnails at the top of their fan pages. Again, there are multiple ways to use these images profitably. You can have images of “Top Fans” and combine their picture with a testimonial and a link to your product page. You could also use the thumbnails to feature different products that you’re currently selling. Either way, if you’re looking to generate more revenue from your fan page, this strategy is a must.

6. Valuable Content

Content is the lifeblood of any page on Facebook. Your fans originally liked your page because they were under the impression that it would provide them with some value. If you fail to provide that value through status updates, shared links, emails, blog posts, etc. your fans will slowly find their way onto another page.

7. Interaction and Personality

Here is your chance to really bring your page to life for your fans. Eventually, as your page grows, you will become a celebrity in the eyes of your followers, and you can use your fan page to give everyone personal access to you. Engaging in conversations, replying to comments, and posting videos and pictures can go a long way in building a strong and lasting relationship with your fan base.

If you want to see all of these strategies pulled together into 1 fan page, you can see the page I built just a few months ago that has already surpassed 25,000 fans. Don’t get wrapped up in just the number of fans though, the most important part is behind the scenes. What most people don’t realize is a large percentage of those fans have become loyal customers who willingly spread the word around Facebook about my products. It’s so early in the Facebook game, you’d be crazy not to jump in. Check out now.


  1. Eddys Velasquez says:

    Cool post Michael! Brian Moran sure is killing it on facebook…I need to get with the flow and customize my fanpage better… thanks for the tips bro 🙂


  2. Eddys Velasquez says:

    lol btw I just noticed my name is in the Ryan Deiss contest pictures…cool

  3. Emmanuel Olonade says:

    Thanks Brian,
    This is just what I need. I’ve been looking for ways to get more people to Like my page and I’ve done quite a bit of research lately. I believe this would definitely help.

  4. Victoria Walmsley says:

    Great tips. Love the tip about creating a custom landing page. Although Facebook are in the process of deprecating FBML, so it’s best to go with iFrames to ensure your page is future proof.

  5. Valuable information Michael. Thanks for the post, I always questioning how to increase the rate of likes to my blog’s facebook page.
    Will definitely apply these tips and boost my fans!!
    Awesome~ 😀

  6. Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    Great post Brian!

    I’ve been using the custom landing page for my fan page for sometimes now and it is really converting. I also love your point about using reveal pages and I think I’ll be giving it a try.

    Thanks so much for the awesome post,

  7. belizehub says:

    thank you for this awesome post!

  8. Hey Brian, thanks for sharing this great information with us, I actually “Liked” your facebook fan page a few months ago. Really useful and concise information in this post. Thanks Michael, another great and highly informing post!

  9. Brian Moran says:

    Thanks Onibalusi, yeah the custom tabs are killer. I saw a huge jump in fans when I put mine in a few months back.

  10. Joshua Zamora says:

    Great post Brian! I love using facebook to generate leads! I’ve been getting quite a bit of subscribers from my fanpage lately.

    Love your training as well. Very useful.

  11. Bakare O. says:

    This is a great post, one that many marketers will charge a fee to let out of the bag, thanks for the enlightenment. I am just learning a whole bunch of things from you guys.

  12. ZPTsotetsi says:

    Great Post Michael. really this great and very helpful. will be trying to emplement it.

  13. Hi!
    Really great. Can You tell me how can I select all my friends at once and invite them on event, I used to have some JS code but it works no more. Thanks a lot

  14. Thanks for these great tips Brian. I love the reveal tab tip, and your videos on your FB page are great! I better take a look at that for my own page…

  15. lawton chiles says:

    The more time I spend getting to know people like Michael and Brian, the more I realize that the Top 10% are a very small group.

    They believe in excellence. They strive to come up with the best products.

    They are constantly tuning things to make them better.

    That’s why I’ve written copy for both of them 🙂


    Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.-Steve Jobs

  16. Asaduzzaman says:

    Amazing!!! U guys r brilliant!!! These things came to my mind from the very beginning but was not sure how to do it properly. Lot of thoughts going through my head all the time regarding new business e-commerce. Now I guess have figured out by following the guidelines can do it ASAP. Thanks a lot.

  17. David Edwards says:

    Nice work on the 10,000+ fans!…

  18. Dean Saliba says:

    This is great timing, I was wondering how I could improve my fan page. Some of those ideas are so simple. 🙂

  19. Annie Andre says:

    This is great info. Grat bargain. FREE. Believe it or not i’ve seen people selling tnis info. I just found out that facebook is letting users turn their personal profiles into fanpages. You lose all posts but you can bring over all your contacts who will automatically like your fanpage. I’m torn. Any thoughts? once you do it, it’s irreversible. scary…

    • John Newland says:

      instead of using that tool and making the likes automatic, just set up the fan page, then request in your status that all your friends go over to the fan page and like it. Then you don’t lose what you’ve already done.

  20. Fazal Mayar says:

    Nice work…. I think I need to start creating a high converting facebook fan page me too!

  21. Jeffrey B. says:

    A “reveal” tab is definitely the easiest ways to get “likes” but you are totally right, without valuable content those likes disappear. By the way, congrats on your fans milestone.

  22. Courtenay ( says:

    Thanks for these tips, Brian. I just recently started my fan page to go along with my new photography site and have been looking into ways to get people to “like” it. I’m sure these ideas will help me out.


  23. iconshub says:

    Very good post Michael.I read every post of you.I am big fan of you.

  24. Very FBlicious…very informative post. I am now looking at FB as a medium to expand my online business to the whole world.

  25. Thanks for sharing the idea. You really have some great points here, which I would like to practice.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

  26. Hi Michael,

    always good to get info on simple strategies that don’t just involve ‘friend’ and ‘like’ strategies. I’ve set up lots of FB systems for people and it’s amazing that so many of them only think about getting fans and likes… We need to ask what the value of those fans and likes is.

    I know FB businesses that make 10x what other FB businesses make despite having a 10th of the fans and likes!

  27. Stu Lisonbee says:

    Astonishing how many so-called social media experts don’t know anything about any of the items you just mentioned!

    Great tips Brian! Every CEO should heed.

  28. This is a good information. I never thought that there must be techniques needed to apply when creating a Facebook Fan page.Thanks for sharing this.

  29. Mario Garcia says:

    All this information works. Since I’ve gotten to know these techniques using as mindmap for success my blogging has started to take off and so has my income. I give it 10 thumbs up for the brain child Brian Moran.

    Well, they say that success is the progressive realization of a
    predetermined worth while dream or goal. However, the reality is to be
    successful in this political day and age is who you know and not what
    you know. Feel free to make any comments back to me at my blog at:

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