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30 Cool Things For Successful Entrepreneurs To Do

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The best bit about being a successful Internet Entrepreneur is the wonderful Internet lifestyle and freedom that goes with it. You set your own hours for working, vacation when you want and if you wish, work from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. Many internet entrepreneurs travel for as much as 6 months at a time – just logging in for an hour or two every day or so to keep on top of things. (count their earnings!)

Some of these experiences are relatively in expensive – getting there will not be. Check out the list below for some possibilities – which of these adventures inspires you? Or perhaps we are missing some adventures you would like to recommend?

Name Description Country Prices From
Camel Ride to the Pyramids Your exciting Egyptian adventure begins in the lively city of Cairo, and takes us to Aswan, Luxor, and the Red Sea town of Hurghada. You ride camels & donkeys, sail on feluccas and cruise boats and ride in a horse drawn carriage. Egypt $1,420
Canyoning in Australia Led by professional guides in the world’s best adventure environment, you will combine water jumps, subterranean swims and waterfall abseils, all set against a stunning Lost World backdrop Australia $150
Crocodile Cage Diving Not for the feint of heart. This cage dive will bring you face to face with vicious crocidiles. South Africa $628
Gumball Ralley Baby! The Gumball 3000 is an annual 3000 mile (5000 km) international rally which takes place on public roads, with a different 3000 mile route around the world each year. 120 cars participate, often driven by their owners. America $44,000
Baja Racing in Mexico Get off road and try going over speeds over 100 MPH on rough terrain, now that’s fun! Mexico $3,000
Naturally Heated River Bathing All though this experience isn’t “extreme” – it is by far one of the coolest things to do. In Iceland if you walk up into the hills, the rivers get hotter and hotter, I was able to find a spot to match the heat of my hot tub with a waterfull hitting my back, now thats a cool experience! Iceland FREE
Go into Outer Space Virgin Galactic, set to launch in 2012, will be the first opportunity for commerical space flights. Its planned trajectory will overlap the Earth’s atmosphere at 70,000 feet, which will make it a sub-orbital journey with a short period of weightlessness. USA $150,000
HALO Skydive On a HALO dive you will jump out of the plane at an altitude higher than Mount Everest and free fall for 2 minutes before pulling your parachute. USA $3,495
Hang Gliding Prepare to fly like a bird over a goregous landscape. Relax and soar! Spain $1,350
Heli-Ski Forget the chairlift! Ride to the top of the mountain in a helicopter, then jump out, board first and immediately start carving the mountain. USA $3,250
Hot Air Balloon Ride in Califonia Prepare for a flight over mountains, from beach to desert or somewhere in-between. The length of the flight is up to winds and fuel. This can put you in the basket for hours at a time. USA $650
Fly a MIG Jet to the edge of space Adventure tour – Advanced aerobatics flight in MIG 29 Fulcrum jet fighter to the edge of space. Russia $40,000
Bungy jump in Macau Imagine you’re standing on the tower, 233 metres up. Now take a stroll around the outer-rim that encircles the tower. Piece of cake, right? Oh, did we tell you that the walkway is just 1.8 metres wide and, get this, THERE’S NO HANDRAIL! China $2,088
Hire A Private Island
Hire for example Sir Richard Branson’s private island – Necker Island. Like a vision of Eden, Necker Island juts up from the ocean a mile north of Virgin Gorda in the celebrated British Virgin Islands. British Virgin Islands $45,000
Operation Titanic If you seek adventure like nothing on this earth, then you are sure to enjoy a trip to the bottom of the ocean floor to catch a glimpse of the infamous Titanic. Operation Titanic is a 12-day adventure to the ocean floor aboard a research vessel in the North Atlantic. Newfounland $52,931
Paramotoring Paraglide without a boat! Paramotoring allows you to surf the skies in a parachute with a small motor attached to it. UK $1,950
Play Pebel Beac There is no equal to the two resort hotels that make up the Pebble Beach Resort. Both of the hotels command views of the most scenic stretches of the California Coastline. The two hotels are both exceptional resorts unto to themselves offering outstanding service in a relaxing world-class atmosphere. USA $4,400
Ride the biggest coaster in the world The Diamondback is the largest roller coaster in Kings Island’s history. The $22 million roller coaster travels at speeds of 80 mph over 5,282 feet with ten hills and a splash down water feature. USA $50
Running with the Bulls in Pampalona Put on your best running shoes and prepare to defy death. You will be chased around the ancient streets of Pamplonaby thousand pound bulls, before watching a bullfighting and eating the slain animal. Spain N/A
Sand Dune Boarding Just like snowboarding, without the snow. This exhilirating sport allows you ride the dunes on a sandboard or boogie board. Nothing beats the feeling of standing strapped to a sand board on top of a wind crafted sand dune with wide open spaces surrounding you. South Africa $45
Scuba diving at Night in the Caribean Swim through the deep waters of the open ocean in the middle of the night. Adventure out to see the nocturnal wonders of the deep blue sea. Bahamas $2,295
ZapCat Racing Take an insane trip on the English channel in a ZapCat race boat with a professional and see just how crazy it can get. England $350
Snow Mobiling a glacier in Iceland This is one of the things I have ticked off my list, greatest experience ever hanging with local people. In Iceland they work really hard, but party really hard and it shows on the ice! Iceland $750
Stay in an Ice Hotel You will be staying in a structure made of ice! After a day of adventure, nightfall approaches quickly. The outdoor temperature drops and when you step inside ICEHOTEL, you feel a rush of warm air. Sweden $800
Swimming with sharks For the serious diving and shark enthusiast, this unique trip starting in Cape Town, South Africa features 13 dives in total with full diving equipment included in the price. At Cape Town there are three shore dives, two boat dives, one night dive, a dive with sharks in the Two Oceans aquarium with the highlight being the Great White shark cage dive in the Gansbaai region to the east of Cape Town South Africa $2,242
Trekking the himalayas Our once-in-a-lifetime journey to Kailash begins in fabled Humla, the far west of Nepal, with an eleven-day trek to the Tibetan border through the remote Limi Valley, where the inhabitants of the upper reaches are Bhotias, of Tibetan descent. Nepal $4,680
White water rafting Get ready for one of the most challenging physical experiences of your life – a category 5 white water rapid. Hang on tight and be prepared to get thrown from the boat as you cruise down the aggressive waters. USA $849
Wing Walk on a Bi Plane Strap yourself on to the wing of a classic bi-plane and relive the glory days of aviation, looping through the sky with nothing but goggles and leather to shield you from forces of up to 4G and 150mph wind pressure. UK $1,000
Zero G Force Flight Two years ago just before Yanik Silver launched Maverick Business Adventures, I was able to go with him and a few other big name Guru’s on a Zero G flight. An amazing experience and the best fun I have ever had! USA $4,950
Zip Line through the Rain Forest Fly through the canopy of the Rain Forest on a zip line that runs for miles. Costa Rica $75



  1. Scott :: says:

    Definately looking forward to doing some of those things xD

  2. Daniel M says:

    Amazing list! Ill have to give a few of these ago when I generate the funds!

    Not sure about the Baja Racing though, not with all this swine flu business going about! Maybe when it’s died out like everything else!

  3. Barry Dunlop says:

    Baja Racing is super fun — I was in Baja back in January — those are awesome driving machines

    And I am of to Necker Island in 2 weeks!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Wayne Liew says:

    Oh my God, these are some amazing things to do. Perhaps I should get some posters featuring these activities, paste it on my wall so that they can push me forward to achieve my dreams – remember $1000 day? :mrgreen:

  5. James Cunningham says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands into some of that! πŸ˜€

  6. Well when I have the funds I’m going to go and do some of these πŸ™‚

  7. Farrhad A says:

    Kewl list!
    I’ve done sky diving and bungee jumping in France.
    Also, I’ve done Scuba Diving in the South East .

    Will be doing more kewl stuff hopefully!!

  8. Charlie Dean says:

    Nice πŸ˜€
    Id love to do that bungie jump in China!

  9. Sounds like fun – I’m working my way through that list!

  10. Bud Hennekes says:

    I would love to go hang gliding!

    Very inspiring post!

  11. Paul Bennett says:

    For me it would be the GUMBALL! every single time. Id have my DBS Volante, screaming down those highways with my roof down.

    • Michael says:

      I’m with your there! I love checking out the Gumball videos, one day I want to be there in my Ferrari πŸ˜€ ha

  12. Shane - Inspiring your Success says:

    I would be terrified, but would love to try eveyr single one of those!

  13. David Bingham says:

    I think I’d just prefer a well deserved lay-in and breakfast in bed πŸ™‚

  14. Srini Centhala says:

    Cool.. We are in the process of going there..

    Srini Centhala

  15. Tom - says:

    Heli-Skiing is definately my pick! I cannot wait to be able to do that.

  16. Man, awesome list! Love the photos too!

  17. I’d do one of those glamour tours in exotic cars like the Black Palace Rally:

    Or heli-skiing in New Zealand, that has to be amazing!

  18. Nikolai says:

    Some really rad stuff here! I personally would love to do the HALO skydive – must be such an awesome experience πŸ™‚

  19. Danny Cooper says:

    Absolutely fantastic list, so inspirational. I’ve been dreaming of the private island idea for a while too =D

  20. screw the crocodile cage diving… get rid of the cage and just go crocodile diving! πŸ˜›

    if you’re looking for a bigger adrenaline rush! HAHA

    really cool list btw!

  21. Yanik Silver says:

    Nice job putting together a list with stuff I even have not done yet πŸ˜‰

    Cage diving with Crocs. Might have to add to my South Africa trip for next year. Great ideas you put here to inspire some wild entrepreneurs to add to their Life lists.


    • Michael says:

      Hey Yanik,

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the list. Haha… no problem, you inspire most of us with your wild Internet lifestyle.


  22. Great list and really beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing that with us Michael.

  23. Mike CJ says:

    Great list Michael. There’s a strange error in the text not matching the pictures though, on the Baja driving and the Gumball Rally.

    I was quite chuffed to see that I’ve already done ten of those! Benefit of being a “Not young” entrepreneur I guess!

    Virgin Galactic is my next objective.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for spotting that Mike πŸ™‚ Glad you have been able to do 10 of those, not many people have even done any. Let us know how Space was πŸ˜‰

  24. Caden Grant says:

    Wow those all look like fun. Wish I could do those!

  25. I was watching videos of the gumball rally yesterday!

    I didn’t think this list was going to be very good, sorry! But one look at it and I have to say I want to do every single thing on there!

  26. TradeProfits says:

    Reading this list is a good way to start the day πŸ™‚ Now I know some of the upcomming events I the following years.

  27. Nice list. Dont forget the 8th wonder of the world in Kenya the wilderbeest migration. An experience of a lifetime

  28. Harish | Blogging Kid says:

    AW ! Never done even one of those. So sad of me Hope to do some of those πŸ™‚

  29. World Headlines says:

    I can do many of those on the profits I make, the ones like private island and gumball I can’t without sinking everything I have into it lol. The private island looks better than the gumball one though.

  30. markdomingo says:

    looking forward to be go to that places! hope my blog can make a living

  31. Anne Holland says:

    Blech! Wish this was named things for a “male” entrepreneur to do… because I for one would not want to do any of them. Yanik’s a great guy, he’s just really a Guy. Maybe I need to post a blog about the things a female entrepreneur gets to do. Like buying houses. And shoes. And that carpenter to do stuff my husband will put off for ages. And planting my new fruit tree orchard. And donating computers and Internet access to orphanages. And helping our favorite rural church build a new roof. etc etc. I do not want to go near a fast car/plane/bungee/boat..etc ever. If only Yanik had mentioned Nordstroms shoe department!

  32. Ryan Adami says:

    Awesome list! You should submit this to the travel channel, and have them foot the bill. I leave the show theme and pitch up to you πŸ™‚

  33. Stuart Wooster says:

    I agree with Anne, there are many other things in the world I would do, but that is the beauty of each person being different.

    I know I would seek a home abroad and some creature comforts (such as the Β£2500 rocking chair I saw Saturday in Libertys, London) before I spent on the above, if any at all.

  34. Hopefully I’ll be successful enough to be able to take all those trips. I’m just starting to plan my first trip out of the country- maybe I’ll try the Costa Rica zipline…

  35. SEO Consultant says:

    Really cool things we can do if I have extra money! Just wonder how you compile this comprehensive list, is a lot of efforts!

  36. I have got to say you have the best list posts on the internet I have ever read. All of these are awesome and I hope I get to do just half of them. My favorites would have to be Pebble Beach, Zero G flight and the zip line sounds pretty cool as well. Thanks

  37. Espree Devora says:

    This makes me want to travel again and not sit in front of my computer.

  38. Helps a great deal in working on a concrete plan.

  39. Simon | Teenius says:

    If anyone here has ever done duneboarding, I hate you. I want to try it sooooo bad…. πŸ˜€ I love snowboarding, but duneboarding just looks like something else :O

  40. Fazal Mayar says:

    those are cool things but I like sports more then travelling or stuff like this. I would go to lots of hockey games if I had the money I dreamed of.

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