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20 Websites That Will Make You A Better Blogger

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Hello Everyone,

Everyone has to constantly educate themselves to keep ahead of the game and to improve their business, because of this I decided to share with you the 20 resources I use to learn, improve and get inspired. There are 1000’s of blogs that talk about blogging and internet entrepreneurship but to be honest, a lot are doing it completely wrong and quite a lot are teaching out of date information that will only slow down your chances of becoming a top blogger.

Websites Teaching Blogging:



Problogger offers all the advice new bloggers will need to improve their newly created blog. With subjects covering almost everything anyone would ever need to know about, there is little reason to use Google to find it.



Copyblogger offers some great tips, tricks and advise on how to write better blog posts, create better blog copy and all in all, a better blog. A definite recommendation for the more advanced blogger taking it up a notch.

How To Make My Blog


They teach everything you need to know about starting your own blog (if my eCourse wasn’t enough) – a great resource for anyone wanting to set up, customize and launch there blog.

WP Beginner


All the WordPress customization tutorials you will need to improve your blog can be found here, a great stop for anyone who just installed their first blog.



Blogussion is run by 16 year old Alex Fraiser and his blog serves differently to most “make money online blogs”. He offers great how to advise to customise and improve your blog as well as offering a great insight into how other blogs make it big.

Daily Blog Tips


Daily blog tips to creating a better blog, covering all the new blogging guidelines, updates and tricks as they come out.

David Risley


A great insight to how a six figure blogger makes money online – sharing tips, advice and news from someone who has been there and done that.

* * * * *

Blog Design Websites

Smashing Magazine


SmashingMagazine is a great resource for anyone who wants to create a better, more user friend website. Quite often people think design websites are just for designers but I have got my best ideas from looking through them so take advantage of this huge site.



WebDesigerDepot is great for design inspiration and ideas on how to make your blog design unique, which is critical to the success of a business, making it unique to all the other zombie type businesses.

CSS Tricks


The code behind websites is just as important as the design because if you have bad code, you will have a slow website. Something I found out with my first website I built and so learning all the best ways to code and style things is important.

Net Tuts+


Nettuts is a really cool blog, one of the Tutsplus network, owned by Collis Ta’eed. Another great website teaching coding, web development and design tutorials.



WebDesignerWall had some really well in depth content about the creation of websites and resources for making your website. It’s important to learn the process behind building a website so that you can understand how to make it better.

* * * * *

Website Optimization

UX Booth


UXbooth is run by 4 young web enthusiasts and they teach people how to basically get more out of the reader and make their experience on your website better.



Yoast is run by Joost and he teaches through his blog how to tweak your website to improve you search engine rankings and create a better experience for the reader.

SEO Book


SEO is really important, so many internet marketers say SEO is dead and to not worry about it, that is complete BS. If it wasn’t for search engines, I wouldn’t earn even half of what I do today because my traffic would be so much lower. SEObook has all the tutorials would you need to optimize your website for search engines.



SEOmoz is also another really big SEO website that I use regularly, they offer lots of tools, tips and tutorials for you to use to get better search engine rankings.

* * * * *

Make Money Online

Quick Sprout


Run by Neil Patel who is one of the top young entrepreneurs and most influential bloggers in the world – shares great advice in large in depth blog posts, covering everything you would need to know!

Dosh Dosh


Although not updated much these days, is a great stop for anyone who wants to make money online include tutorials and tips to making more then you first thought was possible.

Entrepreneurs Journey


Run by Yaro Starak of Blog Mastermind – this blog is a great read and includes everything from when he first started out online to where he is now, earning 6 figures a year from blogging and from his membership websites.

Warrior Forum


Warriorforum is basically where all Internet entrepreneurs hang out,  including beginners and people who are making 8 figures a year online. I recommend to anyone who wants to make money online to check it out and join in the conversation, can be a great place to find people with similar goals who want to work together.

Blogs To Aspire To Be Like

The below 3 bloggers have all been interviewed by me and for good reason, they are doing some really cool things which others should include in their blogging model.

Marketing With You

The reason I like what Alex is doing is because he’s saying “I’m here to work with you” instead of everyone else saying go do it yourself or come work for me. This approach is really cool and something I try to include in IncomeDiary by making myself really approachable and answering 99% of support emails myself.

Internet Marketing Speed

The next piece of the puzzle is monetization, something James Schamko does very well and something I will be going in depth with in my next blog post. He has no paying advertisers yet his blog earnings a lot more than any other blog in his niche. He is so successful at it because he creates a funnel system with email marketing and has no outgoing links so either you buy something via a affiliate program, sign up for his eCourse or leave his site, giving him a high chance of earning.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary gets up here because of his passion for the subjects he talks about, to be successful, you must enjoy what you are doing, even if you make a lot of money, you’re not successful in my eyes if you’re not enjoying it. Provide huge value and enjoy what you do, every blogger should follow that!

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  1. Vishal Sanjay says:

    Great Post Micheal, I think i constantly visit almost every blog in that list. Any how i didn’t find your blog there, i really think that your blog is a must read.

    Vishal Sanjay

    • Thanks Vishal – I would say my site is a must read for bloggers but I never feel It would be in good taste to put myself in a list.


    • James Morgan says:

      Generating money through affiliate marketing is best accomplished by creating your own website and promoting affiliate ads. Avoid the hassles of sponsoring, phone calls, inventories, shipping and all the rest.

  2. Indeed, some very, very good sites listed here; a few I didn’t visit before now, but will be making the trip to see every once in a while now 🙂

    Cheers mate 🙂

  3. Wayne Liew says:

    I am a blogger myself and without a doubt some of these blogs like Problogger, CopyBlogger and Daily Blog Tips helped me out when I was starting out.

    Kudos for the list, Michael.

  4. Henrik Blunck says:

    You forgot my site… 😉

    Just kiddin’. It’s a good site, and you did catch quite a few I already follow.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for your article.

  5. All of the websites listed here are gems. You can actually call them proven to improve your blog’s performance!

  6. Premium Template says:

    forgot me? lol joke 😛
    Thanks Micheal, real and best list.

  7. Ben Vernon says:

    This is a great post! Problogger is practically my bible (Along with your site of course) Another one I like is Bloggingtips, they have some cool post. Great Post, Keep em Coming! 😀

  8. Muzi Mohale says:

    Knowledge is power indeed Michael, I would say read about 80% of the blogs on your list. I understand you couldn’t add IncomeDiary on the list, however it also belongs right there.

  9. Ms. Freeman says:

    I’ve just added nearly all of these blogs to my feed reader. There are a few I already read and as a newbie I can hardly wait to delve into the pages of the rest of them.

    You put a lot of work into this post and it shows. Thanks 😉

  10. David Walker says:

    Great list Michael and Problogger ranks top as is expected; I call it the blogger’s’ bible. I visit these sites frequently because the content they have is valuable, and as you say, genuine and better than what you’d get trawling the net. They not only inspire us to blog, but also tell us what we’re doing wrong or right. They deserve mention and so do you and Income Dairy. Now let me see what James Schamko has to offer…

  11. Diane de la Cruz says:

    Just what I needed! I’ve been reading Problogger, Entrepreneur’s Journey and Copyblogger for quite some time now and I’ve learned a lot from these three. Some of the sites are new to me. I’m still a bungling blogger. These sites will surely help me improve. Thank you very much! 🙂

  12. Shane Hudson - Be Motivational says:

    Very good post! Missing my blog though :p

  13. Good share. But to be honest I think dp and sitepoint are much better than wf. It’s just my opinion

    • Hello,

      DP – I’m not a fan with, although I ocassionaly use it, I just don’t think it provides any real value to the “better blogger”.

      Sitepoint is a great website but is more for web developers, not bloggers.


      • Michael, you got a point there! That is true, dp and sp serve web purposes more than blogging. But i can relate to it. You might not find much blogging tips but you will definitely come across several people with whom you might want to share, trade or even do business with. I am working on a forum which is similar to DP but the difference is, instead of serving webmasters, it will serve the bloggers 🙂
        You are doing a great job out there, cheers!

  14. Stuart Wooster says:

    Top notch list mate!

    I’m just clearing out my inbox and realised I haven’t been keeping on top of checking out these sites instead of reading a hundred and one different Emails telling me about new courses from various gurus. Which would all be fine and dandy receiving such mail if I intended to buy into any of them.

    Time for an early spring clean on the Email lists and to organise reading some of these fantastic sites regularly 🙂

    Thank you for the reminder and introduction to a few new ones Michael.

  15. Marko Saric says:

    Great list Michael, thanks for including me along all these great blogs, I appreciate it!

    • The Blogging Dad says:

      Dude, your site rocks too! Definitely a great help for me and my crappy Thesis technique.

  16. Great list, michael!

  17. Sumeet Chawla says:

    Nice inspirational collection of minimalistic websites 🙂 Helped me a lot in choosing the right colours for a website like these…

  18. The Blogging Dad says:

    I find myself doing less blogging and more reading sites like this to learn how to blog. Your site should have been on this list. Thanks for the popular reminders and for the ones I never heard of. I’m re-tweeting right now.

  19. Teen Blogger says:

    Great list.

    I visit most of these blogs sites on a daily base and they all produce top notch content.

  20. OneLifeNoFear says:

    Some sites here that I have not looked at.. Cheers Michael

  21. Randy Barnes says:

    THis is great. Perfect timing for me as Im researching for my oun blog. Havent seen at least half these before. What a value-added post. Thanks and kudos.

  22. Great list Michael, I think I’ll find this useful.

  23. Awesome list..
    Already familiar with many of these.. really a great and useful list for new bees.

    Cheers !

  24. Great post Michael! I read probably 10 of these sites on a daily basis. Quick question though: How did you create those screenshots for each site? I’m trying to find a way to do so for my posts, but no luck.

  25. Gary V and Copyblogger are daily reads for me. Good post.

  26. Brilliant post with some websites I’ve used before and several that I’ll definitely be using again in the future for blogging advice.

  27. Very nice list!

  28. Just about the information I need! Michael you’re really good at coming up with good lists eh? I read Problogger and Copyblogger regularly, and some of the others too. I should start visiting the rest of them.

    Before I dive into all these websites though, I made myself finish a blog post because I knew I wouldn’t be able to write anything if I just kept on reading (they have awesome content!).

    So a sincere reminder I have for all the wonderful bloggers here is not to get bogged down by the information out there, but instead we should just pick up the good stuffs from the websites and apply them onto our own blog.

    Thanks and keep the good stuffs coming! I’m sure all of us will be here to support too.

    • Hello Ken,

      Glad you enjoyed the list – definitly agree about only reading the good blogs, there are so many blogs that don’t provide any value and will just burn your time away.


  29. Avraham Saltoun says:

    Greeeat Post. I was skeptical about subscribing to your blog, because your AGE… but now you proved yourself. Congratulations!

  30. A valuable resource indeed! Thanks!

  31. Great list, Michael. Thanks so much, I am just getting into blogging for my business. This is perfect.

  32. Dzinepress says:

    there is really great resources for blogging ideas.

  33. Excellent post! Loved it! However, I can’t see why NETTuts+ deserves a place…

  34. Noel Wiggins says:

    with so many folks out there getting into blogging its only fitting that we have a blog that blogs about blogging!

    Nice round up…

    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for
    a graphic design studio

  35. Jonathan - Advanced Life Skills says:

    This is a wonderful resource, thanks so much!

  36. Cool list. warrior forum scares the crap outta me though 😉

  37. BMT Solutions says:

    It’s a very nice list. You got everything there especially my favourite blog websites.
    Thaks for sharing

  38. theheatweb says:

    wow! This list is really awesome! I’ll try to visit each of them. Keep up the good work bro!

  39. This is a great list for sure. I’ve been a big fan of Webdesigner Depot. It’s like looking at art that teaches!

  40. Great list. Almost most of the blogs I follow and WF is my favorite. There are lot of stuff to learn.

  41. Blogging Tips says:

    Very nice work. I am a starter in this. Let me follow few of your selection and see whether it works. Your blog is also a must read.

  42. A great list for beginning bloggers and its good to have a list like this one all in one place.

  43. Emma Auriemma-McKay says:

    What an amazing variety of methods and topics. After I
    read some of these I will feel like I’ve graduated Blogging

  44. Graphic Design Company says:


    I am blogging since few years and there has always been an inspiration to learn and blog. My blogging part mostly including to be a good learning and sharing information. This post is an excellent example of sharing information and giving out the opportunity to learn about blogging for new ones. It is an awesome mashup. Thanks for sharing.

    – J.
    Graphic Design Company

  45. David Shaw says:

    I still cant believe that you forgot David Shaw Blog!!

    Great post dude!

  46. Once again a great post by u mike. I’m happy to say i was also following 5 sites you mentioned above and they have helped me a lot for my blogging and online money making.

  47. WOW, this is just what I needed. Thanks for this article.

  48. Learn Creative Visualization says:

    This post did indeed increase my subscriptions list. Thanks.

  49. useful list…I think the list has the perfect mixture of all things required for a good blogging career!

  50. Hey Michael
    very comprehensive list – I appreciate it. I’m afraid I’ve never attempted to blog in a major way (other than a few facebook notes), so this is very handy.
    I’ve been getting newsletters from a guy called Jon Leger ( and I was wondering what you thought of him?

  51. Wow…so I guess I better start paying attention to some of this stuff!

  52. Bharath Reddy says:

    Amazing List…

  53. Blogger Cafe Plus says:

    wow.. nice list.. this what i need to build my blog.. thanks Michael.. 🙂

  54. Great list… need more than a week to explore it one by one…

  55. To be honest, I thought I already knew about all the best websites for blogging and making money online but there are some on this list that I have never heard of. Thanks for letting me know about them. I appreciate it Michael!

  56. thanks for taking the time to gathering and sharing this list. i had heard of about half b4 so i got some reading to do!

  57. Handoko Tantra says:

    I learn too from that blogs above. They are really great at their niche. 🙂

  58. Cyber Katrox says:

    Nice list. Thanks for this article.

  59. Sumeet Chawla says:

    Very interesting compilation.. thanks for the share..

  60. Blogging Access says:

    I often visit those websites in your list and I learn many things from them especially copy blogger and entrepreneurs-journey.

    Thanks for making this list. By the way, why is that your blog is not in the list?

    – Felix Albutra

  61. Wilson Usman-Fun Lifestyle says:

    I like this list some of these I haven’t visited yet…about to go there right now.

  62. Nice List. I’m an avid reader of Problogger for sure. I will check out some of the other ones you mentioned. They look really good. Thanks

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  64. again a great list Michael thank you…

  65. Pro Blogger is my favorite blog. Thanks for sharing this list.

  66. Brian Clark (CopyBlogger), i like him, he give me a inspirate for my blog..thanks..

  67. I totally agree and love these new blogger websites.

  68. Well, I wish I could find this site earlier. I am an IT guy who is trading in real estate as well. My major challenge was to be both at the same time until I found the right combination, blogging about real estate!

    Thanks for the tips and this comprehensive list of valuable blogs. Great job!

  69. Aris Catatan si Boy says:

    1 word…. Wow!!!!

  70. manage your money says:

    Needed this. Thanks! I have tried SEOmoz before and really liked it. I will have to check out the other ones on your list this week.

  71. jambri guda says:

    yes! really useful websites to learn something new.

  72. Chris Alta says:

    Great post, I recently started checking your stuff out Michael and it’s pretty good. I forget which video i watched but you mentioned using “Top Lists” to attract readers. Well the top 20 definitely caught my attention so good job with that, definitely works and I didn’t even realize it until I was here haha

    Anyways I just started following Blogussion, Entrepreneurs-Journey, Gary Vaynerchuck, and David over at ProBlogger.

    David Risley (no offense) is pretty boring lol. I’m sure he’s a great guy and has a lot of knowledge to offer but I’m just not attracted to his style of teaching or maybe just how he carries himself?

    On the other hand when you have a personality like Gary Vaynerchuk. I can relate to that guy a ton, he’s got charisma, personality, pizzazzzz, the whole enchilada. Maybe he comes off as a big jerk to some people but even if you didn’t like him, you’d pay attention to what he has to say because of how he says it. So with that being said Gary carries himself SUPER WELL. Definitely a kick ass mentor to look up to.

    I’ll check out copy blogger and daily blog tips. I just launched my blog on January 1, 2011 and the first month I had 374 views, this February I’m about to crack a thousand. The cool thing too is I don’t even write for SEO, just for people.

    I guess I’m getting a lot of likes and tweets. So hopefully the traffic keeps picking up. One thing I’ve still yet to do is get an Aweber account and start building a list, but I don’t think I’m knowledgeable enough to build a list. Not ready yet. In due time though!

    Maybe by coming around your website more often and checking out the other ones you’ve mentioned I can learn how to do that and get some more valuable tips.

    Are you planning on going to BlogWorld Expo November 3-5 in Los Angeles this year? I’m about a 3 hour drive from LA so I’m thinking about it. It’d be great to meet you brotha!

    Thanks again for the list I’ll be checking back soon


    -Chris Alta