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20 Things Every Internet Entrepreneur Should Own

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Most of us work from home offices – or maybe just a corner in the bedroom, but one thing I have been thinking recently is what items of technology (old or new) could we not live with out?

This list contains the obvious ones – but I hope it also contains some things that some people will have forgotten. I was speaking with a friend (who is quite successful) the other day and I was surprised at some of the things they had not considered – in particular Disaster Planning.

I mean he had virtually no back ups (back-ups of websites, back-ups of PC, back-ups of Email Contacts etc). In addition they had never considered having a fireproof safe or an off-site location for back-ups.

Now I know not all of us need these things – but it is too easy when you don’t work in the so called ‘normal’ office environment to miss out on some essential Admin tasks.

Another note — Home Office Insurance – How many of us have it?

Question 1 – What have I missed of this list?

Question 2 – What one item (apart for a computer) could you not do with out?

Let me know your thoughts

#1 Dual Monitor Display

Dual Monitor Display I remember ages ago reading that having a dual screen can increase your productivity by over 29.7% and would have to say, since implementing this into my home office, it’s made a huge difference! I would always be flicking back and forth between lots of different things and now I can just manage so much more.


* * * * *

#2 Business Cards

Business Cards Business cards are one of those vital things all entrepreneurs and business people should carry at all times. It amazes me how often and where I get asked for a business card, from waiting in line at the airport to having my hair cut. When people ask for your card, there basically showing an interest in your business and what you can offer them.
* * * * *

#3 Whiteboard

Whiteboard I love to brainstorm ideas, having a whiteboard is a huge advantage for this. I use to have to do it on small sheets of paper and everything got kind of messy.


* * * * *

#4 Logitech Laser Mouse

Laser Mouse Over the last few years I have had dozens of mouse’s, all pretty much rubbish! Last year I decided to go for a wireless one because the cable always was getting in the way or wasn’t long enough for where I was work. Since using a Logitech Laser mouse I have been so much more productive, it may be such a small thing but it really does make a difference.


* * * * *

#5 GoPro HERO4

gopro I got my first GoPro camera for free when I entered a blog contest as a favor to a friend. Last year when I was in NYC interviewing Gary Vaynerchuk I was having trouble with my video camera and asked Gary what he used to video his web TV show and he told me he used his HERO4. So like any good entrepreneur, I had a back up camera which was my GoPro camera and I got it out and used it to do the whole interview. Once I had finished I was able to straight away upload to Youtube!


* * * * *

#6 Backpack With Laptop Sleeve

Entrepreneur Backpack I travel quite a lot and there’s nothing worse than having to carry an extra bag through an Airport, you already have enough stuff and I usually want to buy more. Having a sleeve in your backpack just seemed like a no-brainer to me!

More Information

* * * * *

#7 Digital Camera

Nikon D5200 Another thing I use often is my digital camera, it usually gets the most action at seminars and events, taking pictures for blog posts.


* * * * *

#8 Mobile Phone With Internet and Email Access

iPhone 5s One thing I think we can all agree on is that we love email because it typically means money. The only down side is that checking email seems to be constantly on our mind and when we are around friends and family, they don’t seem to appreciate us constantly going off to our computers and checking. Having a mobile with email access is vital people!

More Information

* * * * *

#9 Alarm Clock and Phone Charger

iHome I know your probably thinking, but we live the internet lifestyle, why do we need an alarm clock anymore? We still need it, weather its for our early flights abroad or to get up in time to meet a client, talk to programmers or to make sure we are up in time for lunch.


* * * * *

#10 Printer

HP OfficeJet 8610 I typically don’t print much but love to be able to see my work on paper, call me old school but it helps! Another obvious reason is printing of those e-tickets!

More Information

* * * * *

#11 Bin

Laser Mouse If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly writing lots and ideas down, my table easily get’s in a mess and I know when it’s a mess, I don’t work so well. Having a bin just makes it easy for us to keep clutter free.

More Information

* * * * *

#12 Microphone/Headset

Laser Mouse I like to work when it suits me, it’s one of the many perks of the job. However, my family don’t seem to appreciate me working late at night with loud music or talking to programmers on Skype which makes a head headset a no brainer!


* * * * *

#13 Desktop Backup

Laser Mouse Desktop backups are a must for everyone, we have all lost things in the past and wish we could get them back, this little box makes sure that doesn’t happen!

More Information

* * * * *

#14 Fire and Water Proof Safe

Laser Mouse I don’t ever think my house will catch fire or get flooded, however I would be dumb not to at least protect some of my most important things from it. Great for keeping backups, passwords, money and other important documents.

More Information

* * * * *

#15 Ergonomic Office Chair

Laser Mouse Considering we spend all our working hours behind a computer on a chair, I would say this is one of the more important items I have in my office. Having a good work chair allows you to work longer which allows you to make more money!

More Information

* * * * *

#16 Universal Plug Adapters

Laser Mouse As mentioned above, a lot of us entrepreneurs travel a lot and without universal plug adapters we wouldn’t be able to work while traveling, a vital piece of kit you should all have!


* * * * *

#17 Filing Box

Laser Mouse I know a lot of us don’t write much down or print much these days so we can get away with such a small amount of filing but it is important to do! Keeping good records is important and without one, we wouldn’t be able to do that.

More Information

* * * * *

#18 Good Lighting

Laser Mouse It may sound such a minor thing but it helps! A well lit work area does make a great difference to your productiveness as you can see more clearly and focus better.

More Information

* * * * *

#19 Surge Protector

Laser Mouse Another essential for all of us, we all have so many devises and pieces of equipment that charging is often on our mind, having a surge protector takes that worry away.

More Information

* * * * *

#20 Expandable Trolley Case

Laser Mouse Getting everything you need in a case is hard enough, trying to bring it half way round the world is another thing! Having a great trolley case makes traveling a breeze.

More Information

* * * * *


  1. Out of everything there I just need a Flip Camera HD. I keep meaning to get one but I always forget. Great Post!

  2. Chris Wheeler says:

    Good list, I think I’ve got most of those covered except the adaptors, surge protector and safe…

    I’m up to four displays now but the jump in productivity from two to four is no where near that of the increase from one to two. I’d also recommend going for as high resolution as possible.

    I’d be interested to know what mobile platform you use – I’ve been a Win Mobile kinda person for years but I’m thinking of switching to android for the improved Gmail integration..

    • Hey Chris,

      Good to hear from you buddy. Up till May last year I was working on a laptop with a title pixel resolution.. jumping straight upto a great new laptop with duel screen attachment + great pixel resolution has helped so much.

      How do you even work with 4 ;-)? Was thinking of getting one more screen.


  3. David Walker says:

    Dang, got 19 out of 20.

    The fireproof/waterproof safe proved to be my downfall.

    And there was me thinking I was a textbook entrepreneur…


  4. Joseph Ajilore says:

    A notepad..sometimes i feel to write on that than on laptops or phones sometimes..Apart from that, it is quite spot on..

  5. Greg Rollett says:

    I have just about everything on that list. Totally agree with the whiteboard, its a life saver and also great to shoot videos with.

    The only thing I would change is to swap out the Flip for the Kodak Zi8. Better video quality and a built in mic input – and the same price.

    Good list Mike.

  6. Andrew @ Blogging Guide says:

    Gonna have to investiagte this Dual monitor working – thanks for the link to that guys site as well.

    Other than that and the surge protector I have everything else listed.

    I also have an office fan – for those odd days we have a heatwave here in the UK!


  7. Luke Etheridge says:

    Hi Michael,

    Great Post…Everyone loves a list!

    And I must say that this is a great checklist for someone who is just starting out with Internet Marketing or Blogging.

    I’ve just bought myself the logitech clearchat headset to do my Skype interviews and it should be arriving tomorrow, Can’t wait! 🙂

    Keep up the good work mate,


  8. Barry Jarvis says:

    Great list – however, i’d consider swapping the standard surge protector for a UPS (Uninteruptible Power Supply).
    In it’s basic form it’s a surge protector with battery backup.

    There’s nothing worse than typing out a load of research, or a new blog post and then losing it all in a power cut!

    Obviously this wouldn’t apply to those working off laptops 😉

  9. Great list, Michael. How about a scanner and a paper shredder? I think an internet entrepreneur could do with those two too :).

    And I think the business cards are one vital thing that every entrepreneur should consider not only internet entrepreneurs :).

  10. Oh, My god.

    I don’t have anything in this list except Dustbin 🙂 :(. But it is already full of trash.

    When i will buy these things? Will my blog earn much money to buy these things?

  11. From your list,I will try to get an ergonomic office chair,dual monitor display and an EXTRA LARGE back-up storage – I really download a lot ! My laptop is 95% full – The most abused laptop in the world.

  12. Great post Michael,

    As a begging blogger you have been a great inspiration. I just need to start writing.

  13. Hi Michael, What about the new IPad? Just joking. Solid list. I just have one more add: a good fashion note pad (for those random ideas, and potential JV partner projects).

  14. Anthony Feint says:

    I wouldn’t say all of these things are essential but it sure makes a nice wish list. For example I don’t use desktop backups (preferring a more reliable offsite solution). I also travel with just a carry on.

  15. You need a shredder dude

  16. The only thing I would add, that I use frequently, is my business card scanner. If having a cards is a must, that means you are also getting them, and the scanner is a huge time (and space) saver. Great list. Thanks

  17. John Paul Aguiar says:

    Nice list.. I’m good till the fire

    I agree that dual monitors are a big help… laptop stays on both email clients and runs software main monitor does the rest.

  18. Jaap van Goor (Vaarwijzer) says:

    Great idea. The 10,20, things you need for … your own market niche.

  19. Pat Mussieux says:

    Hey Michael – great list. Happy to see that I have most of those items. I agree with Shirley in that a shredder is essential these days because of privacy issues.

    Yellow sticky notes are essential for me as a tool.

    Thanks again,


  20. Dokter Kandungan says:

    wow great list Michael.. I’m jealous with your dual monitor display, wish I can have it like yours.. 🙂

    It must be fun if my work place have all things like that..

  21. Michael,

    Sounds weird, but I thought of your blog today and how much I enjoy reading your posts and information. As well, I wondered, if it is possible to get a theme like yours, I know it’s an adjusted Woo Theme, but I really like the style and clean design. Maybe there’s an opp for an affiliate opportunity??

    Keep up the great work, I know you’ll be really close to my restaurant in Bethesda, Md near DC when you come for the Underground event with Yanik, I extend an opportunity to come in for dinner with me if you’d care to 🙂

    I also produce a business TV show and would love to do a dinner/interview type show if you’d like…

    Keep up the great work, talk to you soon…

  22. Maharaja SivaSubramanian N says:

    Great List.

    I would add up the following things.
    A stress ball (stress can creep in any time, also a good forearm exercise tool).
    A pen and a notepad.
    A water bottle (it is hard to go for breaks sometimes, but we need to be hydrated to perform better).
    A mobile phone with a wireless headset.
    A virtual desktop software like the ones available in linux. It can create as many as 32 screens (or even more) we need to just change from one to another.

  23. James Cunningham says:

    Very good list Michael, from that the must for me is the Phone with internet access, I recently decided to let my free internet run out on my phone citing “Ah, I never use it”, oh how wrong was I! I have it again now.

    Also, on the note of dual monitors, I actually find dual monitors distracting and I prefer one.

  24. Very gr8 list of products. I mostly use mobile internet all time. I am addicted to mobile internet surfing.

  25. Good tips, but ditto on another reply about flipping the Flip for Kodak cam Zi8 with ext. mic port.

  26. michael, thank you for this list, i will consider buying an ergonomic office chair..

    good luck

  27. Arthur Charles Van Wyk says:

    Thank you for a great post. I have bookmarked this on Delicious for referring to it in future when I move house and set up my own home office – again.

    Everything in your list is extremely essential for a good, working home office. However I find head phones a bit of a schlep to keep on for long periods, so right now I have a surround sound system connected to my desktop machine that gives me good quality sound when I watch Youtube and Vimeo vids, listen to podcasts or just play music while I work.
    I am slowly learning about and getting into video marketing, so this will become useful when I start editing videos as well. Just thought I’d throw in my 10 quid.

    Once again.. great post.

  28. Michael Anderson says:

    Hi Michael

    Since I do a lot of my work at home in pyjamas – I think a suitable supply of hard-wearing PJs is good – or even a whole wardrobe of such suitable working attire – different colour each day maybe? Not sure about what to do if I decide to dress down though.

    Nice Post Michael

  29. Excellent list, but one huge, critical missing piece:

    Espresso Machine! The internet runs on fiber optic cables and caffeine.

  30. I don’t think I have half this stuff, I wouldn’t have any more room in my work area. funny

  31. Michael Aulia says:

    I’d love a dual monitor set-up for blogging but I can live with just having one 😀

    and I don’t need a printer lol

  32. gr8 work..

  33. Tom | Build That List says:

    I just got myself dual monitors and absolutely love it! (Don’t know how I could go back to one). The next thing I am working on is a mobile phone with internet, because currently I can’t even get picture messages because my phone is so old.

  34. Hey Michael! Maybe it goes without saying, but I like to have a gigantic desk or table to work on.

    I like your point about lighting. I recently discovered an area of the business building on campus that has incredible lighting. It wakes me up and pumps me up. I’m a big fan of good lighting.

  35. Hey Michael,
    Great post. I love my dual monitor, wouldn’t be without it :).
    You got me on the alarm clock and the business cards though, and there is a mention of a fan. Yep here in the tropics of north Queensland, Australia, a fan is a must. I am not a fan (excuse the pun) of air conditioning.

    Cheers mate.

  36. great post michael

  37. Hi Michael,
    Another great post and, as many of your readers are from the UK, I hope you don’t mind me plugging our fire safes which are the same as Amazon’s but cheaper.
    This is a great blog and any serious new blogger should get your RSS feed as you give no-hype, sensible information that we can all learn from.
    Hoping to see you at DC in March (I’m a Maverick like your Dad).

  38. great post Michael,im your biggest fan and reader from Bosnia,just keep it up with good work… 🙂

  39. TheInfoPreneur says:


    Good information brother, mac or pc?

    Do you find that having two screens actually can distract you?

    I was thinking of getting two screens but then I thought I can only do one thing at a time anyway?

    Just interested in your point of view really

  40. Brian D. Hawkins says:

    Great list of tools. I would love to have dual monitors. Right now I use a desktop and laptop side by side but two monitors sounds pretty appealing.

  41. suprawesm says:

    I like your list, only thing i don’t like is the laser mouse. The mac ones are great, but I have had some trouble with pc based wireless mouses.

  42. Jaime Tagle says:

    Hey Michael

    Great post! I loved all the gadgets and tools you included in the post. Im implementing the dual monitor thing soon!

  43. Good job covering disaster recovery. Too few people think about it until it’s too late.

    As for tools to add, I can’t live without my ScanSnap S510 scanner. It is the single best tool I’ve ever bought. The fact that every executive at has one on their desk says a lot since they have access to every technology available.

    I like for backup as it’s offsite if anything happened at my house (fire, theft, earthquake, etc). I’m a fan of SugarSync, too, since you can use it more like an online file server to access anywhere.

    I also can’t live without Evernote. Having the ability to store account info, bookmarks, project notes (especially research for blog posts) is a major organization improvement. I don’t have to deal with piles of scrap paper or remember what folder I put a file in on my pc as it’s all stored, ocr’d, tagged and instantly searchable on my desktop, online and on my phone, for free.

    I used to have dual 19″ widescreen monitors, but have gone back to a 15″ laptop for total mobility since Starbucks is my part time office now. I haven’t really missed the larger screens much, which is a surprise since I used them for years.

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