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20 Great Google Chrome Extensions for Online Entrepreneurs

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There are two types of internet users. Those who use Chrome and those who haven’t had a good friend force them to use Chrome.

One of the neatest things about Google Chrome is the ability to install thousands of extensions to make your internet browsing more efficient and fun.

Here are 20 great Google Chrome extensions that every online entrepreneur should install.

Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs


AdBlock Chrome Extension

With over 2 million users, AdBlock is the second most popular Chrome extension (behind Angry Birds) in the world. It simply and automatically blocks Google AdSense and most banner ads on all web pages, even Facebook and YouTube.

Chrome Extension: AdBlock


FlashBlock Chrome ExtensionIf you have a slower computer, one of the easiest ways to speed it up is to install FlashBlock. It automatically blocks Flash from loading which will drastically decrease your load times on sites that use Flash.

Chrome Extension: FlashBlock

Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank Chrome ExtensionThe Alexa Traffic Rank Extension lets you easily see the Alexa Ranking of any site that you’re on. When I go to a site for the first time, I subconsciously hover over this extension to get an idea of how much traffic that site gets.

Chrome Extension: Alexa Traffic Rank

WebRank SEO

WebRank SEO Chrome ExtensionSimilarly, the WebRank SEO Extension displays the PageRank of every site within its icon. If you click the icon, it shows more SEO information about the site like the Compete Ranking, pages indexed, backlink counts, social counts, and a link to the Whois information.

Chrome Extension: WebRank SEO


Firebug Chrome ExtensionI’ve used Firebug more than any other Chrome Extension ever. It’s a neat tool that lets you inspect HTML elements and live edit the CSS properties so you can test design elements before you change them. This is a must-have extension for anyone who edits websites.

Chrome Extension: Firebug Lite for Google Chrome

Web Developer

Web Developer Chrome ExtensionWeb Developer is like a more advanced form of Firebug. It allows you to see what your site looks like without CSS, remove all sorts of design elements, and otherwise troubleshoot every aspect of your site. It’s a must-have for more advanced web developers.

Chrome Extension: Web Developer


YSlow Chrome ExtensionThis is a plugin by Yahoo! that analyzes web pages and suggests ways to make your site load faster and perform better. Warning: Only use this extension if you want a comprehensive list of all the things that make you site load slow. It’s eye-opening.

Chrome Extension: YSlow

Window Resizer

If you’re an avid Web Developer Extension user, this one is redundant. But if you simply want to know what your website looks like on any device and every screen resolution, this tool is the ticket.

Chrome Extension: Window Resizer

Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper Chrome ExtensionEye Dropper is another simple extension that lets you pick a pixel and it gives you the HEX code and RGB combination for that exact color. This is a handy tool if you’re updating your design and you want to match the colors on your site.

Chrome Extension: Eye Dropper

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot Chrome ExtensionThis is my favorite full-fledged screenshot extension. It allows you to take a screenshot of an entire webpage. Then the tool pops up to draw lines, shapes, and even text. When you’re done, you can save it online or download it as a .PNG. I used it to create the images on the 20 Best Designed Facebook Fan Pages.

Chrome Extension: Awesome Screenshot


iWeb2x Chrome ExtensioniWeb2x lets you save any webpage as a .PDF file with all or most of the design elements intact.

Chrome Extension: iWeb2x

Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom Chrome ExtensionHover Zoom enlarges thumbnails on mouse over so you will never have to “click to enlarge” ever again.

Chrome Extension: Hover Zoom


Apture Chrome ExtensionApture is a robust extension that lets you highlight any word or phrase on any webpage and a little window pops up with the definition, Wikipedia, Google, and YouTube results that are relevant to that term.

Chrome Extension: Apture


TweetDeck Chrome ExtensionTweetDeck is the most widely used Twitter browser application. It lets you aggregate all of your Twitter feeds and makes it easy to Tweet from any of your accounts. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who runs multiple Twitter accounts.

Chrome Extension: TweetDeck

Better Gmail

Better Gmail Chrome ExtensionBetter Gmail improves your Gmail experience by giving you the option to hide ads, add attachment icons, and show desktop notifications. This is a must-have extension if you use Gmail.

Chrome Extension: Better Gmail

Offline Google Mail

Offline Google Mail Chrome ExtensionInstall Offline Google Mail so you’ll always be able to access your Gmail and write emails in case you’re in a spot without WiFi or, God-forbid, you lose internet in your home.

Chrome Extension: Offline Google Mail


Forecastfox Chrome ExtensionForecastfox by is my favorite weather extension. The icon displays the current temperature and weather. And if you click it, you’ll get a 7-day forecast with a Doppler radar.

Chrome Extension: Forecastfox


H2O Chrome ExtensionH2O is a simple extension that helps you keep track of how many glasses of water you drink. When you’re working on a computer, you don’t get as thirsty and this is a simple reminder to fill your 8-glass quota for the day.

Chrome Extension: H2O


Stayfocusd Chrome ExtensionIf you have trouble staying away from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other distracting sites, install StayFocusd. Choose your most distracting sites and set a limit to how many minutes per day you’ll allow yourself to visit those sites. Since I started limiting myself to 15 minutes per day between all distracting sites, I Facebook faster and Twitter less.

Chrome Extension: StayFocusd

Smooth Scrolling*

Smooth Scrolling Chrome Extension*Smooth Scrolling makes your scrolling smooth rather than rickety. It used to be an extension but now it’s a core part of Chrome. However, you still need to activate it.

Chrome Extension: Type “chrome://flags” into address bar > Smooth Scrolling > Enable

What? No Chrome?

Today is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life. It’ll go down as the day that you starting browsing the internet with Chrome.

  1. Install Chrome.
  2. Set it as your default browser.
  3. Browse the internet like a nerd.

You may not need or want all of these extensions, but I encourage you to try them out. They’ve changed the way I browse the internet, forever.

Did I miss any good Chrome Extensions? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Marcus Wickes says:

    I actually combine several of those extensions with just a couple extension.

    Pendule (

    Pendule can resize the browser, color pick, show css or javascript, hide images, and many of the things that developer extensions do.

    PageRank Status (

    PageRank Status (much like the WebRank SEO extension you explained above) combines your pagerank, alexa, and shows lots of other useful info about the site.

    I just like to combine as many of the icons into a single icon as I can. Cleans up the real estate in my browser.

    • Hey Marcus… Yeah, I looked at Pendule too. It seems to be a solid replacement for Web Developer. I included the other extensions because Pendule and Web Developer are a little robust for those of us who aren’t web developers.

      Yep, and PageRank Status is similar to WebRank SEO. Thanks for the tips and for giving us more options.

  2. Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwuka says:

    Thanks Nick

  3. Duane Rackham says:

    Great post Nicholas, Ive never payed much attention to
    Google Chrome Extensions, but I will now.
    One of the biggest mistakes Internet Marketers make is
    not moving with the times, I’m guilty of this but after reading this post I know I need to change my thinking
    and keep up to date with the latest internet browsers.

    Thank you for another powerful post.

    • You’re welcome, Duane! Just make sure you actually check out and install some of these extensions rather than simply knowing about them.

  4. Seriously Chrome is much better than other browsers, but one thing and the only thing I hate the most is incompatible with one of the program I installed and needed the most. Chrome won’t run good with it installed. So, firefox will be alternative choice.

    No offense.

    • Hey Jeffrey! I know what you mean. I stuck with Firefox for much longer than I wanted because Chrome didn’t have Firebug. Which program does Chrome not run?

  5. Kestrel Blackmore says:

    The firebug plugin is great for debugging JavaScript problems. YSlow is great for figuring out performance issues if you develop web based apps.

    • Thanks for the tips, Kestrel. I haven’t used Firebug to debug JavaScript, but I’ll check it out next time I have an issue.

  6. Cheptiony Mutai says:

    Very insightful. I will look foreward to install some of the plugins especially Flashblock and speed up loading!

  7. Paul Profitt says:

    I have been using Chrome almost exclusively for a few months now. My other browser of choice being Firefox. Some of the extensions that I am currently using are Alexa Traffic, Shareaholic, Google+ and Buffer.

  8. Thanks Nick
    Once again really detailed and geared toward the entrepreneur. I use Safari and Firefox, but Safari is probably the only Apple product that needs a complete overhaul

    • Hey Mark… Give Chrome a shot. I ran a few tests back in the day and Chrome was twice as fast as any other browser.

  9. fazal mayar says:

    great extensions mate , i mainly use seo quake which does the job

  10. Handy Article Nick,

    Big Chome fan so will be trying some of these out.


    • Sure thing, Stuart! I figured this post wouldn’t help everyone. But for those of us who use Chrome, these extensions really will change how you browse the internet.

  11. Peter Hutyr says:

    Blocking ads can cost you. You might miss something important. Otherwise great post once again. Thanks for this list. Actually I use a couple of these exts, but now I have known a few and right away am going to install them.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Peter. I hesitated to include AdBlock because much of the audience here has websites that they monetize with ads. You’re right that some advertisements have your best interest at heart, but I couldn’t not include the second most installed extension of all time.

  12. Paul Profitt says:

    No Nick. Those are the extensions that I’m currently using on Chrome. Sorry for not making the point. The first time around.

  13. Hmm!! great tools, and google chrome is pretty fast as a browser! good recommendation.

  14. Baseball Board Games says:

    Ad block is actually a hinderance in my internet marketing ventures. I have recently deleted it all together because it makes it impossible to play with ad placements, and I am to lazy to disable it on all of my sites. However the rest are definitely great for IM. One extension I would really like to see is Google toolbar, unfortunately it isn’t supported on their own browser (come on Google!).

  15. Hi Nick, I’m always hanging out in the Chrome Store finding great extensions so it’s nice to get my hands on this list. Some of these I use already but I like SEO Site Tools and I switch back and forth between Awesome Screenshot and Aviary. Aviary has more features but Awesome Screenshot let’s me preview the pixel sizes when I’m cropping.

  16. I use Mozilla to navegate, but DUDE! I realy wanna change my default browser to Chrome right away. Nice packet 😀

  17. Nirmal Gyanwali says:

    Great tips!
    Really i like most of the add ons.

  18. Ivan Dimitrijevic says:

    Really great list of Google Chrome Extensions.
    With some more stuff like SEO Quake, SEOmoz and some Google+ related extensions you have anything you need for faster browsing and with Chrome you can really browse the web like a nerd. 🙂

  19. Ron Haggerty says:

    Great List of Extensions! I’ve been using Chrome now for the past 3 months and have not looked back. Several of these extensions are making my experience with Chrome that much better… Thanks!!!

  20. Installed 2 out of 20 extensions. I didn’t even knew Google had a webstore.

  21. Although I fully understand it hurts advertisers, I think adblock is key if a person surfs the net a lot and doesn’t want to go insane. I didn’t think I needed it until I downloaded to torch browser and now I wouldn’t surf without it.

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