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  • Chris McCann

    Hey Michael great post. Your advice and journey is such an inspiration to a 19 year old entrepreneur like myself. Keep the great content rollin’ man!

  • David Walker

    Hi Michael,

    This is a great round-up up of things that do and don’t make you money online and should be helpful for those looking to slice through the clutter.

    You are in a great position with this blog. If you wanted to offer bonuses for major product launches you should rank in Google quite well due to the authority you have here.


  • Mathias

    Off topic:
    I must say, Michael.. is by far the best make money online blog i have ever seen, and i’ve seen a lot. To me, all the other bloggers blogging about making money, it’s just bullocks, what they’re saying. You inspire me so much, and this post is one of the post posts, i’ve seen from you in a while.
    Just wanted to give you a thumbs up!

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  • Jia Jun

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this Michael.
    It actually set a guide map for me to learn and grow my blog.
    For the moment, I only use Adsense and Amazon affiliate, which not really making money, building genuine traffic is the key thing I need to focus on now.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    This post is awesome Mike, and it is even more effective because it is what you implemented and got results from.

    It’s really great to see how getting rid of affiliate product brought you great results and I will start testing with affiliate products on my blog to see what results I can get.

    Thanks so much for the great post and have a great day,

  • Fazal Mayar

    Nice stuff Micheal. What I like about you is that you have ethics, some bloggers and internet marketers just care about money and not about what they offer! You are right for selling your business, 10 or 20 years from now, I too want to sell my site!

  • David

    Very very good post, one of your best in my opinion! Good job Michael!

  • andreas

    Nice one Michael,
    I liked the one how you got rid of some Twitter crap. There’s just too much Twitter crap around these days. Blog post Idea?(hint hint)
    And what#s with the health dude? You got me worried a bit there. Nothing serious I hope..
    All the best,

    • Michael Dunlop

      Hello Andy,

      Nothing series, just been over a year now and we are still trying to work things out. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of things soon so I can get hardcore with my blogging again.

      The twitter story was my favorite 😉 serves them right!



  • Another good post Michael,

    I always like it when people give straight info about what’s working and what isn’t!

    You’ve shared some great information in your last couple of posts…. it’s certainly got me coming back to see each new one 🙂

    It’ll be interesting to see what you create in terms of selling a business… as so many of us create a brand of our own names (just as you have done) – that it would be hard to sell those businesses!

    So how you go about it will make a fascinating read 🙂


  • Marian

    Publishing content and then sending my subscribers to read it works the best for me. Thanks for all the tips & ideas you share with us, Michael.


  • Samuel

    Awesome post man! I love the way you speak your mind in this post! Well done bro 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Joshua Zamora

    Great post mike! Love the twitter story!! Way to tell them to F*** off! Lol

    Thanks for being fully transparent and giving us a behind the scenes look.

  • Quality analysis on how you’re marketing, refreshingly honest, too. One of the few IM bloggers I read every time. Cheers.


    • Michael Dunlop

      Thanks Nic,

      Glad you like what I’m doing. Can’t write well without telling you the truth so you know the reasons why things work and don’t.


  • Hey Michael,
    Thanks for this interesting insight into your business. You have some really awesome techniques and ideas and your articles have been a huge help to me so far. Congratulations on the success of PopUp Domination BTW. I am recognising it all over the net these days and always have to chuckle to myself when I see it… You can be very proud of this achievement.

    • Michael Dunlop

      Hey B,

      I always chuckle myself, never thought something I came up with would have some a big impact on internet marketing.

      Glad you liked the post,


      • Face it brow, you are a legend! 😉

  • I love this post. So far I have only made one of this work for me — selling service. My virtual assistant blog started as a form of therapy for work but I also made some money off it some of my clients came from the blog.

    By the way Michael, just wanted to let you know that I downloaded your LinkedIn interview with Lewis and I listened to it several times already. Thanks for putting out such great content.

  • Jim

    Michael…once again some great info for newbies and seasoned marketers. Thank you, Jim.

  • Rob


    Transparency is awesome! One of the great things about this business is that there are plenty of things that will work with integrity and persistence. Actually, that is a good and necessary model for any business. You have been a great example to many.
    Could you share with us which of the eleven was most profitable?
    Also, which of these methods do you suppose would work for smaller (traffic) sites?
    Live it LOUD!

  • Great post Michael. Concise and forthright.

    Check your inbox for an email I sent you regarding this post. I hope it helps.


  • Michael,

    I hate people who are not honest 😉 I guess it helps networking that you found out that the twitter product you removed, was trying to sell your idea to your competitors.

    People really don’t understand the fact that you should be well connected with your competitors. Not that I see us being competitors anyways lol.

    I think I know the service you are talking about 😉

    Why not just publicly mention them? I won’t do so just to honor the fact that you didn’t do it.

    • Michael Dunlop

      Hey Syed,

      Most of my competition are good guys, quite a lot of the newer guys, started on my site so they respect me enough to tell me when someones trying to rip me off. I would tell any of my competition if someone was selling their property because it effects all of us.

      It would make us look bad if we associate with these people. I didn’t name names because I know they won’t ever become successful, people like that never do.

      What are you doing these days, not seen much updates from you recently.



      • Working on a new project that will be launched this Monday.

        Aside from that invested in a new startup….

        Got invited to Summit Series << This is pretty legit stuff….

        Speaking at events… will be at Blog World Expo East in May… along with WordCamp Atlanta and WordCamp Raleigh in May as well…

        We need to have a chat sometime 🙂

  • jules

    Good going Michael, everywhere i go I see pop up dom, looking forward to the next iteration.

  • Michael great review. I love that you are building a business to sell. Smart and correct.

  • Juan from Vender Desde Casa

    What a great list of tips! I’ve just started my own blog and this list will help me learn a lot about business.

    Thank you for sharing this.