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10 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Any Money Online Yet

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Wondering Why You Haven’t Made Any Money Online?

My biggest site to date has been – which has received millions of visitors! I often come across big name marketers, bloggers and even the odd guru who told me they started their make money online journey at which is of course quite amazing and humbling considering I was a teenager and seriously dyslexic at the time.

Recently I was speaking to one of my readers from those early days and I asked them why did help them so much. His answer surprised me a little – but it appears my Richest Young Internet Entrepreneurs post inspired him so much he would come back twice a day to look at the same post – as he wanted to be on that list so much!

There are loads of reasons I could of added to this post such as, Everyone’s trying to be something they’re not, Wasting To Much Doing Rubbish and so many more.

Well it is nice to know people like your content — but more importantly it is essential that people take action on your content. Reading a post is great and FOCUSING on success is essential but unless you take action on that FOCUS you are wasting your time / day dreaming.

1. You are too busy complaining about other people

This is No1. for a lot of reasons, despite my young age, I have been in business for 7 years now and have enjoyed it but a few times a year you are going to come across complete IDIOTS – honestly, no better words for them. Here are some great examples:

– You hire someone to do a job, they don’t do it but still want to get paid, you said NO! So they go to all your competitor blogs and forums and message about you being a scammer – you clearly are not one and they ripped you off however you end up paying them because you want the madness to end and they still think they are right.

– You create a HUGE forum, beat all your competitors in a very little time and so they gang up on you and hack your forum day after day till you leave.

– You tell a close work colleague your online business idea so that they will promote it and instead they go of and create it themselves because they are GREEDY!

– You do a 10x bigger job for someone than anyone else but at the regular price and they still complain and don’t appreciate your work. (that annoyed me the most, there is just no helping some people!)

I’m just like most of you guys, when these things happen, I hit the fan, I go crazy but the thing is, all that time you are complaining about these idiots, going crazy, thinking about getting revenge etc YOU are not building your business. Fortunately for me I come to my senses fairly quickly and get on with what I should be doing which is Building my business rather than being bothered by small minded people who frankly will never make much of their lives anyway.

2. You are Too Busy Being a Douche

I was at one of the many events I go to every year and one guy in the audience decided it wasn’t for him so he refunded after the first day. (as per the offer the organizer made when people signed up). I have no issue with that individual requesting a refund – but when they then take a picture of themselves holding the refund cheque and Tweet it – they are behaving like a complete douche in my opinion

This guy wasn’t prepared to listen, learn and ultimately make more money because when it came down to it – he was to busy trying to be a jackass. Focus on yourself and stop wasting your time thinking about other people.

Here’s Another One: So often people like to point out my bad spelling because they really don’t have much going on in their business, leave me alone and focus on yourself. (I know some of you do it in a nice way but honestly, we all know I can’t spell already)

3. You buy every single product, crap ones included

There’s nothing wrong with buying lot’s of product, myself, my friends and even the top gurus in the world spend $100,000’s a year on their own training. The problem comes when you buy EVERY single one and you get confused because some will contradict each other because their teaching you different things. If your into blogging, buy all the blogging books, but don’t then buy into all the product creation books, affiliate marketing, facebook marketing etc if your not ready to even implement what you have learn’t. Get an idea of where you want to go and the work out how to get their – that’s exactly how I go about it and if Facebook marketing isn’t included in my plan then I don’t buy the products.

4. You go to every single FREE seminar

I myself go to a couple a year as I find it gets me excited again and I love hearing how they pitch from stage as it really is an art form. But some people go to EVERY single one and frankly if your spending all this time going to free events that have the soul purpose of pitching you something, when will you get time to implement?

5. You’ve Been Pitched Crap | Your Teachers Have Got It Wrong

There are some people (‘gurus’) teaching rubbish or selling ‘systems’ that went out of date in 2002 – often at ‘FREE’ seminars. Unfortunately some people as per my example above get so caught up in the PITCH and want out of the rat-race so much they BUY — but ultimately never take action. The thing is, so many people are DESPERATE to ESCAPE the rat race that they will believe anything and I don’t blame them. Don’t misunderstand — not all “gurus’ are scammers – far from it, but as you can tell I personally have an issue with so called FREE seminars that are nothing more than Pitch Fests!

I do believe in Karma — and if you knew how little these so called ‘millionaires’ really made you wouldn’t buy their products either.

Here’s another great example:

Twitter and Facebook make it easy for people to get noticed and connect with other people. Some idiot obviously made a product teaching people spamming is effective because it seems anyone who can’t make money decides to spam us on social sites with offers we don’t want and they do it in a very unappealing way. Don’t ever tweet me an offer because I will not take an notice of you and I would really recommend you find out more about your teacher. For example, I was at an event recently where a lady was teaching how to make $10,000 a month with Twitter and a friend of mine told me she said she only made $8,000 a month, now if shes willing to admit she makes $8,000 she probably makes closer to $5,000 and that could be a one of? Look for someone with a great track record and lot’s of social proof.

6. You are Lying To People

This one goes out to some people I know off that think they run with the big name gurus. Listen, the reason your still broke is because your lying to your audience, you don’t make millions a year, you don’t get 100,000s of visitors to your site and you don’t live on your own private island where you work from your laptop on the beach. Your audience are NOT, I repeat, ARE NOT dumb, so when you try to teach them how you supposedly did something, most people can tell when you actually know jack shit (can I really swear on my own blog?!?!) about it!

7. You are Forever Copying Someone else

So copying isn’t a bad thing, I actually tell my students to copy me because, I have tried it, tested it and it works so why not share the love, right? The problem is, when people copy a whole system without fully understand how it works. Remember from reason 1 and I mentioned a colleague who stole my idea that I showed him, well I really got the last laugh because he would of gone of, spent a few days copying my product and I actually found out how much he made, ZERO, Zilch, Nothing! The reason was simple, he had no right doing the same thing, just like number 6, if you don’t know something about a subject, then don’t try to teach it because your readers will notice.

8. You are Too Busy Dreaming Small to Ever Dream Big

We all know the big money comes when you do big things so why are you wasting your time thinking small? Here’s an example for you, when creating IncomeDiary I could have niched it down and made it only about driving traffic to a blog, sure I would of got some traffic and a following but nothing like I have today. Instead I went for the whole niche, Blogging and now even opened up to blogging about Income Online in general.  That’s a tip right there, always make sure you know where your going, don’t enter a niche if you can’t scope it out and go REALLY big. If I become the top site for Online Income, I would be on the level with BusinessWeek and – definitely where the big boys hang out.

9. You are Not Prepared To Listen

Around 15 months ago I met a reader of my site, I told him a few things that should help him make money online. A year later, I see this guy again and he’s still not doing anything online but is writing mad amounts of notes at a seminar just like the year before. I couldn’t bare to watch him waste his time so I grabbed him, took him to a quite area outside and got my laptop out and gave him a blueprint to what he needs to do to go big online, I found him an amazing domain (which I was quite jealous about but I already said he could have) and sent him off to go make it big! 1 week later he emails me telling me basically he’s doing something else online, which sounds to me like a really bad version of the idea I gave him, basically he decided to over complicated it.

10. You are Not Implementing

So the ones who actually do decide to listen to my great advice, where are they? Well of course I have some great students which makes it all worth it but I would have a lot more if EVERYONE implemented what I teach. If you are not prepared to implement, why bother learning?

Which of the above apply to you? What do you think is stopping you from making it big?

Adding more…

11. Your To Focused On What Other People Are Doing that You Don’t Focus On Yourself

Every day on my blogs I go to my comments and their is someone talking crap about me or my posts – if you don’t like it, LEAVE, go somewhere else! Stop focusing on making my life harder and instead work on yourself.

12. Your Trying To Do To Many Things

This one probably applies to the most us, if you try to do to many things you will end up lots of tiny websites that don’t make you any money. Focus on making one thing big, it doesn’t have to be your BIGGEST idea, you just need to see it through.

13. You Think Everything is Harder Then It Is

So many people don’t want to do things, including myself because you think it’s going to take a lot longer then you think or it’s really hard to do. Stop giving excuses and work out a way to do things – here’s a couple problems with solutions:

– A product will take me months to create – A: Create a 90 minute presentation offering your solution.

– Can’t Code a Site – A. Get someone else to do it for you.

It really can be that simple, don’t over think things.

14. Time

Real simple, MAKE TIME! I can handle my whole business with a hour a day if I have to.

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  1. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says:

    Wow Michael, these reasons are so true. All reasons apply to so many people online, as the web attracts many people, especially opportunity seekers who want to earn in the first month.

    I think No.8 ‘You are Too Busy Dreaming Small to Ever Dream Big’ applies to me. It is unfortunate, but it is true. Thanks for giving your own example. I hope to implement what you said!


  2. David Walker says:

    Nothing wrong with having a good rant on your blog, Michael!

    You have nailed it in terms of the main reasons why people become so frustrated with themselves at not being successful and ultimately giving up – complaining, being a ‘douche’ and buying crap.

    Yep, that’s about it!

    Good stuff – really like your new design btw.


    • Michael says:

      Hey David,

      Glad you liked the design, worked hard on it. Got a few things of my chest, people are wasting their time, I hope they realize.


  3. John Paul Aguiar says:

    Man #2 and #3 I have the spelling police too.. 300 word post and all you take away is a few spelling or grammar errors? Come one now.. I think it’s sad and funny.

    Have to say I also started learning at Retire21 site.. great info back then.

    Right now my biggest issue is doing to much.. I am slowly narrowing my focuses online to free up more time to blog more..

    Great post.

    • Michael says:

      Great to here Retireat21 inspired you John – I completely agree with your point on grammar, does my head.


  4. I love the post, but it makes my inner grammar nerd twitch (you’re, not your, for instance).

    I’m not making money yet, but that’s because I’m just getting started. I’ve carefully chosen my teachers. My dreams are very big. And I am implementing. Working hard. Building my foundation.

    Thanks for the great information.


    it really inspired me
    to implement something

  6. Hi Michael

    I discovered your blogs only a few days ago, both this and retire@21, and although I have the double of your age I want to say that you publish real great information.
    I was reading this article from you and I would like to add “You’re to busy to plan what you’re doing”. I made some research regarding why people fail online and discovery that the majority of people do not plan. They just sit in front of the computer and do it all wrong, like you said above.
    I’m posting some of my conclusions in my blog, if you would like to take a look and leave a comment I would appreciate..



  7. Dominique says:

    I love that you’re so passionate about this stuff and boy you nailed me with point number 12. I do have too many sites. So true. I feel divided and conquered sometimes and until I can just focus on just one I’ll never really get anywhere. I know it’s true so thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to focus on choosing just one. Aaaargh. So hard.

  8. Shaun Sinclair says:

    #2 Mind your own business

    Don’t ever forget that!

  9. Michael Anderson says:

    Thanks Michael – I’ve fallen into a couple of these things but the biggest issue for me is too many ideas in my head and not enough time to work with them. Because I run a couple of businesses – so that’s my challenge.

    I had people complaining about my spelling too – well not really spelling, just typing errors. But these people get fixated on others’ little mistakes instead of their own issues – I can’t believe they even want to talk about that… I want to say ‘get a life’ to them.

    You’re clearly animated about some of these topics Michael which is great. Soon, I can see you coming up with ’10 things that make Michael Dunlop really angry’ looking forward to it – only kidding!!!

    Another great post – thanks
    Michael A

  10. Tammi Kibler says:

    Thanks Michael.

    #11 is so dead on. I see people so invested in telling a blog owner what they are doing wrong that it is just ridiculous.

    The internet is huge, you can go out and claim your own piece of the real estate.

    If you don’t agree with what a blogger says (or a forum leader, or a “guru”) get off that page, get off that list, and go do great work.

    I go insane when I see someone leaving 300 word complaints as comments. Take that energy and write your own blog posts already.

  11. I’ve certainly been guilty of many of these (and still am of some).

    Thanks for the kick up the backside!

  12. Just what I needed to hear…great post Michael!

    I’m sharing this to my friends because they wonder why they aren’t making money and this post explains it perfectly!!

  13. Joyce Brister says:

    You hit the nail on the head with all of these reasons. As an internet marketing business coach, these are all of the things that hold others back. Most folks are not even aware of doing these things. Thanks for having the guts to point them out.

  14. elie palima says:

    Great tips! Reason #10 is probably the one that caught my attention the most. I kept on learning, and sometimes I think I already know too much, Even though I have this ‘perfect idea’ to do everything right, I still have this Problem Implementing them.

  15. Daniel Carmichael says:

    Hey Michael,

    Once again mate, great post with relevant and informative content that can be applied (or in some cases, not to be applied; like the info overload factor) by just about anyone at anytime, anywhere.

    And I’ll let you know one more thing!

    I’ve been writing Radio and Television campaigns for just over 6 years now with the largest digital media company in Australia. Grammar and punctuation are a major function of my role and I have no problem at all with yours.

    If people are so petty to point out your mistakes without realizing the opportunities that lie within; it’s their loss!!!

    Keep up the awesome work Michael!

    Daniel Carmichael

  16. Vivek Krishnan says:


    You have similar typos in point 1 & 2: You are “”To”” Busy Being a Douche (too).

    Nice Post Michael. I am a big fan of you.

    • Chase Brumfield says:

      HAHA!… I know @Vivek Krisnan is just being helpful but I wonder if he skipped over the end of #2?

      • Michael says:

        Lol Chase, exactly what I was thinking… same with someone else 😉

      • Vivek Krishnan says:

        @Chase- oops! Lol, not that I was not aware of that earlier.

        Anyways, typos make it easier for a person to comment. At least you do not have to bore someone with the usual, “Good Post”, “Nice Post” etc.

        Now, I think making typos is a great way to get more comments. 😀

  17. Duncan Brodie says:

    Another fantastic blog post Michael.

    I really admire the richness of your content and your willingness to say it straight rather than dancing round the issues.

    Keep up the great work.

    Duncan Brodie

  18. Bril…as always.

  19. Curtis Miller says:

    Great post Michael,

    I am in the process of shutting down some web sites and learning to focus for now on building a blog.

    Your ecourse has been extremely helpful in this regard, thank you for writing it.


  20. Chase Brumfield says:

    “You’re too busy being a douche” HAHA – I pee’d myself a little laughing at that one.

    I think what makes you (and your gold star students) so successful is that you guys love what you’re doing and do it more for that reason than the money. It’s one thing if you’re just looking to get rich quick, it’s another thing if you’re dedicated to providing a valuable service and genuine helpful content to those who need it. You’ve built a sustainable business through the relationships you’ve created, and that takes time, effort, and being legitimately invested to the well being of your readers.

    A lot of people use blogging as a means to an end of making money, you seem to use it as a means to an end to helping other people and the money is simply a by-product of that. The blogging game is not a sprint, it’s a marathon of creating relationships and delivering real and genuine content. I myself have had to learn this lately.

    If you don’t love what you do, you won’t produce something that people love, it’s just that simple.

    As always Michael, great stuff

    Give. Get. Give.
    Chase Brumfield

    P.S. – I’d add “You have no idea how much hard work is involved behind the scenes.” Too many people expect it to be so easy when in reality, it takes blood, sweat, and tears to really create something sustainable.

    • Michael says:

      Hey Chase,

      Your right, people think it’s really easy and that anyone can do it over night because of these Get Rich Schemes that clearly don’t work.

      Good to hear from you, enjoyed your comment.


  21. Hey Michael your point are so true,after reading your post I confident and inspired to make a successful blog!Thank you very much.

  22. Tiffany says:

    Hi Michael,

    This is a great post. I stopped at #3 and went straight to my whiteboard to get
    focused. I’m guilty. I love information and reading so while I don’t buy everything
    I also don’t ensure everything comes right back to the core purpose of my business.

    As a service based business owner it’s been difficult to narrow the focus of my blog. However, I’ve got it narrowed down (as of today) to focus on things relative to online marketing tools. I’m a web developer/programmer and love learning new tools and how it can help my clients do what they do better.

    #12 also hit home as I’d started creating 3 other blogs while my main blogsite was still in its infancy. I get so many great ideas, however I know I cannot do everything at once. Going back to #3, knowing where the focus should be helps clear up #12.

    Thanks so much for your great content. I always look forward to your emails. Keep the good stuff coming.

    Make it a FABULOUS day!

    • Michael says:

      Hey Tiffany,

      I’m the same, I got like 5 projects on the go and I end up not focusing on any of them. Decided to do a list of how I wanted to tackle everything – think this will help.

      Good luck,


  23. Nick Tart says:

    No wonder you were up all night, Michael! You had a lot to get off of your chest. I enjoyed reading this. Great advice, as well. Now I have to get back to work.

  24. Chris Ryan says:

    good points! i think the last time is the most important one – you need to give time and energy for something to happen. I started a website for 3 months and then quit. I tried to do almost everyhting in those 3 months…

    I’ve grown from that time and have learnt that things take time…

    “faith makes everyhting possible in life” – live it the way you want it…

  25. Stocks on Wall Street says:

    Great reasons, agree many people fail because of the above problems.

  26. David Stillwagon says:

    A great list especially the one about doing to many things. I get started on something and then wondered if it is worthwhile to finish. I try to finish everything and see it through to the end but it is difficult at times.

  27. Joe Boyle says:

    Those are all good reasons as to why you aren’t making money online.

    I’d like to add one, though – you are selling too soon. If you don’t have an audience to sell to, no one will buy anything you are trying to sell. Not only is that a waste of your own time, but it scares away your readers because “Hell, you are selling to dust, so what can you be worth?”

    Great post, Michael!

  28. Michael, you don’t say anything here about MARKETING websites…

    • Michael says:

      Hello Susan,

      This list doesn’t include technical reasons like marketing, monetization, your website etc… that list be a mile long 😉


  29. Kantis Simmons says:

    OUCH!!! You’re stepping on toes Mike!

    Good one.

  30. Aaron Darko says:

    Nice blunt to the point post.

    Spot on with everything.

    I think everyone has been guilty of a few of these in their online career. Good for direction for new people

    Always implement. and mind your own business!

  31. I enjoyed point No.1 Its true,some people are complete idiots who will always complain even if you are providing them quality work.High quality and perfection are two different things.Human beings are only capable of high quality and not perfection.For example,you will write a well-researched informative article with good grammar,spelling and flow,and the idiot will make a big fuss about word spacing.Ha ha really ?

  32. Vantage says:

    Funny post, but so true. I think we tend to over think things and then we get lazy because we think it’s hard.

  33. Noobbgodlike says:

    hey michael, you are the one that makes me want to do this bloggin thing. My blog already about 3 months. I wan to improve it. Could you helping me by telling what kind of plug in do you use to display that facebook,stumbleupon,twitter with your post title. Thank you very much. Hope get more tips from you to improve my blog.

    • Michael says:


      I really wouldn’t bother adding those buttons as it doesn’t make any difference to my traffic. Focus on provide real value to your readers with great, useful content and the traffic will come.


  34. Azad @ Internet Geeks says:

    “Real simple, MAKE TIME! I can handle my whole business with a hour a day if I have to.”

    one hour a day is for well establish websites/blogs. For beginners we have to give a lot more time than this.

    • Michael says:

      Hello Azad,

      Sure, perhaps your first week is going to have to be hardcore, but that’s the most exciting time so personally I enjoy it.

      After that, It really didn’t take much time investment for my sites to keep making me money.


  35. Rhys Davies says:

    The whole spelling thing is the worse. Some people have got nothing better to do.

    Funny thing is, is that most of the time they reply with bad spelling/grammar also.

  36. It’s true, you must be well informed to be successful!

  37. Mike,
    very interesting points.
    copying people and not implementing anything at all is a sure way not to make any money online,.
    i do believe that there are general principles you must follow but you have to follow them in your own way to succeed.
    great points

  38. Michael,
    your right on target, I keep having excuses and almost never finish what i started.

    My mom always tells me, never start something else if you still haven finished what you started. lol

    right now i’m trying to finish 3 websites on my own = My moms website beauty and health information and wealth lost and natural products that she sells. = my dads roofing company.

    and = my website which is still NOT Finish! and it was the first websites that i have created.

    i’m barely 20 years old.

  39. Hey Michael,
    could you write a post on developing/maintaining focus or mindset when you’re just starting out, stuff like that you kno?

    Starting my blog coupled with a job that demands irregular hours, it’s not easy to like tune my mind/body to just focus solely on building the blog at a set time everyday. So honestly, i write whenever I’m inspired – around once a week – which prob isnt the best for a starter blog.

    And in hindsight now, what part of building the blog should a beginner focus more time on? Writing posts or building the backend e.g. autoresponder, email sequence, sales funnel etc

  40. Amit kumar says:

    Hi Michael ,
    you really tell us real things …could you please tell me how ..I can start money making online….I really want it ..please guide me …at least one time,….

    waiting for your reply

  41. Another super post. I personally relate more to points 8 and 12. With a day job, its kind of hard to find the time to actually keep working on my blog. Besides I totally agree about thinking big – Actually reading a really interesting book at the moment: Richard Branson “Screw it, Let’s Do it: Lessons in Life”. I can relate in so many things to what you are talking about and his life story!
    Also just a tiny question, you did mention your students… do you call people who just follow your blog your students, or actually people who you talk face to face and actually guide them through everything they do? Just curious how to become that “student!” :))))
    Look forward to more posts!

    • Michael says:

      Hello Alenka,

      I have a few paid clients and a few students who I teach for free because they show real promise and drive to make thing become successful.

      One of the main things you need to do to get on my radar are:

      – Invest in a real domain and self host wordpress. Keeping your blog on Blogspot will only damage your blogging career.

      – Provide huge value on your blog and keep doing it consistently.

      Hope that helps,


      • Thanks so much for your quick response. Regarding the first point you made, I have so many domains that I have bought… not too many but about 5, just have not done anything with them. Also the subscription to the woothemes…
        Do all your students blog about blogging? or are they doing thier own thing in other areas and you are just guiding them?
        I have been reading, learning, enterpreting about blogging/traffic/etc for a long time ( but honestly speaking I dont thinka nyone writes more clearly than you do and so interesting).
        I know you probably get a million of people asking you this, any chance of becoming a dedicated student?? :)))

  42. Hi Michael.
    I love your posts, full of great content from a guy who has been there and done it. I come to your site for the content not spelling or grammar. Keep up the great work Michael. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

  43. Kevin Tang says:

    Great post, a lot of these actually apply to me. Hopefully I can change that with this new blog that I’m starting.

    Michael I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and I love your content. With your course and a few other courses, I’ve started my own blog just recently (after several failed attempts). Most likely I’m going to write a post about IncomeDiary and Retireat21 in a future post.

  44. Brad Campbell says:

    Hey Michael – loved reading this rant…appreciate bloggers who tell it like it is. I’m sure you’ll get a few haters (I know I do when I make my rant posts) from some of the things you said…but at the end of the day, you told the truth–how you really felt– and I couldn’t agree more.

    Appreciate your blog and everything you share with us – you’ve been a big inspiration to me. Keep it up….


  45. Great post mark, truth told straight up. Nothing wrong with ranting a little!

    I’ll admit I’ve taken you’re 7-day eCourse and followed it to the “T” and loved it. The problem came because I was trying to do exactly what you said… copy copy copy. Its a good way to get inspired but not an efficient way to market yourself, because you’re not marketing “yourself” you’re just re-marketing something your not good at to begin with. Which is why its important to have your own ideas but learn to implement the lessons which are being taught.

    At the moment I am revamping my “ideas” for what I plan to pursue and trying draw out a plan of action and not just walk in without any clue of where I want to go. Success is followed by good plan making! Learned that from you! 😉

    I continue reading your blogs! Always great posts man! So keep up the good hard work!


  46. dang it! LOL i meant Michael! NOT mark haha
    don’t type and talk on the phone at the same time!

  47. Rick Resch says:

    Hi Michael,
    I was wondering if you know another site besides that allows you to unfollow twitterers that don’t follow you. Right now on Huitter all they have is ads and I think I learned about the site from you. If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate it.
    Thank you for your time and cooperation.


  48. Michael, I really like the honesty you have while writing this post. I think for those who are still thinking about how to make money online should really sit down and stick to a system and make it work. And not get distracted and end up not doing anything!

  49. thedevelopertuts says:

    Yep, this happens always with people who don’t really “wish” or believe that they can make so much money!

    Great article!

  50. Thanks Michael,

    within #12 these words “Focus on making one thing big, it doesn’t have to be your BIGGEST idea, you just need to see it through.” helps me a lot.

    Great article to help others!

  51. Hey Mike, great post. One of the best I have read in LONG time. Made me laugh at some points I recognise. Not in me of course, just someone I know … 😉

  52. Michael – Definitely a lot of good points to consider in this post, but I think the most important one of all is TIME. Way too many people these days fall victim to the “make thousands in one day” type of mindset. The truth is, making money online takes the following:

    – Patience
    – Dedication
    – Persistence
    – AND TIME!

    Obviously, with time comes doing things right. The quicker you learn how to do things the right way, the better you’ll get at maximizing the time you have to work on your business.

    Anyway, thanks for the post. This should make a few people get a little fire under their tail to get things going on the right track!

  53. jayson benn says:

    Hi Michael, Great Post. I understand totally what is the meaning of making money online and wasting time online. Got your thought. Thanks, it helps me well doing this. I really Like your web and your content. I don’t know how to share my inner most success experience because i am not good in SEO and blogging, i just direct to the point. I work online. Somehow, this article of you make me think about how to succeed. Thanks to you Michael, keep it up. I vote to this article 10/10. Two thumbs up. Wait for your next informative post. You did great, thank you for not being selfish in sharing information that really matters.

  54. Joshu Thomas ( OC webmaster Blog) says:

    Hey Michael,

    One really important point above all you have nailed here is ” trying to do too many things” yes that is true i really agree..we all tend to spend lot of time doing many things and really not doing any well 🙂

    Also would like to highlight the point ” Attending every FREE seminars” That should defenitely change.. Do we drink any Coffee or any whiskey if its just free NO ! so every blogger should develop a quality to filter.

    And defenitely not spend time blamming others.. thats common now a days.

    Joshu tHomas

  55. David Miles says:

    Great Post. I totally agree with all 14 reasons (even thou the post says 10 Reasons lol ) I remember when I used to by every single product that came out… and most of them are just teaching the same exact thing, just some have a twist … it totally not worth the case !

  56. Eamon Diamond says:

    I made some research regarding why people fail online and discovery that the majority of people do not plan. They just sit in front of the computer and do it all wrong, like you said above.

  57. Ecommerce Consultant says:

    Your so right Eamon – planning is everything. What I’ve learned and what I teach is: one thing at a time with the specific outcome in mind. Also, as Rich Schefren teaches: buy products you need ‘Just in Time’ not ”Just in Case!

  58. Sandeep Tripathy says:

    Really nice things you talked about Michael, Seriously Ive not been into this business but honestly even I feel these are some of the most important things that a blogger should keep in mind.
    Continue doing this great work.
    Wishin you a lot of success.

  59. Mike (can I call you Mike)? 🙂

    While sitting here getting ready to watch the Superbowl, I’m trying to focus on a program I recently purchased but stumbled across this blog topic. I must say, just YESTERDAY I told myself I was quitting this business, why? Well because of #11 & #12 above.

    While I sometimes do get jealous of others, I know that it’s me not taking action on the programs I purchase, that’s causing me not to make as much as I could be, not to mention I’m not 100% focused on one task and continuously buy products thinking this is “the one” that will get me to millionaire status.

    Anyway, what great timing for me finding this post, definitely an eye opener for a lot of us. Thanks for sharing, I love all 14 points.


  60. says:

    My biggest mistake in the past has been “You are Not Implementing”. I learned a lot of things and had all that knowledge and I would give advice to people on how to do things but I wouldn’t implement what I learned in my own business. Thanks for the great reminder.

    By the way, don’t feel about about your spelling. I do most of my writing really late at night and a few people in particular always point out spelling mistakes.

    I’d go and correct them but I’m busy working on the next website or learning about something that will help me save time, make more money and dominate my piece of the action 🙂

  61. Michael,

    It must be good if we’re still posting almost a year later. I’ll help you with spelling, if you’ll help me with my blog:)
    I think so many quit too fast. We have the mentality of easy. Many gurus market their wares by claiming how easy it is. It’s no secret that most are willing if it isn’t challenging.
    I appreciate the fact that you lay the methods out. They may not be easy, but they obviously are successful. Many thanks.

  62. Hi Micheal,

    Just like to say thanks for your honest advice its great to see you being so open with people and your advice is staight tothe point

    if more people implemented it rather than have an opinion they would gain enormously

    I have taken on board whay you say and look forward to following your advice.

    keep up the good work

    best regards

  63. How do I get started? Can you provide me a blueprint like you did to the guy in step 9? Hoping to get a foot up and onwards. I do a lot of self research and reading but would appreciate guidance from someone who has been there and done it. Let me know if you can help me out.