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Today I created a list of the top 30 earning websites in the world, for some of these websites, $50 million in revenue a day is just a typical day, crazy isn’t it? And it was all created in the last 10 or so years! I usually would do a write up about how the list rocks and why you should do it to but I think the figures speak for themselves, enjoy!

Since publishing this article, we have done an updated version called ‘20 Websites Making The Most Money‘.

Before you see the list, who do you think makes the most money? Decided? Ok, now you can look!


30 Websites That Make A Lot Of Money Online

 Rank  Website  Founders  Annual Revenue  Per Second
 1  Google  Larry Page and Sergey Brin  $21,800,000,000  $691.27
 2  Amazon  Jeff Bezos  $19,166,000,000  $607.75
 3  Yahoo  Jerry Yang and David Filo  $7,200,000,000  $228.31
 4  eBay  Pierre Omidyar  $6,290,000,000  $199.45
 5  MSN/Live  Nathan Myhrvold.  $3,214,000,000  $101.92
 6  PayPal  Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Luke Nosek  $2,250,000,000  $71.35
 7  iTunes  Jeff Robbin  $1,900,000,000  $60.25
 8  Reuters  Marshal Vace  $1,892,000,000  $59.99
 9  Priceline  Jesse Fink  $1,884,000,000  $59.74
 10  Expedia  Added Mark Schroeder  $1,447,000,000  $45.88
 11  NetFlix  Reed Hastings  $1,200,000,000  $38.05
 12  Travelocity  Terry Jones  $1,100,000,000  $38.05
 13  Zappos  Nick Swinmurn  $1,000,000,000  $31.71
 14  David Litman  $1,000,000,000  $31.71
 15  AOL  Erik Prince  $968,000,000  $30.70
 16  Orbitz  Jeff Katz  $870,000,000  $27.59
 17  Overstock  Robert Brazell  $834,000,000  $26.45
 18  MySpace  Tom Anderson  $800,000,000  $25.37
 19  Skype  Niklas Zennstrom  $550,841,000  $17.47
 20  Sohu  Zhang Chaoyang  $429,000,000  $13.60
 21  Robb Brock  $400,000,000  $12.68
 22  StubHub  Eric Baker  $400,000,000  $12.68
 23  Alibaba  Jack Ma  $316,000,000  $10.02
 24  Facebook  Mark Zuckerberg  $300,000,000  $9.51
 25  YouTube  Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim  $300,000,000  $9.51
 26  Blue Nile  Mark Vadon  $295,000,000  $9.35
 27  Tripadvisor  Stephen Kaufer  $260,000,000  $8.24
 28  Getty Images  Mark Getty  $233,200,000  $7.39
 29  Bidz  Garry Itkin  $207,000,000  $6.56
 30  NYTimes  Henry Jarvis Raymond  $175,000,000  $5.55

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  • Yannick

    Wow .. that’s crazy man .. I would be happy when I make some cents per second 😉

    • simo parma

      well, EBITDA is missing so it’s hard to analyze this kind of data on practical meanings.

    • KushMoney

      Indeed, I feel the same way.


      ha ha ha few cents a sec?….. i would be happy with few cents a min:)

    • steve

      Well one point i was loseing 2.00 a day in costs of server.
      but now i make some times 100 a week or so not much i no but if we dont try we never will earn more like those
      The ideal think is think of some think that ever one wants to do for at least 15 mins aday and then your be laughing as you may get brought out or just be siting on a mass money machine.

  • Danny Cooper

    Wow that’s pretty amazing – I’m especially surprised to see Zappos earning more than AOL!

  • Scott ::

    $691 per second! Wow, I did the maths because it didn’t sound right to equate to $21,800,000,000 but it sure did.

    What an amazing bunch of sites…

  • joseph

    now that’s what i call making money online..wooow…nice post

  • diarta

    great…, internet is a place for richest

  • Stuart Wooster

    Crazy amounts and now that Google Checkout is going to start charging the same as Paypal that is set to rise even more.
    Lets them do charitable gestures without batting an eyelid.
    Sergey Brin is funding a Parkinson’s gene trial by 23andMe and then there is too.

    Now if only if all the high profile companies had been this forward thinking in the past 20 years. I wonder how many others on that list contribute something back to society?

  • Mario

    Very interesting & informative information

  • Michael

    Thanks for all your kind words guys, the list is great inspiration!

    Great point Stuart, I wonder if this so called recession will effect Google.

    • Mr. Sonny Fales

      No!!!These Companies are Not Stupid and All have Major OffShore Accounting Firms pumping Millions into “Dirivative”,”MutualFunds”,”ProfitableStockMarkets”, “Options”,Currencies”&”ForexExchangers” on a “Hourly,Daily,Weekly,Monthly&Yearly” Basis and are using a Battery of Investment Brokers involved with these Financial Instruments & Tools!!!That’s what All Smart Companies & Wealthy Individuals do when they are making in excess of Hundreds of Millions of Dollars and must let their Money Make More Money even while their companies are still Racking in the “Big Dough”!!!

    • khalid

      Could u please tell us that how much u are earning per second ? just wanted to know your level.

  • 3kolone

    wow, that’s amazing … who knows knows… no recession for the brave 😉

  • Shane Hudson

    Impressive. I want to meet them!

  • Lewis

    Googles profits WILL soar this year as there are so many extra people turning to the net who have been made redundant etc… a real damned shame but a recession is and has been proven to make the big boys get bigger and it is a time when the shrewd explode thier profits while evryone else buries their head and mourns.

    Moral: Take action and create your success story :-)

    Great post!

  • Mott Kornicki

    It looks like the Internet has a few recession proof portals! Huge $

  • TechZoomIn

    Great list Michael. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mubashar Iqbal

    Nice list, but who the hell is Erik Prince? And when did he start AOL?

  • Rachna

    Another interesting post Michael. Very inspiring!

  • Michael

    Great point Lewis, this recession is doing wonders for my business model!

    Thanks guys, glad the list has inspired you!! Now do something about it :)

  • Alvin Yudistira

    Once more. Michael… you supply great resources on posting… thanks so much.

  • Michael

    Thanks Alvin :) I hope it inspires you with your recent project!

  • James Cunningham

    WOW! I wish I had a site up there, I’ll be happy when i start making pence per minute let alone per second.

  • Charlie Dean

    Wow thats wicked! $700 odd a second for Google!!

  • jamelia

    “GOggle wow.” I goggle a lot hmmm……..

  • The Net Fool

    Great list Michael! I never knew that Google was making that much, haha

  • Play Games Win Prizes

    Dang, talk about a BIG earning per second, lol. Multiply it and it’s like wtf?!?!


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  • Robby G

    Is this outdated? Because if I’m not mistaken, Google owns YouTube so shouldn’t the YouTube earnings be added to Google?

  • Charles

    This list would have been better if it stated what the sources of revenue were. For example, how is Skype making it’s money?

    Please do this Michael 😀

  • Sourav

    nice list but the important part was the presence of travel sites on that list…..looks like online travel is for sure a a good online prospect…

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  • Michael

    Thanks for all the support guys :) Will take in your thoughts for future top lists!

    Thinking about doing one every week! Let me know what lists you want to see.

  • James Avery

    Michael, I found this post through a contact on Twitter who runs a very well known travel website.

    I run a travel website myself too, but I also have a blog on a more personal subject. It relates to mind management, and I’m interested to see that you describe yourself as a dyslexic college drop out. I’m interested to see if I can monetise my blogs, as I have no problem in writing quality content.

    Glad there’s no exams to pass when it comes to making money online, keep up the good work!

  • Renelda

    I would love to see Twitter on that list. The list is a great motivation.

  • jwright

    Michael! Hey man, love the new site. I can’t wait to see up there in the list sometime!

    Take care!


    The online medium will be the future, no doubt about it. But an online medium controlled by giants will not be very helpfull.

  • Michael

    Hey James! Long time and thanks so much man! 😀

    Could we really live without Google?

  • Shane Hudson

    No I do not think we could live without google anymore… They have such a big market share, in everything!

  • jwright

    Live without google? hmmm… probably, but not successfully. As a software engineer google plays a BIG part in my career, because I do a lot of research and problem solving.

    Without it, you’d be reinventing the wheel everyday!

  • Robin

    hmm…wonder where is on that list.

  • Jo

    wow!! That is amazing!! I’m interested to know how much of that they give away….a lot I reckon.



    That is funny 😀

  • Hangga Nuarta

    Wow!! It’s amazing… $691.27/second

  • Jacqueline Peters

    This is an amazing list. I thought Facebook was not making any money. Only last Friday, I heard they are trying to figure out how to make money with the site.

  • Ridhuan

    You can check how much you should be making from or they give you estimates of your should earn based on your pagerank and traffic ranking. Remember they are just ESTIMATES but if you really know how to monetize your site and turn the traffic to money, you’ll probably make more than the estimated figures.

  • t_ah_um

    I’m into lists…thanks

  • Michelle_Onn

    Internet is really for someone who is looking for serious wealth!!!! The info is awesome. keep up the great job. Thanks.

  • jenney MaC

    Thanks for sharing this list.
    Real Inspiration.

    Jenney MaC

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  • izuddin.helmi

    Keep up your good articles!~ I love your site. Bookmarked!

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  • Indo Contest

    Woowww…. Amazing people.