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Top Earning Companies in the World

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Today I wanted to take a look at the top 30 earning companies in the world. We recently showed you how much the top 30 websites are earning and when you look at the top companies,  Google’s $691.27 a second doesn’t sound much. Don’t let all these high figures miss lead you,  running a website instead of a tradional company can be a lot better in so many ways:

  • No physical products
  • No physical location
  • Can work from anywhere in the world
  • You don’t need customers
  • Can be automated
  • Outsource everything
  • The 9 – 5 doesn’t exist, this post was published while I was in bed!
  • You have no one barking orders at you.

With that in mind, the benefits of having a traditional business over a web business are second to none. When I compare the top earning company and the top earning website, the difference is clear! Wal-Mart are on course to earn $400,000,000,000 this year with profit under $14,000,000,000 compared to Googles $21,000,000,000 in 2008 with a profit of $4,200,000,000 – making Google more than 5 times more profitable!

Wal-Mart Stores Earn $12,011.64 a Second!

Rank Company Industry Founders Revenue Per Year Revenue Per Second
1 Wal-Mart Stores General Merchandisers Sam Walton $378,799,000,000 $12,011.64
2 Exxon Mobil Petroleum Refining John D. Rockefeller $372,824,000,000 $11,822.17
3 Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum Refining Jean Baptiste August Kessler $355,782,000,000 $11,281.77
4 BP Petroleum Refining T. Boone Pickens $291,438,000,000 $9,241.44
5 Toyota Motor Motor Vehicles and Parts Kiichiro Toyoda $230,201,000,000 $7,299.63
6 Chevron Petroleum Refining Lyman Stewar $210,783,000,000 $6,683.89
7 ING Group Banks: Commercial and Savings Jan Hommen $201,516,000,000 $6,390.03
8 Total Petroleum Refining Ernest Mercier $187,280,000,000 $5,938.61
9 General Motors Motor Vehicles and Parts William C. Durant $182,347,000,000 $5,782.19
10 ConocoPhillips Petroleum Refining Frank and L.E. Phillips $178,558,000,000 $5,662.04
11 Daimler Motor Vehicles and Parts Gottlieb Daimler. $177,167,000,000 $5,617.93
12 General Electric Diversified Financials Thomas Edison $176,656,000,000 $5,601.73
13 Ford Motor Motor Vehicles and Parts Henry Ford $172,468,000,000 $5,468.92
14 Fortis Banks: Commercial and Savings Kira Bruno $164,877,000,000 $5,228.22
15 AXA Insurance: Life, Health (stock) Claude Bébéar $162,762,000,000 $5,161.15
16 Sinopec Petroleum Refining Su Shulin $159,260,000,000 $5,050.10
17 Citigroup Banks: Commercial and Savings Bill Smith $159,229,000,000 $5,049.12
18 Volkswagen Motor Vehicles and Parts Ferdinand Porsche $149,054,000,000 $4,726.47
19 Dexia Group Banks: Commercial and Savings Michael Wilson $147,648,000,000 $4,681.89
20 HSBC Holdings Banks: Commercial and Savings Thomas Sutherland $146,500,000,000 $4,645.49
21 BNP Paribas Banks: Commercial and Savings Louis Pasteu $140,726,000,000 $4,462.39
22 Allianz Insurance: Property and Casualty Henning Schulte-Noelle $140,618,000,000 $4,458.97
23 Crédit Agricole Banks: Commercial and Savings Henri Germain $138,155,000,000 $4,380.87
24 State Grid Utilities Liu Zhenya $132,885,000,000 $4,213.76
25 China National Petroleum Petroleum Refining Chinese National Government $129,798,000,000 $4,115.87
26 Deutsche Bank Banks: Commercial and Savings Georg Siemens $122,644,000,000 $3,889.02
27 ENI Petroleum Refining Tully Ryan $120,565,000,000 $3,823.09
28 Bank of America Corp. Banks: Commercial and Savings Madeo Giannini $119,190,000,000 $3,779.49
29 AT&T Telecommunications Alexander Graham Bell $118,928,000,000 $3,771.18
30 Berkshire Hathaway Insurance: Property and Casualty (stock) Oliver Chace $118,245,000,000 $3,749.52

To our success in 2009,

Michael Dunlop


PS. Which would you prefer a top earning website or a top earning company?

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