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I make more money from sending emails to my subscriber list then any other monetization technique.

PopUp Domination Increased Our Email Subscribers By Over 524%" - Michael Dunlop, IncomeDiary

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24 Rules I Follow When Creating Successful Websites

By:     Topics: Make Money Online IMG_0426

Every day, I wake up, eat something healthy and get stuff done. Today I wanted to do an extended list of my rules for creating and building a successful website. It is not my usual Top 7 list but there are so many key points here – ones that are often overlooked in a start-up website that I wanted to emphasis them all. For simplicity I am not going to do a detailed explanation of …

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10 Little-Known Email Marketing Tips for Bloggers

By:     Topics: Email Marketing,Get Web Traffic Email Marketing Tips Bloggers

Who has a list in the hundreds of millions, only mails once a year, and maintains a 100% open rate? Santa. That “stat” shouldn’t surprise you. Of course kids are going to open their presents. If only people opened their emails the same way. Taking a closer look, I came up with four underlying reasons why all presents are opened and gathered ten relevant tips to help you improve the email marketing strategy for your …

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29 Links To Help You Master Email Marketing

By:     Topics: Blogging,Email Marketing EmailNinja

The money’s in the list, right? Whether you’re an e-commerce seller, a software vendor, an info-product peddler or anything in between, you need an email list. Beyond that, you need to send really stellar emails if you expect people to buy. While you may have become a better blogger, and have been brushing up on your landing page resources, these are further up the marketing funnel. Email digs a little deeper, because it is your …

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33 Common Online Struggles from Last Week’s Experiment

By:     Topics: Blogging Common Online Struggles Experiment

Last week I asked, “What do you struggle with online?” The point of that post was two-fold. One, to interact with you on an individual level. Two, to better understand how I can help you with your website right now. All of your struggles seem to fall into one of six categories: setting up your website, creating content, getting traffic, converting traffic, making money, or remaining true to foundations of internet success. With that, here …

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