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There is so much BS in the internet marketing industry. Uneducated nonsense believing idiots I can sometimes just about live with, it’s those who support the fraudsters that really get me wound up.

As internet marketers, every day we will have reasons to get angry and annoyed. It’s how we deal with those issues that is important. I use to get stressed out when someone ripped me off or when a friend turns to the dark side and scams people. Instead of getting annoyed, all I do now is remove them and move on.

Here are three things that are ruining the internet marketing industry:

Things That Are Wrong In The Internet Marketing Industry

Exhibit A: Fiverr Selling My Product!

Fiverr has had a lot of great press over the last year or so and for good reason, it’s a cool service. Recently I was on their site and out of curiosity, I searched “Popup Domination” – one of my software products. There are 3 people selling it, my software!? How could this be, we don’t sell resell rights.

It’s pretty clear what’s happening, they either bought the product or downloaded it illegally and started selling it via Fiverr without my consent. The thing is, Fiverr know this is going on and don’t actively stop this happening. It’s not only my product, there are thousands of different software downloads available and many people have reported it.

Over 10,000 people have attempted to use Popup Domination Illegally.

We track everyone who tries to install Popup Domination without a correct customer key. This means if you downloaded my product without paying for it and then tried to install it you won’t be able to.

One interesting thing for me is the number of Big Name Gurus who have actually bought Popup Domination – these people because of their position could have perhaps asked me to ‘comp’ them a copy – but they didn’t. They just went ahead and bought the product because they saw the value in Popup Domination. I firmly believe that Success is a case of ‘modelling’ – if you do what other successful people do then you will be successful. No one ever attains long term success as a Scammer.

What I would like to see changed: Any listing with a product name in, that the poster couldn’t possibly have access to and does not have resell rights to should be removed and the poster should be banned from posting in future.

Exhibit B: Warrior Forum Supporting Rip Off’s Of My Product

I enjoy looking at Warrior Forum, reading up about products and launches. Recently I noticed that someone has launched a Popup WordPress plugin of their own. This doesn’t concern me, in fact I welcome competition because it educates the market on our products and ultimately if yours is the best (like Popup Domination is) then you will sell even more. However this “competitor” I saw on Warrior Forum isn’t someone who has come up with something new, no! In fact it is just a carbon copy of Popup Domination, with very similar designs (they even use our graphics). It would be the exact same thing if it wasn’t for them lacking in design skills which is the whole reason why the product works.

I’m not to fussed about them creating the product, they will never get much traction. The problem I have is with the Warriorforum themselves, supporting them. This forum is supposed to support Internet Marketers, not support the things that are slowing bring the industry down. My disappointment with Warriorforum doesn’t stop there, sometimes when products are launched, if people really slate a new product because it’s terrible, they will remove the forum post. The only thing I can say is WTF!

The lady in the above picture is one of these people I’m talking about (if that is really her, which I highly doubt). She is even using some of our graphics that we use for Popup Domination. This hasn’t just happened to me, it’s happened to whole load of us software developers.

To those who are buying these similar products, which look just like mine or some of my friends such as OptimizePress. Remember this: You are buying a product that isn’t as good.

I spotted one product that basically looked like it copied a whole load of features from Optimizepress. The main difference, they couldn’t deliver sales and squeeze page designs that would convert like Optimizepress does. You will spend 10x what you paid in time trying to get it to work as well as our products and still fail.

What I would like to see changed: Stricter policy on who can sell products on Warriorforum.

Exhibit C: Merchants Supporting Scammers

I often see people buy a whole load of products and then sell them themselves with no rights. This is illegal on so many levels. The problem I have isn’t with the people who do it, I know they will never amount to anything. The problem I have is when merchants and shopping carts support them and allow them to collect money. This morning I spoke to a friend who showed me a website with around 50 products for sale, they have a whole pack of products for sales. The problem is, they don’t own the rights to selling these products. They even say on the sales page, buy these separately from the people who actually own them will cost over $10,000! However, the merchant, which is E-Junkie, clearly doesn’t check sale pages because if they did, they would of never allowed this to happen.

What makes this page worse is that it says this is the third sale they have had!

What I would like to see changed: Merchants to check sales pages before they go live. This I would like to see be done by all merchants, the unethical and illegal things people are doing is terrible.

Exhibit D: My Own Merchant Supporting Theft!

I’m not by any means the biggest Clickbank vendor so I wouldn’t expect any additional support from them but I am in their premier program which I think is like top 200 vendors? Anyway, so someone just brought it to my attention that a Spanish sales page was selling Popup Domination. It probably hasn’t resulted in a huge volumn of sales, definitely a few though. When I click the buy button, guess what I found, they were using Clickbank.

How could they not spot this. I must be one of the main software companies using Clickbank and they just accept a sales page offering the same product. How ridiculous! My own merchant not even supporting me. I’m 100% confident when I point this out to them, they will remove it. However, they look at every sales page before approval, has this become all about money? Is it really true that they will accept everything?


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