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IncomeDiary is Hiring – Looking For a Content Manager

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IncomeDiary needs content.

I’m looking for someone to help me run IncomeDiary and keep the 150,000 monthly readers happy.

This job will include all of the following:

  • Managing all blog content.
  • Get blog posts from writers, you will be given a budget and will have to come up with blog post titles for people to write the articles.
  • Publish content. You will have to draft up the posts the writers send to you, you will need to add images and all the other necessary things and publish the article. (ON TIME!)
  • Accept, edit and decline all comments.
  • Manage Q & A section.
  • Be able to interview people over email for blog posts.

The main skills you need are to be good with people and know your way round create and publishing blog posts on WordPress.

Bonus things I’m looking for: (not required but would be cool)

  • Knowledge of internet marketing, this would help when asking and coming up with blog post names.
  • Knowledge of SEO so that you can title your blog posts best to rank higher.
  • Know people in the IM industry, this would be cool so that you could do email interviews with people who can share information with our community.
  • Able to use Photoshop, well designed featured post images and graphics would be cool!

How Much Will I Make?

Pay is based on calender month and is $1200. Work load is part time. Pay will increase to $1600 after three months if you remain working at IncomeDiary.

Hours depend on how productive you are as a person. I’d imagine it will take around 2 – 4 hours daily.

Apart from money, you will also get great experience, I will teach you where to get the content and how I manage this site. You will be working for not just me but over 150,000 monthly readers who want a great place to come to read helpful content. On top of that, I will introduce you to lot’s of top names in all sorts of industry’s to interview and network with.

How to apply for the job?

Email Michael @ with the subject line: Michael, I’m the best one for the job!

Send me the following information:

Your Skype:

Link me to some blog posts you have written in the past:

What 5 blog posts would you get writers to create first:

What one thing would you like to most change about IncomeDiary & WHY:

Your timezone:

Why you would be perfect for the job:

What of the bonus skills do you have:

Final Thoughts:

That’s it, really simple, I’ll decide this week who gets the job.


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  • Tyler

    Hey Micheal, You should write more articles, more often. Your content is always great, and its a shame you’ve gone so long without writing a post here.

  • Belize Hub

    This sounds like an awesome job! Will send the requirements in a bit.

  • Servando Silva

    Sounds like a really interesting opportunity to learn and grow with one of my favorite sites. I’m in!

  • Manjul Singh

    Well I have already applied, Lets see. Good Luck to all the aspirants.

  • Tof Salcedo

    Cool! :) I am up for the challenge! Email Sent! Cheers! :)

  • Reggie Paquette

    Sounds incredible! Just sent you the email.

  • Bennie Carter

    Chances like this only come to those who actively seek it. Do you believe in coincidences?

    Thanks again Michael! This is almost too good to be true.

  • Thomas

    Just sent my information, can’t wait to hear from you! Working for one of my biggest inspirations would be THE BEST THING EVER!

    Good luck everyone & thank you Michael, you will surely be helping make someones dreams come true!

  • Toyin`Aluko`

    Honestly, I doubt if there is anyone as qualified as I am for this job. I will prove that in my application.

  • Miguel Gonlçalves

    Hi Michael,

    I have already send my application and availability to the job by email. It sounds like a very interesting proposal of work, but mainly an opportunity to take part of a great project!
    Hope to hear from you.

  • Jamie

    Applied! Look forward to the response and good luck to everyone who applied. But seriously….

    Michael, I’m the best one for the job!

  • Anup Kayastha

    Hope you get a good content manager, Michael!

    Good luck!

  • Wajeeh

    Sent you an email a couple of days ago. Waiting for reply :)

  • Alex

    This is a great opportunity. I would love to hire someone like this for my site but don’t have the revenue to pay what this critical position would require. Best of luck, everyone and you Michael.

  • Maurice Lindsay

    Hey Michael, I am probably the last to submit my info for the job, but I am also the most qualified for the position…so I guess you saved the best for last!!!! Look forward to working for you!

  • Nahid

    I have sent you my details

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