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I make more money from sending emails to my subscriber list then any other monetization technique.

PopUp Domination Increased Our Email Subscribers By Over 524%" - Michael Dunlop, IncomeDiary

Customers regret not using PopUp Domination sooner. The impact is that big.

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Nicholas Tart

3 Multi-Million Dollar Internet Companies that Sprouted from Blogs

By:     Topics: Entrepreneurship Companies Started as Blogs

What’s the difference between $1,000 and $1,000,000?

To make $1,000 with a blog, all you need is a few customers. Maybe provide a few services, post a couple ad spots, and land a handful of consulting gigs. It’s not too hard.

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10 Little-Known Email Marketing Tips for Bloggers

By:     Topics: Email Marketing,Get Web Traffic Email Marketing Tips Bloggers

Who has a list in the hundreds of millions, only mails once a year, and maintains a 100% open rate? Santa. That “stat” shouldn’t surprise you. Of course kids are going to open their presents. If only people opened their emails the same way. Taking a closer look, I came up with four underlying reasons why all presents are opened and gathered ten relevant tips to help you improve the email marketing strategy for your …

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7 Surefire Signs that You’ll Never Be Successful Online

By:     Topics: Blogging Signs Never Be Successful Online

You have high aspirations for your blog. You think about what it’s going to be like when it’s big-time and how it’s going to solve all of your problems.

I think everyone does. But rarely does anyone think about the critical mistakes that they could be making right now.

I haven’t figured out the key to success, but I can tell you the surefire signs that you’ll never be successful online and how you can avoid being destined to fail.

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online

By:     Topics: Make Money Online Ultimate Guide Making Money Online

In 2008 I had an idea for an internet-based business.

I did a little research, wrote up a business plan, and figured I’d hire someone to build a website. Surely this internet thing would be a piece of cake.

I shopped a few web firms but couldn’t find anyone to build it for less than $10K. As a college student, I couldn’t afford that, so I set out to build it myself.

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    more money, year after year.
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