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Kristi Hines

20 Most Influential People in Social Media

By:     Topics: Blogging social-media-influence

Thanks to Income Diary, you know who are the top bloggers, female entrepreneurs, and Internet millionaires under 30. Now it’s time to take a look into the world of social media – the who’s who of people you have probably seen around the social media-sphere a time or two while demonstrating their expertise in a variety of fields and others who you might just be hearing about for the first time. Without further ado, here …

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7 Tips for Creating Posts That Will Spread on Social Media

By:     Topics: Get Web Traffic social-slider

Last week, I wrote about the process of how I create a blog post from idea to promotion. Today, we’re going to focus in on what it takes for a post to achieve one specific goal: getting lots of shares on social media. If you want a post that is going to spread like wildfire, you have to consider the following when creating your content to ensure that your post will be given extra social media love.

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Creating a Successful Blog Post – From Idea to Promotion

By:     Topics: Blogging,Get Web Traffic successful-blog-post

Some people think blogging is as simple as thinking up a great idea, punching out a couple hundred words, publishing it, tweeting about it, and then being done with it. Others think blogging is a complex activity that is reserved for those who have some kind of gift. The reality is, it is something in between. It’s about ideas, processes, and strategy. It’s about being passionate about a particular topic. It’s about the synergy of …

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How to Measure Your Blog’s Growth

By:     Topics: Blogging growth stats

While no one wants to get bogged down by statistics and analysis, it is still important to monitor your blog’s growth from all angles. Keeping track of your blog’s progress is important to see if your current strategies are working or are in need of an update. In this post, you will learn what numbers you will want to keep track of, and the free tools you can use to get these numbers. Blog Statistics …

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