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I make more money from sending emails to my subscriber list then any other monetization technique.

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Josh Dunlop

How I Doubled My Money With Facebook Ads

By:     Topics: Make Money Online fb ads

Facebook ads have transformed the way we make money with our website. We have our ads set up so that we always make more money than we spend, and always have a positive return on investment. It could be anywhere from 20% to 400% depending on what we’re advertising. Needless to say, it’s worth sharing with you guys. We’ve learned everything we know on this subject from Brian and Scott Moran at Get10kFans and their …

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Top 10 Facebook Advertising Mistakes To Avoid

By:     Topics: Make Money Online Facebook Ads Image

Allow me to share a harsh truth about web traffic with you: Free traffic sucks. This is something I learned the hard way. I have over 17,000 fans, and not only is the traffic minimal, but when I get it, the quality sucks. And I can prove it. Last week I was running a Facebook ad campaign. Nothing major, just a couple hundred bucks on a free ebook squeeze page. And I’ve just started using …

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10 Reasons Why You Suck at Social Media

By:     Topics: Get Web Traffic 10 Reasons Why You Suck at Social Media

Writing about how to dominate your social media, and pointing out where you’re going wrong, are two very different subjects altogether. There’s plenty of information on this website that will help your with your social media, but I’ve written this post to make sure that you’re not falling for the common pitfalls that await you. You’re Not Telling them Why I know this sounds like fluff, but bare with me, it’s actually very important. I’m …

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