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  • Reggie


    I love this post, and the previous one in the series.

    Since I’m just launching my site, I have the luxury of setting my categories up correctly to get Pinterest traffic, so thanx for the articles.

    The one thing I’m having trouble with is wrapping my head around the section on adding an image to the category pages. OUCH! I know you said it’s easy, but since I’m a visual learner, I’m having a little trouble grasping the info.

    Do you know of anywhere I get more detailed info on this, perhaps an annotated article…some screen caps, maybe?



  • Brad @ Gain Traffic

    Josh – Awesome post. Do you know how much Pinfluencer is after the 60 day trial? It doesn’t give pricing, just “contact us.” Thanks again!

    • Josh Dunlop

      I’m afraid not. I’m just going to wait and see, perhaps look into alternatives when the times comes.

  • George Nosa

    Great post josh but em a little tutorial or guide on how you create your images would be nice.

    • Josh Dunlop

      That’s not a bad idea, do you know much about photoshop layers? It’s pretty simple, and there are free alternatives.

  • Galaxia @ Hopeful Kiss

    Oh! Here’s part 2 :) :) Thanks so much for this. Ok, gonna read it all now.