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4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Blog Creation Needs

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Most of you will be reading this article today because your goal is to make (more) online passive income.

You’ll also be aware that banner advertisements, PPC ads and affiliate marketing are all ways to do this.

However, like many people who want to make money online, you may suffer from a lack of “technical know-how”.

Having said that, you can’t change the fact that you’ll need a blog to make money from blogging.

If you don’t know how to set up a blog, you have 3 options:

  • Just sign up for a free one
  • Attempt to learn the trade
  • Outsource

Judging from the title of this article, you already know which solution I’m leaning towards, but why should you outsource over the other two options?

Reason #1: Using a free blog means you have no ownership & very little control

Using free blogging services like, Tumblr, Typepad and Posterous are the cheapest and fastest ways to start blogging.

They’re also the best option for you IF your blogging objectives are purely recreational (i.e. not to make money).

Yes you can make some money blogging if you use these free platforms. But if your main objective is to make money by blogging, then why would you publish your content in a place that you have little or no control over and that you do not own?

I will now translate the repercussions of this situtation.

Publishing your content in a domain that you do NOT own means:

  • The domain owner can turn off your blog if they want to. This is what happened to all those poor “Blogger” users. They can also dictate what advertisements will appear on it and how much share you get from those ads (if any).??The domain owner can dictate what you can and cannot do in your blog. They can limit the space you consume, what topics you are allowed to write about, how much traffic you get on a monthly basis etc.
  • If the blog becomes profitable and you eventually want to sell it, you won’t be able to because it’s not yours.
  • If for some reason the blogging service goes bust – that’s the end of your blog. Do you really want to put the fate of your business in someone else’s hands?
  • All that SEO you’re building? You’re using it to strengthen someone else’s site, not yours.??If you’re going to create some SEO power why not start today and do it for your own domain?

Reason # 2: Learning how to set up a self-hosted blog can take a lot of time

You’ve got the time but not the money, so now you’re thinking maybe you should just learn how to build your own blog.

Good luck with that!

To learn how to set up a blog properly, you’ll need to study WordPress set up guides, and depending on what theme you choose (most free ones don’t really give you much flexibility or power) then you’ll have to go through their documentation.
Then there’s trial and error, HTML and CSS tricks to achieve the look and feel you want, proper configuration of plugins and widgets…

Oh, and I almost forgot. If you want to sell a product or service you’ll need to figure out how to best integrate a payment platform on your site.

Do you really think you have the time, the patience and the persistence to do these things?

Besides, in order to learn these skills you’ll most probably need to buy access to professional technical tutorials anyway. Why not just take a shortcut and use that money to pay a web designer instead?

Reason # 3: As an entrepreneur, your main job is to market, sell and make money – not learn how to do technical skills.

If you insist on learning all the technical skills needed to set up your own blog, by the time you are finished building your site, you would have already lost a great deal of time; time that you could have spent actually making money, which is what you need to be focused on in the first place!

The main and most important skill you need to develop as an entrepreneur is marketing and making money because that’s what will keep your business afloat. Don’t lose perspective – keep your eye on the ball.

Reason #4: Outsourcing your blog creation means you could be up and running, ready to publish and start making money within a few days.

Outsourcing your blog creation means you won’t have to deal with technical issues. You could just have it all set up whilst you focus on building your content and network.

On the other hand, outsourcing your blog creation is not without its dangers.

Maybe you’ve already tried to outsource tasks in the past but it ended in frustration, tears and regret.

Sadly, it’s a common story.

The reality is that nowadays, when you want a website, you’ll have to find a highly skilled, trustworthy, reliable, communicative and efficient website developer who totally gets what needs to be done, so that you can reach your objectives (making money online).

You need to find someone who will build you a high-quality website that’s within your budget.

Well I’m telling you now – finding a web designer – is about as easy as walking on a tightrope – while doing a handstand!
Reliable, Fast and Affordable Website Designers Are Hard to Come By

If you want to hire a cheap web designer to set up your blog for you, you will have to:

  • Find one that speaks good english and understands you
  • Make sure they do what you ask them to
  • Find someone that understands internet marketing spiel and tools
  • Make sure they deliver in the shortest time possible, but with the highest-quality output possible
  • Make sure they don’t spend way too much time on your project so you don’t get whacked with a huge bill by the end of the project

And that’s assuming that they are actually as skillful as they say they are, not some con artist who has jaw-dropping websites on their portfolio that they didn’t actually do! (Michael and myself have both been the unfortunate victims of this kind of fraud already)


One of the reasons why most designers charge thousands of dollars for making custom blogs is because most of the time, the job ends up being very design-intensive. And design can take a lot of time and skill to get the finished product right.

There’s good news though. In order to make money online, all you really need for your new blog or website is something that:

  • Easily allows you to add, edit and delete content
  • Looks credible and connects with your target audience
  • Is optimized for search engines
  • Is monetized (makes you money)
  • Generates leads for your business by building your list on autopilot
  • Can be viewed easily on popular mobile devices such as the iPhone & iPad
  • Is configured to backup automatically, provide spam protection, etc.

That’s it.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest in a well-designed blog. That’s not my point at all.
My point is that you can make a substantial passive income online with just a simple website – you don’t need something that will take months to build and has all the bells & whistles, complex functionalities and effects! They’re nice-to-have, but they’re by no means essential.

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